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  • The Self Storage Business in Texas is Booming
    By jeff on March 23, 2011 | 19 Comments19 Comments  Comments

    Austin storage units located in the great State of Texas are doing great business.  Austin has been growing very fast over the last twenty years and if you ever get a chance to visit this city, you will see why.  The weather is almost always good if you like lots of sunshine and hot temperatures.  It is a city that has a great location if you prefer to be in the South.  It is very close to San Antonio, Texas and very close to Corpus Christi also.  It is located in the beautiful hill country of Texas and residents often just get in the car and drive up and down and up and down the hills.  Our kids have always loved that drive, let us tell you.  The hills are bigger than one may think and it is fun.  Not only are there many hills in and around Austin, there are many lakes.  Travis Lake is a huge deep lake with million dollars homes all along its shores.  Lake Austin is another great lake to visit and we used to take the kids there to climb up hills and small rock formations.  We found a few arrowheads there too, which is always exciting if you like history.  Austin also has great big parks with cold springs water holes to play and swim in.  We are not the greatest fans of water this cold, but it is fun.  It took yours truly one time like an hour to wade in and try to get used to the water while the relatives ran right into the water and jumped in.  There are many other things to do in these parks too like picnics and a whole lot of sports going on too.  The University of Texas is located in this city and their reputation for sports is outstanding.  This collage wins a lot of championships in almost every sport one can think of.  Football of course rules, and the Texas Longhorns win a lot of football games and a recent championship.

    Austin storage units located in the great State of Texas are doing well.  Some of the saturation points we have seen in other growing cities are happening here too.  We have worked with a few self storage companies who would not build in Texas anymore because so many self storage places were built during the Texas boom.  We still feel that most storage units are rented out, but some self storage places could be suffering a little, and a combination of things could be in play here, but too many of any product does not work.  Also some cities limit the number of self storage places one can open, and some of that makes sense.  Is Texas still saturated?  It is hard to say because most people in this industry do not release much information on how many storage units they have rented.  They have some reasons for this.

    Austin storage units located in the great place of Texas are busy still.  The properties are still busy places for the storage managers because of all the tasks needed to be done regardless of the amount of rented spaces.  You still have to clean and do paperwork, but most of all; you have to rent storage units to make money.

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  • What to Do When Your Storage Clients Can’t Pay the Bill
    By jeff on March 23, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    North Atlanta storage units located in sunny Georgia share the same problems as other storage places in the United States of America.  We have been talking about cutting and grinding locks when a particular customer can not pay the bill.  We talked about disc locks and how most of the time they can not be cut, but must be grinded off.  Another problem with using a grinder to cut these special disc locks is finding a place to plug one in.  A lot of storage places that we have visited in our endeavors, have far and few electrical outlets in the self storage building.  This can be a very big problem if your outlets are so spread out; you can not plug a grinder in, to grind a lock.  There are one hundred foot extension cords you can buy, but if you are grinding locks that are over a hundred feet away from the self storage unit, you are going to cut the disc lock from, well; you might be in a little trouble.  We learned how to cut a disc lock with bolt cutters, but not everyone can do that.  We met managers who could not do it and managers who did it on occasion.  Outlets are not always desirable in a self storage place because if you are open twenty four  hours a day, meaning that customers can get inside all hours of the night, the outlets could be used by the customers and all of sudden you have a giant electrical bill that you can not explain to your boss.  If you own your own self storage place and your bills are sky high because of this, well, you might not want all those outlets everywhere.  It happened to us a few times where we made a deal charging the customer to use our electricity.  He had no problem doing this because it was a win win situation.  We are always looking for win win situations in business.  In economic terms, this is where the supply curve meets the demand curve.  We will discuss that one another day but everything can affect your business.

