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  • Getting to Know Your Storage Customers
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 174 Comments174 Comments  Comments

    In order to be the best Brooklyn self storage company that you can be, you need to know your customers. You should provide them with units that fulfill their needs and offer the best storage solutions. Nobody in this area of New York wants to store RVs so you should not have any RV spaces, for example. This is kind of an extreme example, but the point is clear. Give the Brooklyn self storage customer what they want. You will have to make exceptions from time to time in order to get the most rentals that you possibly can.

    Sometimes there is confusion and miscommunication when people call in for storage. If this happens to you, you have a couple of different options. The Brooklyn self storage caller may have thought that you said that your locks were ten dollars. You clearly said that some of the locks are about ten dollars, but of course it depends on what type of lock that they get. When they get to the site, they may be determined to only pay ten dollars for the lock. This could be the only thing that is keeping them from renting. Your locks actually cost fifteen dollars in this scenario. You could put your foot down and demand that they pay the fifteen dollars. The best thing to do is to just give them the lock for ten dollars. You probably get your locks for less than that and it will make the customer happy, which is what your goal should be. Many sites in New York would not do this, but they will just lose revenue. Every customer is worth approximately a thousand dollars in revenue on average so you should not bicker over five dollars. It is petty.

    Most Brooklyn self storage properties have move in specials. They may offer the first month free or other great discounts. The specials will eventually expire. A caller may be quoted a special that has expired by the time that they come in. Once again, you could put your foot down when they offer resistance toward paying the first month. The best solution would be to honor the special so that you gain the extra revenue. You could easily lose a customer to another Brooklyn self storage property over something like this. There are other companies that offer great move in specials. You probably do not corner the market on move in specials.

    If someone calls in to reserve a space, you should let them. Some storage salespeople will still go over the entire sales pitch. This is unnecessary. If anything, you may give them a reason not to rent. You should abandon the sales process and ask them if they already know the size and price. If they do, ask them which card they would like to reserve the space with since you are about sold out. Then you can schedule a time for them to come in and sign for the space. This is the best approach. You can always back up and resume the sales process if you meet any resistance. If they are calling for other services, you should always ask them if they need a truck rental or a storage unit. They may be in need, but are just calling right now for a different reason.

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  • Getting A New Self Storage Job
    By admin on May 17, 2010 | 117 Comments117 Comments  Comments

    Are you looking to leave your old job behind?  Are you sick and tired of working for a company that you hate?  Do you feel like your entire life is being held back by your stupid job?  If so, then you might want to consider entering the broad, rewarding world of self storage.  While you may not think so at first, the world of self storage actually has quite a bit to offer.  Granted that you are willing to put some work in, you are going to be able to make your new job in self storage a dream.

    Of course, there are certain skills that you are going to have to develop if you truly want to find success in the world of self storage.  First and foremost, you are going to have to figure out how to deal with people.  If you are an introvert and you do not like dealing with people on a face to face basis, then you are going to have to get over your fears.  Working at your local storage facility, you are going to be in charge of selling your units each and every time someone walks in through the front door.  If you are nervous around people, then you are not going to be able to build rapport with your potential customers.  Take it from an industry insider, reader.  You simply have to be good with people if you want to sell self storage.

    If you are in college, then you are going to want to be sure that your studies match up with your aspirations.  This, of course, means that you are going to want to take some finance courses so that you are good at handling your numbers.  You will also want to take some statistics courses so that you are good at reading the industry reports that are released every financial quarter.  Moving on, here, you are going to want to be sure that you are also taking a few communications courses, such that you are able to relate to your customers and make a great first impression.  Obviously, you are going to want to take some business management courses as well.

    Now, you also have to understand that nothing is better than experience when it comes to landing a job in the self storage industry.  If you can, be sure that you work at a self storage facility before you start applying for property management positions.  Of course, you are going to want to be sure that you get experience working in a call center, or some kind of sales driven environment.  Here, you do not have to worry about limiting yourself to self storage facilities.  Absolutely any sales experience is going to be a major plus when you start applying for property management positions.

    At the end of the day, reader, you are going to find that a career in self storage is worth all of the work.  Unlike many jobs, self storage property managers get to exercise a tremendous amount of control over their lives.  They get to set their own hours, and they get to be their own bosses.  If you are sick of having a boss breathing down your neck all of the time, berating you with his or her never ending commands, then you are going to want to give this career path some serious consideration.

