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  • Which Floor To Store
    By Joel on July 27, 2011 | 97 Comments97 Comments  Comments

    Of course not all self storage facilities are created equal. Many facilities try to figure out what the customers in their area are truly wanting. They then go through extraordinary lengths to fulfill those needs for the customer. There are times in which the facility will have many units open, they will do their best to fill the other spaces. Depending on the area you will find that your local self storage facilities have different types of units to please their community. The following are types of levels in storage facilities.

    Ground floor units are units that are on the ground floor and you can either drive right up to or go through a hallway to get to. These spaces can be climate controlled or not depending on the area. Many people do not want to haul their belongings to any other space except for the first floor. They are very convenient to get to.

    2nd, 3rd, etc floors are at facilities that typically have to build up instead of out. By building up, a facility can truly save on money per square foot in real estate. Typically these self storage units will be units that you can get to via an elevator or stairs. If a facility does not have elevators but your unit is upstairs, then you have to decide If you still want to store there. You could get a lot of exercise as you are climbing those stairs.

    A Mezzanine floor is a sub floor with cat walk around edge.  There are no units in center of floor. This floor level is not common in most areas except for the east coast. These are common for those facilities that have to build up or are looking for a way to have storage units in warehouse environments. Typically you will have to go up stairs to get to that level so you would not try to store anything heavy.

    Breezeway units are units on the ground level, accessible by a pull through building. Many customers like these kinds of units because you can pull right through the building and escape the elements of Mother Nature. If it is raining outside, you do not have to get wet. That is a great thing. You can still take your time getting things in and out because the space is big enough for more than one person to come through.

    A facility will have a lot of different units available. It is up to you which type of unit you want. Typically each type of unit will be price differently in respect to the level. The higher levels will cost less than the ground floor because the facility feels that the customer should not pay more for a lack of convenience. Ask your facility manager about the pricing and the different units they offer.



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  • It Is Free
    By Joel on June 22, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Some self storage sites will hold units kind of like a hotel reservation. It is free to hold so there is no reason not to hold the space. You will still have time to visit the site so that you are able to make sure that everything meets your standards when storing. You should be able to hold a couple of different sizes if you are unsure of what size you will need. Even if you need a different size, you can still switch when you get to the site. If it was this easy why don’t more people do it?

    There is a simple answer to that. When it comes to reserving a space, many people like the idea of it not costing them any money, but many hotels hold the funds in your account until you come in. Well not a lot of people think that is a good practice. For that reason they shy away from reserving the space. Also people do not want to use their credit card in order to hold the space. They want to pay in cash and not use any form of credit to hold the space.

    If the space really is free to hold, then make sure that the customer knows that. Saying that holding a self storage unit is just like renting a hotel space is not really the truth. Make sure as a facility manager, you are explaining that correctly or people might shy away from reserving a space. So with that said, why not reserve a self storage space today? It’s free.


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  • What Can Happen if You Don’t Pay the Rent on Your Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 23, 2011 | 165 Comments165 Comments  Comments

    University of Georgia storage units will cut locks.  We all have to cut locks once in a while in the self storage business, but the more you do it, the more you get used to it.  You do not want to cut so many locks per month though because this takes up a lot of time that you could be using for something like selling your product.  We read one time where a famous author on the fine art of running a business, was explaining why you should spend most of your time selling, and not doing all the other things all the time you need to do too.  Before customers are so late on their self storage bills, give them a call and tell them.  Tell them the truth.  If you do not pay this bill, you could loose all the stuff in your self storage unit through a process called the auction process.  It will cost you at least twenty-five dollars to get the lock cut, and the auction fees will be paid by you, not the company.  Therefore, if you already owe money why do you want to pay more money with late fees and lock fees and auction fees.  So convince, or try to convince the customer to pay his or her bill.  Credit card companies will charge late fees all the time.  Some credit card places will charge you twenty-nine dollars on the first day you are late.  In the storage business, certain companies and self owners will vary the late fee policy.  We have seen different ones in our time managing self storage places.  We used the ten-dollar late fee after three days late quite often.  After ten days go by, another ten dollars might be charged.

