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  • Overview of Portable Self Storage
    By admin on April 18, 2009 | 175 Comments175 Comments  Comments

    Portable self storage is one of the latest and convenient luggage compartment facilities available. In this type of service, the company sends containers at the doorstep of the customers. These containers serve the functions of both storeroom unit and moving vans. The portable on demand service is just a phone call away. You do not have to visit the site personally. Whenever you need this facility, you should call the company and the container will reach you.

    Portable self storage can be rented for one to two months. Once the container reaches your premises, you can store your goods inside it. Keep the container either at your premises or at the storehouse. One of the biggest advantages of portable self storage is that it eliminates the need of loading and unloading the goods several times. Since these containers come to your premises, you do not have to travel with your stuff to the storehouse.

    Other Benefits

    No Need Of Moving Services – Since these mobile units serve as containers and moving vans, there is no need of hiring moving services. Thus, it saves your time and money.

    Better Protection – When you hire a luggage compartment unit, you have to load and unload goods several times. This may cause damage to some of your goods. In case of mobile units, you have to load and unload your goods just once. So, portable container is a relatively safer option for storing goods.

    Convenience – Portable self storage is a boon for busy people as they can store the goods in the container according to their convenience. There is no need of loading the goods in a hurry. Once you have loaded the goods, the storeroom service will come to pick it up.

    Weatherproof - These portable containers are weatherproof. Thus, your stored items are safe wherever you keep the portable container. If you require additional protection for your valuable goods, then you can opt for a climate-controlled facility to store your container. Nowadays, many storing and place for safekeeping businesses offer climate-controlled portable containers too. So, if you want to store climate sensitive goods or belongings at your home, then such portable cargo space containers are a great choice.

    No Damage From Rodents And PestsPortable self storage protects your belongings from damage caused by rodents and pests. Since these containers are properly sealed, there is no possibility of rodents and pests entering your container.

    Useful For Storing Entire Household – These services are useful for people shifting their home from one location to another. You can store your entire household items in these containers and the containers will be made available to your new destination whenever you need.

    Low Cost – Since it eliminates the need of hiring moving services, the cost of hiring portable units is lower than storeroom. If you hire mobile storage, you would not require labor for loading, unloading and handling of goods, which saves money.
    Portable self storage is useful for short term storing needs. If you are looking at long-term solution, then a traditional storeroom will serve your purpose better. Some luggage compartment companies do not allow access to the goods stored in portable containers, while they are lying at the storeroom. Hence, you should always understand your needs before hiring any kind of service in order to enjoy its benefits.

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  • Advantages of Portable Self Storage
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    A portable self storage is a storing unit that is delivered at the premises of the customer for storing articles. It is convenient for the user to access the unit and carry it along whenever he relocates to another town or city. The advantages of such portable storing units are many

    • A storehouse that can be carried from one place to another is a boon to the user. It can be conveniently delivered at the door step of the customer. The user does not have to spend long hours trying to reserve the storing space in paid storehouses. He also does not have to spend time and energy in trying to book a vehicle for carrying articles to a paid store. By using a portable self storage he is saved the trouble of transporting articles to a storehouse all by himself either driving or hiring a transport system. The storehouses will be delivered in the premises of the user by the firm that sells or rents out these storehouses. These storehouses are small in size and hence they are easily accommodated in a house or in the parking area of a house.
    • Loading and unloading goods in a movable storehouse is very convenient. If the storehouse is kept in the premises of the house, one can put articles in it whenever there is a storing need. If the articles are to be shifted to paid storehouses, they can be first kept in the portable self storage as long as the user wants to and then be shifted. People who are very busy find this as a great blessing because they will not be pressurized by the storehouse staff to pack the items that is to be stored in a remotely located storehouse. There will not be any vans or vehicles waiting outside for carrying the packed articles to paid storehouses. One can pack the articles as per convenience and at predetermined timings. The storehouse chambers can be kept in the premises of the tenant for about a couple of weeks. The real estate tenant can load them as and when he gets time.
    • A portable self storage is generally small in size and compact. It is so designed because it is easier to pack articles in a number of small chambers rather than pack them all together in a big movable storehouse. An important advantage of the movable storehouse is that the items that are packed in it suffer less damage. The articles need to be packed just once in the storehouse and they need not be disturbed again. They can be unpacked at the final destination. Packed goods stand a chance of being damaged if they are loaded and unloaded directly and frequently. A portable self storage gives protection that is necessary for keeping the articles in a good condition for a long time. The movable storehouses of some types get easily set with the ground level and the customer does not have to encounter any problems owing to dangerous and difficult loading ramps. These storehouses are very convenient to lodge because on an average, they are in the size of a car. They can be easily lodged in parking places or in the lawns or any other suitable place, thus being one of the best storing options that are available.


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  • Storage is whatever works
    By admin on January 26, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog.

    You might want to take a close look at what works in your market or what might work. I read a flier yesterday for a company that does a self storage business for ski resort vacationers. When you are ready to checkout of your condo after your timeshare week is done, you can call the service to come and get what ever you want to leave at the ski resort. You pack suitcases or small containers and the storage guys come and pick up your stuff. When you return next year for your timeshare week, your stuff is delivered for you to the condo. This way you don’t have to schlep any of your gear that you won’t use again until next year. Cool, yes?

    This is a great convenience for customers. The company charges by the bag or container, so they are billing cubic feet and not square feet. This is good for them. They charge to pick up and deliver. Not a bad model.

    What versions of storage might work for you in your area?

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  • Portable storage?
    By admin on November 3, 2005 | 239 Comments239 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, PhoneSmart’s window into the world of self storage.

    We get to talk to a lot of people about storage every day. This means we catch trends as they are taking shape. We have seen some steady demand for portable pick up and delivery storage. I can’t say that we see more of it than we did last year, but sometimes people call one of our client’s self storage sites looking for portable storage.

    P.O.D.S has had some success in making its name well known. Many times callers even refer to mobile storage as pods. Here is a funny twist to this tale. Callers are confusing storage pod containers with the Apple i-Pod. We have had several calls recently where the caller has asked if we have the “i-pods” for storage.

    We ask a few questions to make sure they are looking for mobile storage and not the music system. And, yes, they are looking for portable mobile storage. You have to laugh at this sort of thing, but it does give you an idea of the power of names and “Key words”.


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