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  • Basics To Start A Self Storage Company
    By admin on May 25, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    Starting a self storage company is the main reason because of which vacant land areas in the US are getting used up at a fast pace. By the end of 2007, a lot of industrial as well as commercial land properties have been consumed in order to set up store places.

    This industry is booming at a great pace in many countries all over the world. As a business enterprise, it earns billion of dollars in revenue every year for the US.

    Basically, the concept behind a storing industry is to provide proper storing units or spaces to different types of consumers for a specific amount of rent. Clients of a self storage company could be individuals or corporate firms.

    Mostly the items that are kept in these units are household items, furniture, commercial or personal goods and extra inventories of business houses.

    The renter is provided a key or a security code to check his goods, in the facility leased to him. It is important for customers and aspiring store place owners to understand the fundamental features and services that a professional storehouse should offer.

    How To Acquire And Operate A Storing Facility

    It is not simply enough to own huge amounts of capital for a storing business. In order to set up a well resourced self storage company , it is essential to know whether the chosen location provides the appropriate conditions required for a storing firm.

    The right location for a store place is one which would make it visible and connected to travel channels. Besides, a storing area owner has to consider factors like whether the existing competition in ones chosen location can be countered.

    Sometimes, the location site is an ideal one. However, due to availability of resources there might already be a number of flourishing storing houses in the nearby vicinity.

    In such cases, it might be difficult for a facility owner to establish the business. A storehouse company holder also has to understand several legal norms and procedures related to professional store places.

    There are a set of laws referred to as lien laws which define the storing terms and conditions between the customer and the store place owner.

    In common terms, lien refers to a particular kind of security interest, which cannot be sold but kept until the debt is paid back. Besides, there are zonal rules and permit systems that have to be observed and understood by a storehouse proprietor.

    Aspects like security, recruiting managers and workers and promotion of the business are other factors that a proficient self storage company holder has to plan.

    What Should Customers Look Out For

    The main concerns for customers looking for a storing area are cleanliness and proper safeguarding.

    It is important to check out how sanitized and clean the storing area is. Climate controlled storing is definitely better than a traditional facility for storing and safekeeping.

    Generally, a customer can store items that are nonpoisonous and not extremely fragile. In case a customer is unable to disburse the rent amount, then his goods can be auctioned under a lien by the owner of the storing area.

    A high quality self storage company offers advanced security measures and an efficient system to access ones store unit.

    There are a plenty of other services like packaging cargo, shipping and moving supplies that are provided by good storehouses.

    A good amount of research should be conducted to understand all such details.

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  • Profitable Self Storage Companies
    By admin on May 21, 2009 | 159 Comments159 Comments  Comments

    Self storage companies are the new roads to riches. With the population in the US estimated to reach a whopping 400 million mark by mid 21st century, investing in storing units seem to be a lucrative thing. And mind you, this population that we are talking about is highly mobile with an innate desire to hoard things. So, now you can see what a great opportunity we have here

    One of the major reasons why the demand of storing units has gone up is shrinking of space in cities. Nowadays, a family of four in a busy city of America can be found crammed in a small apartment flat. If they keep all their items in the house, there would be major space congestion. Therefore, they badly need a space to stock their items.

    This is good news for the aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start a storing business. People interested in real estate investment have umpteen numbers of options to choose from, ranging from corporate complexes to personal property. But, these investments come with their own risk levels. However, converting your property into a storing facility is less risky. Perhaps this charm of storing companies has lured a large number of investors towards it.

    However, there are still some investors who would like to play safe and not invest in a storing unit, as this is something new for them. There is no doubt that this business already has a lot of competition. The mushrooming of storing units in every nook and corner of the city might have apprehended such safe players. But, if you keep a tab on various markets across the globe, you will find that companies are flourishing. Besides, the good thing is that you can always lease out your property at an affordable price to businesses that need space to store their bulk stock. This is a good start. And once you are able to win the hearts of your customers by providing them assurance of quality, you have already arrived in this niche.

    Looking at this venture in another way, it appears more of a community service than a business. The unit owners provide a facility to those who are in need of space. And amidst that, if the space owner earns a few bucks, it is no sin. After all, there is no such thing as free lunch – not in self storage companies , at least

    But one thing that every aspiring storing unit owner must know is customers are quite finicky when it comes to facilities provided by the cargo space unit. Remember, the items that they would store are not crap. These are precious goods with emotional as well as monetary value that we are talking about. So, any mishap in the unit can wreck havoc with your business. Hence, the owners have to be particular about the safety features to provide quality monitoring and guarantee to their customers.

    Things like cleanliness of the unit, security alarm systems, round the clock vigilance, climate control and transporting and packing services have to be taken into consideration to start the business with a bang. A sense of responsibility towards the customers goods is the topmost element of storing businesses. For the owner of storing space, the goods stored are simply goods. But, for the owner of the items, these are priceless possessions, which they have kept at your place with a sense of trust.

