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  • Profit From A Self Storage Franchise
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    Basically, in this kind of dealing, the chief store-house owner provides an individual the right to possess and run a trade based on the owners business model. However, the individual has to run his trade under the trademark of the main storing business owner.

    The individual, who receives this right, has to pay the company a certain amount of fee in return. Also, this individual hopes to gain significant profits from the owners marketing strategies.

    How Beneficial Are Self Storage Franchise Concepts

    A person who runs a business under a storing company trademark is assisted in many areas by the company owner.

    Companies promise to teach and assist the person in executing and operating the trade. Also, support schemes and programs are provided by the company which provides strategies to make the business a profitable one.

    There are several other services that are made available by the company. Some such services are start up services, select schemes and programs, training assistance and employee assistance.

    Other than this, there are other amenities that some companies promise. Some of them are moving facilities for long distances, marketing plans and strategies, video and radio conferencing and also partnership schemes.

    Besides, a renowned storing company has a brand name and an advertising grip from which the self storage franchise might profit. The company policies also impact the work of such businesses to some extent.

    However profitable, it seems there are some other aspects that individuals must think over before entering an agreement.

    The earnings apparently seem sizeable but in the long run these schemes might not be that gainful. This is mainly because the storing industry as such is very unpredictable. There are innumerable brands and no specific company monopolizes the market.

    There are some prominent names in this field but they comprise a very small section of around 10 percent of the whole storing business scenario.

    On customer counts, industry experts believe that there are no reports proving customer commitment to any particular brand name in the business. Also, customer preference depends on the location and price considerations.

    However, running a self storage franchise can have benefits in terms of selecting facility sites and pattern.

    Another aspect of this business is financial investment amount that one is willing to make. For this business, the preliminary investment differs from one storing firm to another.

    Sometimes, people sell an already established business. However, before individuals invest their money or purchase such units it is advisable to check some crucial aspects.

    One should always investigate the financial documents of the concerned unit. Documents like cash flow statement, earnings statement, tax returns, balance sheet etc. should be analyzed carefully. Also, one should try to know about pending legal cases if any against the concerned business. 

    There are two main types of self storage franchise – portable and traditional. The portable storing method is a convenient option for customers because storing facilities are brought to them. The customer can load his items at ease and has to give a monthly rent for the service. On the other hand, the traditional process requires the customer to reach the site and put his items in the facility.

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  • Invest In Self Storage Franchises
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    With rapidly growing popularity of store room services, self storage franchises have emerged as one of the hottest business ideas. In this business, you do not just provide the various storing solutions to your customers, but you also provide moving and packing services. With so many service providers available in the market at present, there is a very tough competition ahead. Therefore, if you are planning to jump into this business, it is very important for you to take an array of factors into your careful consideration.

    A Lucrative Business Opportunity

    In this present world of business, almost everybody needs a place to store some belongings in a safe and secure manner. Self storage franchises provide optimum level of protection and security for the goods stored in their units. They offer exciting features to their customers that include prepaid plans, low operating costs, and monthly leasing options. The monthly billing that they offer is also a very simple process.

    For those who want to run such businesses, Internet is probably the best place to get started with. There are many big companies that are looking for helping hands in the form of self storage franchises . These companies often advertise about the same on various websites, including their own official sites. There are several advantages of running storing rooms as a franchise as compared to starting your own venture. For example, these companies are already established in the industry and people know about their reputation. In order to grow their business in other locations, they are always in need of people who can efficiently run the same for them. The reward for the franchise owner is very exciting. All you need to have is sufficient space for store rooms and a reasonable amount of capital. Even if you are new to this industry and do not have much experience, you can start your business because the companies provide complete training and support. In fact, some companies also assist in funding if you are an eligible candidate.   

    It is because of all these factors why franchises have gained so much popularity in a very short time. Investing in such ventures can be a valuable real estate investment that promises great return and ensures good cash flow. The company you are buying the franchise from will help you with site planning and facility design. You do not even need to spend much on advertising your storing facility – most companies will do it for you.

    In most cases, you are charged a certain amount of fee on a monthly basis. You will be signing an agreement with the company, agreeing to pay royalty fees based on preset amounts or sales volume. The preset amounts are established by the company itself. However, it is important for you to understand that such fee amounts are usually nonrefundable. The contract for the self storage franchises may include an array of factors, such as the operations of the company, restrictions on goods and services and design standards, and pre approval for the location of the site. 

    As there are so many factors to consider, you must have a proper plan if you are interested in doing this business. Your plan must include each and every aspect of the venture, including competition, products and services demand, objectives, related experience, and the investment amount that you can easily afford.

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  • Introducing the Self Storage Franchise
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    Self storing and relocating is fast becoming a profitable industry and more and more companies are starting to invest in it. Nobody is letting go a share of the pie but one thing is for sure and that is if a company do not have a large operational area, it will not find favor with the customers. It is again true that it is not possible for the company to establish its own centers all across the country to carry out its business. So they have no alternate ways but to engage self storage franchise outlets. Like any other franchise, the mother company sets a guideline for all the franchises to follow.