    North Atlanta storage units have grinded a few locks too.  If you are cutting too many locks in a month, something might be wrong.  Some months we would only cut two or three, and that is more like it.  If you are cutting over ten locks every month, you might be doing something wrong or not enough of something if you know what we mean.  Call your customers and remind them that their self storage bill is due.  A lot of people forget to pay this bill because out of sight equals out of mind.  People do not go to their storage places on a daily basis unless you are in business and use your self storage unit as a storage place you need product from everyday.

    North Atlanta storage units will cut locks.  Located in sunny Georgia, we are sure they stay pretty busy throughout the year.  Cutting locks is a function of managers and must be done correctly to be considered a good manager.  Do not mess up this process ever.  Do it right and your life will be better, believe us.  It is a very rewarding business to be in.

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  • Getting Your Storage Customers What They Want and Need
    By jeff on March 18, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    South Beach Miami storage units are in sunny Florida.  There are lots of stories and lots of things going on in there.  Many people, who manage storage places, generally like doing it.  There is a kinship of those people who have managed self-storage places because of the nature of the job.  Many mangers in the past were a married couple and they were the team to run the show.  They call a business like this a turnkey business meaning you go the front door and turn the key and walk in.  You are the business.  Husbands and wives ran the property and could do all the functions of the job.  You became a jack-of-all-trades as things break or things get plugged up.  We had to clean gutters for two days straight in a self-storage we managed a long time ago.  This makes us part of that kinship we talked about earlier in the blog.  It was a great experience though, as you were the boss of the property and your job was to rent units.  You have to be able to rent the storage unit to a person who walks in the office looking for one.  They want a storage unit so you just do not have to loose them, just give them what they want.  If they want a 10’ x 10’ unit, give it to them.  Do not try to over sell them a larger storage unit because that is dishonest.  If you know all they need is a ten by ten storage unit, do not try to convince them they need more space when they do not.

    South Beach Miami storage units in sunny Florida share a bond with all the other storage managers in the industry, past and presence.  There is something different about this management job compared to others a person may have had in their lives.  We are proud to have been and still are part of that kinship.  We used to go on conventions with all of us at the same time for seminars and things like that, and we always had a good time together when we all went out.  Some of those managers know how to have a good time and they have a lot of stories to tell if they have been in the storage business for a lot of years.  Some have been managers for forty years and still do it.  They just love it and it shows in that some do not get that burnout feeling others jobs may give you.  People in the self storage industry stay for a very long time, as most will tell you, who are in this industry.

    South Beach Miami storage units are in sunny Florida.  Managers do not want to leave this area very much, so long time managers can be found in lots of the storage units around.  Some are of retirement age but boy can they party when they get a chance.  Now we mean good clean fun like doing a polka or square dancing.  We do not know what you were thinking anyway.  They have a lot of energy as this job keeps you on your toes a lot of the time.  WE sure did like our time as managers too.

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  • Quality Staff Members Make Your Storage Experience More Enjoyable
    By jeff on March 17, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    Aurora storage units are located in Illinois.  Aurora is a suburb of Chicago and is a big part of the city itself.  Here in this town is a place to eat that is homage to a great football player who played with the Chicago bears his whole career.  His name is Walter Payton and he is considered to be one of the greatest football players of all time.  Some call him the best of all time because he can do so many things well.  First, he was a great running back who once was the all time leading rusher in the history of the game.  He is second now to a Dallas Cowboy named Emmett Smith.  Smith if you remember won the dancing contest on that show where famous people dance to win something.  Anyway, Walter was also one of the best blockers in football.  This is very important to a football team because a running back must be able to pick up a blitzing linebacker so the quarterback will not be killed.  The quarterback needs a few seconds to throw the ball, like four seconds is a good number to find an open receiver.  If a thrower only has let us say two seconds to throw the ball because a running back missed a block, well that team will usually loose the game.  A quarterback needs time to throw the ball.  Walter could also run out of the backfield and catch the ball.  He had great hands and hardly ever dropped a pass from a thrower.  The final thing that Walter was good at was returning kicks and punts.  Yes, Walter could do it all on a football field.  He could kick a football too and believe it or not, he also threw a few touchdown passes in his life too, many as a professional football player.