    Brought to you by : Storage Mart Self Storage Provider

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  • How To Find The Best Self Storage Companies
    By admin on March 9, 2009 | 12 Comments12 Comments  Comments

    When you are planning to hire an external storing facility to store your personal belongings, vehicles or commercial items, you can search from the available self storage companies at your locality. Self storing companies are doing big business in all parts of the country and surely you will find some place in or around your locality. However, it is not as simple as to choose any one of them and transfer your belongings to the warehouse. There are different types of store operators having different types of mentality. Some really want to help the society, whereas some just want to earn money out of the facility by cheating the customers.

    Many of the storing companies do not provide sufficient facilities to their customers. Their warehouse is not properly protected to prevent entry of any unauthorized person. Even the warehouses are not properly lightened during the night time. Many of these facilities do not even provide minimum amount of security arrangement for the storing units. So, nobody can guarantee the safekeeping of the stored items. These facilities are also not guarded by security personnel. At most you get a locked storing unit for keeping your belongings, which is not at all sufficient. The only protection to your unit is the lock, which can be broken at any time by any unwanted person.

    Some of these companies create problems at the time of termination. There might be some clause in the agreement, which could be misinterpreted by the store operator and thus you are bound to maintain the agreement for a long period of time. Many times they offer certain facilities, which they do not provide after booking confirmation. All these situations can make your life hell and you might have to face critical disputes with the storing company. So, before you make up your mind to select a storing company, make sure that you receive satisfactory services from the warehouse owner.

    The top mini storing companies do provide a lot of real life facilities to satisfy you and to make your storing experience a pleasant one. These companies offer total protection to your belongings with their latest security arrangements like 24 hours security camera surveillance, 24 hours security personnel monitoring along with computerized gate entry system. The shaded compound and the interior corridors of the building complex are sufficiently lightened, even during the day time, so that everything is visible. These companies also offer you specifically controlled environment inside the storing unit to protect your sensitive items from damage due to variation of temperature.

    To find the finest store room companies, you have to do some research prior to your booking. First, you should make a list of all storing companies placed at your locality. Then you should visit all of them personally to check their services and arrangements. You can also ask local people about the reputation of these storing companies. Before signing the agreement, please go through this legal document very much carefully. You can not change your mind immediately after signing the document. If you want, you can check this legal document by a lawyer, so that you do not misinterpret any of the terms and conditions.

    Once you experience the service of a good and reputed self storing facility, you will never fail to identify the credibility of a storing company in your future days.

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  • Success of Self Storage Companies
    By admin on January 12, 2009 | 11 Comments11 Comments  Comments

    Self storage companies are tasting huge success in the present times. The reason is very simple. Due to rising prices people are opting for small apartments and accommodations, especially in the urban areas. Apart from this as more and more people are in transferable work profiles, they need to relocate from one place to another in short intervals of time. Let us say, a couple of years or so. Due to these and other similar reasons more and more people are forming a beeline for the amenities that are being offered by some firms for storing their belongings.

    There are a lot of firms in the industry under consideration, but one should choose a genuine firm from them by collecting reliable information about them. Good self storage companies offer a lot of amenities that are designed for the convenience of the tenant. They are also designed for storing the items in a highly secure environment. Many firms providing storehouses are located in multiple locations in cities. One can choose from a storehouse that is located in the vicinity of his or her residence or office so that he can visit it at ease and at his own convenience.

    While choosing a public storehouse, one should always give security of his belongings prime importance. He should always opt for a firm that does not compromise with security of the items stored in its storehouses. The self storage companies should take adequate measures to safeguard the properties of their tenants. The area where the storehouses are located should be illuminated well. The gates to the storing area should have an electronically controlled centralized security monitoring system. All the members who enter these gates should have personalized access identification numbers. It is always better to have a biometric identification system for identifying people who access the storehouse area, for example, supervisors, staff members and tenants. The storehouses should be individually equipped with door alarms and should have a foolproof locking system.

    Many firms allow access to the storehouses for all the seven days a week. Quite a number of self storage companies not only provide areas for storing items but also provide amenities for packing and moving items form the residence or the office of the tenant to the storehouses. Hence, the tenant can find everything that he wants concerning shifting his belongings at one location. This will save him a lot of time that he would otherwise spend in searching for packers and relocating companies that are located elsewhere.

    Another feature that one should watch out for while selecting a firm for storing his items with is environmental regulation. This is very important for those items that are going to perish due to extremes of temperature and humidity. This is a feature that is desired for storing many valuable items.

