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  • Self Storage Need for Loved One Passing
    By Joel on October 21, 2011 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

    A death in the family is a hard time for everyone involved. Finding a self storage unit is not high on your priority list. Due to that death in the family, there will have to be people to go through the belongings of that person which no one really wants to do. In order to get everything taken care of for the passed loved one, it must happen. Of course you have to deal with the funeral itself and then between some people, then come the hard part, going through someone else’s belongings.  Especially the belongings of someone that you cared about and loved.


    Some family members will tell you that you they do not have time to go through all the belongings. Some will tell you that they just do not want to. At least they are honest. That still does not solve the problem. Someone will need to step up and decide to do it for the loved one who just passed away. It would seem as though the person or people that cared for the passed away family member the most will do what is necessary to help out. On the other hand, there will be people who are obligated to help out. Hopefully they will keep their negativity to their selves.


    One big help that people find is to clear out all the things that will be thrown away and store the rest. Usually the family will have to get everything moved out by a certain time so that the landlord, bank or whoever owns the property can find another person to move in. For the most part you will not be done sorting everything out before it is time to move out.  Until then move everything into a big enough self storage unit so you can sort everything out there. Then you can decide who gets what and the rest can be given away to charity. Do not feel as if you do not have options when you do not know where to put such things until you are able to look through them. Most storage facilities have a month to month lease so you can stay as long as you need in order to everything figured out.


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  • Rent Storage with Convenient Hours of Access
    By jeff on March 21, 2011 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

    Bartlett storage units are located near Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago is one of the great cities in the world and we have had the great excitement of living there for a while.  We lived near the great Brookfield zoo, and we bought a season yearly pass to go anytime we wanted to.  It was only about twenty minutes away from the house we were living at the time, so it was pretty easy to get their on most days.  We had a lot of weekdays off in our business, because we had to be their at the business office on Saturdays.  That was the busiest day of the week, and putting your assistant manager in the office on that day, might not be the best approach to take.  A lot of retail managers work on weekends because you know, most people shop on Saturdays.  One must keep all this in mind when you are deciding on what to be while you are in collage.  A management degree means working on days you might not want to, and long hours might be involved too.  We became teachers a long time ago, and we once read in one of our graduate classes that the third biggest reason people become teachers is because of all summer off unless you teach summer school, but that is usually a choice for most teachers in the United States of America.  We do wish we knew more about the world than just where we live, but it is hard to travel when you only have a few weeks to have off.  Vacations are great, but must be planned and the money you need could add up.  Teachers do not make a whole lot of money in the United States of America.  Some managers here too, in this very country, do not make a whole lot of money either.  Fast food managers work very hard but are not paid very well.

    Bartlett storage units near Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America need good managers.  We went to school for business a long time ago, but teaching is great.  You are also a teacher too, as a manager, as you teach workers and customers alike.  You teach customers about the product you are selling and why they need or want it.  You must teach the people you will manage to do a good job; as good as you do, because when you are not there to manage the place or store, you do not want to loose sales while you are gone.  It happens.

    Bartlett storage units in Illinois near Chicago see a lot of people from the city.  It is a very nice suburb of Chicago with a little country feeling to it.  People leave the city all the time to move to places like Bartlett to raise their kids.  The city can be rough, and some times the suburbs have better schools than the city.  We love going to Chicago, though, but we are all done with school of any kind.  We did our stint and you might have too.  So if you want to go to school and be a manager, go for it.  Be good at it.  Some managers make a lot of money.  Some make more than teachers do of course.

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  • Florida Residents Enjoy the Benefits of Storage
    By jeff on March 18, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Miami Dade storage units are in sunny Florida.  Dade County is a very large county with millions of people living in it.  Miami has always been a place people want to go to and be part of.  We used to live here too, and we enjoyed the time we were there.  We were working most of the time and wish we could have seen more in our time there.  One can almost say that about any place you move to, because it is hard to see everything in a certain town.  Some cities are so expensive to vacation in; it might scare some people away.  Florida has beaches, though, which could save a family a lot of money for at least one day.  Many people will do the math when planning a vacation and our family does it too.  How much per day will it cost you to take a vacation to sunny Florida?  The hotel is let us say on a cheap end oh, how about eighty dollars a night.  Therefore, you take that and for a five day, vacation stay at a decent hotel would be five times eighty, which equals four hundred dollars a day.  Start there.  Now we have to add food to the bill and how much food do you need to keep going and not get sick.  You might still want to go to a few places to eat in Florida to experience the food there.  The food in Miami can be great and if you have never had Cuban food, you do not know what you’re missing.  We love Cuban food and living in Key West once, we ate it a lot.  Cuban bread is great and the Cubans use a lot of meat in their food that we liked.  It surprised us though, we thought it would be more fruit or light fare, but no, it was better than that.  We know that it is not too politically correct to say, buy hey, we eat good food most of the time.