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  • Job Info For Self Storage Employment
    By admin on May 5, 2009 | 121 Comments121 Comments  Comments

    If you are looking for a part time job that promises good returns, you should consider self storage employment . With the growing demand of place for safekeeping and cargo space facilities in almost every city and town, such job opportunities are now widely available everywhere. You can work as a caretaker or onsite staff. These self lockers are hugely popular with various types of consumers, including travelers, students, and even local residents. Cargo space facilities not only require a lock to ensure optimum level of security and protection to the goods stored in various units, they also need proper maintenance and upkeep of the facility. The storing room owner needs to make arrangements in a way to keep the cargo space premises tidy and in a good condition. They always need experienced and dedicated staff to take care of these jobs. That is the reason why cargo space employment opportunities abound.        

    Job Profile

    You can find advertisements about such jobs on many websites on the Internet. Big companies often advertise about such vacancies on their official websites and other industry related blogs and forums. If you go through these advertisements, you will find that most companies require you to stay at the facility. However, here it is very important for you to understand that just because you are required to stay at the facility it does not mean that you will be working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Practically speaking, it requires only a few hours of work per week. In most cases, the companies hire couples as onsite caretakers of their facilities. The couple needs to reside in the premises and guard it also. This way, you can compare the self storage employment with the job of a caretaker in an apartment. It is an easy part time job with great rewards.

    The job profile usually includes serving the customers, handling the rentals, inspecting the incoming and outgoing trucks, and other such things. You will be glad to know that such opportunities are available in rural areas also. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to earn a decent income, this is the time you must start browsing advertisements.

    There are several categories for these self storage employment opportunities. For example, instead of working as an onsite caretaker for the facilities owned by others, you may like to buy pre existing storing area or facility and take care of the same. However, before you go ahead and purchase such facilities, it is very important for you to find out the actual reason why the previous owner has shown a willingness to sell his business to you. If you have little or no experience in this industry, you will have to exercise great caution.

    In fact, when you become the owner of your own storing facility, you will also need a few people as support staff. You will have to offer self storage employment for various positions. That is the reason why it is always recommended to have a good online presence, which can be done by running your own official website or blog. Your blog can be your platform to communicate with your customers and other parties associated with your business.

    Since most people use the Internet to find suitable jobs, you can access some good candidates by advertising self storage employment opportunities online.

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  • Self Storage Employment Laws
    By admin on January 30, 2009 | 167 Comments167 Comments  Comments

    The storehouse industry is growing in leaps and bounds and new professional establishments are coming up giving a vast scope for self storage employment in nearly all cities and towns of the nation. Many of the real estate firms are now expanding globally and this greatly increases the number of vacancies that might be formed. It may be noted that though the firms basically operate in the same levels and in the same lines across countries the employee rules and norms vary from one nation to another.

    One of the biggest issues that have come up is that of the employees being given the liberty to terminate their employment at their own will and at a time decided by them. Many countries allow their employees to submit their resignation letters whenever they want to but some countries are very strict about this. The self storage employment sector has suffered on this context specifically. When people were transferred across countries when the industry was expanding many of the workers who found the foreign conditions incompatible could not terminate their contracts at their own free will. They simply could not quit their jobs for any reason that they found suitable for their self termination. But the employee laws of these countries allowed the employers to terminate the contract of their employees whenever they wished to and for any reason they wanted to. This shows that these countries do not believe in equal rights of the employer and the employee.

    While considering self storage employment a person should always see if the employing firm considers its employees to have equal rights. In some countries the legal authorities see to it that each and every firm belonging to that country follows the equal rights principle. They make it obligatory for the firms to not dismiss any employee without a reason that is convincing for both parties or to the legal setup of that country. This is applicable to all contracts whether it is given in writing or verbally. Even if an employee is dismissed for some reason he should be given sufficient notice period so that he finds out an alternative means for his livelihood.

    The self storage employment law also states that the employees should be given their total compensation before being dismissed off. Their payments should not be withheld at any cost. If the employer terminates the contract without any notice or does not intend to make any payments to the employee that he is terminating he should have sufficient reason for doing so. He should be able to justify his actions and decisions in the legal offices. If he is not able to justify himself he will have to pay up financially for the damage that he has caused his employee. In some complicated cases the court has to take decision about the time period that an employee has to serve in the notice period and the amount of payment that has to be made to him on account of that.

    According to the self storage employment law if the employee wins any additional performance incentives while serving the notice period all of them will be nullified and the employee will be paid his normal salary amount. All firms should follow the minimum statutory notice period that is generally followed in the country. 

