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  • Hectic Lifestyles Are Helped By Storage Units
    By jeff on March 22, 2011 | 12 Comments12 Comments  Comments

    Franklin Park storage units in the great State of Illinois are busy.  People are moving in and out all the time and it is also pretty close to an airport.  O’Hara Airport is one of the busiest airports in the entire world.  It used to be considered to be the busiest airport in the United States of America, but we think Atlanta, Georgia beats it now.  This tells you how much the south is growing in the United States of America.  There has been a population shift in the last fifty years that has taken people from the north to the south.  Cities like Detroit, Michigan have suffered so much when people stopped buying American cars over foreign cars a few years back.  Downtown Detroit is almost like a ghost town with buildings empty and streets empty.  Recently though Ford motors has seen profits go up again and we hope this is a good sign that our recession is going away.  Many experts on TV though say it will be three to four more years before we are at a rate of unemployment that compares to years before all this.  There were a lot of jobs around when Bill Clinton was the president of the United States of America, but that is just history now.  People need jobs.  In the storage industry sometimes, recessions do not bother it too much because people still move or move even more looking for jobs.  We want to see everyone who wants a job to have a job, and we hope the job market does not take three to four years building back up to Clinton like numbers.  It is scary when a father has three kids to support and a wife and he can not find a job in the area he lives.  Sometimes he must move the entire family from the home they love, or the place they grew up in.  We left our small town when our Dad had to leave for a better job.

    Franklin Park storage units have some of these job seekers storing their stuff in their places.  Chicago is such a big place, and Franklin Park is only ten miles from the city.  It is also close to the airport and the Chicago Loop, which has a lot of office buildings and jobs we hope.  It is also an interesting old town with a train station that takes you right to Union station downtown Chicago.  So get up and go and see what you can see.  The train station is pretty cool too, and it is called Union Station.  It has a great big room in it that people from all over come to.  You have to wait for your train somewhere and why not in a historical beautiful place.  Once you are at the station, you can walk to a million places.  Chicago is a walking town.

    Franklin Park storage units near Chicago, Illinois are busy.  Everybody seems busy in this place though.  There are cars everywhere and people too.  We have seen trains full, and Union Station full, and clubs full, and Bears games full.  Stores are full too.  The Oprah Winfrey show has at least a year wait to get in.  It is full too.  Everything in Chicago seems full.

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  • Storage Can Help Students Focus on Their Studies
    By jeff on March 16, 2011 | 14 Comments14 Comments  Comments

    Chicago is by no means a small city. Many people call this city home and a handful of people who are in need of University of Chicago storage units. There are many people that try to avoid using University of Chicago storage units, but they usually cannot avoid the fact that they need it. The reasons could be anything on why they need to store. Why they need the self storage unit does not matter to the manager. The facility managers are ready to help in any way they can. They want to make sure that the customer experience is second to none. Hearing this kind of feedback from the experience of other people make Joel especially pleased.

    Joel was the president of a popular fraternity at the University of Chicago and he is in charge of mostly everything. Naturally that comes with the territory of being the president. Joel is always the kind of guy that is very excited when it comes to new recruits who want to join his prestigious fraternity because he knows that they are making a good decision toward their future. It simply blew him away to find out that many freshmen wanted to join his fraternity. He did not expect that at all. He would have the opportunity to choose the best men for his fraternity and he was very pleased about that idea.

    The only problem that Joel did not foresee is that with all these new recruits they brought a lot of their things from home with them. Joel did not anticipate that everyone wanted to bring their own furniture and things instead of using the supplied furniture at the house. Usually Joel would tell the newbie that they have to use what was supplied and that the other students would have to find some University of Chicago storage units for everything else t hey would need. Joel, being a gracious host thought it would be good if the newbies brought their own things and had the option to University of Chicago storage units for everything else.

    The great thing for Joel that he did know was that there is a University of Chicago storage units facility that was very close and convenient for him to get to. He felt comfortable with storing there and being so close to his belongings if he would need to run over there and get something. It is for sure that Joel would have one of his pledges go and get the furniture out of storage if need be. Why would he waste his time doing so?  So when there was a party or social gathering, they would run over to their nearby storage facility and get out the necessary furniture for people to sit on.