    University of Georgia storage units probably have a lot of collage students storing from them.  They might be late a lot because that is what collage students do.  If they are charged a little beer money once in a while for being late, it might get them and keep them on the right track.  Call them.  We have had policies where we had to call our customers three times before a late fee occurs or six times before you cut a lock.  Many times this will work unless the customer is just plain broke.  This happens too.  The customer has no money or spends the money he or she has on something else.  Do not cut so many locks per month that it drives you crazy and you dread that day.  Call your customers.  They will like it most of the time.  “We are calling you to save you money and avoid late fees and lock cut fees and all of that.  If we cut your lock it cost you twenty five dollars plus you must buy another lock to replace the one we just cut.”

    University of Georgia storage units do not want to cut ten locks a day.  This is a whole lot of time spent not selling your products, or not answering the phones.  Do not spend most of your time cutting locks when you should be using that time to collect money.  You loose money when you are cutting too many locks.  We can all do better as managers than this.

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  • Don’t Force Your Storage Facility to Cut Off Your Unit’s Lock
    By jeff on March 23, 2011 | 63 Comments63 Comments  Comments

    Milledgeville storage units in sunny Georgia have a few locks to cut this month.  We have been talking about the fine art of cutting locks and how important it is in doing it right, and following the exact process of doing it right.  We can not talk about this in any more serious tones, because it is so important to do it right.  We talked about disc locks and why it is useful to have a grinder on site to perform these acts of grinding locks like that instead of trying to cut them with bolt cutters.  We bought our grinder from a flea market for a much less price than it would be at a hardware store or another store in that same vein.  Grinders can cost some times up to one hundred dollars, and even at flea markets we paid we believe, thirty dollars for ours.  It was a good one though, so do not get a cheep weak one that can barely cut anything just to save a few dollars.  Everything must be working and be in good shape when you cut or grind a lock.  We are on a deadline to get these locks cut, because the process is very precise, and the laws of the United States of America are to protect everyone too sometimes.  These specific laws in this process of cutting and grinding locks must be followed, or lawsuits can occur.  It does make sense though, because as a paying customer with all your things in a storage place and space, you might just love because of memories and what have you, are important.  You do not want a self storage manager running around cutting locks and acting a fool.  That is not a very good manager, and that person should look for another job.  We are not in the business of treating customers the wrong way.  Help the customer. Do not hurt the customer.

    Milledgeville storage units in sunny Georgia will grind a lock or two also.  If you cannot cut the lock for whatever reason on that specific date, do not fudge on the rules or the laws of the United States of America.  This is part of your job as a self storage manager, and it is really a very big part of your job to control your property.  The customer expects you to do everything right.  After all, they might be storing in your self-storage place thousands of dollars worth of stuff.  Be a good manager and do it right.  Another good bit of advice is to cut the locks early in the morning so as few customers as possible can see you do it.  It will not look good to watch a person cut a lock for most customers.  They do not want to know all the details if you know what we mean.

    Milledgeville storage units in sunny Georgia will cut locks because they have to at times.  Most customers pay their bills though, and not many locks are cut in any given month.  If you are cutting or grinding too many locks, you might be doing something wrong before you get to that point.  Maybe you did not call the customer enough to remind them to pay their bill.  Look into it for all the people you manage, just not the ones that are affected by it.

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  • Don’t Forget to Pay the Rent on Your Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 22, 2011 | 23 Comments23 Comments  Comments

    Lawrenceville storage units in sunny Georgia will cut locks too.  Our last discussion was about cutting locks when certain customers will not pay the self storage bill.  This a process that we will also discuss later in another article to get all of the managers familiar with this process.  Some countries around the world may have different laws and different policies when cutting locks on storage spaces that are not being paid on, but we will stick with the good old United States of America policies and procedures.  It is different State to State remember, but a lot of it is pretty similar.  We were cutting disc locks before and how to do it safely.  A disc lock is one of those locks that are round and the steel part is not showing very much, so bolt cutters can not fit inside to snap the lock off.  There is a little room though really, and managers like yours truly have cut a few disc locks with a bolt cutter.  Not everyone can, there is a trick to it, but we suggest using a grinder for the lock.  Grinders can be hard to use to if one has never used one before so be careful at first.  A lot of experienced managers of self storage units in the United States of America will show new managers how to cut a lock with a grinder to make sure they have an idea to do it and how it all works.  We have seen some managers grind a lock off in minutes, and some managers never getting the way to do it.  You must know how to get a disc lock off a self storage unit or you will never be a good manager, or even a manager in this business.  You can do it though, and the first few times might be tricky.  Other people have used grinders before, and know how to do it, even though they have never grinded down a lock before.