    It has been seen that this industry is dominated by the small players of local origin and still the large players are not getting the foothold that they enjoy in many other industries. In fact the share of the small companies is about four fifths of the market. It is not possible for the large companies to open branches all over the country to make a strong presence in the self storing market and at the same time keep down the cost to compete with the local ones. The way out is self storage franchise . The franchisee business in this area is still wide open.

    But the more profitable business for the large companies is not through self storage franchise but through franchises for both storing a moving. Relocating organizations is a big industry and so many people move annually that there is enough space for a number of players. People like to move with the moving companies that have national presence and can take care of the goods all over the country. It is attractive for both the franchise owner and the franchise because the owner can have a wide presence and the franchise can be part of a running business. The profit is shared between the two and so is the job. The planning part lies with the owner and that means the franchise do not have to take any headache about it while the company can be sure that its plan is being implemented properly.

    A self storage franchise or relocating and storing franchise or any other franchise in that matter has to be responsible. The customers rarely know the franchise system. They have the idea that any shop or establishment sporting the logo of any company is a branch. But they do not know that the company whose logo attracts them does not have any direct control on the employees or the operation. They just make sure that the franchises are not doing anything that can bring bad repute to the company. This sometimes leads to cancellation of the franchise rights as well as penalties.

    If you are thinking that getting a self storage franchise will be much demanding, then you should not be unnecessarily afraid. It is not that labor intensive. All you need to do is to supervise the employees you have and whether they are doing their jobs sincerely and in time. The main factor is customer handling and the behavior of the staff is very important. Often the franchisors, to maintain their quality of service offers training and assistance to the franchise employees free of cost and also helps the franchises in hiring the right people for the job.

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    Kemah Self Storage

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  • Buying Self Storage Franchises
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    Self storage franchises seem to offer highly profitable opportunities to investors. Nowadays, many people are interested in investing in this booming industry. This industry offers a lot of scope for the investors to make huge profits. But for this, one should always try to take the franchise of a firm that is already well established in the industry. It should have a good reputation and carry a proven track record. It should have an already established client base and it should have already gained the client support and goodwill. There are not many firms that offer quality and client satisfaction.

    A person who is interested in investing in self storage franchises for good profits, long time success and career growth should put efforts in searching and locating good firms. He will have to refer to numerous directory listings and then find out a firm that truly meets superior standards. He should find out about the standard of the firm from its clients and from industry reviews and then decide upon whether he would like to make any investments or not. Joining hands with good firms and working under their supervision gives one the added advantage of zeroing in on the risk factors involved in setting up an independent establishment. The investor, by investing in self storage franchises of firms with a good reputation, need not worry about carving a niche for himself in the industry.

    As the new storehouse establishment will carry the name and reputation of a firm that is already established and in the good books of its clients, the storehouse operator does not have to bother much about building up his client base. People who already know about the firm and are pleased with all that it has to offer will automatically visit the new storehouse and will recommend it to their friends and acquaintances also. The investor need not spend huge amounts of money on media advertising to attract and impress new clients. But he has to strive to maintain the standard of the self storage franchises up to that of the parent firm. Otherwise the parent firm will withdraw its support to the new investor. It is but natural that every firm will always try to maintain its reputation and will never want to put it at stake.

    The firms that offer investment opportunities to people also provide the necessary infrastructure and support to set up the new establishment. They provide staff and resources to the investor to publicize his establishment by using the name and reputation of the parent firm. After the new establishment is set up the parent firms also provide training, quality assurance services and guidance to the self storage franchises investors on the different methods and market techniques they have to use to operate successfully and improve the quality of their output. They give them guidance on any additional infrastructure that needs to be installed.

    They give them tips on professionally managing the establishment and also on the different ways in which they can cope with existing and future competition. They provide training to them to enhance their skills if they are found to be lacking. Apart from this the parent firms also supply manpower to the new establishments. They conduct interviews and select the candidates for different posts in the new establishment, evaluate their worth and fix up their salaries. They send them to the new franchises for employment.

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    Somerset Self Storage

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  • New Self Storage Franchise Opportunities
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    A self storage franchise is an agency that provides storehouses on payment to people belonging to a particular area on behalf of a firm. The property manager maintains storehouses and provides amenities according to the terms and conditions of the parent firm. It uses the name and promotion material of the parent firm. Many new firms use the support of the parent firms to establish themselves. Working in collaboration with the parent firm is always better than setting up an independent agency. There is less risk involved when a new entrant works in collaboration with an already established firm.