    Most frats will make the people that live at the frat house will find somewhere for their belongings. Joel earned the respect of so many of the people that were in their first year in the fraternity with that kind act. He did get a great deal on the storage spaces so why wouldn’t he help out his first year class. Most people are scared to be in a new place without something that makes them at ease. With Joel letting the pledges keep their own items it made the adjustment process tolerable for the pledges and made them feel as if they were making the right decision for their life.

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  • Use Storage to Enjoy What Winter Has to Offer
    By jeff on March 14, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    With Merriam being in the Midwest, they get a variety of different types of weather. The people in this area get tornadoes, hot summers and very brittle winters. When the harsh winters some schools are closed downs and the highways are closed down and everyone is forced inside. It makes it virtually impossible for people to get to their Merriam storage units when they need to.  The Merriam storage units can only do so much when it comes to helping out their storing community.

    With the winters being not so friendly, many people find alternatives to keeping their selves entertained. Not everyone is fond of being stuck inside when they are so used to being outside and thriving.  It is like trying to cage up an animal that has been so used to being outside and free. Either the animal is going to go crazy and try anything to get out, or they are going to adapt and chill out.

    For people like Jim and Susie, they hate being stuck in their home. They are the type of people that like to get out and take a walk to enjoy nature.  It is exciting for the family to do and something for the family to enjoy together. With the snow on the ground now Jim and Susie are not too sure what they want to do with their selves and their family. They put a lot of the things that they would usually do inside during the winter time in their Merriam storage units. They can’t get to their Merriam storage units to get the things out that they wanted to use to entertain them.

    As creative as they were, they could not think of a lot of things they could do inside.  All they could really think of doing was going outside all bundled up and sliding down the hill that is by their home. Their kids really don’t like the cold as much as they really like the summer. Unfortunately summer is not every month of the year. So they will just have to figure out what to do the rest of the year. So the kids finally just went outside with their parents even though they did not want to slide down the hill. They saw how much fun it could actually be and just enjoyed the time together. They didn’t complain anymore they just held on for dear life and took the expedient sled down the steep hill.  Naturally it is very hard to control a sled and Jim and Susie went crashing right into the gate that was surrounding their Merriam storage units. They never realized how close their Merriam storage unit was until right now. They were actually pretty shocked by that fact. They looked at the gate and realized that their storage facility has been this close the whole time. They might not have been able to drive to the facility, but they could walk to their facility. The hill they just went down was adjacent to the storage facility. They were just that close to their facility. They could just go around to the front through the gate and get their stuff out to have fun with. They all looked at each other and then climbed back up the hill to do it all again.

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  • Finding the Storage Solution That Works Best For You
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    So the time has come for you to get a St. Charles self storage unit. It happens to everybody eventually. Up until not, the only thing you may know about storage is from what you have seen driving by facilities on your way to work. There is a lot to it. It seems pretty simple, just a building to put your things in. You should do a little research to find out what makes one St. Charles self storage location a better option than another. It may be helpful to look at the bad things that have happened in Maryland to people who have stored their things.

    The worst thing that could happen is theft of your items. This can happen. You should take the time to research two things to find a safe facility to store at. First, you will want to find a location that is close to home and in a safe area, the safer the area, the better. Then you should take the time to visit the facility so you can get a feel for the level of security at the site. You should feel safe there and there are a couple of things to keep an eye out for. All of the units should have locks on them. That is just a basic level of security. The best locks are disc locks so try to get one of those if you can. Most St. Charles self storage properties sell them right there at the facility. Some people do not want to spend fifteen dollars for the lock when they come in. They go for the five dollar cheaper little padlock. It is worth the extra ten dollars for the better lock. Think of it as an investment. You will get to take the lock with you that you can use at pretty much any St. Charles self storage facility in the future. It is really not that expensive if you look at it like that.

    You should also look for a pin access gate with good fencing around the property. Sites in Maryland that do not have these two features will not be able to keep people off the property that do not belong there. Also, you should look for video cameras and even door alarms.

    The St. Charles self storage facility that you store at should have quality units to put your things in. The fact is that units can leak if they are not built correctly or are made out of cheaper materials. You do not want to return to find that your unit is flooded with molds and mildews everywhere. Your stuff would be ruined. That would just be a big waste of money. The site is not going to be responsible for covering the cost for the damage, either. This is one reason why you should not just go with the cheapest unit out there. Pest control is a must as well. I think you can figure out why this is important without going into too much detail or using any horror stories as example. Visit the site so you can meet face to face with employees to see if you will get good customer service. That will pay dividends later when you are a renter and need to get something done.