    Aurora storage units in Illinois are filled up.  They might not be a one hundred percent full, but we know you do not need to be all the way full to make a good profit in this industry.  Some times if you can get your self storage place at least half-full, you can make a profit.  Remember, a business in the United States of America must do two things.  It must survive and make a profit.  Even non-profit business needs money for overhead costs and paying its employees.  No business can escape the ways of a free enterprise system when it comes down to sales people and how good they are.  They are the lifeblood of any business.  You have got to sell the product you are trying to sell.

    Aurora storage units need good sales people too, to keep on keeping on.  Walter Payton’s place to eat keeps many people coming to this town and a casino helps too with bringing in people to spend money.  Big time entertainers come to the casino too, and it all makes for a pretty good time in the old city tonight.  One can not forget about down town Chicago too.  One will never run out of things to do there, believe us.  It will make you dizzy to shop and look around.  The prices too may make you dizzy too.  Good luck.

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  • Your Customers Would Love to Talk to You, If Only You Knew How to Talk to Them
    By admin on March 7, 2011 | 19 Comments19 Comments  Comments

    Tron Jordheim, PhoneSmart Hawaii Un-Conference leader and COO of the PhoneSmart Off-Site Sales Force.

    I travel a lot to see our PhoneSmart clients and to attend trade shows, events and conferences. Even with web conferencing, video chat and the ease of text and email, people still like to get together in person to network, learn and socialize. As a matter of fact, we even created our own PhoneSmart event, our PhoneSmart Hawaii un-Conference, as a way to connect with more clients and friends in the industry.

    I was traveling to a self storage association event recently and went to pick up my Hertz rental car from the Hertz center. As you walk in the door to the rental center you pass a row of self service kiosks, where you can check yourself in and get your car assignment. Whoever designed the rental center clearly took the time to position the kiosks so people would walk by them first. The kiosks looked inviting and gave the appearance of being easy to use.

    I like using self service for some things. When I fly on American Airlines, I usually check myself in. I fly with them so much that I know all the routines and all the ins and outs. The self check-in process is easy. When I fly on an airline I use less often, I usually go to the counter and talk to a real person, just to make sure I have everything covered.

    I have discovered the RedBox for DVD rentals in my local grocery store. It is a great service. My family and I decide we want to see a movie that has only been out a short time. I go online and order the movie in about a minute. It takes about 30 seconds to use the RedBox to pick up the DVD while I am grocery shopping. We enjoy the movie. I drop it off in the morning when I stop to get my morning coffee. Easy to do.

    But self service is not the best for everything.

    Let’s go back to my experience at the Hertz rental car location. I usually don’t rent from Hertz, so I thought I’d go to the counter and talk to the rep, just to make sure I got everything straight and got the vehicle I wanted. There was quite a line at the counter and there were several reps helping other customers. But I noticed something interesting. No one was using the self service kiosks.

    I watched what was happening for a while. The reps behind the counters were all friendly and were chatting a little with each customer they helped. I watched some more. There must have been five or six people behind me, another three or four in front of me and the line was not moving very quickly. Finally one guy stepped out of line and went to the kiosk. He put his credit card or his driver’s license through the swiper. I couldn’t tell which he was using from my angle. He started using the screen. A few minutes passed and he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, turned around and got back in line.

    Something in his transaction could not be handled by the kiosk. Something he needed could not be accomplished at the kiosk.

    Why is it then that I and a zillion other people love using the RedBox Kiosk to rent a DVD movie, but no one renting a car that day at Hertz wanted to use the self service kiosk?

    The lesson is that there are transactions that lend themselves well to self service and others that do not. Low value, uncomplicated, often repeated transactions lend themselves well to self service. This is why ATM machines and online banking do so well for the banking industry. If all the customer needs is to check an account balance, withdraw a little cash, or move funds from one account to another there is no reason to see the teller. There is no value to the customer or the business to have a personal interaction for such a simple transaction.