    Newly set up independent firms run the risk of suffering losses owing to a lack of reputation. A self storage franchise is sheltered by a well established firm. As a well established firm already has a lot of trusted clientele, a new firm can use the reputation of the parent firm to draw clients and form a client base. The owners of the franchise work as independent operators and share the profits along with the parent firms. A percentage of the profit is given to the parent firm. The parent firm trains and guides independent operators. It provides them full assistance and support in their work. They also provide the necessary infrastructure for starting and maintaining the agency.

    Many well established firms expand their commercial ventures through agencies. A self storage franchise serves the purpose of bringing publicity to the parent organization. An organization can spread itself through these agencies and independent operators who distribute its products and other amenities. In the present times the number of independent operators has greatly increased.

    Many investors are interested in investing in agencies because there is a lot of demand for public storehouses both in domestic and commercial sector. Before investing in purchasing the distributorship for a firm, an investor should do some preliminary investigation. He should inquire about the track record of the firm and the number of years it has been in the industry.

    The firms that are well established and running for some years are the ones that an investor should focus on taking distributorship of. A self storage franchise of a firm that is well reputed can be expected to run successfully. The investor should not only concentrate on the present status of a firm but should also be able to predict its market position in the near future. He should also be able to predict the firms that are expected to grow well in future. He can take the distributorship of such firms. He should take the decision based on the current and future financial health of an organization.

    There is a common myth that the independent operators are in full control of their businesses. It is not so. Though they might take the major portion of their profits, they have to pay a fair percentage of it to the parent organization. Moreover, they have to abide by the terms and conditions of the parent firms.

    A self storage franchise is beneficial for those people who do not have the reputation or the infrastructure to start businesses on their own. It provides opportunities for people to start businesses with a lesser amount of capital than would be required for setting up an independent business. Investing on a venture that is already successful is less risky than investing on a venture that is new and yet to be proven successful.

    Honolulu Self Storage

    Kailua Kona Self Storage

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  • Greeting Turn Offs
    By admin on August 14, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Robin Turner, PhoneSmart call center manager offers training in how to greet callers.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog and inside diary of the self-storage industry and self storage business.

    How do you feel when you call a business and the greeting you get is a simple, “Hi, how can I help you?”
    I’m not sure about you, but it just doesn’t sit well with me, especially if I’m not sure I dialed the right number. I have to go out of my way to ask if I called the right store. The impression that I get with these employees (businesses) is that they really don’t want to be there. They don’t want me to know who they are or what store I’ve called into.
    My first question is usually “Did I dial Xyz store?” They answer with a simple “yes”. Now I’ve got to go out of my way again and ask whom I speaking to. I shouldn’t have to do that. They should tell me up front. It may sound a little picky, but when a caller calls into a business, they want to feel as if they are special. They want >#1 customer service with a smile. They don’t want to feel like the person answering the phone is trying to hide something. The caller shouldn’t have to feel like they are the ones having to try and “work” the call, or feel like they are bothering the employee.
    It makes a big difference on how you answer the phone no matter if you work in storage or not. Some businesses have come up with some really clever ways of answering the phone and have seen there sales increase. Sometimes they will add a special to the their greeting or something else that catches the callers attention. So the next time you answer the phone, spice it up a little. Be enthused to get their call. Sound like you “want” to help them.

    Self Storage in Kansas City, Missouri Large drive up units available now with gate hours from 6am – 10pm, 7 days a week. Call 816-943-8565.

    Contact center services at Total Quality Assurance Services

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  • The early bird gets the worm
    By admin on June 23, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Tron Jordheim, PhoneSmart Director, reminds us that it’s important to treat each caller as your next renter.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart Call Center blog, a diary of the self storage industry.

    We often get some callers who are planning and preparing far ahead of time, usually up to 2 months. We notice it more during “slow” times when we are not getting a lot of urgent calls, where people need a unit in the next week or two.
    We notice it a lot less during the busy times when people need to rent right away. I think the prepared people are on a different cycle than the last minute buyers. They may be doing other last minute things while the last minute storage buyers are out getting their units.
    It also gives us a heads up as to when cycles turn. For instance we start getting calls from parents about storing their college kid’s stuff for the summer in March.
    This is also why Hot Leads will sometimes come back to life after you might think they are dead. The prospect doesn’t bother to return your phone calls because they are not yet ready to do something. Then you pull them out of the dead pile on the day they are ready to do something and they answer the phone and say “I’m so glad you called, I am ready now.”

    Secret Shopping Blog Your inside peek
    Property Management Blog The ins and outs of property management
    Self Storage Search Engine Self Storage in District of Columbia

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  • Watch your assets
    By admin on January 6, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, our diary of the self storage business.

    In self storage, you have two ways of getting business. People either drive by your location and stop in… or they call you on the phone. Yes there is some business being generated from the internet, but it even involves the telephone.

    Almost every means of marketing involves the telephone. Even people who drive by your store often call first before coming in. Your current tenants see the telephone as their primary means of communicating with you.

    So from a marketing stand point, you really only have two assets. 1. Your location. 2. Your telephone.

    How do you leverage these assets?

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