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  • Picking A Self Storage Rental
    By admin on July 3, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Shopping around for a self storage unit can really be kind of tough.  I mean, if you have never shopped around for a self storage unit before, then you are not going to know how to save yourself money, how to size up your belongings, or how to evaluate the quality of your potential property manager.  Of course, if you are ready and willing to do a little bit of research on the internet, then you are going to find that these are but small obstacles to overcome.  If you are truly determined to get your hand on the right self storage unit, then you are going to be able to find it before it ever becomes an issue for you.

    Of course, you are going to want to be sure that you are not wasting your money on your self storage unit.  Thus, you are going to want to keep your eyes open for all of the moving specials that you can find.  These are not going to be all that hard to find.  They are going to be offered to you as you are calling around, typically without your provocation.  Of course, if you are not hearing the sorts of specials that you want to hear as you are calling around, then you are going to want to be sure that you have all of your notes handy.  If one self storage facility, for example, says that it is not going to be able to offer any moving specials, then you are going to want to let them know what you have received from other properties in the area.  If they are really looking to secure your business, then they are going to change their tune.

    If you are having trouble when it comes to sizing up your belongings, there are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind.  Be sure that your belonging are fully packed before you try to determine how much space they are going to occupy.  Really, you are going to surprise yourself with all of the space that you save by packing up your belongings.  Second of all, be sure that you are getting rid of the items that you are not going to keep.  Even if you know that you are not going to be keeping them, they are still going to throw off your estimates as you are sizing up your belongings.

    Finally, reader, you have to be sure that you are making a few quick judgment calls when it comes to your potential property manager.  While you may think that good security features are all that you are going to need when it comes to keeping your property safe, you are also going to need some great people watching over your belongings.  If your property manager does not actually care about keeping your belongings safe, then you are not going to be able to rest assured that everything is going to stay safe when you leave the facility behind for the night.

    As you can see, reader, there is not a whole heck of a lot that goes into keeping your property as safe as possible.  You can save all of the money that you need, rent the right size, and get a good property manager without ever breaking a sweat.

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  • Why Businesses Must Rent Self Storage
    By admin on July 18, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    As people continue to relocate or downsize their offices more often than ever before, it is obviously necessary to rent self storage corporation. These cargo space units can be used to hold all the excess stuff, seasonal goods and valuables. In fact, storage units may even be a good choice to simply get heavy items out of the way until one has settled down in the new place.

    Whether businesses need temporary or permanent storing solutions, warehouse facilities can provide comprehensive services to help resolve stowing needs. There are no lengthy formalities involved in renting a unit. The unit sizes can be upgraded or downsized as per changing requirements. Therefore, if a need like office remodeling or relocation arises, one simply has to rent storehouse and shift the items into the unit.

    Today, various companies offer exceptional outstanding facilities to store commercial goods, product samples, business documents and office furniture. Companies offer a wide variety of unit shapes and sizes for commercial uses. Cargo space units can be as small as a small closet or as large as a two-car garage. Small units serve well for storing limited, compact stuff like business archives, CDs or office stationery. However, if one plans to store the entire contents of a large office during a major renovation, it will be a good idea to rent self storage agencies that are quite spacious. Such units will be able to hold even a vehicle or two.

    Cargo Space Units – Greatly Beneficial For Businesses

    Modern stowing facilities offer exceptional access with wide corridors and single or double roller shutter doors that enable easy storing, access and retrieval of large machinery or equipment. Such outstanding access facilities allow businesses to conveniently store pallet-mounted stock items or heavy shipments on pallets.

    Most commercial companies now feature stock management services that authorize them to accept delivery on behalf of their customers and then forward these deliveries directly to the units. Additionally, services that rent self storage may also aid outward collection from units. This way, business owners can save precious time that would have been otherwise spent in waiting for goods to be collected or delivered.

    Sales personnel in various businesses are now beginning to realize the benefits of renting a storeroom to keep stock and other promotional equipment in a prime location. These professionals value services like stock management highly as they free up a lot of their time and allow them to focus on promoting and selling their goods. Sales executives can also rest assured that they will have unlimited access to units at the facilities that offer rent self storage .

