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  • What Every Self Storage Garage Must Have
    By admin on September 5, 2009 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    One of the most popular storing facilities that people look for today is a self storage garage . The truth is that many people are looking for conveniently located areas where they can store either domestic items or small business items. Not only that people are becoming more and more discerning about the kind of units they opt for, but they are also finicky about security system at these units. In order to keep your business on the upward curve, it is essential to provide the best in these storing units.

    Is It Convenient

    One of the most important things people look for in a storehouse or storing system is its convenience. This is very different from the way many storing facilities have operated in the past, in fact, a number of them used to be located on the outskirts of the city. But it is a different story with these storing facilities. It is important to remember that the people looking for these kinds of units usually like them when available at convenient places. Many people will use their storing unit to store things on a seasonal basis for instance some people may put their summer gear and sports equipment into store for the winter months.

    In such cases when handy items are also kept in storehouses, the client will want a self storage garage that people can visit easily. If they need to take something out of their unit on short notice, they should not have to drive across the town to get it. Having a conveniently located storing facility is a huge plus for many people.

    Make It Secure

    Security is another huge factor which people look for with a self storage garage . This is because people today are putting more valuable items into store than before. This could be items of sentimental value or financially valuable items like antiques or electronic goods. Some small offices may use their storing units to house old office equipment or important documents. In all of these scenarios, security will be of prime concern for the client. In terms of ground security, make sure that there is no dense shrubbery or undergrowth present, particularly near the storing units. Also, make sure that the facility is well lit in all areas make it a priority to change any burnt-out bulbs immediately. Installing video surveillance cameras and having 24-hour security guards are also good security features.

    A safe self storage garage center should also insist that its patrons use high-quality locks for their units. Many people may try to use cheaper locks because they are less expensive, but one should understand the importance of having a good, strong lock for the storehouse. It is also a good idea for the manager or in-charge of the unit to insist customers to ensure all their belongings before they place them into storing. This is very important from a business perspective as it can save the customers troubles related to security of his items. Again I would say that there are factors like natural disasters which you simply have no control over, for which insurance is a great solution. Insurance means that should something happen, the client will be compensated and the facility would not have to take the blame for it. So, it is a dual responsibility when it comes about self storage garage .

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  • Store an Extra Set of Wheels in a Self Storage Garage
    By admin on April 3, 2009 | 21 Comments21 Comments  Comments

    If you have more vehicles than the available space in your garage can accommodate, renting a professional parking garage can be a great idea to store those extra set of wheels. Whether you own a white panel delivery van, a lawn care rig, your mother-in-laws old Mercury, a custom Corvette, or a vintage Impala, you no more need to bear the headache on deciding where to store the same. Most self store facilities these days also offer services for vehicle parking. The good news is that if you are renting this extra garage for a very long period of time, you can find it at a very reasonable price – something that can easily fit into your budget. It is much more affordable than taking up any more space in your yard, driveway, garage, or parking lot. In fact, these facilities will also provide much better security and protection to your vehicle than your home or business property may provide.     

    Some Basic Rules To Follow 

    A self parking garage requires you to follow some basic rules. For example, your vehicle must be duly insured or registered. The facility owner may ask you to provide the proof of the same. It is also important for you to understand that these facilities are not equipped for proper disposal of chemicals. That is the reason why it is completely prohibited to use these facility units as a workshop. There are several other rules as well, such as the tires of your vehicles must be in good shape and properly inflated. Most importantly, it must be a wheeled vehicle in driving condition. You cannot tow in the vehicle without wheels and put it on blocks.

    Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Self Storage Garage
    Most self store garage owners will provide you an array of options to choose from. For example, you can choose from different price points, different security features, and different types of parking facilities. Some of the different types of parking services in these store room units may include drive up interior space, drive up garage space, and covered outdoor space. The drive up interior space is the most secure option and is also highly cost-effective. The climate-controlled environment is the best feature that these facility units provide. These buildings have central air and heat equipment installed that keeps the environment at the best condition for your vehicle. Whether it is winter or summer, you will have the peace of mind that your vehicle is completely safe and secure. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, you should consider renting drive up garage space. It has a garage-style door that will protect your vehicle from the natural elements. But, in order to ensure optimum security, you may have to choose from additional security options, which will eventually increase your cost. The covered outdoor space can be much more affordable, but again, it will provide lesser level of security. So, choose your options carefully.

    If you want to get the most out of your self parking garage, you are strongly recommended to consult your facility manager. If you have any queries or doubts about storing your van, truck, or car, you should not hesitate in getting them clarified.

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  • Vacation From Vacation
    By admin on September 19, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, chock full of self storage trends, stories and an occasional laugh.

    By Kay Johnson, business blog editor and self storage aficionado.