    Lawrenceville storage units in sunny Georgia have locks cut on their property.  The manager should lock up the bolt cutters and the grinders in a specific unit that is their own, or it is a storage unit that has been designated as a storage unit to store things a manager might need to run the business.  Also clean up items can be held and stored in this unit too.  We put a golf cart in ours and boxes and brooms and stuff like that.  We believe every storage place in the United States of America has a storage unit like this one.  It is also smart to keep this storage unit near the office.  Therefore, your bolt cutters are locked up.  Never let a customer borrow bolt cutters or let a customer with bolt cutters on the property.  Never do that for good reasons.  Can you imagine if other customers on the storage property saw other people walking around with bolt cutters?  That is never, ever a good idea.

    Lawrenceville storage units in sunny Georgia have cut and grinded locks too.  Many storage places have grinders on the property if they sell disc locks in their office.  The locks are great, and it keeps all the storage spaces safer for all of us.  Good luck to everyone.

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  • Short Term Leases are a Convenience of Self Storage
    By jeff on March 17, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Miami Airport storage units might do a lot of short term leasing.  When your business is very close to an airport, one might do business a little different than usual.  Miami is one of the most vibrant cities in the United States of America.  People from all over the world come to this great city for a number of different reasons.  The airport here is a very busy one, with people from all over the world coming here.  They come here for conventions and vacation.  The storage units by airports are doing business a lit bit differently than say a storage place in downtown.  Most storage places do not want to rent spaces for a few days or a few weeks at a time.  This high turnover rate of storage units is not the best way to make profits compared to long time customers.  Like most business loyalty and liking a product you have bought is always a good feeling for the consumer.  Our parents probably bought the same products for most of their lives because of product loyalty.  We studied this in a marking class more than a few times.  Look at Coke and Pepsi, some people will only drink coke and some people will only drink Pepsi.  They kind of taste a lot like the same flavor, but people will be loyal to one or the other for a lot of reasons.  We all like what we like we guess, but marketing has come such a longs way now, it has become a science to be studied and practiced.  Marketing has actually helped the United States of America because profit is good in a free enterprise system.

    Miami Airport storage units use this short time leasing because they might just have to.  In a free enterprise, the consumer is the one with all the power.  Power to the people as one of the Beatles once said in a song.  This promotes freedom and this great power that consumers have, help keep us free even more than a government can do.  The government can protect us from invaders and bad guys, but the consumer can make all the decisions on what business should be selling us.  If people kept from not buying sugar in foods and started buying more good food, companies would produce more good food to keep profits where they need to be.  What a great idea for such a system to work on.  It is better than any other in the entire world.  Yes, it is not perfect, but it is the best we got, and that is a good thing.

    Miami Airport storage units will rent short term we believe.  Like we said earlier, most storage places want long term customers like most businesses do.  Storage places want that too.  If all your customers are short term or just need storage for a few days or weeks, you might as well do it.  One can not have so many empty storage units on your property making no money at all.  Vacant storage units are never a good idea unless of course if renting them out so cheap, hurts your profit.  Business is a great thing but do not go in it without learning how it all works.  It will be a great education.  Good luck.

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  • Renovations Made Easier with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 27, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Lexi was not only a first time home buyer, but she was a first time renovator as well. After graduating from college she moved back in with her parents to help her save up for a house. For three years she saved every penny that she could. She hardly ever ate out, brewed her own coffee at home, and walked whenever possible to save gas money. It saved off though and at the end of the three years she had a sizable down payment towards her house and had been pre approved for a home loan.

    Lexi and her mom hit the housing market with the help of a trusted local realtor and began to look at the more traditional older homes that Lexi was interested in. Modern was not something that Lexi wanted and she was sure that even though older homes come with more problems sometimes the style was more to her liking.