    Sales executives can also enjoy other benefits like freeing up space and keeping the business premises clutter-free. Additionally, since the warehouse facilities feature high security levels, the stock samples and equipment are safe and secure from risks like theft or intentional damage. Security measures at cargo space facilities include monitored entry access, 24×7 patrolling, fire detection systems and close circuit surveillance cameras. Businesses can also consider taking out insurance coverage for the stored items.

    Often, businesses face shortage of space because their premises are crowded with product samples and commercial items. Although stowing units come at a cost, businesses highly appreciate rent self storage services since it eliminates the need to move into larger premises when the current space becomes cramped. The additional space created within the business premises can then be utilized for productive purposes rather than simply for storing. In addition, safekeeping facilities may also offer substantial discounts to businesses for renting units on a long-term basis.

    Storage :

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  • Reason To Rent Self Storage
    By admin on April 20, 2009 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    The soaring popularity of rent self storage services all over the world is attributed to the multiple uses of these cargo space services. These places for safekeeping and storing can be put to variety of uses depending on your individual or business needs. Businesses, travelers, students, families and many more use these storehouses for different purposes. These storing and safekeeping facilities are safe and low cost solution to the ever-increasing cargo space needs of people.

    Here Are A Few Reasons Why People Use Storing Spaces

    On The Move Individuals – Nowadays, people travel to different cities and countries frequently due to their jobs and business. Some go on long vacations. During these times, the homeowners prefer to use warehouses for storing their valuable household items and vehicles. This ensures them peace of mind, as they do not have to worry about theft of goods and vehicles while they are away from their homes. Storehouses also take good care of their vehicles, thus preventing any damage due to long-term luggage compartment.

    Shifting To A New Home – People shifting from one home to another, usually rent self storage . It is useful for people who are shifting from a rented house to self-owned house or for people moving from one rented house to another. Storeroom serve as temporary option for such people to store goods till the time they are able to get the possession of the new house. People generally use portable cargo space units. These containers are mobile and can be easily moved from one place to another.

    Putting House On Sale – These services come in handy for homeowners planning to put their homes on sale. To make their houses appealing and spacious, the homeowners usually rent store rooms to store their extra furniture and clutter. This helps them in getting better prices for their homes.

    De-Cluttering – Every home has many unused things. Most of this stuff includes gifts, ancestral items, items that are no longer useful but kept for emotional reasons, wrong purchases etc. It is not possible to accommodate all these things at home with passing time. People, who do not want to part away with such things, often hire cargo space units to keep the unused stuff. It is a well known fact that a home free of clutter is peaceful and has positive vibes.

    During Renovations – People rent store places to keep their valuable items safe, while renovating their homes. During renovations, some items may get damaged due to breakage or painting of the structures. Homeowners, shift their goods to these warehouses for safely store their valuables. This eliminates the hassles of moving goods from one place to another, within the house.

    To Create Extra Space – The space requirements of all families are ever increasing. Some families need more space due to the addition of a new family member. Some require more space to accommodate guests or for throwing parties. For creating extra space, families rent store rooms, where they shift some of their items that they do not need frequently.

    For Special Needs – Many people buy boats, yachts or recreational vehicles because of their interests. However, storing such stuff at home is not always possible. It is convenient and safe to store such big items at special storehouses made specifically for these purposes, which not only provides space for storing these items but also takes care of their maintenance.

    Apart from the above, there are various other reasons for which people use these warehouse services.

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  • Tips Before You Rent Self Storage
    By admin on February 16, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    There are a lot of firms from which one can rent self storage depending upon the amenities that they provide. But getting a good property management firm is quite a difficult process because many of the firms that advertise are fraudulent ones and one needs to investigate properly in order to get a firm that is genuine with its performance. Almost all areas of cities and towns are full of storehouses. As more and people are resorting to storing articles in paid storehouses owing to various reasons, the number of storehouses in any given area has increased rapidly. In a given area on an average, one can expect to find about one or two paid storehouses.  

    One should not rent self storage hastily. He should do careful research and find out about the firm offering the storehouses. He should personally visit the storehouses to get a clear idea of the type and grade of amenities that are being offered. He should also talk out with existing and former clients of the firm to understand the satisfaction levels. The background of the firms that offer the storehouses should be known. Generally, firms that are well established and are in business for a long time are the ones that can be expected to be genuine. Reviews of firms should also be read in newspapers before deciding upon them.