    Miami Dade storage units are lucky.  We know a lot of people who would love to be in Florida right now.  You see just last week we had a blizzard and it was very cold.  It sank below zero a few times now and the car let us know how cold it was this morning.  We think the kids love it though, and it is hard to see if moving to Florida because of weather alone, well some people do that very thing though.  We understand that cold weather hurts some people who have something that prevent them from enjoying the cold and snow, but it only hurts their body.  Some times your bones ache and grind in cold weather and your back locks up some times in very cold weather as you twist and turn your body because it is cold.

    Miami Dade storage units are a very popular place during convention time.  We love conventions in the middle of winter in the States like the one we live in.  One week from the winter is very cool, because it will shorten the winter.  We prefer a short winter, even though we like winter.  A lot of people know what we mean because they feel the same way.  Snow is great for a little while, but it can cause problems too and cities spend a lot of money clearing the snow out of the way.

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  • Floridians Can Rely on Storage
    By jeff on March 17, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Key West storage units hold a lot of interesting things in them.  We used to manage a storage place very near Key West, Florida, and it was a lot fun.  It was the wife and this blogger who did the managing part, as we were a two-man team, or a woman and a man two way team anyway.  Key West is a very cool and unique place in Florida, and maybe the world.  It is a tale of two cities as there are the people who live there, and than there are the tourists.  It is much better to be a person who lives there, because tourists or those who are visiting for a short while will spend a lot more money then others.  You see, in Key West, Florida tourists pay a lot more money then the actual citizens who live there.  How does that happen you may ask, because how could you divide the prices of things or really know who is a tourist and who is not if you run a business.  We were citizens so we received a citizen card with our names on it that we could show anybody on the island and get things ten percent cheaper than a person visiting.  This was very funny to us, but it did come in handy because our favorite places to eat would always give us the ten percent and more.  A lot of places to eat in Key West, Florida would also let your dogs in those same places.  We thought our dog would bark too much so we kept him home instead of letting him go to places to eat or stores.  We did take him to the beaches though, and that was a lot of fun too.

    Key West storage units in sunny Florida flood some times too.  It can rain quite a bit in Key West and the people who were storing stuff were rally quite understanding of the water.  They would put all their stuff on pallets as to try to stop the flooding water from hurting or damaging their things they were storing.  There are not a lot of storage places in Key West so people did not fret too much about a little water, or as a matter of fact, a lot of water.  We actually had a lot of wooden pallets on our property to use for the customers.  People would move out and leave the wooden pallets and we would save them in a different storage unit and let other people use them for their storage units.

    Key West storage units in sunny Florida are always full.  The storage place that we managed for one summer was always over ninety-five percent full and sometimes we took a waiting list for next up to get a storage unit.  People would store boats and cars and everything in between on their journey through life.  There is a kinship with the people who live in Key West because it takes a little bravery you know to live here.  As a matter of fact, just coming here takes some bravery.  It is a long way from the rest of the country and you do feel a little like you are really far away from everybody.

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  • If You Live in a Big City, You Should Really Rent Storage
    By jeff on March 16, 2011 | 24 Comments24 Comments  Comments

    Chicago Loop self storage areas are very much needed in Chicago, Illinois.  The Loop is a very specific area in Chicago, but the entire Chicago downtown area is just around the corner.  We have been in some very interesting self storage buildings in Chicago.  Our company bought one very close to Chinatown and it was a great big building to behold.  It was all gutted out when we went in for the first time to help clean it out.  The elevators were scary with the old time ropes you pull up and down to open and close the large metal door.  We always were hoping every time we got into it, it would go to the floor we wanted it to go to, and not break down on us.  We would have to climb out of them and climb up or down brick walls to escape.  The building had nine floors and a very interesting roof.  On top of the roof was great views of Chicago, and the managers told us they watched the fireworks show from Navy Pier.  The floors were huge and this could end up being a very big self storage place.  We think it used to be some kind of hospital or school for doctors or nurses.  We found gurneys and needles and syringes all over on one of the floors.  If we watched more horror movies, we might think it was some kind of horrible place they did experiments to people and tortured them.  The floors were dirty and dusty and other medical equipment was found too.

