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  • Things To Consider Before Self Storage Construction
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    One of the important parts of setting up a good cargo space business is the type and quality of self storage construction . With the increase in popularity of cargo spaces and place for safekeeping services, many new players are entering into this field. If you are also planning to get into the business of providing storing services or are already into it and looking to expand your business, then you need to consider the following points. If you keep these in mind, it could be helpful when you are constructing the storeroom facilities.


    The first step is to decide the location where you want to set up this facility. You should locate the storehouse closer to your target customers. Generally, it is preferred to have a location that is central and close to the airport, railway station, commercial or residential areas and universities. The area should have a good connectivity so that the customers do not have to spend too much time traveling to the cargo space facilities. Also, keep local competition in mind.   Above all, you should know the taxes and the fees that you would have to pay before starting self storage construction in that area.


    The next factor is the type of cargo space facilities that you want to offer to your customers. Do you want to offer only budget storing space for cars or you want to offer car storing space with climate control Do you want to provide only vehicle space or for household items too What sizes of cargo space units do you want to offer Do you want to offer custom built units answers to all these and many more should be available to you before you move ahead.


    Safety is one important aspect to be considered before owning a storehouse. So you should plan for the security arrangements before starting the self storage construction . This will help you to provide electrical connections and space for security systems, thus eliminating the need for reworks or breakage to install the security systems.

    Single Or Multi-Tier Building

    Decide whether you want a single or multi-tier cargo space facility. This decision depends upon the demand in that area, the size of the plot and the capital you want to invest.

    Apart from the above planning, you may need to hire the services of an architect. An architect, along with a team of engineers, will layout everything for you in the most optimal way, while ensuring it meets all legal and other requirements. You will also require approval of your plans from the relevant agency before you can begin construction. The next important step for starting self storage construction is raising the capital, for which you should approach various financial institutes. Before you actually start the construction of the cargo space, you have to appoint a contractor to oversee the entire construction process. The contractor is responsible for the quality of the construction, timely completion of the project and for ensuring that the construction is as per the approved layout and within the set budget. To ensure this, hire a professional and experienced contractor.  It would be a good idea to have a feedback on the contractor from previous customers before assigning them the job.

    Once all of the above are in place, you can begin the self storage construction .

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  • Going The Extra, Extra Mile
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    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, a diary of the self storage industry.

    Written by Angela Lectenberg, guest blogger.

    I recently came across something online about a new avenue being taken by a large self storage company to find clients, cater to their needs all the while expanding their own customer base.Extra Space Storage recently sent out a press release touting their new sales force of area sales managers, dedicated solely to finding and serving business customers in the 6 largest markets in which they operate. Corporate accounts like these are bringing the business to business aspect of self storage to the forefront of an industry that traditionally caters primarily to the individual consumer. This new avenue also creates a myriad of possible up sells and services that could be offered in this new dimension. There are always a variety of ways to expand your business if you look for them. How much time and effort you devote to doing so in any given area with any given clientele is directly related to how much of a profit you will retain from it. This seems like an excellent example of that ages-old marketing philosophy –find a need and fill it. Sometimes you have to take a step out of your business’s comfort zone and take a chance but it can pay of in the long run.
    There is a new look for self storage facilities taking shape across the country, defying the current stereotypes people think of when they think of their local storage facility. The industry doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, but that’s changing. The industry’s image is getting snazzier to keep up with the demands of its clientele. Security is going high tech. With innovations to everything from locks to cameras to James Bond-type finger printing and even voice recognition the high brow consumer looking to store his cases of rare, 200 year old vintage wine or his limited edition art or automobiles can rest assured. Robyn A. Feedman recently wrote an article about this new development and one particular self storage owner’s experience. Customer service is getting a makeover too. With call centers like PhoneSmart offering sales solutions for self storage customers through their call center representatives and services for those in the industry (including secret shopping programs and training seminars) the training programs and profit margins of self storage businesses is going up. Not what the average person thinks of when they think about the local storage business down the block. These are some very elemental reasons why this industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

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  • Extreme Makeover- Self Storage Edition
    By admin on June 22, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Carmen Huff, seasoned bilingual phone rep offers insight about self-storage.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog a diary of the self-storage industry.

    Most of us have seen that show on television where people have their homes remodeled by famous celebrities. While not all of us have the luxury or the luck to have that done, we all have known someone at a time of our lives when they have had or are in the process of having remodeling work done in their home and they do not have any room or space to place the furniture out of that room or rooms that are being remodeled.
    This is where the Self Storage industry comes in. Most people, who are having remodeling jobs done, whether it is minor or major renovations, will need storage for a minimum of at least a month. The remodeling aspect when it comes to storage is not a venue we tend to think as a major player in the storage industry. We tend to think most people who need storage are people who are in the process of moving. But guess what; there are a lot of people who are not in the process of moving but are just needing some temporary storage while they get their home embellished.
    So next time you get a prospect on the phone who tells you they are going to be remodeling their home and are considering storing their furnishings while they do so but are not really sure if they want to go with self-storage, let them know the benefits of placing their furnishings at a convenient location.

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