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  • Student Storage: College Life Doesn’t Mean Small Spaces
    By jeff on October 13, 2010 | 209 Comments209 Comments  Comments

    College can be some of the funniest, craziest, and most exciting times in life. It is a time to really grow up and become who you are as your own adult. Many times it is some of the first times in life that you are responsible for yourself and making your own decisions. Not only are you continuing your education to build your future but the connections and friendships that you make in college can last a life time.

    Life on campus can be a big change from living at home with your parents to living in a shared room and shared space with countless number of people. While you may have been able to go to your room when you wanted space at your parent’s house, it can be hard to find your own personal space in a dorm with roommates. Having no personal space can drive a person crazy.

    If you choose not to live on campus your options are probably having a small apartment or loft space or renting an apartment with your friends and sharing the responsibility of the bills and rent. Whether you are living in a small space by yourself or shared space with your roommates you may find that storage space and closet space is small or non- existent.

    So what can you do when you are living on campus and you have little to no personal space? Having a small closet and little space for your belongings can be one of the struggles of college life. To help off set the small spaces that college dorm life offers there are self storage solutions near campus that offers great affordability on a college students budgets. With a self storage unit college students don’t have to worry about not having enough closet space or space for their belongings that they want with them at college. A self storage space is also a great thing to have for winter and summer breaks. When you go home for winter break you don’t have to worry about your valuables being safe in the dorm room you can be assured that they are safe in your storage unit. When summer break comes along you don’t have to pack up all your extra stuff and schlep it all back home just to move it back in three months. With a self storage unit you can keep your stuff safe over the summer and not have to haul it home or back.

    If you are living in an apartment with room mates you may find many of the same problems that students on the dorm face. Lack of personal space and closet space is common when sharing an apartment with friends during college. Even if you choose to live on your own one bedroom apartments or loft apartments don’t usually come with much storage space. When you find yourself looking for personal space in an apartment or storage space in a loft then a self storage facility is the solution that can fit your needs.

    College life can be some of the best times in life. It is a big step to a bigger and brighter future and with the use of a self storage space it can also be a time in life where you don’t have to skimp on personal space.

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  • Self Storage Lockers For Wine
    By admin on April 23, 2009 | 218 Comments218 Comments  Comments

    When storehouses started a few decades ago, they were nothing more than buildings made of brick and mortar with small rooms. These rooms were given on rent to individuals and companies to store their belongings. For many years, these storehouses did not gain any popularity.

    However with the rapid increase in real estate cost in the last decade, people and businesses have started looking at storehouses as a low cost solution to all kinds of storing needs. The warehouse owners have also started offering many storing solutions to their customers. Thus many kinds of store units have come into being. One of these is climate controlled lockers for wines.

    Renting a wine store unit is much cheaper than renovating a home to make extra and special space to store your wines. Also it is not always feasible to make a store unit for wines at home. Wines are expensive and need special climate controlled unit where they can mature suitably. They have to be preserved at optimum temperature and humidity otherwise there is risk of them getting spoiled. Some people have wine cellars in their homes, but for those who do not have this facility self storage lockers for wines, are the best option.

    These wines storing units are given on rent to wine collectors, hotels, and wine distributors. You can store your wines at these storehouses as well as display your collection. Some of the benefits of wine store units are


    The lockers for wine are well equipped with horizontal wine racks. These racks keep the bottles horizontal. This prevents the wines from vibrating and also keeps the cork of the bottles moist. Thus the cork does not reduce in size. It remains snugly fitted into the bottle, which prevents the oxidization of the wine.


    Wines have to be stored at an average temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit to allow them to mature properly. At high temperatures, they start maturing fast, causing the formation of acids. At lower temperatures, they take very long to mature. Hence, the maintenance of optimum temperature in a wine unit is important. Rapid changes in the temperature of wine store unit are also not good, as it affects the wine. Wine storehouses understand all this and hence maintain your wine self storage lockers at the right temperature.


    The wines are stored at relative humidity of 70 percent to prevent the cork of the bottle from getting too dry or too moist. If the cork of the bottle deforms or gets damaged, then the wine is prone to get spoilt. At wines store unit utmost care is taken to preserve them at the right humidity levels.