    The third house that they pulled up to was run down and dirty, but Lexi was able to see past all of that. The structure of the house was just what she wanted with the wrap around porch, bay windows, and farm house feeling that you got from looking at it. Her mom thought she was crazy when she wanted to put in an offer, but Lexi was in love with the space.

    She spent the next month doing all of the closing and then the next month researching contractors that could help her restore the house to its beautiful potential. The construction date was set and Lexi could not wait to get started.

    The house was not so run down that it was not livable so Lexi moved some of her stuff into the master bedroom. Everything else she had she moved into a Lenexa, Kansas storage unit. With the spaces clear of her stuff the workers would have room to move around and work without tripping over her stuff, and when they worked on the floors they wouldn’t have to move anything,

    Also keeping her things safely stored in a Lenexa storage unit nothing would be damaged by paint or construction debris. The construction began and Lexi could not wait to see how beautiful her home was going to be once it was restored to its original glory. The kitchen was being remodeled to have a farm house feel, the windows in the living room were being turned into a window seat, the bathroom had to be completely gutted but it could not have been saved in the condition it was in. the renovations continued on into the bedrooms and the hardwood floors throughout the house was being restored.

    Many people thought that she was crazy taking on a restoration house on her first house, but the end product spoke for itself in proving people just how right she was in choosing to do this. The construction workers had all left and everything that was in the Lenexa storage unit had been moved back over. Lexi was officially moved into her first home and she could not have been happier with it. She could not ever imagine leaving this house because it was so perfect in the way that it fit her style. All of her friends and family even commented how the house was a representation of who she was. It was the perfect fit for her.

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  • First Time Renters and Self Storage
    By jeff on October 28, 2010 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    What is on your wish list for your first place? Is it in the downtown area of a big city, or a trendy suburb? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are on your wish list? Can you live with one closet or do you require much more space for your clothes? We all have our dream home, but our first home may not be up to our dream standards. Often the first house or apartment that you can afford on your own is not the biggest of accommodations. In fact sometimes it is better to get a smaller starter apartment so you can save up for a bigger first house.

    When you find your first place whether it is an apartment, loft, or studio you may also find that you don’t have a lot of space. Storage is probably limited, closet space will probably be small and limited, and living space may be cozy. Many first time renters pick an apartment based on price points that they can afford and location to work or school.

    When you find yourself living in your first place and needing some extra space then a self storage facility may be the solution to your problems. Prices are affordable and security is much better than the small unsecured basement location that your apartment complex may offer with the only security being a small chain link fence. With a self storage unit you can get the extra closet space, and storage spaces that your first place lacks. With a storage unit you can get that smaller apartment at the location you wanted and still be able to have space for all of your stuff.

    Self storage units also offers you the chance to save up all the things that you will need in the future when you are able to save up and get a bigger apartment or purchase your first home. While your apartment may be too small for the couch that you found on sale, you can store it in your self storage unit and save it for when you get a bigger place.
    While you currently may be eating all of your meals sitting on a bar stool at your kitchen counter, eventually you may have a dining room space and the table that you saw that you love will look great in that space. Until you get that space you can keep it stored safely in your storage unit. Maybe by the time you save up and move into that bigger apartment or first house you will not be left with an empty house and trying to save up to buy furniture for it you will have already bought the furniture to move in.

    A storage unit is like an extension of your home. In the case of a smaller first apartment it can also serve as your closet space. Having storage space can make your first apartment much more enjoyable since it will give you space to live and to grow. When you do finally get your dream home you may find yourself being thankful for the great experiences and lessons that you learned in that tiny first apartment that you had. Now if you find that you dream home needs a little more storage space you will know right where to go to get it.

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  • Check Self Storage Rental Off Your To-Do List
    By admin on April 27, 2010 | 8 Comments8 Comments  Comments

    Very few people enjoy the act of shopping around for a service.  When it comes to buying things that they want, like clothes, people are very willing to spend hours and hours of their time pouring over their options.  When it comes to people who are shopping for something that they need, and do not necessarily want, their willingness to pour over their options goes right out the proverbial window.  Know, though, that by ignoring your local self storage options, you are only going to end up doing yourself a tremendous disservice.  Indeed, in order to make sure that you are not wasting your time and your money, you are going to have to be sure that you are giving all of your local self storage companies the fair consideration that they deserve.  This, of course, is not to say that you are going to have to swing by all of your local self storage properties in person.  Quite to the contrary, you are going to be able to take care of most of your research on the internet.