    New purchases or infrequent transactions are not well suited for self service. Renting a storage unit is not a low value, uncomplicated, often repeated transaction. There is tremendous value to both the customer and the business by having that rental be a personal transaction. Most storage customers have never rented storage before. If they have, it may have been several years ago. New customers have questions and concerns. Dealing with these questions and concerns personally educates new customers and assures new customers about their decisions to store. This process increases the likelihood of a successful storage experience, increases the likelihood of a longer stay, and helps to generate referral and repeat business.

    There is a tremendous value to new customers created when they deal with someone personally who is friendly and helpful. Most people are storing during a stressful time in their lives. They are often storing things that are near and dear to them. Studies and surveys continue to show that people like to do business with people who they like and who they feel pay proper attention to them.

    There also a tremendous value to the business by having a good personal interaction with new customers. If a storage rental was worth two dollars, if would probably not be worth the time, effort and expense of creating a personal transaction. But a storage rental might easily be worth $500 or $1,000 in revenue. And as you know, the asset value of your storage property is based on a multiplier of revenue. Therefore one new rental could easily create an additional $10,000 in asset value. I would hope that you’d agree with me that a $10,000 transaction should not be left to chance. It should be handled personally and handled well.

    Some storage operators think they can save payroll dollars by using a kiosk and by trying to drive new rental transactions to their websites. Yes there are people who prefer to do their research and make their buying decisions on line. And there will be some people who will use a kiosk to rent a unit. But this math does not make sense. If a new rental is worth $10,000 in asset value, an employee does not have to rent very many units to pay for their salary. I guarantee you that an employee who knows how to talk to people will outsell a kiosk or a website a hundred to one.

    The attempt to make self storage a self service purchase is very short sighted and may end up costing some people their businesses. If your nearest competitor is trying to do all its new business online and with a kiosk, and you are trying to train, coach and motivate your real people to do a better job at sales and customer service, your business will beat the competitor in every measurement category you can think of. Your friendly, helpful store employee, coupled with PhoneSmart’s friendly, helpful call center reps working as back-up will out perform your automated competitor had over fist.

    Why? Because people like to do business with people who are friendly and helpful. People like talking to people who know how to talk to them. So your wiser investment would be to help your staff become great at talking to people. How do you do it?

    1. The realization. Realize that your most important job is talking to people. Yes all the other aspects are important. But nothing is more important than talking to people. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about…just talk to people. A customer coming in to complain is as good as a customer coming in to pay you a compliment. Talking about the weather with a customer is as good as talking about how to pack dishes do they won’t break. You should seek out conversations. When you take a payment at the counter, start a conversation. When you see a customer on the property, start a conversation. When you are talking to someone on the phone about a new rental, don’t just give information or ask for the reservation, start a conversation.
    2. Listen well. A conversation only works when you listen well. Listen for your customer’s concerns. Listen for your customer’s experiences. Listen for their pain. Listen for their joy. Try to intentionally spend 70% of your conversation listening. Then talk about what you heard.
    3. Ask good questions. You get people talking so you can listen to them by asking good questions. Who, what, when, where, and why are all very good friends. Use them often to find out more about what your customer is talking about. Use them to find out your customer’s feelings and state of mind.
    4. Relate their experiences to you own. If you experienced something similar or knew someone who felt the same way, share that. It helps make the conversation more meaningful and genuine. Remember this conversation is not about you. It is about your customer. It is about how you understand where the customer is coming from and how that customer feels. Remember to listen 70% of the time.
    5. If you have a solution relating to storage, offer it. Sometimes buying some boxes, learning how to pack better or renting a second unit will go a long way to help people get better organized, take something stressful off of their to-do lists, or just gain a little peace of mind. When you hear something in the conversation and it seems natural to offer a solution, then offer it. But be real. Buying a box will not solve every problem.

