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  • Self Storage Software Can Improve Management
    By admin on July 21, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Many storing companies use self storage software to manage their business efficiently. Nowadays the concept of storing ones surplus items in a rented place is very popular. There are many household items like seasonal decorations and clothes, unused furniture, spare electronic goods and certain books which are needed only once in a while.

    Systematic Collection Of Rent

    Instead of stacking such things in the house which occupy useful space it is better to store them professionally with a company which provides adequate space.

    That way, not only will there be more space in the house, but also, the items will stay in good condition as they are packed and arranged properly.

    Business entrepreneurs who need some extra space to store their excess official items like files, papers and business products prefer to rent a unit for this purpose.

    Due to the increased demand, companies need to manage their units efficiently which can be done by using self storage software .

    By installing this self storage software , managers can keep a note of which units are already rented out and which ones are lying vacant. They can also get an idea of which size of space is in more demand.

    Rent collection is also more systematic by using such software. This is because it provides a systematic arrangement of information for rent collection. With this system, every time a client makes a payment, the information is automatically updated in the webpage along with the date and time of payment.

    Those units for which clients have still not paid rent can be marked out so that the owner has a clear picture of which payments are due, and he can accordingly send reminders to the concerned clients.

    Self storage software is also useful for carrying out systematic maintenance of the storing units. All company owners have to provide good facilities for clients to attract more customers.

    First of all, cleanliness and hygiene have to be maintained in the units. The cargo spaces have to be repaired regularly so that there is no water seepage or dampness as these can cause the growth of molds, mildew and other fungi, which can cause bad odors and also stain the items.

    Search On The Internet For Good Features

    Also, the electrical wiring of the storing space should be repaired regularly so that it is in good condition always. This is essential to prevent electrical fires. Precautions against fires are essential, like installing sufficient fire extinguishers which can be readily used in case there is a fire emergency.

    Regular pest control measures should be taken by the company to prevent the breeding of termites, silver fish, cockroaches and also rats, as these can damage the items in the cargo space.

    By using self storage software managers can keep an account of which units have been repaired or undergone maintenance and when this all took place. This makes it easier to ensure that all the units are cleaned, repaired and maintained equally and without fail. The costs required for such repairs are recorded in the webpage, which gives the owner an idea of how much money is spent on each unit.

    By using such software, the owner can interact with his clients more effectively. He can upload pictures of his units on his laptop and show them to interested clients even at other locations.

    He can upload details of each client on a separate page, and if he has to convey some message to a client, then he can access the particular webpage and type the message on it.

    Before purchasing such software owners should do sufficient research on the internet, since there is a wide variety available with different features.

    Storage :

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  • Pros of Self Storage Software
    By admin on April 21, 2009 | 255 Comments255 Comments  Comments

    Today, safe keeping facilities are in demand like never before. The storing needs of the people have increased but the sizes of homes and offices have not. Since using warehouse is a cheap and safe option to store belongings, more and more individuals and companies have started using these facilities. With the expansion in cargo space business, it has also become difficult for the storehouses to effectively manage their operations like billing, reporting, inventory, accounts etc using spreadsheets alone. To overcome this problem of storing businesses, different kinds of self storage software are available today. 

    These self storage software are meant to effectively manage the entire operations of a storehouse with minimum effort. It also ensures that the entire database is free from errors. Some benefits of using these computer applications for managing warehouses are

    Multi Location Storehouses

    These applications are very useful for multi location storehouses. It is difficult to consolidate the data of all the safekeeping locations manually. The self storage software allows free and ready flow of information at all levels of the management and across all locations. It enables the storehouses to access real time information. The programs also have the option of restricting certain type of information at each level of management. Like the executives may be able to access the data of the customers and units, but may not be able to access the details of the accounts like the revenue generated etc.

    Touring The Cargo Space Facility

    These software programs allow you to make a graphic layout of your storehouse. This helps the people to tour your cargo space facilities and units without personally visiting the safekeeping site. This is a very good feature for people searching warehouse through Internet It helps you increase your sales.

    Real Time Data

    Storing business software gives complete information on the types of the storerooms available for rent. Thus the online customer can choose the storeroom he or she wants to rent.

    Online Reservations And Payments

    These applications allow the customers to book storerooms online. They can rent the storerooms depending on their requirements and the availability of units. The process of payments is also easy through these programs. The customers have the option of online payment of monthly rentals.