    While one goes to rent self storage the first thing that he should look out for is if any person known to him has ever used the storehouses of the firm. The existing or previous clients will almost give the most accurate picture always. Of course the chances of exceptions cannot be ruled out, but they always give the accurate feedback. Generally if people find a storehouse worthy enough they will spread word about it without any explicit enquiries about it. One should contact friends and relatives to find out if they have used the storehouse that he is contemplating to hire. They will clearly tell him about any plus points or lacunae of the storehouses.

    Before ones goes to rent self storage areas, talking to people who have had first hand experience with the firm and its storehouses does help to a great extent but there are other things to be considered too. All this will give one a realistic and detailed picture of the firm and its storehouses. One should also visit the storehouses to get an independent opinion of the storehouses. Generally one should opt for a firm that is insured. Genuine firms are insured themselves and they offer insurance in turn also. Insurance should never be neglected because they tend to protect the articles from sudden and unforeseen calamities. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, even when everything looks perfect.

    Before contemplating to rent self storage from a firm one should see the different types of insurance cover that the firms are offering. Without insurance one can suffer great monetary losses because one cannot make any monetary claims anywhere for the lost assets. One should find out if the insurance is offered for free or for a fee. Many firms have attractive insurance packages to deal with insurance issues. Many of them offer it for free. One should not be under the wrong concept that the home insurance will cover up the articles that are placed in a paid storehouse.

    Climate Controlled Self Storage

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  • Self Storage Takes a Team
    By admin on December 15, 2006 | No Comments  Comments
    I’ve been harassing my husband to help me put up our Christmas decorations since November 1st. Every year I am chomping at the bit to unbox my little village, Christmas tree, wreaths, and garland. Joel is less enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. (He’s the one to has to fish the boxes out of the corner of the garage and carry them upstairs.) I have a lot of boxes of decorations; maybe after this season is over and they go back into the boxes I’ll rent a storage unit for them.
    He had been successful at keeping my Christmas spirit at bay, but I finally won, and he gladly pulled each box into the house and helped me set up the perfect village of Christmas people. We found a compromise. One night we set up everything except the tree, his least favorite task. And the next day, the tree was our project. The key was making it fun for both of us and avoiding the daunting task of doing everything in one night. (I don’t mind staying up all night to wrap lights around a tree.) Instead of insisting that we do it all, I gave in and met him halfway, and he was glad to meet me in the middle.
    Sometimes we become comfortable in our job positions or we think we know the best way to do things. However, there isn’t necessarily one way to do things. In fact, the best way may be, prepare yourself, some one else’s idea! The best idea you can have is to realize you work with a team of people. Your coworkers can be a valuable resource for learning new sales techniques. Respecting the group or individual opinions and methods will make the business better and the environment happier. And when some one else comes up with a genius idea, TELL THEM, don’t be too proud to let them know they did a great job.
    Written by Sarah Little, TQA Executive.
    Thanks for reading PhoneSmart‘s call center blog, an inside view of the self storage industry. Your offsite sales force and call center in Columbia, Missouri.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 2403 Rangeline, Columbia MO 65202

    Total Quality Assurance Services Quality Assurance Testing

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  • The Human Element In Self Storage
    By admin on November 16, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, a business blog about some of goings on in the self storage industry.
    Written by Natalie Thomas, PhoneSmart TQAS executive and business blog writer.

    This weekend I went to a gambling boat close to where I live. I hadn’t been there in a couple of years and they had updated a few things. The first thing I noticed was that if you want to cash out any credits on the slot machines, the machine printed a “voucher” type coupon. Here I am standing with this slip of paper not knowing what to do next. Some of the people with me explained that the machines no longer pay out money, but instead issue a voucher for money owed. Apparently there was another machine that accepts the voucher and pays you the money. What happened to the cashiers? I guess I was already standing in a room full of machines, what were a few more machines?
    The self storage industry has a kiosk available for renting self storage units. This kiosk can be placed outside your office and give people access to renting a storage unit around the clock. It checks identification, has you input your information, takes a scan of your fingerprint, takes the rental payment and even can dispense locks. While it does take the human element out of the rental experience, it provides a service to customers that may not be able to rent a storage unit during normal office hours. Just like the gambling boat, some self storage owners are opting to take out the human element to provide a longer time frame for customer service. Is a kiosk right for your self storage business? That is a question that you would have to answer for yourself but I am sure the kiosk company would love to help you make your decision.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 9580 Potranco Rd. San Antonio, TX. 78245

    Total Quality Assurance Services has quality management written all over it.

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