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  • Look For Security
    By Joel on July 29, 2011 | 641 Comments641 Comments  Comments

    Here are some things to look for security wise in self storage:  As long as the facility has a few of these features, they will be more or less secured. Of course not every facility is going to have all of the things we will discus below but they will have some of them. Then you have to choose which security measures are important to you.

    Many facilities have video cameras in which they can see things that the manager can not see. Some facilities have the cameras going all the time where other facilities have the cameras on whenever the facility is open. Always know the difference between the two options. If someone breaks into the facility or a current tenant that tries to take something that is not theirs, the camera will capture it.

    A fenced property is a great security feature for those who are renting. When facility is fenced then we know that not just anyone can walk right up to our unit. Now you will find that some fences are locked with a chain and lock where other facilities have a gate code that you enter to open the fence. Usually you have longer access to your belongings when the facility has a gate that has a gate code.

    Having a facility that well lit is always a plus. This is good because no matter what time of night you come to the facility, you will always feel safe that you can see all around you. You will be able to access your unit safely and then go about your night. You do not have to feel that someone is lurking in the shadows. The facility will be so well lit that there will not be many places that are dark.

    Door alarms are a good feature because when someone tries to lift the door to your unit, an alarm will sound. Typically you will find that the gate code is associated with your door alarm. So this way the only person that can enter the unit without an alarm sounding is the renter of that space. That should make a fair amount of people happy.

    Some facilities will have a resident manager that lives on site and will ensure all is running smoothly. It would make sense for them to know what is going on since the facility is literally their backyard in some cases. Other cases the manager will live close so they can get to the facility if there are any issues or emergencies.

    When the facility is in a good part of town, everyone take s a sigh of relief. They know that as a customer they will not be bothered as they are entering or departing their unit. Now of course it is not completely unreasonable to think that just because your storage facility is in a good area that it cannot be in danger of being robbed. Understand what your facility has to offer and also what you feel is important to you when storing.


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  • Finding the Storage Solution That Works Best For You
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    So the time has come for you to get a St. Charles self storage unit. It happens to everybody eventually. Up until not, the only thing you may know about storage is from what you have seen driving by facilities on your way to work. There is a lot to it. It seems pretty simple, just a building to put your things in. You should do a little research to find out what makes one St. Charles self storage location a better option than another. It may be helpful to look at the bad things that have happened in Maryland to people who have stored their things.

    The worst thing that could happen is theft of your items. This can happen. You should take the time to research two things to find a safe facility to store at. First, you will want to find a location that is close to home and in a safe area, the safer the area, the better. Then you should take the time to visit the facility so you can get a feel for the level of security at the site. You should feel safe there and there are a couple of things to keep an eye out for. All of the units should have locks on them. That is just a basic level of security. The best locks are disc locks so try to get one of those if you can. Most St. Charles self storage properties sell them right there at the facility. Some people do not want to spend fifteen dollars for the lock when they come in. They go for the five dollar cheaper little padlock. It is worth the extra ten dollars for the better lock. Think of it as an investment. You will get to take the lock with you that you can use at pretty much any St. Charles self storage facility in the future. It is really not that expensive if you look at it like that.

    You should also look for a pin access gate with good fencing around the property. Sites in Maryland that do not have these two features will not be able to keep people off the property that do not belong there. Also, you should look for video cameras and even door alarms.

    The St. Charles self storage facility that you store at should have quality units to put your things in. The fact is that units can leak if they are not built correctly or are made out of cheaper materials. You do not want to return to find that your unit is flooded with molds and mildews everywhere. Your stuff would be ruined. That would just be a big waste of money. The site is not going to be responsible for covering the cost for the damage, either. This is one reason why you should not just go with the cheapest unit out there. Pest control is a must as well. I think you can figure out why this is important without going into too much detail or using any horror stories as example. Visit the site so you can meet face to face with employees to see if you will get good customer service. That will pay dividends later when you are a renter and need to get something done.

