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  • Moving Often
    By Joel on November 1, 2011 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

    There are many families that will be moving all the time up to several times a year. When you move that many times a year, moving is not a big deal to you. You even find yourself not buying so many things because you do not want to pack those extra things up when you move. Most of the people that move consistently are those kind of people that have a plan each time they move. They might not even unpack everything they once had in their last home. They know they will have to move again in months.

    If you are going to move that much, it is a good idea to make sure that you purchase items that you can reuse over and over. Plastic totes are a great alternative to cardboard self storage moving boxes when you are storing your items in a self storage unit. It is a good idea to place the belongings that will not be unpacked every time you move in to storage. This way you can consider getting a smaller space each time that you move. If you do not need a large space why get one. Use plastic totes each time you move.

    With plastic totes you do not have to worry about the bottom falling out if you have heavy items in the box. You also do not have to worry about boxes getting crushed. If you have plastic totes when you move often, you can stack them up as high as you want and not worry about them toppling over because of pressure. It might cost you a little bit at first when you purchase the plastic totes, but at least you will not have to worry about purchasing anything else when you move next.


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  • A Simple Transition
    By admin on October 27, 2011 | 8 Comments8 Comments  Comments

    guest blog by:
    Erik Braunitzer
    of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, Agents for New York City Condos.

    Moving to another home can be an expensive process, even if you’re not heading across the country. When you are forced to move and have limited time and money to get the packing done, your stress level can go through the roof. Here are some tips to help you move affordably, allowing you to make a successful transition into your new home.

    The first lesson is to be prepared for anything. This means having more on hand than you really think you’ll need. In particular, this includes having plenty of boxing tape, a few extra box cutters and loads of boxes. Stock up on bags; keep a container of markers handy. Sheets are great for wrapping items and a handcart will save your back. Lastly, keep a toolset handy and you will be ready to go.

    In the even that you will be putting items in storage, add a few extra things to your list. Mousetraps will protect your belongings, as will moth balls. You also might consider adding air fresheners so your items don’t pick up that musty smell. Newspapers are a cheap way to wrap fragile items. Stock up on these items and you are prepared to begin the packing.

    Label Everything
    There’s nothing worse than searching through boxes without labels. Spare yourself the misery by taking the time to label items as you go. It doesn’t matter if its extra soap for the bathroom or your fine wedding china. Label the items to make your life easier when you arrive in the new home. Mark what’s in the box, what room it will go in, how heavy the box is and whether or not it is fragile.

    You might also want to consider using a scaling system to mark your boxes as they are packed. Items with a number one would be considered very important and should be opened first, items that are labeled as low as a number ten could be left indefinitely.

    Nothing helps you get organized at your new home like a well-planned inventory list. You don’t want to toss something on the packing side and then waste time searching for it when you are unpacking. Make the inventory list before packing even begins so you can be sure you don’t forget to pack something. Mark every box on the inventory sheet so you will know that all the boxes arrive safely. Make a note of items you decide to donate or throw out so you won’t forget and search for them later. This step is time-consuming but can save a great deal of frustration later.

    If you are moving in town you can recruit friends to help you on the big day. As soon as you decide to move you should start talking to friends and relatives who have big vehicles and might be willing to help. If necessary, rent a truck or hire a moving van. The vehicles should be lined up well in advance so you are not left scrambling to transport items on moving day. Remember that the more people who come with vehicles, the fewer trips back and forth you will have to make.

    Ask for Help
    This isn’t to say you should hire professionals, but your friends are probably willing to help and you should let them. The chore will go faster, you will have less physical strain on your body and they can help ease some of the anxiety that goes with moving. They can help you pack, label and unpack. The key is to make sure that everyone is using the same labeling method and you will be in great shape when you arrive at your new home.

    Following these steps can take most of the stress out of packing. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and with this advice it can be a little less of a dreaded chore.

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  • Keep Moving Expenses Down
    By Joel on October 26, 2011 | 31 Comments31 Comments  Comments

    If you ask people what they think about moving, many will tell you that they never want to do it, it’s expensive and it is a waste of a day. I am sure there are more opinions about moving out there, but the majority of people dislike moving as a whole. There are people that have deliberately decided not to have a lot of possessions because they did not want to pack all those things up when they had to move. Sometimes moving is more of a have to instead of a want to. You never know when it is your time to move, so many people try to be prepared. They also try to figure out different ways to save money on moving.

