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  • Why You Need Nationwide Self Storage
    By admin on May 9, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Considering the rising demands for storeroom solutions, there has been a boom in the industry and you can find hundreds of local and national self storage systems at almost every place. However, if you are looking for a storing facility to store some of your belongings, there are several things that you need to take into your careful consideration. For example, one of the biggest decisions is making the choice between a local and a national storeroom facility. The local ones include those that are targeting only local customers with no or very few branches in other locations. On the other hand, the national facilities are large establishments that have their branches at plenty of places throughout the country.

    Where To Search

    Whether you are looking for a local or a national storing system, there are several ways to search for the same. Here is a brief rundown about the same. Internet is undoubtedly the best source to find out the details about both types of storeroom solutions. However, if you are looking for a local storing house, you may also like to use the phonebook, yellow pages, or the classifieds in the local newspaper or magazines. You can call the various facilities in order to decide about the best place to store your belongings.

    National Vs Local Storing House

    By choosing to go for a locally owned and operated company, you can enjoy an array of benefits. For example, if they run a small business, they can handle the various issues that they may come across in their day to day operations in the more efficient manner. Besides that, since the owner and the management staffs are local people, the chains of command that you may have to go through are usually much smaller. On the other hand, in case of a national self storage provision, it is a very large business and there are very long chains of command to follow. So, if you have to get a specific permission for your case, such as special discounts or extended access hours, the process can be completely hassling free in a local facility as compared to the national one. Overall, if you want to get the feel of a small time establishment, you should look no further than renting a unit in a local storing house.

    However, renting a national level facility has its own advantages. For example, they are big companies and most of them have already built a solid reputation in the market. Because of this reputation, you are ensured that the storing provision you are renting is safe, secure, and the best place to store your belongings. However, because of the very fact that it is a very large business, there is usually a very long chain of formalities that you need to fulfill in order to utilize their services. Likewise, if you want to contact higher level of management authorities because of some reason, it may not be a very easy task for you. In fact, these facilities have developed in such an efficient way, that customers really need to contact personnel in higher positions of authority.

    Overall, when it comes to making a selection between local and national self storage provision, there are several important points of considerations, such as the types of products, access hours, customer service, and the overall quality of the services.

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  • Nationwide Self Storage
    By admin on January 28, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    The national self storage organizations are witnessing a tremendous boom in recent times. It consists of a network of storehouse real estate firms being set up in different parts of a country. A lot of countries are having national storehouses. One can expect to see these storehouses in almost all the cities and towns of a country. Most of them are being run by the government of those countries. As these are government firms they can be expected to perform well and offer genuine satisfaction to their clients. The rates are also reasonable in comparison to the privately owned firms that run the storehouse business.

    It has been observed that the national self storage storehouses maintain a specific standard of performance regardless of their locations. They have a set of standardized prescribed rules regarding all that they have to deliver and each and every firm belonging to the network of storehouse providers take instructions and communicate with a centralized office which functions as the head office of the entire network. Hence for people who relocate from one place to another quite frequently putting their belongings in these storehouses can turn out to be really beneficial. One need not have to bother about the changing rules when he shifts from one state to another in a given country.

    By hiring storehouses from the national self storage organizations, one can take membership of this network. The advantage of this membership is that if he shifts to a new location he does not have to take the trouble of searching for a new storehouse all over again. He need not take a fresh membership at the new location. He can carry forward his membership and just access the storehouses of the network at any location. This will save him a lot of effort, time and money.

    The storehouses that are provided by the countrywide network provide the same amenities. They have the same security equipment and environmental regulation features. The national self storage organizations also maintain a centralized database that contains information about the status of the storehouses. It can be sued to know the number of storehouses that are available and the number of storehouses that are not available for use on a given day in a given location. This is of great help for people who want to shift their items to another location in a different city. They can check the dates on which the storehouses are available and plan their schedule immediately.

    After finding the availability of the storehouses of their choice in a desired location they can book the storehouses to avoid inconvenience due to non-availability later on. The national self storage network operators meet online to discuss the latest in their network and in the storehouse industry in general. After that they implement all that they find useful in their discussions. They go according to set norms and hence one can be assured of the safety and security of his items in any one of the storehouses that are run by the network of storehouse operators. On approaching a new storehouse belonging to the network one need not worry about the safety, security or periodic supervision and care taking activities. This is because the same standards of safety, security and care taking will be followed by all storehouse operators belonging to a network.