    Light has ill effects on the wine. It has to be stored in a dark place away from sunlight. Safekeeping lockers for wines are dark and protect your wines from sunlight.

    Label Protectors

    It is necessary to protect the labels of the wines. Since humidity can damage the labels, some wine store facilities also offer plastic label protectors.


    Wine storehouses offer various facilities like hosting wine tasting parties for their clients. Some storehouses allow you to directly ship your wines from the dealer to your self storage lockers . These storehouses keep a record of the wines in your unit with the help of their inventory management software.

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  • Self Storage Lockers For Better Protection
    By admin on February 9, 2009 | 168 Comments168 Comments  Comments

    Self storage lockers are designed to give maximum protection to the articles placed in storehouses. Professional storing areas are using these ultra sophisticated safety equipment to keep their valuables hundred percent safe and secure. There are different types of special storehouses that are specifically designed to keep the belongings intact and free from any kind of damage. Many firms do not take much care about the security aspect while storing things that belong to tenants. As a result many of these articles are either stolen or tampered with. Such firms loose their reputation and their clients. In due course of time they loose out in the market to other firms that provide better security features.

    One can keep all types of articles in self storage lockers of different types and sizes.  There are storehouses that allow one to safely keep clothing and furniture while there are storehouses in which one can keep jewelry. These storehouses should be used judiciously as they are expensive. One should not dump all kinds of things in these paid storehouses. One should be able to assess those articles that are extremely important and those that are not. Every item will look important and useful but it is not a good practice to dump these high security storehouses with ordinary stuff that is not used everyday. The high security storehouses should be used only for storing very expensive and invaluable items.

    The self storage lockers can be used for storing only those items that have a high monetary worth or are of high intellectual or emotional significance. For example, one might be a lover of books and he might be having a priceless collection of books with himself. He might want to store these books in a high security storehouse when he relocates to another place. As the worth of any article depends upon personal preferences the thing that might be invaluable to one person might be considered quite ordinary or worthless by another person.

    Generally those articles that are in a good condition and can be preserved are the ones that should go into high security storehouses. Otherwise, one will be simply wasting money on self storage lockers and that might prove to be a very expensive option. The articles that are not in a good shape can be thrown off. Those things that are in a reasonably good condition can be donated at any relief camps.

    The high security storehouses come with customer service features like a lot of extras, such as, environmental regulation. This feature is very important as most of the precious possessions that are kept in these special storehouses need to be protected from environmental dust and moisture.

    The articles should be packed perfectly for being kept in these high security storehouses. The containers should be sealed tightly so that no dust or moisture is able to creep into the boxes.
    For accessing the self storage lockers that are kept in high security zones one should identify himself either biometrically or by any other way as prescribed by the firm offering the high security storehouses. Generally these storehouses have computerized locks that can be opened with a secret password key or any other such mechanism. Items placed in the high security storehouses are accessible to only the person to whom they belong to. The firms take care to see that people do not impersonate genuine people and access their articles and run away with them.

    Mini Storage Business

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  • Slowing Down
    By admin on September 11, 2006 | 146 Comments146 Comments  Comments
    Written by Kay Johnson, PhoneSmart call center blog editor and customer rep.
    Thank you for visiting the PhoneSmart call center blog. We offer an insider view of all facets of the storage business.
    Whew! The Labor Day weekend is behind us. We have survived the busiest moving and self storage weekend of the whole year and are looking forward to what the fall and winter months will bring.
    I am taking a vacation next week so the push is on to get enough high quality call center blogs in the pipeline to assure that our call center blogs are top notch. We ask for contributions from our call center staff and even the newbie’s here have valuable input about our training, secret shopping, property management and Total Quality Assurance.
    Our call center reps are eager to share their insights and knowledge about sales techniques and the effort we all expend to help our client’s stores generate sales increases.
    We not only assist your callers in reserving storage units and answer questions about gate hours, office hours and store amenities, we also are invited to help with secret shopping, outbound follow up calls and other productive projects,
    Yes, the busy season for moving and storage has passed but we will be actively working to help your store turn your missed call into profits. Put us on your team. We are eager to help.

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    Call Caroline for $50 off boxes and moving supplies

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