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  • Convincing Callers to Reserve a Storage Unit
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 16 Comments16 Comments  Comments

    Getting a commitment from Brooklyn Navy Yard self storage callers while you have them on the phone is more important now that ever. There are many sites in New York that callers will look at when they are in need of a storage unit. The fact is that if you do not get a commitment from the Brooklyn Navy Yard self storage caller, they will probably rent elsewhere. They might call back and you might be able to call them later and get them to rent, but you should not rely on mights and maybes to keep your business afloat. You need solid commitments.

    There are a few ways that you can get a reservation from the caller. Most Brooklyn Navy Yard self storage will require a credit or debit card in order to reserve. This is pretty standard practice for truck rentals and hotel reservations so it is not a bad way to do reservations. It is not an attempt to discriminate against callers that do not have a credit or debit card. This is just a good indication that the customer is serious about renting the space. If you just reserved spaces for nothing, you would not be able to find out who is serious or curious.

    There are a couple different ways that Brooklyn Navy Yard self storage properties take credit card reservations. They usually will require some type of prepayment. The prepayment will go towards the first month so it is nothing extra of additional. It is not an extra fee that the caller needs to pay. Many people in New York get a bad feeling when they here that they have to give a card number over the phone. This is why it is important to build rapport with callers and always be professional when talking to customers. This will establish trust which will make the caller more likely to be comfortable enough to give you their card number to reserve. Not every caller will reserve, but you will get more rentals if they trust you.

    Some sites require a card to hold the space, but do not charge the card. This is not a bad way to do reservations. It still separates the serious callers from the curious callers because they would not give you a card number unless they were very interested in renting with your Brooklyn Navy Yard self storage property. This is a great strategy and used by many companies.

    Another option would be to go ahead and do the free hold. You need to be very careful when handing out free reservations. As an employee, you will feel good when you end most every phone call with a reservation, but that does you no good without discretion. You just need to judge each call to see if you think that they are coming in or not. Sometimes it is pretty obvious that they are still shopping around for prices. You should not really offer to reserve the space until you schedule a site visit if you do free reservations. This will help you stay more organized. You could actually do both types of reservations. Offer the credit card reservation and if you feel that they are definitely coming in, then offer them a free hold if there is no other option.

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  • Providing Move-In Options for Your Storage Customers
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 153 Comments153 Comments  Comments

    In the past, the rental process was pretty basic for most Bayridge self storage properties. You just built your facility and waited for the customers to come through the door. There is much more competition in New York and that brought about a few changes. The first thing that companies had to do was field a lot of phone calls for storage. Customers wanted to shop around at all of the Bayridge self storage locations as opposed to just coming in. It became necessary to address the change in the business and train employees on how to really sell the facility to the caller.

    Setting appointments was a great way to get renters in the Bayridge self storage industry. They would then come down to the site and you would be able to rent the units to them. Reservations became more common as competition grew tougher. You need to get the commitment from the customer right there on the phone. Most callers will decide to get storage while on the phone. If you let the customer off the phone without getting a reservation, they will most likely rent from someone else. Reservations made it possible to get that commitment while on the phone with the customer.

    You may want to consider some other option in order to please your potential customers. Store hours may not work for everyone in New York so you need to be able to have them come in when it is possible for them. It is not necessary to extend store hours because there are a couple of other easy solutions. You could have an after hours rental number that goes directly to your managers cell phone. This would allow customers who need storage right away to be able to get in touch with the manager and rent right away. You will miss many Bayridge self storage customers if you do not do this and that is a lot of lost revenue.

    You could also allow your managers to schedule appointments after hours if there is no other option for the caller. If they work during the week, there might be a chance for them to come in unless they miss work which most will not want to do. You can pick up a lot of extra renters if you are the Bayridge self storage site that does everything it can to please callers. You could put up a kiosk outside of your business to handle customers, but this is going to cost quite a bit of money. In addition, it is an impersonal way to conduct business. You would be better off having your manager come in to do the paper work and help the customer to their space.

    Another option is to allow customers to rent with you over the phone when they call in. You can get everything ready for them so that they can come in after hours and move everything into the space. You should be able to take payment over the phone with a debit or credit card. They would still need to come in during office hours at some point to sign for the space, but you could get everything else done and even leave a lock for them in the unit so their things will be secure until they sign.

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  • Safety Tips For Self Storage Center
    By admin on April 29, 2009 | 122 Comments122 Comments  Comments

    The storing needs of individuals keep increasing. Even if you buy a big house today to take care of all your storing needs, you will certainly feel a space crunch after a few years. It is not always possible to keep shifting to bigger homes or create more storing space in the existing home. The most easy and cost effective solution to your ever increasing storing needs is self storage center .