    The first thing that you are going to want to do, here, is see if you can gather some basic quotes from the websites of the companies that are in your area.  While many of the smaller companies are not going to offer online price quotes, they are usually going to offer some kind of form for you to submit, such that their sales representatives can give you a call back.  The larger companies, on the other hand, are going to be able to offer quotes on their corporate websites, so you are going to want to be sure that you are making use of this information before you begin to call around.  After all, the last thing that you are going to want to do, here, is call around blindly.  By getting a feel for how your local prices work, you are going to be able to tell when you are talking to a facility that is not charging a fair rate for its unit.

    Moving on, here, you are also going to want to use the internet to take virtual tours of your local properties.  While you are not going to be able to do this for every property in your local area, you are certainly going to want to be sure that you are doing it for the properties that offer it.  By taking virtual tours of your local properties on the internet, you are going to be able to make a quick judgment call as to which ones are going to meet your standards for cleanliness and security.  If you should notice that a particular property does not look like it is quite up to your standards for cleanliness, then you can simply cross it off of your list of options.  Thereafter, you are not going to have to worry about wasting your time calling it or taking an onsite tour.

    Granted that you are willing to explore the internet for all of the tools that are out there, you are going to find that your self storage situation is entirely manageable.  You are not going to have to worry about pouring tons upon tons of hours into searching for the right unit, because the aforementioned tools are going to make your search fast and easy.  Just be sure, here, that you are being thorough as you are shopping around, and that you are not passing up any self storage providers before you have given them fair consideration.  You truly never know when you are going to find one of those diamonds in the rough, reader.

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  • Self Storage Rental Services
    By admin on May 19, 2009 | 15 Comments15 Comments  Comments

    While booking a storing space or a place for safekeeping, it is very important to be fully aware of the facilities offered by the rental services. Most of the people who avail these storing services are not aware of the common facilities that they are entitled to at these cargo space units.

    What Are The Services Provided By A Warehouse Rental

    If you wish to get something worth your money then ensure that the service you select for self storage rental provides the following facilities.

    • The rental service should have a truck renting facility attached to their primary business. This is a must as shifting the belongings from one place to another required one to have transportation arrangements in place. So if the storing service does not have transportation arrangements, do not hire them. Instead look for a service company that offers free of cost relocating facility. Even a company that charges for the service is better than having no transportation service at all.
    • Another important service of a cargo space rental is to arrange for the protection of the stored goods. The good should not only be in safe custody, they should also be protected from natural disasters like fire and flood. Also make sure that the rental service provides climate controlled units inside the warehouse. This would ensure that your delicate and perishable items inside the rental unit are maintained and safe. The climate control feature would protect the items from rust, mold, pests, mildew and insects by providing uniform temperature and humidity levels inside the warehouse.
    • The rental also has provisions to support their clients with their packing needs. They have their stocks of packing supplies and provide the same to their customers for stuffing purposes. This facility is especially helpful for clients as they can pick their packing supplies from a central location instead of picking individual items from several hardware stores.
    • The storeroom service should also have adequate arrangement for storing commercial items. If they do, then they become even more useful for small or large businesses that need to store important files, furniture and other equipment.


    Apart from the above, look for services that let you pay your monthly bill electronically. This will ensure that you do not get confused with the payment dates and can save on late payment fee. However, for this you would need to share your credit card and bank details with the company. So ensure that the company is reliable and trustworthy.

    Also look for special offers while selecting your self storing service. There are several discount offers like free locks or a month of free storing offered by reputable services. This facility would make your storing experience easier and less expensive.

    How To Store More In Less Space

    Here are some essential packing tips that would help you store better

    • Keep the items that will be required often in front of the self storage rental .
    • Maintain a uniform size box for easy stacking. Stack the heavier boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.
    • Fill each box tightly. Fill up all empty spaces with packing paper.
    • Leave some space between the wall and the boxes. This would protect the boxes from damp and cold and they would be easier to pick whenever required.


    Use the above mentioned tips to get the most out of your rental.

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