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  • Tips for Renting Your First Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 78 Comments78 Comments  Comments

    If you are looking for the best Lake Charles self storage location, do not make the mistake of thinking that price is truly what matters. If you were shopping for a certain type of car of computer, you could compare prices because you are getting the same product either way. In the Lake Charles self storage industry, there is a big difference form on site to the next.

    Most sites in Louisiana have good security. There are just a few basic features that you will need to keep an eye out for. You could ask the manager about the history of break-ins at the site. This could give you a good idea of the level of security that they have. You should be careful, though, because many Lake Charles self storage sites will not tell you if they have had break-ins or not. They will just tell you want you want you want to hear. You can decide for yourself if they are being honest with you or not. The site should have a gate, fence, video cameras, and door alarms. The quality of the features is what will matter. The better the quality of the features, the more secure the site should be. If you are impressed with the Lake Charles self storage after the initial phone call, then your next step would be to visit the site so you can get a good idea of what they have to offer.

    The location can make a big difference in overall security. Some storage sites in Louisiana are in bad neighborhoods. This will make it very difficult to keep the site secure no matter what the security features are. Your stuff could get stolen very easily and you will not feel comfortable when you need to get to your unit after dark. Familiarize yourself with the area so you know which Lake Charles self storage sites to stay away from. Once again, an office visit may help you determine if you like the area or not.

    Location is also important because you do not want to get a space at a site that is too far away from where you live or work. You will need to get to your space from time to time so make sure to get one close to home. In fact, renters list the proximity to their home as the main thing that made them choose one site over another.

    Customer service is the next thing that you should look at. You are going to need assistance at some point so you want to talk with someone that is competent, able, and willing to help you out in those times. They should be friendly and helpful if you are going to pay them money each month. You do not deserve to store at a location that does not care about the customers. In fact, this may be the number one thing to look at because it shows that the site is run by a company that cares about the customers. They probably will have good security and quality units if they have good customer service. They would not overlook the other aspects while excelling at customer service. Sometimes the first phone call can tell you everything that you need to know about how their company is run.

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  • Keep Valuable Tools in a Secure Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 26, 2011 | 172 Comments172 Comments  Comments

    Whenever I go to a Hollis storage facility, it reminds me of Florida.  It sounds weird but there are many New Yorkers in Florida and I lived there for a few years.  I had a lot of friends from New York in Florida and they were all great friends of mine and fun to be with.  There are a lot of people from New York in Florida for a lot of different reasons.  It seems to be the choice of people from New York to retire or go to Florida.  All my friends were young and left New York to get away or get out.  The nice weather, beaches, and girls in bikinis all appealed to the New Yorkers I knew.  I did not stay in Florida too long and left.  Being young, I found it fun to move to different areas of the United States and I did.

    I am at the Hollis storage facility right now thinking and texting and talking to people on my cell while I go through my stuff.  I have lots of stuff now but when I was young, I traveled lightly.  I had a guitar I still play today and clothes and a few picks.  I could fit everything I had at that time in my car with room to spare.  Now I visit all my stuff once in awhile because apartments are small in New York and I need things.  There is no place for tools and I like tools.  I like drilling holes in wood and making things.  I do it at my storage space.  I can make noise here and no one cares.  My walls are paper-thin in my apartment so every word next door I can hear if I want to.  Most of the time I do not want to hear what they are saying if you get my drift.  They argue about money, and where were you and than I take a walk.

    It is peaceful here in Hollis storage, in my peaceful storage with my favorite things.  Storage lets you keep your peaceful things that are full of memories from your past of near past.  I remember buying this drill a long time ago.  It still works fine.  Tools last a long time.  I work outside most of the time on a workbench I have in storage too.  The rules say not to do it, but if no one is around including the storage facility manager, well, I drag it out and work on it.  I can not make big things, because of my small apartment.  I have to make small things here in my Hollis storage space.  I have had it for a long time.  I imagine I could have bought all new tools for the price of this storage, but I do not.  I guess a lot of people do the same thing I do.  Most of the storage lockers and spaces here have locks on them so a lot of people are storing things too.  In New York, you usually have more things than room to put them in.  Maybe I will move someday again.  I like beaches too.  I like warm weather and girls in bikinis too.  I could grow to like L.A.  There are beaches there too.