    Storerooms are hired to keep goods safe. For this, it is very important that you pack and store your goods properly. Different kinds of items need different packing.

    Some important packing and storing tips for keeping items in cargo space centers are

    Packing Tips

    You should first make arrangements for packing supplies like tapes, boxes, bubble wrap old newspapers etc. Use same sized boxes for packing the goods, as that will help to stack the goods in a small space in a store unit.

    How To Pack Specific Items

    Fragile Items

    You should always wrap your fragile items like crockery and showpieces with newspapers and bubble wrap. These should then be packed in a box filled with the packing material to avoid any breakage due to impact.


    You should pack the furniture to prevent it from damage. If you have modular furniture, it is best to dismantle it before storing in a rental center. This will save a lot of space and make packing easier too. You should always wrap the arms and legs of the chairs and sofas with bubble wrap and other suitable packing material otherwise they are prone to scratches.


    Use high strength boxes to store your electronic gadgets. Always bubbles wrap your gadget before packing it in a box. The box should be tightly stuffed with packing material so that the gadget does not move inside the box. While storing goods like refrigerator and washing machine in self storage center , you should first drain all the water and dry them completely.


    Always keep your books in horizontal position to avoid them from any damage. You should stack few books together in a box and then seal it for added protection.

    As you pack the boxes, you should label them. Labeling the boxes helps in accessing the items easily and quickly. You should always mark heavy boxes. This helps prevent injury due to sudden lifting of heavy objects. Labeling the boxes also prevents mishandling of expensive and fragile items.

    Storing Tips

    Developing a plan for storing items in professional center is essential especially if you want to access your stored items. You have to first make a list of the items to keep in the store unit. Depending upon the frequency of the usage of the items, you should prepare a storing plan, which will show the placement of the different objects. Always leave space for aisle for accessing items easily. Before storing, you should place some water resistant and anti skid mats on the floor of the store unit. You should place heavy objects at the bottom and then keep stacking the boxes one on top of the other in decreasing order of weight. The heavy items like sofas and beds that you do not wish to access during the storing period, should be kept at the back of the store unit.

    By following these simple tips, you can store your goods safely in a self storage center .

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  • Different Uses of Self Storage Centers
    By admin on April 13, 2009 | 205 Comments205 Comments  Comments

    Self storage centers are widely used by different people for different reasons. Often one wonders how a simple store house can have so many different applications. Let us look at some of the customers of storing space services and how they use these facilities.


    Families use the services of store houses for various reasons. Most commonly, they use it for temporarily storing their household stuff while relocating from one place to another. Also, if the new house is smaller than the existing one, then taking all the goods to the new house is not feasible. At such times, these self storing centers serve as an additional storing space where some items can be stored. It is also useful for families who do not have sufficient space to store all their goods in their homes. Depending upon the usage of the items, some goods can be shifted to the self storage centers . People normally store seasonal clothing, extra furniture, bulky sports equipment, Christmas decorations etc. to the store rooms. Cargo space services are also useful during renovation of the house to temporarily store the goods.


    Self storing centers are generally located close to city centers, and hence close to the universities. This makes them very useful for the students who have shifted from one city to another to pursue studies. These storerooms can be used to store the stuff, which the students cannot accommodate in their rented place. Similarly, if they want to avoid paying the rent during holidays, they do not have to carry back all their stuff as they can just deposit the same in a cargo space facility nearby.

    Tourists And Daily Travelers

    Since these cargo space facilities are also close to the airports and railway stations, these are very useful for the tourists too. They do not have to deposit their luggage at the airport or railway stations. They can store them at the cargo spaces and then travel light. It is also useful for people who travel daily for work. They can store some of the stuff that they have to carry to work everyday, at these cargo space facilities. 

    Music Bands

    The storing and safekeeping units are also used by music bands to practice and store their musical instruments. These bands are famously known as cargo space bands. Sound proof rooms are available for the bands to practice. This saves them from arguments with neighbors and also gives them a peaceful place to practice.

    Vintage Car Owners

    If you have few vintage cars but do not have enough space to store them, you can use the storing spaces to store your cars. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose from different kinds of places for safekeeping facilities. You can even hire a climate-controlled storeroom, which will protect your prized possession from extreme weather conditions.


    If you have just set up a business and need some space for storing, you can use these safekeeping facilities. Also, if you are an existing business house, but want more space, then storeroom facilities can be used. You can also use them to store your paperwork and documentation. Since the office space is generally very costly as compared to the self storage centers , this is a good option for storing all materials that are used infrequently.

