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  • Self Storage Containers Are Your Friends
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    Surely, self storage containers do not have to step in and ruin your day. This, of course, is precisely the opposite of what they were intended for. Indeed, storing containers were meant to make things much easier for you. They are meant to step in during some of the most difficult times of your life and offer you a chance to make things a whole lot simpler. If you find that you are becoming overwhelmed by your pursuit of the ideal container, then chances are that your problems are all stemming from your approach. If you can standardize your methods, here, you are going to have a much easier, much more fulfilling time looking around for your unit.

    Always start out by talking to your friends and family. When it comes to storing containers, you are going to want all of the personal recommendations that you can get. Sure, you can blindly accept the words of your property managers, hoping against hope that they are not trying to mislead you. That, or you can talk to people who love you, and people who have your interests unquestionably lodged in the centers of their hearts. If a member of your family has had a very positive experience with one of your local unit providers, then you are going to want to put them at the very top of your list of options and proceed accordingly.

    Of course, it is not always possible to get this sort of advice from your friends and family. When you find that this is the case, you are going to want to begin to look for reviews of self storage containers on the internet. Indeed, there are man web sites that specifically specialize in consolidating consumer reviews. These sites, of course, are going to give you an accurate picture of how real customers feel about the units that they have rented from particular properties. Of course, if they have had bad experiences with self storage containers at a particular property, they are going to be very quick to let you, a potential consumer, know about it. The very fact that they are using the web site proves that honesty is the name of the game, and that they genuinely care about spreading the good or bad word about the company that has had their business.

    As you can see, then, finding storing containers does not have to be a major drag. Much to the contrary, if you are making use of all of the tools that are at your disposal, you are not going to have hardly any trouble in these regards. If you are overwhelmed, take a deep breath, take a step back, and look at your situation with renewed hope. Self storage containers are your friend, dear reader, so there is no reason in the world to fear them.

    Of course, if you are still skeptical, then you are going to want to pick up the phone and schedule a few site tours for your local facilities. These tours are going to give you the chance to see a few of these units with your own two eyes, which is going to make it much easier for you to arrive at a decision. As you are touring the sites, you are going to get the chance to see the quality of these companies, and, perhaps more importantly, the quality of their management. Take careful mental notes, and you are not going to have any trouble with making your decision at the end of the day.

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  • Move Hassle Free With Portable Self Storage Containers
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    The portable self storage containers system is one of the exciting features of the transportation industry these days. In fact, portable containers for storing units have completely revolutionized the way people move, making the process highly convenient and hassle-free for all concerned. Whether it is furniture, household belongings, or even important corporate files, you will have ultimate peace of mind while you are trying to relocate because you are sure that everything is stored in a safe and secure way. This is a transportation and storing system that first stores your belongings and then transports the same at your chosen location. This way, it is both a mobile van and a storing space unit. In terms of portability, reliability, and affordability, renting a pod container system is a much better alternative than renting a mobile van container for storing related needs.  

    Safe Loading And Unloading 
    The greatest advantage of using such a mobile transportation and storing space system is that it provides great ease of loading and unloading. The self storage containers are available in almost every size. So, you can easily choose one that is the most suitable for your specific requirements. What is more, you can even ask the storing and cargo space facility manager to provide you a customized container that could accommodate your valuable belongings in an efficient manner. Regardless of the kind of stuff you are shifting with, they will be safely loaded and unloaded for you at a very economical price.

    Emergency Shelters

    Self storage containers also provide great protection to your belongings, in case of an emergency, such as a storm. So, besides shifting, these mobile container storing systems are also very beneficial in situations where there is a need of emergency shelters and workstations.

    Best Storing Option For Both Short-Term And Long-Term Needs

    Sometimes, when you move to a new home, you find that there is still some paperwork due or some legal issues to solve. You may have to wait for a week or so before you could get the possession of your new home. In such case s, you can stay at a nearby hotel, but you definitely cannot keep all your belongings with you in your hotel room. A better alternative is to shift your self storage containers in a nearby storing facility. If you are renting an ordinary shifting van, you will have great trouble dealing with such situations. The pod container system thus makes things easier for you. You always have peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are safe. However, if you are renting the facility for a long period, it will be better to make sure that it has climate control features, especially if you have some important documents or other climate-sensitive belongings that need safe keeping. 

