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  • Working with Your Self Storage Customers
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 172 Comments172 Comments  Comments

    There are many reasons why callers will be in need of a Leawood Self Storage unit. As a storage salesperson, you should be aware of all of the different reasons so that you are able to adapt to the callers. Callers will be different and will require a different sales approach. Sometimes the best way to get a sale is just to help the customer out. A lot of salespeople make the mistake of just going after the sale and not offering any assistance to the Leawood Self Storage caller that is not directly related to the reservation. For example, if a caller needs a truck and your facility does not rent trucks, you should do everything you can to find a truck rental company close by that can help them out. A lot of times, salespeople will just leave the customer hanging and then the caller has one more thing to do. If you help them find a truck, they may feel a slight obligation to store with your company. Sometimes a small nudge is all it takes to get the reservation.

    Some people in Kansas who are looking for storage will have fallen on hard times. They may be losing their home, business, or both. They also may be going through the death of someone very close to them. You may want to lower the excitement level a little bit. Also, make sure to listen to the caller so that you do not have an inappropriate response. It could cost you a sale. Some managers have even made this mistake. They ask the caller how their day is going just out of habit. The caller says that their mother died and they say great, what size do you think you need. Great is not the right response, obviously. If the manager had been listening, they would not have made this mistake.

    With callers in these bad situations, they may be looking for the best that the Leawood Self Storage industry has to offer in terms of price. You should not preach too much about how great your facility is. Push quality, but do not overdo it. They will think that you are an upscale facility and that is not what they are looking for. You should focus on how low your rates are and a good special if you have one to offer.

    There are callers that do not care about price, as much. This is the time to really sell what sets you apart from the rest of the Leawood Self Storage facilities. A lot of people need a place to put their RVs. This would be the time to push amenities. They will be looking for a few different things. If your facility is completely paved, then you should really push that fact. A lot of companies in Kansas have areas of their facility that are gravel. Also, they will be looking for dumping stations and wash bays. These are features that will save them a lot of time if you have them at your facility. It is all about the caller in the Leawood Self Storage business. Find out why the caller needs storage and you will have already won half the battle. You will know what to focus on in order to sell them on your facility.

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  • Empathize With Storage Customers
    By admin on July 26, 2008 | 25 Comments25 Comments  Comments

    James had a lot of things on his mind these days. Not only does he have to get ready for his bar exam for law school, he also has to deal with one of the things in life that no one likes to deal with, the passing of a loved one.

    James is a young guy with limited family and the best family that he had just passed away in the way of his brother. With his mom and dad not being around for over half of his life, he had to be the one to organize the funeral arrangements and make sure that all of the belongings of his brother were out of his small apartment. With the exam being days away and the funeral being even closer, James is under a tremendous amount of stress that he should not have to deal with at this time in his life. No matter if James was ready for it or not, it is here for him to take care of.

    One of the small things that James had to deal with was deciding what to do with the belongings of his brother. He thought about putting the belongings into a mini self storage space. At least one thing about the passing of his brother was that James had enough life insurance for the funeral cost and a little extra. So James did not have to worry about money to pay for the mini self storage space.

    James took time one day to call around and see which place would be good for him to store at until he could figure out what he should do with all this extra stuff. James was really in no condition to make these phone calls to these different facilities, but he did not want his let his brother down.

    James called the first mini self storage place on his list and he did not know what to expect. In his current condition he just wanted some straight up answers in how to get all of this done. When he called the facility and they answered the phone, the associate was rather rude. James asked some questions regarding mini self storage and the associate just said that the space he needs is a 5×10 and the price is 100 bucks. James said ok and continued to ask more questions about storing like where are they located? Is there anything else that he needs in order to store? Are there any specials? The associate rudely responded with, the price that was given is the price he would pay and then hung up the phone on him. That really upset James especially in his current state of mind. James did not want to deal with this anymore, but he knew that he had to do it.

    He gathered enough energy and collected himself to make the next phone call. He decided to call a facility that was close to him and convenient so he would not have to go off to far to get things out if he needed to. The associate answered the phone and was very nice and courteous to James and his needs. The associated empathized with James as the associate also had a family member pass recently and told him that they had to remove all their belongings as well. It was not an easy process but it had to do what he had to do.

    That associate walked James through the mini self storage process in order to have everything in order for the move and storing. The associate sold the facility to James letting him know how secure the belongings of his brother would be. They went on to discuss all the necessary things needed in order to process the rent agreement. James felt a lot better about storing there. He told the associate that they made the search for mini self storage easier for him and helps him a tremendous amount. James ended up storing there for three years until he finally was able to depart with the belongings of his brother.

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  • Americas Relationship With Self Storage Units
    By admin on July 15, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Self storage unit spaces are filled up across America because some of us gather more stuff than we need. However, a majority of self storage unit rooms are packed full all because of human relationships.

    For one thing, we have a peace and relaxation when we are around our own things. Could one just sell or get rid of all their possessions and buy new when they need it? Sure, but there is a sense of home that comes with the collection of Grandmas quilt on the wall, Moms china cabinet in the dining room and your own couch that make you glad to be home.

    The relationships and memories we attach to our tangible things makes renting a self storage unit the only possibility for keeping your items stores in a safe environment.