    Maintains Customer History

    Self storage software allow to maintain the compete history of your customers like the name of the customer, the type of unit hired, the period for which the unit is rented, any discounts offered, the monthly payment details etc. All this helps in keeping an easy track of the details of the customers.  Also, it gives regular reports about the customers who have defaulted on payments.


    These programs allow you to maintain an inventory of the moving and packing supplies and other things. This help in keeping a track on the purchases made, supplies consumed and balance inventory. Thus, it acts as an inventory management tool.

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  • Features of Self Storage Software
    By admin on February 11, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    A self storage software is a computerized application that is used by storehouse operators to manage the different aspects of the storehouse operations. The application is specifically designed to handle routine, voluminous and complicated processes that are prone to human error. Many developers have come up with different types of applications for catering to the requirements of the storehouse industry and most of them are loaded with very powerful features. Almost all the applications are competitively priced. One should always opt for an application that contains features that are really useful for managing the storehouse. There is no point in going for sophisticated and complex features that are of little use to the actual storehouse operations. Such features in self storage software only tend to raise its monetary value and not its usefulness.

    The computerized applications that are designed for the storehouse industry are very user friendly. There are loads of features that users can use in a very interactive environment. Novices can also learn about the different components of the application and their utilities. One needs to simply point on an option that is written in a clear and easy to understand manner and click on it to navigate from one utility to another. The developers have devised a foolproof data warehousing system that can be used to archive back ups of the data of each and every day so that in the case of any system crash valuable data will not be lost. Most of the self storage software developers are offering this feature for free.

    There some data entry features that have been improvised upon for enhancing the convenience of data input by the storehouse professionals and also by the tenants. For example, in a client contact details sheet one need not remember the zip code of a particular place. While filling up the contact sheet, by just mentioning the area or locality, the zip code of that area will be displayed. The application is designed to accept full or part by part rental payments from the tenants. It does not impose on the tenant to make only one payment for any particular month. He has the option to pay up on a part by part basis. 

    The self storage software has made entering and maintaining the details of tenants a very simple affair. The executive who makes reservations just needs to click on a few options to check out on the vacancy of a storehouse and allot it to a prospective tenant if it is available. The executive can also print hundreds of letters to the tenants and other members of the firm in a matter of a few minutes using the computerized application. Viewing out the client details and cross checking his credentials could never be easier. The application comes up with pages of information about the tenant. The executive simply needs to go through this information to register the tenant and allot a storehouse to him.

    The self storage software makes tracking the pay patterns and behavior of the client. It will give information about the tenants who regularly pay on time, occasional defaulters and habitual defaulters. The tenants also fill in the reason of their delaying payment for a particular month. In this way, the storehouse operators can identify the problem free tenants and differentiate them from the problem creating ones.

    Mini Self Storage

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  • get more names
    By admin on January 3, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    The more leads you put in your lead management system, the more people you will rent to. I know we all want to close a rental immediately and move someone in today or tomorrow. But the timing isn’t right for every one when they call on the phone or come in to look around. Get as many names and phone numbers as you can, so you have people to follow-up with.

    You will rent to many of your follow-ups for a few reasons. 1. As people’s needs develop the timing of your follow-up call will coincide with the timing of the person’s storage needs. Some of your follow-ups will say, “I’m glad you called. I was just going to get the phone book to find your number again.” Just because someone won’t rent from you today, doesn’t mean they won’t rent from someone sometime. Wouldn’t you rather they rent from you?

    2. The fact that you took the time and effort to follow-up will tell people that you are interested in doing business with them. That means a lot to buyers. Don’t you prefer to do business with people who want you to do business with them? How many follow-up calls have you received from companies you contacted recently? It is fairly unusual to get a good follow-up call when you are a prospective buyer. So you will make a good impression on that person.

    3. Selling is a numbers game. If you are tracking your numbers, you can tell how many more rentals you would get if you got more phone numbers. If you rent to 80% percent of the people who give you a credit card to reserve a unit, it would stand to reason that you would want to get as many credit card reservations as possible. But not everyone has a credit card available to them and not everyone is ready to rent right away.

