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  • Mobile Self Storage Is The Way To Go
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    Facilities such as mobile self storage have made things very convenient for those who need to rent a storing house to store their belongings. Earlier, when this option was not available to customers, they had a very difficult time transferring their goods from their homes or offices to the storerooms. If you do not have your own truck, you would probably borrow the same from your friend or get a rental one. You would load all your belongings in the truck and then move it to the facility yourself.

    However, in the last few years, the wide availability of the storing options has made things much easier than ever before. The facilities that provide these options actually send the storing units to your location. Their staff loads the goods that you want to store and then carries the same to the facility. They also deliver the goods physically at your chosen location, if requested. This way, you save a great deal of time and money. Following are some of the valuable features that these mobile units have to offer. 

    Customers Get Multiple Choices

    When you opt for mobile self storage , you get multiple options to choose from. For example, you can either choose to keep the transferrable units at your own building home or office or get the mobile units transported to a central warehouse location owned by the company.

    Your Goods Are Secure

    Optimum security for your goods is another important feature that these units have to offer. You get ultimate peace of mind because you know that your stuffs are stored in a completely safe and secure way. The mobile units do not just carry a lock and key system in the name of security. They are often equipped with an array of security options that may include video options, alarm systems, heavy duty steel locking arm, and a secure lockbox.

    Heavy Duty Steel Construction

    These storing agencies are often created with heavy duty steel and reinforced edges, roofs, and doors. The reason behind such strong construction is that they are moving units and they are usually not kept in a climate controlled area. They are constructed in a way to resist external damage and withstand weather changes.


    The customers undoubtedly enjoy a far better level of convenience with these storing options. For example, you can keep the pod at your chosen location for as long as you want. The companies usually impose very few restrictions or time limits with systems. With a mobile self storage solution, you do not have to rush. You can take your time.

    Custom Design    

    You will also be glad to know that such facilities for mobile self storage are available in all sizes. You can even get a custom designed cargo space unit that to meet your specific requirements. If the standard sizes, including 40, 20, or 10 foot units are not sufficient for your unique safekeeping needs, you can always ask the company to design a special storing unit to meet your specifications. For example, you can even get units that are designed to accommodate large equipment and machineries.

    With so many features, mobile self storage systems have proved to be a turning point in the industry. It has added an additional level of convenience and security for the goods stored. Therefore, if you are considering renting an extra space to store your belongings do not forget to check your mobile options.

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  • Features of Mobile Self Storage
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    Mobile self storage consists of a number of routine activities. The work might turn out to be quite monotonous when done on a daily basis. The persons who work in this real estate industry rely heavily on their computers for the performance of some routine activities. There are a lot of computerized applications available in the market these days that help the storehouse operators in managing the portable storehouses. These software applications come with a lot of powerful tools that make the job very convenient. The computerized applications are available with a lot of functionality and they can be used for a lot of activities. One can track the mobile container or find out about tenant details by using the software.

    Computerized applications specifically designed to manage mobile self storage operations were developed only recently. There are different types of software with varied functionalities and features available. The software evolved over time. There are computerized applications with standardized features and there are customized applications too. The software developers have designed the software applications after finding out the needs of both the storehouse operators and their clients. They have taken the suggestions of both the storehouse operators and the clients and incorporated them into the software that they developed. As a result these computerized applications are expected to satisfy the storehouse operators and the customers very much.

    As the computerized applications for managing the mobile self storage operations are always developed keeping in view the requirements of the people that use them, these applications are subjected to frequent modifications. Hence, they always come up with innovative features and useful modifications. A very commendable feature of most of the latest applications that are used to manage portable storehouses is their ability to track the portable storehouses regardless of their locations. Tracking a portable container is one of the most important functionalities of the computerized applications. By using the software applications one can exactly guess the location in which the container is.

    A commonly seen problem that occurs in the mobile self storage organization is that the portable containers are always misplaced. This happens when the clients specify three or four locations from which the items need to be picked up or dropped at. The renter might ask the transportation staff to deliver some items at his workplace and some more at home and some more at the house of his acquaintance. As a result, the items stand a good chance of being misplaced. This does not mean that misplacement is a habit with the storehouse operators, but it might happen occasionally. Generally the storehouse operators see to it that each and every item that needs to be transported reaches its destination safely.

    Computerized bar codes are used by the mobile self storage organization to identify the portable containers in which the items belonging to the client are packed. The bar codes consist of letters and digits that are written in a format in which the software can understand and recognize the container. It seems that in the storehouse industry, GPS systems will be used in the future to track the portable containers. GPS systems are highly accurate systems that help in determining the exact location of a container that is on the move. The date and time of pick up or delivery of a container is accurately recorded. The tracking software can also be used for locating an item when in the storehouse itself.

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    Minden Self Storage

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  • Big Weekend
    By admin on July 5, 2005 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, PhoneSmart’s window on the storage industry.

    Happy Independence Day!

    So the biggest holiday of the summer season is over – along with what is likely one of the biggest moving weekends of the year. This year, Independence Day just happened to fall on a Monday making it a 3 day weekend to boot. As a Secret Shopper here at PhoneSmart, the day was pretty quiet. Many of our shopping clients aren’t open on this holiday. But that doesn’t stop us. There was still work to be done, calls to be listened to, and shops to evaluate.

    It was a very big weekend for our call center sales force. In fact we in Secret Shopping Land spent time almost every day last week in the call center helping out. It really helps us to get a new fresh perspective about our customers. We remember to pay close attention to our callers so we know how to make better shoppers.

    We listen for what they need to store and what their situation is all about. As shoppers we try to be as realistic as possible and what could be more real than actual customers? Many of them were taking advantage of the long weekend and moving their entire house or just using the time to get some things out of the way. Whatever their reason, it made for higher call volume and lots of unit reservations.

    We have heard some of the more unique stories as well however. It sometimes surprises me what some people are willing to tell perfect strangers about themselves or their lives. Then there are other customers who aren’t even willing to tell you what pieces of furniture they are storing so you can help them determine the right size. Many times, we are left with too much or too little information to accurately assess their needs.

    All of the people we talk to when taking calls however, helps us learn how to be more realistic in our shops. We know what information people like to hold back and what info most callers give freely. It’s also important to listen to what people are likely to store in certain parts of the country as well as the words they use to describe things. It may be completely obvious that we’re shoppers if we are storing a baby grand piano or a classic car in a part of town that houses many lower income families. Also in some areas, a storage unit might be called a “bin” or a “locker”. As always, it all goes into the bank of knowledge that we use to get ideas of how to be better shoppers.

    We are always learning from our customers. If it’s not how to sound more like them, it’s how to help them more effectively. We learn what customers are interested in and looking for in storage so that info can be used to sell our facilities and so we can pass that knowledge on through training our secret shopping clients.

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