    To recap, realize that talking to people is the most important part of your job. Listen carefully to what people are saying and how they are saying it. Ask some good questions to get people talking and to find out more about what they are saying. Relate their experiences to your own, so they know you understand them. When it flows naturally into the conversation, offer them a solution you provide to help them make their lives easier and better.

    So the point of this whole story is to convince you that your time and money are best spent helping your people get great at talking to people. PhoneSmart is glad to help you with that. Our call center reps will do a great job talking to your callers and helping you rent more units. Our training and coaching staff will do a great job helping your people sound great and feel great when talking to your customers and your rental inquiries. You can find out more about our services at .

    If you want to talk to some really great and interesting people from the storage industry, join us June 7-11, 2011 at the PhoneSmart Hawaii Un-Conference on the beautiful Big Island. I guarantee you that people there will want to talk to you and hear about your experiences too. More information is at

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  • Take Care of Your Storage Company’s Staff
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 164 Comments164 Comments  Comments

    Sometimes when you are doing everything that you to maximize the potential of your Crown Heights self storage company you lose site of what makes your organization great. You focus a little too much on the bottom line and storage rentals. If you are that committed to being the best in the New York area, you probably are running a successful business. You need to take time to recognize all of your wonderful employees every once in a while. Loyal employees will guarantee long term success for you Crown Heights self storage operation. Here are some great ideas on how you can make your employees feel important.

    You could have an awards ceremony every year where you recognize the top performers at you Crown Heights self storage locations. You can give out awards for many different things. Honor the person who gets the most storage rentals. You should also have an award for best customer service since that is a vital part of your company, as well. You should think up as many awards as you can and get plaques with their names engraved. This is a simple and cost effective away to recognize the people that make your Crown Heights self storage organization great.

    You should also cater lunch from time to time. Make sure to announce when you are going to do this so the employees know that they do not need to bring their own lunch. This is a great social event for your Crown Heights self storage employees, as well. A little team unity never hurt anyone in the New York storage industry. Drama can often develop in the office over petty agreements and special events can help keep the team on the same page. At the same time, you could have dinner where everyone brings in a dish. People will feel proud when others ask their recipe for their special dish. You can also bring in donuts or bagels to show appreciation, as well.

    A company picnic is always a great way to build team unity. It is nice for employees to be able to include their families so they can introduce them to all of their co workers. They have probably told their families stories from work and now they will be able to put faces to the names. You could have a cook out. You could even have a dunk tank. Some employees may enjoy seeing you go into the dunk tank a little too much, but it will be a good time for everyone. It just shows that you care about more than just storage rentals.

    You should always remember that family comes first. Some of your employees may have family responsibilities from time to time and you should respect their needs. A lot of bosses get agree when people miss work for family emergencies. It should be ok for most of the time. If it is a regular thing, then you may need to say something, but do not worry too much about it otherwise. You could offer them sick pay and vacation time that they can use when they need to miss work. That way, they do not lose money while dealing with an occasional family emergency. Being a great storage property owner requires a certain level of consideration for all of your employees.

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  • Be Up Front with Your Storage Customers
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 114 Comments114 Comments  Comments

    Many Columbia self storage businesses are slow in the winter time. It is just the way that the Missouri storage industry is. The calls that come in will be weighted heavily on customer service. While these calls are important, your sales skills may have declined a bit over the long winter months. If you are going to hone your storage sales skills, now is the time. There are some simple things that you may be missing, but you can solve those problems very quickly if you do a little work now. The Columbia self storage industry will be hopping in a month or two so you should make sure that you are ready for all of the sales calls that will be coming in.

    One thing that separates one Columbia self storage salesperson from the next is completely reviewing the entire move in cost. This portion of the sales presentation can lose callers if you do not present it correctly or at the right time in the call. With experience you will gain the ability to find the right time to fit this in. Many storage salespeople will just read off all of the costs and this could end the call pretty quick. Here are some real life applications of how to tell the caller about the move in costs.