    Mini Storage Business

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  • If you have to work, you might as well like it
    By admin on September 5, 2005 | No Comments  Comments

    A Peaceful Easy Feeling

    After years of power lunches and power plays, dressing for success, watching my back and suffering in overpriced “professional dress” I just stood up one day and screamed “Enough!”

    I had survived lay offs, downsizing, recessions, inflations, greedy, jealous, hard-ball back stabbers and the arrival of new technology that made me obsolete. I have worked for lunatics, jerks, fools, and bullies.

    At 58 years old with nearly 35 years of customer service, tax, accounting, retail sales and supervisory experience I was ready to enjoy earning a living. I wanted to go home after work and enjoy my time off without stressing over what went wrong and who did what to whom and what ridiculous hoops I would be asked to jump through the next day. I wanted to sleep until I woke up naturally and have days off when I needed them. I was fed up, exhausted and ready to drop out and let my grown children support me.

    I had self-employment income as a tax professional but that only takes care of the first quarter. I had worked in a large call center as a certified debt counselor but it the constant fear and grief that washed over the phone lines was often depressing and unpleasant. Many nights I lay awake grieving for the people who called for my help.

    And then I found it! A small phone center with very flexible hours, a pay scale well above the usual minimum wage and a very nice package of “extra earnings” opportunities. The application said “Put down the hours you are available “ Does this mean I get to choose my time off? I can’t believe my eyes and ears! I won’t have to get up before sunrise! YEAH! Then I heard the magic words “Dress code is casual” Jeans, tee-shirts, comfortable shoes “as long as what needs to be covered is” Wow, this is getting better and better. But the best was yet to come.

    Starting with the training program. A one on one program that is well constructed, simple to grasp and simple to put into practice. It is a plan that is geared not only for the success of Phone Smart and the stores that we serve but with an emphasis on personal achievement. There are continuing information, pop quizzes, and updates to help us.

    We talk with the folks who call in and answer their questions about the store. We guide them with questions about their needs and situation and work to help them get into a storage unit that accommodate their needs and fit within their budget. We answer questions about office hours, gate hours, and store amenities. We direct clients to manager voice mail when appropriate and even take trouble tickets for serious problems.

    After the hectic Labor Day weekend, we get a real treat. We make our “Manager Buddy” calls. We get to speak directly with the store managers and get their feedback on our job performance. It is always encouraging, and heartening to hear from our managers about how happy they are with our service.

    But this is the best part. We are treated with dignity and respect. We work for a gentleman. Tron is our boss but he knows how to do that and still be kind, generous and considerate.

    I am off the high-pressure fast track. I am working with people I enjoy working with and working for people worthy of my respect and effort. When I think about work now I just get that peaceful easy feeling.

    I did have one sleepless night. Last week I had a call from Florida. While I was talking with the caller there was a terrible roaring in the background. It was the sound of Katrina coming ashore. While I rejoice in my employment situation I cannot forget, let us all not forget the many who are suffering in her wake.

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  • Nothing happens until someone sells something
    By admin on April 15, 2005 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Employee evaluations are tough to do in self storage if you are not at the store very often. You can mount a camera that streams to the internet and can watch what is going on at the store at any time. Or you can use someone like PhoneSmart to call the store posing as a tenant or prospective tenant from time to time.

    We are probably tougher at scoring sales calls than most services, because we are a sales oriented company and we think that being sales oriented is the way to go. It is surprising to see how not-sales oriented some storage operators are. I have a theory that storage used to be a construction game. It didn’t much matter where you built, as long as you keep your costs down and had an appropriate unit mix, you could well. Then it became important to have a good location to draw in renters and to be able to command top of the market rates. This is when storage became a real estate game. Before long, other people where placing their well built facilities on good pieces of land. Then the competitive edge came in running a tight operation. This is when storage became an operations game. Software providers and management companies worked on being able to understand the key indicators and control points to run an efficient business.

    But now most operators are watching their numbers and running their reports and there is no longer much of a competitive edge in operations. Today’s competitive edge comes in effective sales lead management. If you are creating more leads from your contacts and closing more leads than you used to, you will proper. Secret shopping is a great way to know if your staff is selling your callers or merely answering the phone.

    You can tell if your people are just being friendly and knowledgeable, or if they are using their friendliness and their knowledge to make sure their callers stop shopping around. If your people can sell on the phone, they can sell to walk-ins.

    How do you run your business? Are you still in construction or real estate? Are you still struggling with operations? I would suggest you start selling. It’s what your sharpest competitors are doing.

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