    In short, place for safekeeping services are in demand since they meet the storing related needs of for different categories of people.

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  • A Place To Store Your Goods
    By admin on February 6, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    A self storage center is a place where people keep their household or office items. These are generally paid real estate offices that are run with a profit motive by operators who are dedicated for this purpose. People hire these storehouses for various reasons some of which are stated below.

    • Relocation is one the primary reasons for hiring storing areas on a temporary or a permanent basis. When shifting to a new location people hire storehouses to keep their furniture for some days before they find for themselves a suitable house in the new location. After that they shift the items to the new address. Some people who relocate do not do not carry some items that might suffer damage during transportation. Examples of these are fragile items such as expensive antiques and decoration pieces. People keep them in storehouses under good care on a permanent basis.
    • A self storage center can be easily located in any area using online directory services. One can store furniture, toys, gardening equipment, vehicles, clothing and a lot of other items in the storehouses. 
    • Shortage of area is another reason why people opt to keep things in paid storehouses. Owing to overpopulation problems and the slackening economy, enough room for accommodating a lot of things are not available in household and office. People have to cram up things in insufficient areas and as a result they get damaged.
    • Many people dump excess household articles in garages. These articles are neglected and overtime they get damaged. Household attics are also not good enough for storing excess furniture, boxes, kitchenware, old appliances etc. because they are generally not well illuminated or cleaned. A self storage center is a better option, on the other hand, because these areas are cleaned regularly and well illuminated. They have all the modern amenities to preserve the articles in a neat and secure manner for a long time. Dark and dirty places tend to become a haven for termites, moths, rodents and harmful bacteria and fungi which cause immense damage to the articles in the attics and also nurture an unhygienic atmosphere in these areas.
    • Redecoration and repairing parts of a house or an office structure might be another good reason to shift articles to storehouses. While any repair work is going on, the articles might be a hindrance to smooth working. Shifting them to self storage center will keep the items away from the site of the construction work so that the work can be carried on in a smooth manner. There is no time limit on storing items. After the modifications and repair work is done these items can be shifted back to the house.
    • Storehouses can be hired for preserving official documents and extra office equipment and accessories when the place in the office becomes insufficient for storing the office bulk. Instead of keeping these items in small sized cabinets where they might be crammed for lack of area, these items can be kept in a self storage center where adequate care will be taken for them.
    • Storehouses come very handy for students who stay in crowded bachelor accommodations and do not have place for keeping their books, sports gear, music equipment etc. The books kept in the storehouses will be maintained well for a long time.


     Local Self Storage

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  • Have Shovel Will Travel
    By admin on December 5, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, where we explore self storage trends in the self storage industry.

    Written by Angela Perry, PhoneSmart call center rep and now prepared for snowy driveways.

    PhoneSmart your offsite sales force call center located in Columbia, Missouri.

    In a previous self storage blog I wrote about the way that the town of Columbia Missouri was snowed in and that the businesses of the Phonesmart call center, self storage industry and the rest of the city were affected by the heavy snowfall. I would like to address how this enormous snow fall affected me personally. Since I was unprepared for the snowfall I learned a valuable lesson which is to be over prepared instead of not being prepared at all. With all the warnings and predications I still was not prepared. I have a garage which I am sure that my car appreciated that however I do also have a driveway that leads to the garage which is where my problem began. I did not own a shovel before Saturday; therefore I had 19 inches of snow that my car (which is not 4-wheel drive or front wheel drive) could not plow through. I thought that it would be simple to mussel through the snow but it was not as easy as it seemed. In short I had to call a tow truck to get me out but on the way to assisting me they too got stuck on the main road before my housing subdivision. I did eventually get unstuck and a purchased a shovel. As this was happening I thought that this incident not applied to personal but the self storage industry as well. One of the self storage secrets as well as a valuable lesson is to be prepared for all situations or objections to overcome with the callers and personal usage.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 2403 Rangeline, Columbia MO 65202

    Total Quality Assurance Services has management coaching services.

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  • Welcome to the Phone Smart blog
    By admin on May 23, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Liz Langesteiner, bilingual phone smart call center representative speaks out about keeping your personality in the calls.
    Welcome to the Phone Smart blog and insider diary of the self-storage industry

    What does the caller hear on the phone?