    Many firms aim to give total satisfaction to their customers. They always have appointed staff to assist their tenants throughout the day, particularly during emergencies. The supervisors are very knowledgeable and can handle any problems and customer queries very efficiently. The self storage companies are competing with each other to offer the best amenities to their customers at reasonable prices. These firms accept payments without any hassles. One can make credit card payments if he is not carrying the requisite amount of cash in person.

    Edgewood Self Storage

    Elkridge Self Storage

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  • Importance of a Self Storage Company
    By admin on January 6, 2009 | 125 Comments125 Comments  Comments

    A self storage company is a firm that provides storehouses for people to store their belongings. It is of great use to all the people while relocating from one place to another. It is also a useful place for people to store items when there is insufficient space in their houses for storing some items, such as old furniture. Before storing items in a public storehouse one should follow certain guidelines.

    One needs to make a list of all the resources that one would need for packing the items. This list will include boxes, bubble wrap, tapes, rope, pallet, marking pens and damp rids. It is always better to first visit the storehouse allotted to have an idea before actually moving in the items to be stored. By shopping around, this will let one know if the storehouse provided by the self storage company is of the appropriate size. One can also plan the method to organize the items in the storehouse beforehand. One can always take the help of a storehouse expert in determining the type and size of storehouse that will suit his storing requirements. Moving items to a storehouse is not something that can be done in a hasty manner. One needs to plan in advance and get the bookings done much before the date of actually moving the items into the storehouse. Otherwise the owner of the items will have a lot of problems. One should ask the self storage company to reserve a storehouse ideally about a couple of months of shifting the items.

    All good firms that provide public storehouse utilities have a lease agreement that contains the terms and conditions for storing the items in the storehouses provided by them. The tenant is expected to read the agreement and acquaint himself with the tenancy policies of the firm. He should move in the items after agreeing with each and every clause laid out in the agreement. If he finds that certain clauses are objectionable or unclear, he should speak to the storehouse experts for clarifications.

    The self storage company will mention important information about the hiring charges and the dates by which they have to be paid every month. If one thinks of hiring a truck for transporting the items, he should find out the size of the truck he should opt for to accommodate his items and transport them. Many of the firms that provide storehouses do not charge anything for moving the items, while some others charge a fee for moving the items to the premises of the storehouse.

    Once the items are moved into the premises of the storehouse, the tenant should first make a plan for organizing the items well in the storehouse. It is better to first place pallets in the storehouse to avoid the items being directly put on the floor of the storehouse. The advice of the self storage company experts can be taken to make a good plan. Being experienced they can give workable plans. It is always better to make use of the all the area that is available for storing. A good plan always saves one a lot of time that is otherwise spent in rearranging the items. It is always a good idea to arrange in such a manner that there is adequate place for storing new items, if required, at a later date. 

    Automobile Storage

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  • Some Benefits Of Using A Call Center
    By admin on October 17, 2006 | 12 Comments12 Comments  Comments

    Written by Carmen Huff PhoneSmart call center reservations specialist and business blog writer.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog, an inside peek at the self storage industry.

    When a self storage facility is busy with customers or is in the process of assisting prospects, the employees at the facility will not be able to answer every call that may come through to their office. Unfortunately these lost/missed calls equate to a loss of money for that company. If that facility was using PhoneSmart to assist in answering those missed calls, they would see a sales increase. A call center will create value for self storage sites by producing additional rentals.
    One major reason why a self storage company should use a call center is that when the office is closed and/or it is a holiday (more than likely that self storage office will be closed) we at PhoneSmart are working, answering those calls that will indeed come into your office and will roll over to our office where the caller will speak to a live person.

    So the major benefits of using a call center are the following:

    • Phone answered before and after office hours
    • Professional and skilled Reservation specialists can answer any questions and offer assistance right away
    • Extremely high return on investment (ROI)

    So if you are in the self-storage business and want to see a definite increase in sales contact us at 866-639-1715 or check us out on the web

    Your local self storage unit provider in 11001 Excelsior Blvd. Hopkins, MN. 55343

    Total Quality Assurance Services has quality written all over it.

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  • …At Your Convenience
    By admin on July 26, 2006 | 90 Comments90 Comments  Comments

    Compiled and written by Natalie Thomas, ultimate secret shopper and conveniently located in Columbia, Missouri.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog, a diary of the self storage industry.

    Convenience can mean several things in the self storage industry. It could mean where you are located at compared to where the customer is calling from. It also could be in reference to the gate hours or office hours that are kept at your facility. It might also mean how your units are situated on the property. Whatever way you use the word convenience in your daily talks with customers depends on how it affects your site. We here at PhoneSmart try and make sure to ask the caller if the location is convenient for them. This brings up two things; 1. If the caller is unsure of the location then the phone rep can then help the caller with directions to the site and 2. You might have more than one location in an area and the caller might be closer to another site.
    Here are some other ways to relay the meaning of convenience;

    Within easy reach
    All in one place
    No more endless searching
    Combines the most outstanding features
    One-stop shopping (Do you have an office of moving and storage supplies?)
    Fast, easy access
    Strategically located
    Just a short stroll from…
    Located right in the heart of…
    You won’t have to shop around
    Fits your schedule
    Eliminates the need for…
    …at your convenience
    We’re flexible when it comes to __________

    Try using one or more of these phrases on your next customer call or walk in. The customer will appreciate you bringing convenience to their attention.