    Before the price reveal, everything should be positive so do not mention anything about move in costs before you give the Columbia self storage caller the price for storage. If you have a special, you could fit the admin fee in right after that. The first month is free so there is no rent on the first month. You initial move in will have a twenty dollar admin fee to get your paperwork squared away. A couple of things are really great about how this was presented. You have a great positive statement with the first month free right before you tell the Columbia self storage about the admin fee. Some storage salespeople may say that they admin fee is on the first month. By saying it is on the initial move in, you are able to separate the admin fee from the first month so that callers will not say that the first month is not really fee. There is the rent and then there is the initial move in, two completely different things.

    Tell the caller about your move in costs with confidence. If you are scared of them, then the caller will be, too. If you act like it is no big deal, then the caller will typically not bring up any objections to the move in costs. They are not a big deal because all storage companies in Missouri will have the same move in costs for the most part. Always follow a negative with a positive. The move in costs may vary a little bit from site to site, but they will be the same for the most part. Confidence is important throughout the call. If you tell the caller about the cost of your storage with confidence, then they will more than likely feel that you are offering a great deal to them. If you follow up a great monthly rate with a great special, then you should be able to get the reservation very often.

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  • Welcoming Customers to Your Storage Facility
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 7 Comments7 Comments  Comments

    When someone comes into your Shawnee self storage location, you want to be ready to help them with whatever they may need. A lot of your visitors will be coming to the store to pay a bill or buy moving boxes. As soon as they walk in the door, greet them. Let them know that you are here to help. Go to them; do not make them come to you. Some customers complain about walking into businesses and being greeted. This is because there is no enthusiasm from the greeter. Greet them like you mean it, not like you are required to by your Shawnee self storage boss. It is kind of like saying have a nice day. There is not point in saying it if you do not mean it.

    When someone comes into your Shawnee self storage site to pay a bill, tell them all of their payment options. Most sites should allow a variety of payments. Payments can be made with credit or debit card, cash, check, or money order. Work with the customer, as well. This may be more of a message to owners as opposed to store employees, but you should accept partial payments because customers will not always be able to pay the full amount. The fact is that most people who are storing are on hard times so money is hard to come by. Running a successful business long term is all about making the customer happy. You do not want to make people angry because word of mouth is an important part of your marketing plan. The only way to have a good public image is to bend over backwards to help the customer out.

    As a Shawnee self storage manager, a lot of your store visits will be for moving and storage supplies. A lot of employees in Kansas do not put as much emphasis on selling moving supplies as they do storage. This is not the right approach. As much as twenty percent of revenue can come from moving and storage supplies so you really need to focus on it. It would be the difference between breaking even and making a good profit. Make sure to place the best selling items up front so they are easy to get to. You could feature boxes and locks since they are typically the best selling items. When someone buys boxes from your, make sure to offer them tape and packing material along with it.

    Some Shawnee self storage customers will visit your store to check out your business operation. A lot of employees in Kansas feel that the unit is sold when customers decide to visit. This is when you need to do your best selling. This is your chance to really show the customer why your facility is better than the rest. Showcase what your have by showing them around the property. This is when it is important to actually schedule a time when a customer calls in. You can have enough employees so that you can show them around the property and still have someone to watch the phones and the office. You do not want to miss calls when you are showing someone around the property. This will just cost you customers that may be calling in to find out prices.

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  • Maintaining Your Storage Business in a Tough Economy
    By jeff on February 1, 2011 | 16 Comments16 Comments  Comments

    If you are an owner of Odenton self storage properties, you may have been hit pretty hard in the last few years. The economy has fallen off and Maryland has been one of the hardest hit. There are some companies in the Odenton self storage industry that have continued to grow even though the economy has sunk. It is important to look at how they were able to stay viable through tough economic times. There are some businesses that just cannot thrive during a down market. Storage properties should be profitable in any kind of economy out there.