    There are many companies that are renting to 25 or 30% of people who do not make a credit card reservation. I don’t know what other sales or retail businesses you have had experience in, but a 25 to 30% conversion rate on leads is very respectable for any industry. If you are currently getting the names and numbers of 10 people a month who do not need to rent immediately and 2 or 3 of them end up renting, then you could rent to 2 or 3 more by getting 10 more names and numbers to follow-up on. Why wouldn’t you want more names and numbers?

    Sometimes it is tricky to get a name and a number from someone who doesn’t feel ready to make a commitment. Try saying these types off things.

    “Let me get your name and number so I can note that I offered you this special. In case it expires before you come down and rent, I’ll know I offered it to you, what is your name…?”

    “Availability changes daily. Let me get your name and number so that if the 5x5s start to run low I can call you so you won’t miss out on getting a unit from us, what is your first name…?”

    “I’m not sure who is moving out later this month. Let me have your name and number so I can notify you as soon as a 10×20 opens up, what is your first name…?”

    “Let me just take a few notes since I talk to so many people every day, what is your first name…?”

    “I’ve got a great coupon I can send to you that you can use whenever you need us, what is your name and address…?”

    Don’t let the call or visit end when someone says to you, “That’s all I needed. Thanks, Bye.” That was not all you needed. Don’t let them get away without leaving contact information.

    You cannot dispute the rule of sales that says “More leads equals more sales.” So set yourself a goal of getting a name and number from every contact. Your bottom line will appreciate it.

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  • Manage your leads
    By admin on August 24, 2005 | 126 Comments126 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, where we watch the self storage industry.

    You often see or hear me going on about how important a good lead management system is in creating profit in your projects. Our parent company StorageMart has been working on lead management programs for five years and it has made a lot of progress. StorageMart recently bought several properties in the Austin and San Antonio, Texas markets. These stores were not performing that well pre-StorageMart. They have been performing very well since StorageMart took over. StorageMart hired Angel Morales to lead the region. I knew he’d do great, because he spent a lot of years living in Brooklyn, NY as I did. You can’t go wrong with people form Brooklyn, you know. I asked Angel to share some of his thoughts on the success his region has had with its lead management systems. Here is what he said.

    “We here in Texas are excited and happy about our success with the Lead Management Program. We understand that it takes a little work on our parts to bring up the numbers and then we reap the benefits. By virtue of the fact that I have no prior experience in the free market storage field, it was easy for me to adapt to the StorageMart way of thinking. My training allowed me to understand how the system can work if you give it a chance and stay consistent. One of the first things that I was taught by Kathy Winkelman, the StorageMart Operations Director and my counterparts was the importance of Lead Management and how it develops customers.

    In each of my stores I explained to the managers the importance of maintaining and also updating the Lead Management files. They understand the concept of follow-up and how we as managers can not settle for just waiting and hoping that customers rent from us each and every time they come in. They know and understand that it is vital and necessary to follow up every lead, every customer …and be innovative in their approach to obtaining new customers.

    With competition being so stiff, it is incumbent upon us to know what the trends are and also what we as a company can offer as opposed to our fellow competitors. In just one store we have gone from zero units rented to over 140 in less than 2 months. We did this without Yellow Pages, signage, a gate, and finally without a counter. Persistence paid off. They also went from zero percent occupied to 34 % in the same period.

    I tell all my managers to pull out their manager reservation books as soon as they communicate with a customer whether it is in person or via telephone. I check the reservation folder racks each time I go to the stores to visit, and every now and then I will throw out a little carrot to encourage them to believe in the system. I once offered to pay them an extra $5 for each and every Hot Lead and Credit Card that they had booked prior to the 15th of the month. This was in addition to the regular $10 and $15 bonus that they receive for these things. This month I am giving a bonus to the store that books and rents the most credit cards and hot leads.

    One thing I do notice and I hope I am not being partial: it seems to me that the people that I hire without storage background do better and seem to adapt better to this system. They are eager to please and hungry. It takes a little while longer for the ones with storage experience to come around. But once they see that it does work, they become really motivated.

    Finally, the system works but you have to work they system. If the manager is fine with just a salary, then Lead Management will not do as well as another store where the managers are fired-up and hungry. I only see brighter days for the Texas region.”

    So if you are not fired-up about creating more leads and managing them better, you might want to get with the program.

    Bye for now,


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