    One way people can save money on moving is by using the same boxes over and over again. The key to this is to buy boxes that are sturdy. If you do not have sturdy boxes, this method of saying money will not work. Now of course you have to realize that you will pay little extra for those storage boxes at first but you will not have to buy any next time. If you are not liking the idea of buying boxes at all, you can drive around to your local grocery stores or retail environments to see if they have any boxes that you can use. They will most likely give them to you since they are just going to compact them or throw them away.

    Instead of renting a moving truck and movers, you can have a couple of your loyal friends with trucks come by and help you out. Typically one of your friends will know someone with a trailer or a couple of trucks that you can use. It might take a couple of trucks and a trailer or two to help you move but it will save you money. With the addition of many friends helping you move, you will get done quickly. The more time you save, the more money you save.

    One last tip that can save you some dollars on your move day is making sure you pack things as tight as possible. The reason for this is so you can make the least amount of trips as you can. That will of course save you gas. With the prices of gas, it is essential for you to save as much as you can. So make sure boxes get stacked properly, you bring with you what you are going to keep, and ensure that the right sized item goes in the right vehicle.

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  • Move to the Lone Star State with the Help of a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Round Rock storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  Round Rock is a suburb of Austin, Texas, which is the capital city of Texas.  Most people do not know this, they think maybe Dallas or Houston is the capital but they are not.  Austin is somewhat in the middle of this giant State land wise, and is in a great location for Texans.  You are six to seven hours away from Mexico, you are about three hours away from Houston, and another four hours to Dallas from Houston and Dallas is not far from Oklahoma.  San Antonio is only a little more than an hour from Austin, so you can see how many things there are to do in this State.  Corpus Christi is a great beach town too and is very easy to get to from San Antonio or Austin.  The beaches are cleaner than Galveston, which is by Houston.  Millions of people have moved to Texas within the last thirty years or so and in the nineteen seventies when our families first moved to Texas, Houston to be exact, over five thousand people a day were moving to Houston.  You could see it on the highways, freeways as more and more cars plugged up the roads, and Houston now is one of the most polluted cities in the world, mostly from cars.  Texans do not like mass transit, so you really do not see it in the State.  Austin was famous for a long time for having city busses only charge one dime to ride them.  We think it has gone up since then.  Galveston had a major hurricane bury it in the sixties and Austin can flood too.  Houston can flood very fast.  In minutes, the water can rise on the streets all the way up to your tires.  That is no fun when you are trying to get home from work in a safe way.  In the half-full or half-empty glass line of thinking, Texas has great weather.  We used to joke that there is two seasons in Texas, hot and very hot, but it can hit into the twenties or thirties on occasion.

    Round Rock storage units are located in the great State of Texas near Austin.  Austin is often in the top places to live in the United States of America, and has made even the number one best place to live on some occasions and some surveys and polls.  It is the weather, the parks, the location and the health of its citizens.  However, do not be fooled by all the hype because we hear drugs are way too available to kids in schools.  Texas is close to Mexico, and a lot of drugs come through this State.  The border towns of Texas have become more dangerous too, and problems like these do hurt Texas a little bit.  Texas is still growing though, as a lot of warm weather States are growing too.  No State income tax is great here too, because it draws a lot of rich people who come here and add jobs to the economy.

    Round Rock storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  It is very close to Austin which makes it a very desirable place to live and visit.

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  • Life Changes Helped Along with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 28, 2011 | 157 Comments157 Comments  Comments

    Mark was the biggest football fanatic in Overland Park. He had grown up in the Kansas City area since he was five and as soon as his dad and grandpa took him to his first professional football game he was a die hard fan. Through the good years and the bad his love and devotion for his team never wavered. When his other friends left behind the team for the hot team of the moment Mark stuck with his first love. There was nothing that anyone could say to convince him to even consider cheering for another team.

    When Mark got married he was lucky enough to find a girl who had four brothers so she understood the sports fanatic side of him. After they got married and found their first home together she took a weekend while he was away and turned their guest room into a sports den for him. She put in a leather sofa, a flat screen television, and put up all of his favorite sports memorabilia on the walls. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen, and even though she joked that she did it to get him and his friend out of her living room every Sunday but he knew that was not the reason she did it.