    Weather Resistant
    Most of these self storage containers are also weather resistant. So, you get an additional benefit here in comparison to an ordinary mobile truck. Since these types of containers are weather resistant, you will have no worries about your belongings beings spoiled or damaged even if it is raining or the truck is caught in a storm.

    Shifting from one place to another has always been a very difficult task to do, but you can definitely have an enjoyable transportation experience by renting pod containers.

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  • How to Choose The Best Self Storage Container
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    You may come across an array of situations in your life when you need to rent a self storage container . For example, if you are running a retail business, you may need some additional space to store your back stock and inventory. Likewise, even homeowners at times need a temporary or permanent store room to keep some of their household stuff and collectables. You can free up a large amount of space at your home or office by renting these containers. Today, there are various types of storing units available. Depending upon your specific requirements, you can choose the one that is the most suitable for your needs.

    Why To Use Containers That Are Re-Fabricated From A Tractor Trailer

    Considering the wide array of choices available to you, you might find it difficult to choose the right type of self storage container . Though, you can choose any unit that is capable of accommodating your belongings comfortably, yet you are recommended to choose the units that are repurposed from tractor trailers. The greatest advantage of using these storing units is that they are environment friendly. At the same time, they are also very sturdy. They are able to withstand a variety of different weather conditions because they are constructed from durable steel. What is more, you will also be glad to know that such environment-friendly self storage containers are also water-resistant. This way, you can safely store delicate items like clothing and paper goods without any risk of them getting damaged in rain or other humid conditions. In most cases, they are also rodent-resistant, as they are equipped with a thick, hardwood floor.

    Because of the strong design of the wall and ceiling, these storing pods can withstand all weather conditions – be it debris, rain, snow, and wind. Most of them are also capable of handling extreme temperatures. This way, your belongings are kept well insulated from all types of harmful elements, which eventually bring you peace of mind, as you are sure that your stuff is completely safe.

    There are different rental options available for you. Depending upon your specific needs, you may choose to rent a self storage container for just a couple of days to a few years. The charges will vary accordingly. The higher the duration of the storing period, the higher will be the charges. However, the goods news is that there are plenty of discount options available for long-period storing needs. Besides that, you do not have to pay the entire amount, in advance. Most of the facilities will charge you on a monthly basis, which will keep things quite affordable and cost-effective for you.

    Since most of the self storage container systems provide you on-site access, it makes the process of loading and unloading much faster and more convenient. It is because of the above benefits that the demand for these storing systems is growing day by day. If you are looking for an outside storing container, you will probably like to consider renting storage pods.

    You may also like to shop around, as there are plenty of self storage container facilities available at almost every place and the competition is immense. Every facility tries to keep the price competitive so that they can attract more customers. So, if you do some thorough comparison shopping, you can easily find a facility that offers the terms you are looking for.

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  • How Do You Stack Up To Our Call Center?
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    Sometimes you just have to ask for help.
    Written by: Natalie Thomas, TQA’s Executive and business blog writer.
    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, where we explore self storage trends in the self storage industry.
    I am one of those people that when I walk into a store I like to be greeted and left alone. I will speak up and ask questions but for the most part I don’t like being followed around or hounded. I went into a store yesterday and wandered around for about 10 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. She greeted me and then asked if she could help with anything. I told her I would let her know if I needed something. I was ready to try on my items and I asked her to check back with me in case I needed a different size. She checked back in a few minutes and I told her I was doing well. When I came out she told me about some of the specials they were having and other promotions that were going on. I purchased my items and left. Overall, I was happy with my purchase and the service was pretty good.
    In your storage storagebusiness do you offer help to your customers or wait for them to ask? Are you anticipating your customers needs and wants? When is the last time you changed something in your day to day business? These are all valid questions that could help your business see a sales increase. We train our sales representatives to ask the customer specific questions to help determine the caller’s needs. How would your business stack up against us?

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