    One thing that Odenton self storage property owners did wrong was to just run their business in the same way before and after the market crashed. They just went forward with the attitude of business as usual. This is a mistake. Some areas of the country were not hit too hard so this may have been a decent strategy. However, in places where to economy was hit pretty hard, the customer demands shifted a lot. When the economy was rolling right along, the demand for high quality storage units was pretty high. Sure, a lot of people were looking for units that were as cheap as possible. You will always have these customers because people will need storage when they fall on hard times. A lot of companies tried to stay away from this type of customer because it was easier to deal with customers who had plenty of money. They would just design a high tech, state of the art Odenton self storage facility and wait for the money to come rolling in. This worked when the economy was good, but it is not viable during a recession.

    In the business world, it is all about the customer. If the customer wants high quality, give them high quality. If the customer wants low cost storage, then give them what they want. Some companies fail because they try to tell the customer what they wait. For example, if the site is in a nicer area in Maryland then you probably should not go overboard with security features. Obviously, install the basics, but you do not need to go overboard. The Odenton self storage market will change from time to time and you should be the first company to react to these changes. The company to change with the times will be successful and everyone else will just be chasing them.

    The economy has not completely improved to pre recession levels, but there is not the same fear that there was a couple of years ago. This would be a great idea for an approach for storage. There will always be companies that will be cheaper than you so do not try to compete with them. Their site is not safe or dirty and they will not be around for the long term. There will always be sites that would have better quality than you, as well. You should position yourself right in the middle and really push the value. You should offer quality storage units, but price them so that the average person can benefit from it. There are many more people in the middle class than the upper or lower class, so it would effective to try to set up a facility for them.

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  • Working with Your Self Storage Customers
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 172 Comments172 Comments  Comments

    There are many reasons why callers will be in need of a Leawood Self Storage unit. As a storage salesperson, you should be aware of all of the different reasons so that you are able to adapt to the callers. Callers will be different and will require a different sales approach. Sometimes the best way to get a sale is just to help the customer out. A lot of salespeople make the mistake of just going after the sale and not offering any assistance to the Leawood Self Storage caller that is not directly related to the reservation. For example, if a caller needs a truck and your facility does not rent trucks, you should do everything you can to find a truck rental company close by that can help them out. A lot of times, salespeople will just leave the customer hanging and then the caller has one more thing to do. If you help them find a truck, they may feel a slight obligation to store with your company. Sometimes a small nudge is all it takes to get the reservation.

    Some people in Kansas who are looking for storage will have fallen on hard times. They may be losing their home, business, or both. They also may be going through the death of someone very close to them. You may want to lower the excitement level a little bit. Also, make sure to listen to the caller so that you do not have an inappropriate response. It could cost you a sale. Some managers have even made this mistake. They ask the caller how their day is going just out of habit. The caller says that their mother died and they say great, what size do you think you need. Great is not the right response, obviously. If the manager had been listening, they would not have made this mistake.

    With callers in these bad situations, they may be looking for the best that the Leawood Self Storage industry has to offer in terms of price. You should not preach too much about how great your facility is. Push quality, but do not overdo it. They will think that you are an upscale facility and that is not what they are looking for. You should focus on how low your rates are and a good special if you have one to offer.

    There are callers that do not care about price, as much. This is the time to really sell what sets you apart from the rest of the Leawood Self Storage facilities. A lot of people need a place to put their RVs. This would be the time to push amenities. They will be looking for a few different things. If your facility is completely paved, then you should really push that fact. A lot of companies in Kansas have areas of their facility that are gravel. Also, they will be looking for dumping stations and wash bays. These are features that will save them a lot of time if you have them at your facility. It is all about the caller in the Leawood Self Storage business. Find out why the caller needs storage and you will have already won half the battle. You will know what to focus on in order to sell them on your facility.

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