    What does a call center rep for self storage do on vacation? Recently I spent a wonderful week visiting my childhood home in Blue eye Missouri, just south of Branson, there were wonderful accommodations at Big Cedar Lodge and flea markets galore to explore. I had decided to leave my laptop at home and refused to turn on my cell phone except once per day to check for important messages from my family. I wanted to refuse to think about work and storage facilities and units and prices etc. I would have made it too but there are just so darn many of them. It seemed that there was a storage facility around every curve (there are LOTS of curves in the Ozarks) and many, many small farmsteads had at least one small row of units. Some of the operations are quite large.
    There was a time that a small farm could make a very good profit if you planted strawberries, asparagus, or other produce to sell. Now, the rapidly expanding storage business allows many people with small roadside properties to become entrepreneurs.
    The best thing about building a storage facility on the family farm is that you do not have an extra investment in land and you do not have to pull weeds or spread fertilizer and if you build a fence it is to keep people out instead of hogs, goats or cows. The downside could be that it would be like owning a milk cow. Milk cows need attention twice a day and it is hard to get away without losing milk production. Owning your own storage facility could keep you tied to the phone .
    I could not resist the opportunity to stop in and meet with the owners. Of course, I was interested in what people usually store and how they sold their stores. Some of them were eager to greet me and to show me what they could do, others, quite frankly could benefit from the sales techniques and training we have here. The more of these stops that I made, the prouder I became of the services that we offer. We do turn missed calls into profit and we offer top- notch quality control through our secret shopping and evaluations program.
    If you have a family owned self storage facility check us out. We could be of valuable assistance to you. Call 1-866-639-1715 for information.

    Self Storage in Illinois Come by and see Brad the manager at 100 West North Ave in Lombard, or call 630-268-9508 for information.

    Quality Assurance Management available at Total Quality Assurance Services

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  • The Final Frontier
    By admin on August 4, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Sarah Little, secret shopper unlocks self storage secrets.
    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, a diary of the self storage industry.
    I was recently trying to find the phone number to a business near my hometown. My phonebook was useless because my hometown was quite a distance away. I began searching online. What I really hoped to find was a website.
    I was disappointed when I realized they most likely didn’t have a website. They sell beautiful flowers and I wanted to send some to a friend near there. I was hoping to choose an arrangement online rather than call and just guess what it looked like. I decided not to send the flowers because I really wanted to see them first. I bought a card from Hallmark instead.
    Perhaps a prospect wants to look up your phone number online and they find your website. Then they begin browsing and see all the amenities you have at your self storage facility. They are likely to explore a little longer and decide to rent at your facility.
    Or perhaps they want to look up your phone number online and instead of finding your website they find the guy down the street. They begin browsing his website and soon enough they drive right past you to get to him.
    Self storage trends lean heavily on generating leads from online traffic. As computers and the internet become more easily available, your webpage may be worth more than your add in the phone book.

    Self Storage in New Jersey 6700 River Road, W. New York, NJ 07093
    Maganer:Rowland Browne
    Ph:(201) 869-2330
    Fax:(201) 869-2306
    Door Alarms, Video Surveillance, and Coded Entry
    Call today for your $20, $50, or $75 coupon!

    Quality Assurance Services at Total Quality Assurance

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  • Help, we have too much stuff…
    By admin on October 24, 2005 | 86 Comments86 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog. Today’s entry comes for Kay, one of our great sales reps. She has a wonderful way of relating to callers…especially callers who live with pack rats.

    We Save The Savers

    As previous phone smart representatives have posted on the self storage blog, there are as many reasons for people to store as there are individuals. Quite frankly, until I worked here I had never thought much about self storage. I used to live in the country where there was always a machine shed, grain bin, or miscellaneous extra building to put things in. Self storage seemed a “city” thing to do. And I always wondered why anyone would pay good money to store stuff they could sell or give away.

    The only time I had put anything in storage was when my teenaged son advised me that I could not take his car away and he would drive it whenever and wherever he wanted. It was in storage the very next day!

    Then I moved to town and met my second ex husband. He was a good guy but he had “stuff”! By “stuff” I mean that he had every piece of paper he had ever owned, and he wanted to make room for it in my 4 bedroom house. First we started out with his “stuff” in the second bedroom downstairs. The room was crammed from floor to ceiling with such intriguing treasures as a box marked “1966 Letters” . That box contained magazine subscription offers from 1966. When I advised him that they probably had written to him later and that we needed to clear some space by throwing that box out he was nearly mortally wounded and wondered what I had against a “collector”

    Life with this packrat got mired deeper and deeper in “stuff” I soon demanded to have the 2nd bedroom emptied because you could no longer close the door and the “stuff” was staring a process of spontaneous reproduction that was threatening to spill out into the hallway and in plain view of all who were invited into the living room. He was a really good guy but I was not having this.

    My motto is “if you have not used it once during the past year get rid of it, give it to someone who needs it, sell it, or discard it. Since we were unable to come to a meeting of minds on this he decided to let me have the 2nd bedroom and take over the 2 bedrooms and storage space upstairs. I fought to retain 1 bedroom as a guest room and the storage area. Even an uncluttered non-collector like me has some “stuff” of my own.

    As he brought in more and more our relationship soon became a turf war. I believe in respecting other people’s property but I was reduced to sneaking small boxes of his “stuff” out to the curbside each week. That was working well until he caught me and was forever the betrayed victim.

    I have a new respect for self-storage. If we had rented a 10 x 30 we would probably still be married. By the way, pack rats of America, your women call us and ask for space to put your “stuff”. They sometimes also ask if they can stick you in there with it. Don’t worry we won’t let them.

    Word to the wise!

    Don’t forget to show support to our troops and take every opportunity to let them know how much we appreciate their sacrifice!


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