    Self Storage Unit

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  • The Storage Concierge Membership
    By admin on November 6, 2006 | 94 Comments94 Comments  Comments
    Starting December 1, 2006, you will see a new charge on your PhoneSmart invoice for an exciting new benefit we are offering exclusively to our existing clients. Your membership in the Storage Concierge Internet Lead club, an internet lead distribution club for Self Storage facilities participating in PhoneSmart’s call center, will expand your company’s storage leads by using the internet to bring in new, formerly overlooked potential business not found by traditional means.
    Membership in the club is extended to PhoneSmart clients only, and membership is limited to stores that PhoneSmart serves with its call center.
    For more than a year PhoneSmart has been working on internet lead production strategies and our knowledgeable staff have learned how to generate an incredible amount of internet leads for self storage from this vast medium of potential customers.
    In first quarter 2006 we worked thousands of internet leads and found that a proficient follow-up system was needed to organize and benefit from the vast amount of potential leads we uncovered. Otherwise so many leads would be created that you could bury yourself in them. The Storage Concierge Club is a way to create more rentals for you from sources other than incoming phone calls.
    Over the last several months PhoneSmart has been working for you to develop that system; one that could reliably and effectively work internet leads for both quantity and quality. We have good working relationships with internet lead producers and have our own proprietary lead generators. Now we’re ready to open the flood gates.
    What do you get?
    In order to make club membership very reasonable and very profitable, and to make these leads available to you, we need wide participation and support from all of our clients. Because the cost is spread out among club members so everyone can benefit, the Storage Concierge Club allows you to participate in first class internet lead capture strategies at very low cost.
    Our money back guarantee ensures that you are completely satisfied with your Storage Concierge membership, or we will refund your monthly Club fees (you pay only for Hot Leads and/or Credit Card Reservations acquired during your trial membership).
    People who are searching the internet to find self storage are not using traditional means of gathering information, such as the yellow pages to fill this need. These would normally be missed opportunities. Our research has shown that internet leads are more productive if we use the power of our collective client base. The more locations we have to find leads for, the more leads we can get for all our clients. Using our entire client list to collect and work leads allows us to cast a wide net for leads, which allows us to capture more leads to distribute. The power of our group allows us to pull in leads you otherwise certainly would have missed.
    How does it work?
    PhoneSmart acquires leads from various lead sources and creates leads through its own proprietary search engines and on-line locators. Our research staff pre-qualifies each lead and passes the workable leads on to our sales team for follow-up. After pre-qualification and sales effort the leads are directed to the closest Storage Concierge Club member store.
    We only submit a lead to you under two conditions:
    1. We emailed the potential customer an offer from Storage Concierge and then talked in-person to the prospect to help locate a store the prospect is willing to commit to. In this case you would receive a Hot Lead or a Credit Card reservation for these prospects.
    2. We were unable to speak personally to the prospect before the started time of need for a storage unit, but did email an offer and verified that the name and phone number are correct. In this case you would receive a Hot Lead only.
    *You never pay us for leads or reservations with incorrect or unusable contact information.
    *You never pay us for leads that are rejected by our research staff for being incomplete, out of area, or otherwise bogus.
    We will only submit a lead or reservation to one store, so there is no “competing” for leads and no doubling or tripling of lead submissions. If we have multiple Storage Concierge Club Member stores close to a prospect, we will offer all the stores in the area requested and let the prospect chose which one location is best for his or her need based on location, features, availability, etc. Then we will submit the lead or reservation to that one store only.
    Leads and Reservations will show “Web” in the name field after the person’s last name, so you know this prospect came from the Storage Concierge Club. This allows you to track the results and sources of Storage Concierge Club leads and reservations.
    Our experience has shown that the conversion rates from the internet on Hot Leads is almost just as good as conversion rates from phone calls. The conversion rate on Credit Card Reservations from these internet leads is every bit as good as incoming phone calls.
    *We see 18-22% of workable internet leads renting. And we only send you workable leads.
    If you are buying leads from a lead source for us to work or if you’re sending us propriety leads from your company’s website, your store would be the only store offered to these prospects.
    We encourage you to work with two lead generating companies to supply us leads for your stores. Please contact:
    1. Kristi Gubbels at tel. 402.616.9135
    2. Randy Goldberg at tel. 866.463.8532
    Contract with these companies to send us leads for your stores. These two services are diverse but each very effective in channeling leads.
    You pay nothing extra for the leads Phone-Smart creates through its proprietary lead generators.
    PhoneSmart makes it a priority to be on the forefront of innovative strategies and tactics that bring business to our clients. We have proven ourselves a profitable partner, so you know that you can trust us on this program as well. We know we can create the leads, however if you wish to opt out now please contact me by email at
    This is a tremendous opportunity for you to make the internet work for you without the hassle and the high cost. Please add the Storage Concierge Membership Club Membership fees to your monthly payment to PhoneSmart and tell your staff to be on the look–out for Storage Concierge web leads.
    Thank you for your support and participation. We are eager to help you rent more units.