    Our relationships with each other also play into the circumstances surrounding a self storage unit renter. Whether congratulations are in order or condolences, rental units are an answer to prayer for families in transition.

    For example, a man and woman who have been living in their own apartments for a few years have each accumulated a small household of goods. When the two lovebirds are joined in marriage, it is safe to say they will live together. However, it is not only the two that are joined as one. Their items, their dinnerware, their futon and couches, their dinning room table, his pool table and her scrapbooking and even more oddities all need a place to live in this new relationship. A rental unit is the perfect compromise to start off a union in peace and harmony.

    Another example of our relationship with self storage unit rentals is in the midst of a huge transition. Growing families expecting a new baby will find that the game room must quickly turn into a nursery. Keeping the pool table, bar and leather chairs is a must. Stuffing them in the back of the garage will only lead to collecting a larger pile of clutter and before long, the items you wanted to keep safe are ruined by dust, oil spills, and damaged by what is piled on top of it. The convenience of renting a unit will make the family happy.

    Sadly, there are more relationships that tie us to renting a store room. The passing of a loved one leaves a hole in our heart and fills our home with inherited furniture, books, even piles of paperwork. Sorting through your mother or fathers home is not usually the first step of the grieving process. Moving things to a rental room is a relieving way to bide some time and come to an agreement with your sister over who gets the cedar chest.

    Yes, our personal relationships join us to our local store room. Even beyond our relationships with one another, there are outlying circumstances that thrust us into looking for a place to rent.

    Mother Nature is one force to be reckoned with. She may see fit to flood, tear down, set ablaze or freeze your home, in which case the only thing left to do is salvage what you can. But where will you put it? Keeping the precious things left after disaster is ideal for renting a unit.

    Our relationships with the items we put emotional value to, the items that have a real value, our relationships with our friends and family and the tender balance with Mother Nature often face transition and uproot us. Renting a unit is what helps smooth each transition into a manageable circumstance.

    Self Storage in Helotes

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  • A Road Trip To Heal Your Marriage
    By admin on July 3, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Many people discover some way into their married life, perhaps after their children are grown up, that they really do not have much of a marriage at all. This is what happened to Leon and Jane when they had been married 22 years. They were still young, only in their mid 40s, and still active in many areas. The problem was that they were active in separate areas, and their interests have gone separate ways through the years without either of them noticing it.

    They knew they had to do something now that one of their children was married and the other was in college. They were at the house together alone most of the time now, when they were not at work, and they needed something that they both took great interest in. Something that would throw them together in a common way and, in a way, restart their marriage.

    Leon had the idea to buy a recreational vehicle, and begin going on trips together. At first, Jane was a little apprehensive. She knew that something like this was a huge expense, and she was concerned about where they would put it. Leon looked up rv storage online and found many rv storage sites that could possibly meet their needs if they decided to buy one. Jane was very surprised and happy with the rv storage options that they came across, and she decided that if there was rv storage like this available, it might make it worth it to buy one after all.

    So, they did end up getting a recreational vehicle that year, and taking many trips in it. They soon found that it worked wonders for their marriage. First of all, they spent much more time together than they had previously done. The long trips they took made for hours of time that they could talk about anything and everything, in a way getting to know each other again. The complications they came across when they first bought the vehicle were hectic and troublesome, but working on them together made them form a common bond, and gave them something to talk and laugh about later on, after it was over.

    When they were out on their trips, they began forming common interests once again, as they had done when they were dating and first married so many years ago. Jane found that she had a lot of the same interests that Leon did. She had almost forgotten that she liked to fish, and when Leon brought out the fishing poles on their first trip, they had a great time fishing together and spending quality time together, along, without children or anyone else around. Leon, in turn, found that he liked many of the things Jane had always taken an interest in. Jane had always loved hiking and walking long distances. She found the scenery lovely and the exercise very energizing and almost therapeutic. Leon took walks with her on the trails at the parks they would go to in their vehicle, and found that he loved hiking as well.

    This and many other things gave them the much needed chance to really do that thing they had always needed, which was simply spending time together and reforming interests in each others interests. And with the worry of rv storage eliminated, they both found they could enjoy the trips and each other with no reservations, putting their marriage back on track.

    Brooklyn Storage

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  • Co-Worker Service
    By admin on May 19, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Tron Jordheim, (the big guy himself), director of operations at the Phone Smart call center reflects on the need for comfort in the call center environment.
    Time and time again, especially in an office setting we find that people try to make something, anything, their own. The major point is this is our place of employment, a temporary place where we come to do our work. This is not our home we can only try to make it as close to home as possible, for the short period of time that we will be here.
    Due to the hiring increase with people coming and going, there is no way that anyone can claim a cubicle as their own whether they have been here 5 years or 5 days. Being considerate of your surroundings and your co-workers belongings is totally respectful, on the other hand, it is disrespectful to put people in the state of mind that they are invading someone space with the comparison to a home environment. Invading someone’s home and sitting at an open cubicle is on two totally different levels. How do you think a new hire feels when they hear and/or see this type of possessive attitude? This attitude can make a new person feel uncomfortable with their surroundings. When you make a person feel uncomfortable and unattached to the seasoned reps there is a feeling of separation. Personally, I want to be in an office setting that feels like home, with family!!

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