    Storage Concierge Self Storage in New Jersey

    Storage Concierge Self Storage in New York

    Storage Concierge Self Storage in Louisiana

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  • Quizzes
    By admin on July 10, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Robin Turner Call Center Manager is the producer of our quizzes. These tests help us focus on specific issues and quality control.

    Welcome to the Phone Smart Call Center blog, and insider view of the Self-storage industry.

    It is my responsibility to compose, distribute and grade quizzes for our call center reps. I have to be creative in the quizzes that I come up with. Quizzes help with the ongoing training that we pride ourselves in as it helps to continue the learning process and to keep our reps, greenhorns, newbies or the old timers, to better help our callers. Quizzes are a great way to evaluate how knowledgeable your employees are in certain areas. Quizzes can be done often on a regular schedule or on a surprise basis to test staff on new products you offer, new sales skills they’ve been taught… any number of areas.
    When evaluating the quizzes, don’t just grade them and give them back with a score and that’s it. You have to utilize those quizzes to give the employee more information to help them be better at their job. You can tie bonuses or incentives to quizzes that score over certain grade mark as well to make it more interesting and challenging. It also helps motivate staff to do better on the quizzes.
    We usually have open book quizzes so employees have the opportunity to use store screens and training packets to find the information. That can work as a self-training tool to help them know where to get the information and help retain the information for future use.
    You can do this for any type of company you work for. There is always something that someone can be quizzed on, whether it’s a specific answer that needs to be given a customer regarding an inquiry, or regarding company policies, standard procedures, how to handle irate customers, etc.
    This also creates an opening for the employee to ask questions to clarify information and for the employee to get more comfortable in coming to a manager with questions and concerns. This line of communication is so very important in creating good will between management and the staff members. My work with the quizzes has earned me the name “teacher”. The amazing thing is, when I was little I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

    Property Management Blog The ins and outs of property management
    Self Storage Search Engine Self Storage in Nevada

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  • How Well Are You connected?
    By admin on March 15, 2006 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments


    Just reading this shows you are pretty savvy about where you get your information. But how connected are you really? The more in the know you are the easier it is to stay connected to your industry and customer base.


    The self-storage industry has many online and print resources with a wealth of knowledge and information. I’m not going to list them all here because I’m sure you know which ones I mean. But that’s no t the only way to stay connected. For instance, the show that Tron just returned from. At this event, he connected with so many others in the industry I’m sure his head was spinning, but it was, no doubt, worth it. These events as well as seminars and trade association programs; or groups like local chambers of commerce and other business organizations can help you promote your business and stay connected to both the industry and your customers.


    Another way to stay in touch is through advertising. It is worth the effort and expense to have a good ad plan. Keep potential customers informed and continue to stay in contact with previous clients through mailing lists and other direct marketing. This gives you “top of mind” awareness and helps them remember you name first when they do need your services.


    What about your front line, your direct link to customers? Yes, I mean your employees! Do you hold regular meeting with them and when you do, do you listen to them? You should! They can give you a new viewpoint on what’s happening right when the sales are taking place.


    All these resources combined give you an invaluable brain trust and help you to increase your bottom line by increasing your customer base. Stay connected to them, to your staff, and to other members of your industry and watch your profits soar!

    PhoneSmart. Your offsite sales force

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    By admin on July 19, 2005 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Thanks for surfing over to the Self Storage Blog, PhoneSmart’s eye on storage.

    I was looking at some population growth figures today. The number of people who continue to move into busy areaas like Southern California, Southern Nevada, the Phoenix area and parts of Georgia nd Florida are unbelievable. If these trends hold and you continue to see 6-8% growth in some of these markets, it may be difficult to get enough storage supply to absorb all the demand. Since it is difficult to find a piece of real estate that will pass the permit process and difficult to find a property price tag that will allow your project to pencil out, there may continue to be strong demand even as we build more facilitites in these areas.

    If market conditions make it tricky to build a new facility, we may be in a good position. In the markets that are growing, where there are fewer barriers to entry you may see a different problem. Supply could overtake demand in these areas. Even so, the nicely presented facilities that are staffed by people with good customer service and sales skills will rise above the crowd. But I suspect some markets will beceome less interesting and difficult to propsper in, especially as the prices of current and established projects continue to rise. In some respects this is neither a buyers nor a sellers market.

    It will be interesting to see how things develop.

    bye for now, Tron

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