    Tron Jordheim
    PhoneSmart Director

    Your local self storage unit provider in 11510 N. Main, Kansas City, MO. 64155

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  • When Disaster Strikes
    By admin on July 31, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Robin Turner, call center manager and self storage insider, offers the following.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog, an insider view of the self storage industry.
    Last year some areas were hit with devastating blows by the wicked weather that swept across the globe. Many lives were changed and lost due to the horrific disasters that came about. Many are still trying to regain and cope with what happened last year.
    As we’re now approaching the 2006 hurricane season again, what type of situations are you prepared to deal with? If you dealt with last year’s catastrophes, then you may be a bit more prepared this year. However, if you weren’t… you should start planning now “just in case”. You never know what the future holds and you don’t want to be caught unprepared.
    When Katrina hit, many self self storage facilities were not prepared to rent units due to one reason or another. Some properties had lost electrical power in their area and were not prepared to manually rent the units and give cash back… a calculator can be very helpful in those times of need. A back up procedure can save much time so you can revert directly to that, instead of having to figure out what to do while you have a line of confused customers at your door.
    You need to be prepared to handle customers who have lost mostly everything they own as well as possibly… lost family members. It can be quite a chaotic and stressful time for many. Making it as easy as possible will relieve at least a bit of tension.
    If you have some steps that you can take in order to relieve some of your patrons that can also make a difference. Take for example: perhaps bottled water and plenty of toiletries available, plenty of copies of rental agreements on hand, etc. in case the electricity goes out, toys for the kids to play with while waiting with their parents, etc.
    These little perks will be more than just good sales techniques; they’ll help strengthen the human spirit in its time of need. How will you prepare for potential disasters so that your store stands out from the rest in your area if you have to deal with a crisis satiation?

    Self Storage in Kentucky 750 Winchester Rd, Lexington,KY,40505
    Manager:Gleta Edwards
    ph:(859) 254-2000
    fax(859) 255-6982
    Extensive Access Hours from 6am to 10pm every day of the week

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  • Where will we go from here?
    By admin on July 18, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Kay Johnson, blog editor and “old timer” in the PhoneSmart call center looks to the future.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog an inside diary of the self-storage industry.

    There is definite seasonal flow in our self-storage call center. Various times of the year have different demands and require different strategies to keep business moving along. Right now we are in a busy cycle that will lead up to heavy demand by Labor Day weekend. We are fortunate here that we have talented people who are always looking for something that we could add to our roster. Some things seem like wonderful ideas but do not pan out while other new projects become a lasting part of our repertoire of services. Our staff here is always ready to tackle a “new” project. We are always welcome to suggest projects and services and our suggestions are given real merit. The answer is often, “run with it and see how it goes” so we feel that we are on the cutting edge of call center service.
    This attitude has allowed me to do this thing that I love, editing the blogs, in addition to being on the phone giving service for our clients by helping their clients. New departments have been developed within this atmosphere of creativity. People who can think outside the box are allowed to stretch their minds and reach for horizons. Sometimes the flow of ideas is nearly overwhelming but out of the several comes the one that sticks and works and becomes a lasting offering.
    In this atmosphere young short term workers get experience in speaking up with ideas that will serve them well as they move on, for those of us who have our feet planted and wish long term opportunities we can bring our past experiences into the mix and gain feelings of satisfaction and creative stimulation.
    There is always something cooking at PhoneSmart. The next good idea may be a real extra profit builder for your company. Send e-mail or give us a call we can’t wait to see what we can do for you.

    Storage Concierge Self Storage in Kansas
    Storage Concierge Self Storage in Kentucky
    Storage Concierge Self Storage in Louisiana

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  • Still cold
    By admin on December 8, 2005 | No Comments  Comments

    As you might expect, this cold snap has slowed down our call volume from all parts of the country. The only place that does have good weather is South Florida. And all the self storage facilities are full because of the hurricanes, so we don’t have too many rental opportunitites today.

    But as luck would have it, school was cancelled here in Columbia, MO, because the roads were too slick this morning for the school buses to run. So a few of our staff people stayed home to play with their kids.

    So we are right staffed for the day for our incoming calls. We are devoting more time than we had scheduled for working on a few of our special outbound projects, too. So as with every other day, we are taking it as it comes and making the most of it.

    How are things in your corner of the world?

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  • Love New York
    By admin on June 24, 2005 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, PhoneSmart’s window on the self storage business.

    I had a dicussion today with a client about taking calls for New York City stores. I have a discussion like this fairly often. Most people, even people who live in New York, find New Yorkers intimidating. I lived in New York City for 25 years and I love the town and its people, so I am certainly biased in their favor. But our call center reps love New Yorkers, too. We answer for quite a few stores in the NYC Metro area and even though you do talk to peolpe who are in a hurry from time to time, the vast majority of the callers are no different than anyone else.

    Actually they can be more open, honest and forthright in the answers they give us. They are also looking to make a decision, so they can get on with their hurried lives So when we offer a good solution to their situations, they accept them. New York callers are rarely rude, even though they sometimes like to haggle and like to “give you a hard time” about issues, just to see if they are getting a good and honest deal from you. Our reps know that you just have to give them a hard time back and assure them that they are making a good choice.

    Like in any immigrant centers in the US, sometimes New York callers are difficult to understand. So we have to be patient with them and in turn, they tend to be patient with us. Like people everywhere they enjoy being treated in a friendly and respectful way. And they like to make a reservation when you offer them a good value at a fair price. I heard a rep of ours thids morning getting off of a phone call after taking a reservation signing, “I love New York”.

    bye for now,

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