    All of their guest bedroom furniture she had moved into an Overland Park, Kansas storage unit that she rented. Mark and his friends loved watching the game in there and all of his friends were jealous that his wife had done that for him.

    There were many great games watched together in his sports room, but all great things must come to an end. When his wife brought him a tiny team jersey to inform him that they were expecting their first child he had to sit down and take a deep breath. They had talked about having kids but nothing had been decided.

    With only two bedrooms in the house it looked as though the sports man room was going to be taken down and turned into a nursery space. The sports memorabilia came down and was safely boxed up and along with the couch everything was moved into the Overland Park storage unit. Perhaps in a few years they would be able to afford a bigger place, but for right now the nursery was getting the space.

    When they found out that they were having a baby girl Mark was a little nervous. He didn’t know much about baby girls and was already worried about how he was going to handle her first date. With the space cleared out and everything safely stored away in the Overland Park storage unit the nursery came together fast. Instead of a leather sofa there was a rocking chair and a crib. Instead of the walls holding sports memorabilia and a television they were painted a soft yellow and there were stuffed animals sitting on shelves.

    On the day that his daughter was born Mark could not believe how tiny and perfect she was. He held her in his arms while her momma was sleeping and just looked at her tiny finders and her tiny nose that was just like his. He could not wait to get both of his girls back home and take care of them.

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  • Home Running Low on Space? Try Renting a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 27, 2011 | 131 Comments131 Comments  Comments

    Karen loved her new house in Merriam. There was room for her family to play and her children no longer had to share a room so hopefully there was going to be less fighting too. They had more personal space now, and the spaces that were for family togetherness like the kitchen and the living room were bigger. The back yard was fenced in and there was plenty of room for her children to run and play. The only drawback to the house was the lack of storage space that there was in the garage. It was a negative for the house, but in the end it was not a deal breaker for them to decide on purchasing the home.

    In her old home Karen had a closet under the stairs in the garage that she stored all of her seasonal items like her Christmas decorations and boxes that she had of clothes that she was determined to fit into once again. The new house with all of its perks had one negative in that the garage had no closet for storage. There were a few shelves on one side of the garage but they were only deep enough to hold tools or paint cans. They were not deep enough to hold boxes.

    A few days after they had moved in the kids spent the day with their grandparents and Karen and her husband were heading out for a lunch date. On the way to eat Karen noticed a Merriam, Kansas storage unit that she had seen before but never really paid attention to before. It made her think of those boxes sitting in the corner of the home office space that she had no idea what to do with yet. She felt that the unpacking was not going to be done until she could find someplace to get everything put away.

    With no storage space in the garage she began to think how great it would be to have a Merriam storage space that she could use to place those boxes in and anything else that needed a storage space while her family continued to grow. She explained her ideas to her husband and he listened to her list all the ways that having a Merriam storage unit could help them get unpacked and give them room to grow.

    After lunch they stopped by the Merriam storage unit and talked to the manager about what kinds of amenities their location had to offer its renters, and what size storage unit would work best for them to rent. They liked not only the convenient location of the facility but the affordable pricing. They were also satisfied with the safety and security measures that the location offers so that they know that what they put into their self storage unit will be kept safe.

    So with one lunch outing with her husband she now had a space in which to finish unpacking and giving everything a place in which to be put away. By the end of the week the seasonal items were moved into the Merriam storage unit as well as a few boxes of clothes and an end table that they could find no where to put in their house. Karen was happy to be unpacked and completely moved into their new home.

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  • Use Self Storage When Living in a Big City
    By jeff on January 25, 2011 | 11 Comments11 Comments  Comments

    Hillcrest storage has a small place in my heart because this is the first place I was in when I came to New York for the very first time.  I was alone with just a small truck fresh from graduating collage and ready for my next adventure.  I remember looking over my balcony while living in the dorms wondering where I would go next and who would hire me to do anything they wanted.  I have a marketing degree, and that means moving to a big city and where is there a bigger city than New York?

    It was daunting of course; I drove all the way from Texas to New York with a few possessions.  I had a TV and a chair, a stereo and things of that nature.  Of course, I had clothes, but I was mostly poor in school, I did not have the luxury of a family with money or anything else for that matter.  That is okay though, my aspirations of being rich were not there.  I just wanted a job, an apartment, peace of mind, and New York!