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  • High Security Self Storage
    By admin on April 30, 2009 | 229 Comments229 Comments  Comments

    Successful warehouses have one thing in common. They all have high security self storage . Nowadays, storehouses make maximum use of technology to make their safekeeping facility completely safe and secure.

    Some of the security arrangements at these high security storerooms are as follows.

    High Fenced Walls – The external walls of the storehouses are built high. This prevents thieves from looking and entering inside the storehouse. Some storehouses also use motion detectors and electrical fencing around the walls to enhance their protection arrangements.

    Restricted Entry – Everyone cannot enter a high security store room. Only the staff and customers can enter the warehouse through the swipe cards provided to them.

    Bio Metric System – Some storehouses have gone a step ahead to give good safety and protection to their customer belongings. They use bio metric systems to allow their customers to access their store units. The bio metric system identifies the fingerprints of the person and then allows him or her to enter the unit.

    Security Guards – There are security guards to patrol the storehouse premises day and night. These guards have access to alarm systems that they can raise when they feel that some intruder has entered the facility.

    CCTV Cameras – Almost all high security storehouses has CCTV cameras to continuously monitor the activities of people in the storehouse.

    Personal Key And Lock – Most storehouses allow customers to use their own lock and key to be put on the store unit. This helps customers access the items according to their convenience and also gives them peace of mind that no storehouse staff member would be able to access their store unit.

    Fire Proof Units – To protect the units from fire, the store units are made of special fire resistant materials. A high security storehouse is generally no smoking zone and no one can carry or store combustible substances inside it.

    Earth Quake Resistant Storehouse – Nowadays, in order to give the best safety to the goods of the customers, earthquake resistant storehouses are constructed. These storehouses safeguard your goods even during earthquakes.

    Lighting – To make the storehouse safe, the premises are appropriately lit. This helps in the monitoring of every nook and corner and does not leave any scope for burglars to take any advantage of the darkness.

    Theft Alarms – Storehouses are installed with special electronic alarms that get activated whenever anybody tries to enter the premises of the storehouse illegally, or when anybody tries to break in the store unit. These are meant to ensure that even if the thief escapes the eyes of the security guard, he or she would be detected by the alarm system.

    The safety and protection needs of all storehouses are different depending upon the type of their storing facility. Most safekeeping facilities use a combination of the abovementioned arrangements to develop a good facility for security storing. The customers should look for safeguard systems that are essential for them. For example, if you are planning to move some old clothes and furniture to the safekeeping facility, then personal lock and key, high fenced walls and security guards are sufficient for the safety of your goods. But, if you are planning to move your new sports car to the storehouse, then you should opt for a cargo space facility with strict safety arrangements such as theft alarms and bio metric system.

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  • Security Self Storage Gives Peace Of Mind
    By admin on February 4, 2009 | 215 Comments215 Comments  Comments

    Security self storage is something that people who hire storehouses for storing their belongings are concerned about. This feature is of prime importance and needs to be taken good care of by the storehouse operators. Nobody will like to store items in storehouses that can be easily accessed by burglars. There are many storehouse operators who are taking special care to ensure that even the smallest item that is placed in their storehouses is not stolen. They have installed sophisticated equipment in their storehouses and their premises to protect the items placed in them.

    It is not that always that the storehouses that are equipped with sophisticated features are highly priced. The security self storage might just be reasonably priced depending upon the storehouse firm that is offering it. The firms that have a proven track record for providing utmost safety to the items placed in them have won the trust of their clients. Their clients range from the domestic sector to the corporate sector. Students also use these storehouses to keep books, bags and other belongings in them.

    Warehouses from established operators not only provide safety from burglars but also provide safety from damage of any sort. They take care to ensure that the items are maintained well and protected from the damaging effects of the environment. The security self storage is also designed to provide protection from natural and man made calamities, such as earthquakes, floods and fire. One can safely store any item in these storehouses. They can be furniture, electronic items or precious antiques and jewelry. The firms also take the responsibility of transporting the items safely from one location to another or to the site where the storehouses are located. They safely transport the items in their protective containers.

