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  • Helping Your Customers Store Their Vehicles
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    Size recommendation is the first thing you need to do on all Frankfort self storage calls. This article will not focus on what each size can hold. It will offer examples or how to apply this knowledge to real world applications. Callers in Kentucky should be able to tell you what they are storing so that you can offer them the right size for them. There are many sizes available at most Frankfort self storage locations, but this will just focus on the more common sizes. Obviously, a size close to these will do.

    A lot of callers will store vehicles. It is important to ask them a little information about what kind of vehicle they are storing. For a standard car of truck, a ten by twenty is the size that you should typically recommend. The ceiling height may be an issue for some Frankfort self storage who are storing larger trucks. Make sure to go over your ceiling height so that you are able to let the caller know if they can store at your property. If they have a small compact car, they might be able to get a ten by fifteen. Some may try to get a ten by ten, but that is just not a good idea so you should probably stay away from this. Also, there will be callers that are unhappy with the price. You should offer them an outside space because they will cost a lot less money. It will not offer the same protection from the weather elements of Kentucky but you should be able to save them some money if that is what their priority is.

    Other types of vehicles that will be stored at Frankfort self storage locations will be boats, RVs, and even semi trucks. This will require a lot of space so you may not be able to help the caller. Ask them the measurements and see if you have anything big enough to accommodate. If you do not have the size that they need, do not force the issue. That will not do anybody any good to try to squeeze them into a space that just do not work. Be honest and let the Frankfort self storage caller know that you are unable to help them. You may be able to recommend a company that is close by to help them. Do not be afraid to offer them a referral to a different company if you are unable to help them. This is just good customer service and may gain you rentals in the future when they are looking to store something else.

    A Frankfort self storage caller calls in and just has some holiday decorations and some boxes. This is not going to require a big space. They should be fine with a five by five. It is a small space, but there is a lot of vertical space so they should be fine. If they have a lot of boxes, you may want to offer the next size up, but they should definitely come take a look at the five by five first. Ask them if the have time to stop by so that you can determine the exact size that they need. A five by five could actually hold up to thirty standard file size boxes.

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  • Brief Guide To RV Self Storage
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    RV parking is a type of storing facility especially meant for storing recreational vehicles. Many people invest in recreational vehicles, but due to their busy schedules, they seldom use them. Most of the time, these vehicles are stored in front of their houses, in an open parking. After investing a huge sum if the vehicle gets spoiled because of extreme weather conditions, it is a sheer waste. Hence, it is wise to store such vehicles in recreational vehicle store houses, where they remain safe and protected.

    Types Of RV Self Storage

    The recreational vehicle store units are available in two forms – inside and outside. Inside storing facility is a covered store unit whereas the outside storing facility is an open store unit. The open store unit is just like an open parking space within the secure premises. The covered units provide a roof over the parking space. You can also have a fully enclosed facility that is climate controlled and closed from all sides to give maximum protection to your vehicle. The fully enclosed store units with climate control are the best option for recreational vehicle since they prevent the vehicle from UV rays, dust, and extreme temperatures and humidity. These units are clean, safe, affordable and a convenient way of storing all your vehicles, be it any recreational vehicle, boat, yacht, car etc.

    For recreational vehicle owners, safety is of prime importance and hence RV parking services use all possible means to ensure safety of their customers vehicles. They use access control systems, CCTV cameras, and 24 X 7 security guards to achieve a high level of security.

    Recreational vehicle storing companies also offer services like maintenance and servicing of the recreational vehicle. Charging batteries, refueling, car washing, maintaining optimum air pressure in the tires are some facilities that you can expect at most of these units. These warehouses also allow access to stored vehicles round the clock. They also provide the facility of delivering and collecting the vehicle from your doorstep. This eliminates the hassles of traveling to and from the store units.

    Normally, recreational vehicle storing services are used for long periods. So, the RV self storage providers offer differential rates for long term and short term contracts. The per square feet rate for such storing facility is less as compared to other self storing facilities, since the paperwork is less, even though the space requirement for such facilities is high.

    Before you hire a vehicle store house, you should ensure that your vehicle has all the valid documents since these will be verified by the store house. The two most important documents required are registration and insurance of the vehicle. You should also inspect the storing unit before storing your recreational vehicle. It is important to make sure that the storing unit is free from rodents and pests. Otherwise, the rodents can damage the wiring and upholstery of your vehicle. As a precautionary measure, you should keep some rodent repellents inside the vehicle.

    In short, if you want a safe and secure space to park your vehicle or if you do not have the time to maintain it, you should use the services of RV parking . Since recreational vehicles are costly, it is wise to store it at a reputed warehouse facility with a good track record.

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  • Three Types of Storage Tenants
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    There are three groups of people who use self storage:
    First Time Users; Return Users; Last-Minute Users
    The First-Timers nowadays are amazed at the price of storage. You often hear them say, “Wow, it’s more than I thought”. Rates have increased over the years due to new “standard security requirements” and higher real-estate costs. These have had profound effects on the self storage industry. However, once learning that most storage facilities rates do not differ drastically from one location to the next, many First-Timers simply choose the most convenient location. It is very rare for a first time storage user to want to travel far from home to store, and they often turn into long-term users if storing personal items they cannot part with.
    Return Users consist of business owners, “seasonal usage” for boat, vehicle and RV owners, and individuals or families who are relocated frequently by their employers. Most in this user group are on the hunt for the best value. They are often subject to budgeting requirements and are often willing to search in a wider radius for the best price as opposed to the most convenient location.
    A Potato Chip vendor, for instance, would more than likely travel citywide during the course of one day to distribute his chips. Why bother choosing a convenient location if he could plan his weekly route to begin near whatever facility he chooses and save $100 a year. Why would an RV owner need to store their vehicle near home if they will not be using it until spring?
    People who relocate frequently are already familiar with using storage, but if their company is paying for it, they must often find the best rate possible.
    Last-Minute Users are very unpredictable. This includes people who have been evicted, and may be limited in funds, as well as home-sellers who sold before they were ready. They can also be husband, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends who are divorcing or separating and are required to vacate a shared home or apartment. This group covers every end of the spectrum and may choose to rent a unit anywhere or to whichever storage facility can serve their immediate need. Facilities that offer extended gate hours, 24-hour access, truck rental, and moving and storage supplies will fare well for users in this group.
    Asking the questions, “Have you used storage before?” and, “When do you need a storage room?” might be an excellent sales technique. They will help you as a self storage business owner or manager to gain insight toward the specific needs of a potential renter, whatever “User Group” they may fall under.
    Written by Laurie Cox, PhoneSmart Outbound Projects Manager.
    Thank you for visiting the PhoneSmart call center blog. We offer an insider view of the self storage industry.

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