    At Hillcrest storage, I thought of all the great places to see and do in New York.  I could act like a hipster and go to a jazz club or go punk at CGBG’s.  I could see a Broadway play and drink coffee at four in the morning.  I could visit Soho.  I could go to Grenwich Village and be cool.  I could just walk around and slide into bookstores with glorious books all over the walls up and down shelves.  I could act smart at coffee shops and talk art, music, and politics.

    First, I need a job though.  I am equipped with a degree in business.  I know something.  I learned how to balance things, market things, introduce new products, think of things.  I became a salesperson.  It seems after all these interviews and questions and answers and dressing up in suits and polishing shoes and, well, I ended up in sales.  I was a salesperson in New York.  Maybe I should be excited and not disappointed.  I get a paycheck every week and sell a good product.  It is a start.

    I am surviving in New York.  I live in a tiny flat under a street.  I see feet, shoes, and legs from my window.  My TV works too.  I have a few channels but I walk a lot instead.  You got to walk a lot in New York.  Get with the people, and get with the streets.  This street looks like the Midnight Cowboy Street.  The cowboy from Texas walking down the street asking for directions, remember?  I am not a cowboy though, or in a movie.  I started at a Hillcrest storage place and moved up from there.  I am in New York for the first time.  That is how I felt at the time anyway.  I am older now.  I still have storage too.  It is filled with bikes and toys and lawn mowers, one does not work.  I keep it though, I do not know why.  I should go to my storage and clean it out sometimes.  Maybe after the football game.  Maybe after a sandwich and a beer.  I should have thrown that lawnmower away.

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  • Move on Your Terms When You Use Self Storage
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Helping your friends move is always an iffy proposition to undertake.  Jim called me up last week and said he was moving and needed help.  He chose a Briarwood storage company to move to and store his things with until he was settled.  He said he would buy all the beer we could drink, which is a typical thing to do, to supply your friends who help you move.  Especially in the summer, when beer tastes the best. I do not know how much beer we can drink while lifting heavy loads onto a truck than unloading them later.

    We had about five of us drinking and moving and laughing and talking and things went pretty well at first.  We had dollys, ramps, ropes, directions, bosses, ice coolers, and everything else.  We had a radio playing classic rock and we had too many songs that we knew too well.  Bob slipped once and fell on a table.  We do not know why it did not break but it did not break.  Bill tripped once and spilled two drops of beer.  We moved a lot of things one handed because we were macho men who could move things with a beer in one hand, and a lamp in the other hand.  The Briarwood storage manager must have seen people drinking before while moving because he waved to us and looked the other way from his perch in his office.  Yes, we were drinking and driving but it was not far, or it did not seem too far.  It should be farther if you are going to move somewhere.  We saw people move across the street once when we young.  The house looked about the same from the house they were leaving but who knows.  I have never moved across the street before.  That seems silly.

    We made two more beer runs and now that we made it to the Briarwood storage facility things were looking up.  We opened the truck door in the back and things stayed pretty much, where we put them.  I dreaded seeing them again though, so I knew I had not drank enough beer.  I carried a lamp and a dryer on a dolly and drank more beer.  It was hot that day and we all drank faster and faster as the day wore on.  The radio sounded better too as these songs brought me back to when I was just a kid.  I remember first hearing that Zeppelin song in a friend’s house somewhere in Chicago.  It was a revelation then, now you get tired of the same old songs over and over again.  We all agree if Free Bird comes on the radio, we will turn it off and sing ourselves.  We know the words we feel but I do not want to hear that song in anyway or fashion.  Can they ever play a song we have not heard a thousand times in our lives?  Oh no, here comes Smoke on the water.  We can all play the first riff on guitars.  Real guitars not air guitars or rock band guitars or fake stuff.  Are we out of beer again?  We are drinking too fast.  It must be my turn to go on a beer run so let me leave this Briarwood storage facility.