    Do you sound like a robot, a computer sales representative or a sales consultant with a happy smile on your face? Take the challenge and listen to yourself. Listen to several different recorded calls from different days. Listen to calls in the early morning and late afternoon. I have found that after many hours on the phone I begin to sound like a computer. Callers will say to me “is this a real person”? “You sound so professional just like a recording.”
    That is not a compliment; I don’t want to sound like a recording. When I hear those comments I cringe and instantly change my tone of voice and put on a bigger smile. If you sound like a recording you may be perceived as someone who is just going through the motions and really isn’t that interested in doing business.
    How does it make you feel when you are speaking to someone on the phone and you know they really don’t care and are just going through the motions? I know how it makes me feel, I just want to hang up and find someone who really does care about my business and where I take it.
    Keep a smile on your face, have good product knowledge, be friendly and use the wonderful sales techniques we are given here. Remember to listen carefully to your caller and sound like a real person, someone who truly cares and wants to help.

    PhoneSmart Your Source for Lead Generation

    Property Management Blog The ins and outs of property management

    Self Storage Search Engine Self Storage in Texas

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  • The Training Experience
    By admin on April 28, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    PhoneSmart call center “newbie” Ronald Smith reflects on his first 3 months as a self-storage insider.

    My name is Ronald. I started here in February. It has been almost three months and I wanted to share my experience with the new hires that may come along. I don’t think that trainers get enough credit. It is not easy to be a trainer especially when you are dealing with different levels of experiences and different personalities. Trainers have to patient and this is not easy to do. I learned a lot. I loved the one-on-one training that PhoneSmart provides. I do have a couple of suggestions for new hires that might come into the PhoneSmart community. (We are family)
    First, have an open mind. There is a lot to learn about PhoneSmart and self-storage. You have to be willing to learn and be taught. Even if you have sales or telemarketing experience as I did, you don’t know everything about sales or even about self-storage. Secondly, practice makes perfect. I would recommend that you practice your script during your free time. The only way that you are going to familiarize yourself with the script and different situations is if you practice them. Third, relax and take plenty of notes. There’s no way that you are going to learn everything in one day. Take the information in, write it down and study it when you come home. I say relax because it will eventually come to you. Once you start taking calls, the flow will come to you and you won’t have to depend much on the screens.
    Lastly, know where to get the information. If you pay attention to training, the trainers let you know exactly where to find a piece of information. Come up with a way to keep that in the back of your mind and you’ll do fine. If you keep some of these things in mind you will do well here. Come ready to work hard and learn.

    I’ll see you on the call floor.

    PhoneSmart Your Offsite Sales Solution

    Property Management Blog

    Total Quality Assurance Services Your all in one Quality Assurance Portal

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  • through new eyes
    By admin on January 18, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Welcome to our self storage diary, the self storage blog. This is where we share our impressions of the self storage industry.

    Today I spent some time with one of our new reps. We have a new class of trainees moving up the ranks to get ready for busy season. I asked what she had learned so far and she brought up several interesting points.

    You can always find a way around a “NO”. She has already found in her short tenure that if you spend a little time asking good questions and questioning the prospect’s assumptions, you can often melt away initial resistance and get a “YES” from someone who told you “NO” earlier.

    Having options to offer wins the day. Many times a caller does not know what he needs. After offering some options, the caller hears a few things that sound good and he starts to make some decisions.

    Look at the screens. Our store screens get pretty busy. If you look at them you will find things that will help you rent the unit like special offers, neat features, tips on location.

    Location is really important. When people like where a store is located, they are willing to handle some other things that are not perfect in their minds, just to get a close location.

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  • Boy were we wrong!
    By admin on January 2, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    We haven’t botched a demand forecast for quite some time. Our experience in the self storage industry and our extensive histories of past demand usually put us in a good position for correctly staffing our call center and for being able to alert clients on trends.

    We were flat out wrong about the end of December and the beginning of January. December 30 and 31 proved to be about 20% busier than we anticipated. New Year’s Eve in particular was a surprise. Coming on a Sunday, we thought it would not be busy. Wrong! We had one of the few lousy answer percentage days of the last several years. This is good news. It means that people still want to rent storage units.

    January 2nd was expected to be a pretty good day, with many people having off from work and hopefully looking for storage. But several client stores chose to remain closed on the 2nd without notifying us and so we ended up with a lot more calls than we anticipated. We are still maintaining a respectable answer rate for today, but we will be tired by the time we close tonight.

    This all means a few things.
    1. Demand is stronger than we anticipated. This hopefully indicates that January will be a good month for all of you.
    2. If you closed your stores on New Year’s Eve or on January 2nd, you should reexamine your holidays for next year.
    3. We will be much more careful about staffing around New Year’s 2007.

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