    The firms providing the storehouses also provide packing material for packing the items well. They also offer to pack the materials themselves so that the items are packed perfectly which ensures that the items do not run the risk of being damaged due to any reason during transportation. The security self storage amenities come in a huge range. One can choose the amenities according to the requirement. One should not choose a feature only because it is available, but if it is really required. For example, suppose there is an ordinary item, one need not keep it in a storehouse that is equipped with the latest security equipment. On the other hand, if he wants to store a costly piece of jewelry, he should not compromise with the security aspects. He should opt for a storehouse that is equipped with the best security features.

    The property management firms providing the storehouses are very committed to their clients. They security self storage staff strive to provide their best to their clients. They have a strict identification system installed for differentiating their clients from outsiders and visitors. The storehouses have automatic locking systems and the gates have a centralized computerized access system. There are closed circuit television networks to monitor the movement of people around the storehouses. They have staff for patrolling the area round the clock. They also offer helpline services to their clients throughout the day and night and are available for them at the time of emergency.  Most importantly, before signing the storehouse agreement, each and every tenant is asked to furnish his credentials and the purpose of his hiring the storehouse. 


    Self Storage Employment

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  • Time Frame
    By admin on October 16, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Written by Glennetta Haymon, PhoneSmart call center representative.
    Thank you for reading the PhoneSmart call center blog. We offer an insider diary of the self storageindustry.

    When trying to assist a customer in reserving a unit it is very hard to get them to reserve the unit if they do not know when they are going to need it. When a customer doesn’t know when they are going to need self storage, this normally means that they will not need to rent for a while or that they have not yet finalized their move.
    There are some sales techniques that may be helpful to use in this situation. When dealing with these customers it is essential that you stress limited availability. You should remind them that if they call back at a later time then the unit and/or the special might not be available at that time.
    If the store has any specials or pro rated move-in then you should mention that and also tell them that because they are not paying the full amount it would be in their best interests to go ahead and rent now. By renting now they can get it out of the way, so there will be one less thing they have to worry about, and they do not have to pay the full amount. Also if the customer is still reluctant to reserve a unit, you should ask them if they would feel more comfortable scheduling a site visit and then make their decision.
    These calls are very hard to take and most of the time you will not get any information from them, but it is important that you are persistent and try to get them to rent at that time.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 5979 Butterfield Rd. Hillside, IL. 60162

    Total Quality Assurance Services Quality Assurance Testing

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  • Experience Can Serve You Well
    By admin on June 15, 2006 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    Phone Smart call center newbie Mary speaks from her experience in storage.

    Welcome to the Phone Smart blog, and insider diary of the self-storage industry.

    Experience Can Help You Sell

    Have you ever stored before? I have, and sometimes I share a little experience that I had with the customer to help sell a benefit.
    I’ll never forget the time when I was storing at a facility that was on the outskirts of a small town. It was located practically in the middle of a cornfield. We were there really late and had been working all day taking stuff off the truck. I kept hearing dogs in the distance. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sort of afraid of the dark and strange dogs. There was limited lighting, the one outside light and the headlights of my friend’s truck pointing into the storage unit. I could not help but to keep looking around the perimeter and thought I saw eyes glaring back at me. I think it was just my imagination, but I just did not feel safe as there were no fences or security features.
    Well it gets better, after we were finished for the night and getting ready to leave, my friend’s truck would not start. Yes, the battery ran down because we had the headlights on too long. I started to panic, but low and behold my friend is prepared for this type of situation and has a battery charger. We were lucky, but after all this trouble I can see where the amenities could have been better. Unfortunately it was the only storage facility in this town.
    So if you have any experiences, think about how you could use them to sell the features of a facility. Now of course I don’t take the time to be this detailed about my experience, but you get the drift.

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    Secret Shopping Blog Your inside peek

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