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  • Stop Dreading Moving Day. Use Self Storage.
    By jeff on January 18, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    When we got the news we were moving to New York I nearly jumped out of my chair.  Here we are in this tiny town of a few thousand and now we were heading to New York.  The company I work for made the change, and we agreed beforehand wherever they said to go, we would go.  We thought about where it might be for months now.  We had our favorite choices.  Some were not going to happen like Hawaii or Italy or California.  My daughter wanted a beach.  She would settle for Florida, South Beach or Los Angeles or Mexico or anything with a beach.  Even the Jersey shore would be all right.  She might meet the Situation whoever he is.  Is that his real name?  My son wanted no part of that even though he mentioned some strange names he might want to meet.  I guess they looked good.  He is of that age where girls are starting to look good.  My wife likes beaches and water too, but it came down that we would be dropping off our truck and possessions in Bayridge storage in New York.

    Our company sent us professional movers and within a half a day, the truck was loaded.  We did not have too much, we thought, but box after box was filled up in our modest home.  We made three trips to get more boxes and more tape and some were better at packing than others were.  My wife packed the kitchen, I packed the tools and garage stuff, my son and daughter packed their rooms.  My wife supervised all packing as not to break anything.  We watched everything leave our house, beds and couches, my favorite chair and reading lamp and other things.  The movers were fast.  They were big and had muscles my daughter noticed.  My son was uninterested, preferring to play games on his DS or whatever it is called.  One can play these games in any situation it looks like.  I thought I saw him playing a game and filling a box up at the same time.  My young daughter can talk on her cell phone all day it seems.  She can also pack and talk on the phone at the same time.  I try to do one thing at a time.  They say multi tasking is now not good.  It used to be good.  Coffee was bad before too.  Sometimes you are forced to multi task but doing this at a Bayridge storage facility is not a forced activity.  My son is winning though and a short break to kill fifty more soldiers instead of lifting a sofa into the storage space is not multi-tasking in my mind.  Thank goodness, we have no sleeper sofa.  You ever try to move one of them.  Once a friend of mine and I tried to move a sleeper sofa into a second floor apartment for another, older, friend of ours.  We actually had to pick it high enough to lift it over a fence.  I will never do that again.  Going up the stairs too was a headache and that sofa can break your back.  I digress though.  I am in Bayridge storage in New York and I am happy to be here.

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  • Maryland Moves Made Easier with Self Storage
    By jeff on December 15, 2010 | 19 Comments19 Comments  Comments

    Planning on a move to Crofton, Maryland? Already live there but are planning on a change of location around the city? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you will be in need of a packing and moving check list. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help your move go smoothly and how having a Crofton, Maryland storage unit can help you while you are in this time of transition.

    • Your next home is awaiting you and you are preparing for the move. The first thing that you will be working towards is organizing, cleaning, and packing up the contents of your life into bins, boxes, bags, crates or anything that will help you get your possessions from point A to point B. Before you get started packing you want to get enough supplies to at least get you through the majority of your stuff. Boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, permanent marker, and newspapers are the usual staples of packing. When looking for these supplies check with your local Crofton storage facility for competitive prices on all of your packing needs. Make sure that your boxes are taped well from the bottom so that nothing falls out. It also helps the unpacking process if you label the outsides of the boxes with either the contents of the box or what room it belongs in to help know where all of the boxes need to be unloaded to. Books containing your breakables or valuables that have been wrapped up in bubble wrap or newspaper should get a label of fragile so they can be handled more carefully. Similar to that is labeling boxes with books or weighty items as heavy to insure that no one gets hurt trying to unexpectedly pick it up.
    • When moving to Crofton or changing locations within the city sometimes there can be a lack of storage space at the new locations. Not enough closet space or no storage space can leave you unable to find a place to put away all of your belongings. A quick call, click, or visit to a Crofton storage unit and you can find a safe and secure off site storage unit for those extra boxes or pieces of furniture that no longer fit in your spaces.
    • Sometimes when moving to a new location you find that there is a gap between when you have to vacate your current premises and when you can move into your new apartment or home. for those times when your leases don’t match up with each other then having a Crofton storage unit can help you survive the few weeks that you need to wait to move into your new location. With a prorated unit you only have to pay for the days that you need the unit. While it is not possible for you to live inside your self storage unit, having a space to store all of your belongings will leave you with one less worry about what to do in the in-between times.

    These are just a few of the things that you have to consider when planning your move to Crofton or around town. Making a written check list will help to insure that you get everything done for the move. Consider these ways of adding self storage to help you in your move.

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