    Chicago Loop self storage areas like this one existed too.  There are many old and big and left to decay building on this side of town and a few became self storage areas.  It took some politics to get through, as all business in Chicago does.  This type of politics turn a lot of people off, but we believe people who live here; see logic in it and it is the way it has always been done.  Politics and big cities and business are a way of life for some.  New York does it too.  Small towns can be a pain too, with what we like to call the good old boy network.  It is funny how many loops one must jump through to get anything done sometimes.  We are a funny bunch, us human beings.

    Chicago Loop self storages are a good group though, after all the politics is gone for a while.  It always takes good customer service to get a business rolling; the politics is the easy part.  Selling a product is not easy.  Go try it some time.  Knock on doors or email people.  Most will say no to anything you are selling.  Marketing teaches us that for every thousand letters you send out, maybe three or four will but your product. The product you are hawking makes it tough to sell it.  It is always about marketing, reaching a customer, than reaching more.  This is the free enterprise system and it keeps us free.  Self storage business is like any other business trying to survive first, than make a profit second.  This is the way of the free enterprise system.  What people do not realize is that the system is still very young in age.  We are still tweaking the system.

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  • Self Storage Can Make Time Away from Home Easier
    By jeff on March 15, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Many people in the Northbrook area, as well other areas, like the idea of going overseas. Naturally they love the place they call home, but occasionally they like to travel abroad.  Some people go overseas for some fun while other people go overseas for the reasons of employment. When you don’t want to go overseas for a particular reason, it is very difficult to make yourself do it. These are the people like those who are going to see or live with a loved one or those who have to go because their job is going there. People who will be traveling overseas for a long period of time usually look to Northbrook storage units in order to keep their belongings safe.  For them they are not going to pay for an apartment that would cost them a lot of money when they can pay for a storage unit that is lots less money. When a person goes overseas, they do not want to be troubled with such things as making sure their storage unit is secure. They want to either enjoy their time or get through their time.

    People will look for self storage facilities that are close to where they want to live. This is a good idea because they will go to their local Northbrook storage units and get their belongings out. Going out of their way to get their belongings is not what they want to do when they come back from travel. They want to kick their feet up and relax for a moment.  It is great that a facility like this is close to most things that people would normally go to or be around so no one feels that they have to go too far to get to their belongings. It makes a lot of sense to potential customers that a facility would be close to the area in which they would live. If something is left in their Northbrook storage units they can quickly go to the facility to retrieve it. No one wants to take too much time playing around with their storing facility and then have to drive far to get back home, so they like having the facility close.

    If there is one thing that people overseas do not like to deal with has to make payment arrangements with their facility. The worst thing that can happen is that they are overseas and sometimes unreachable, and they will not be able to take care of the payment. Then their belongings can be sold in an auction without them knowing it. It would make someone extremely upset to know that they forgot to make a payment and then their stuff is in danger of being sold. For this reason and others most Northbrook storage units will have an arrangement of auto payment so that there will not be any problems with taking care of paying. That fact will make most people feel great about leaving their belongings at that facility.

    Lastly people going overseas want to ensure that their facility is very safe and secure. When they come back home they would like to visit their facility and feel good that everything is still there. With the Northbrook storage units in your local area, you can ensure that all will be safe. It makes the return home for anyone that much better to realize that they did not have to worry about their belongings not being there.

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  • City Life is Made Easier When You Rent a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    Downtown Kansas City storage is in a very good location indeed.  Downtown living usually has little storage space and Kansas City is no different.  Lofts and apartments are convenient but small.  A young population has made lofts and these small digs very popular now, but if one has a lot of things, space is hard to come by.

    Downtown Kansas City storage is needed by the city dwellers who like to buy stuff too, and need a place to put it.  Some lofts may be only six hundred to eight hundred square feet total and that is with very little space to store things.  Some people store their winter things in the storage space, than drag it out and replace it with summer clothes and summer activities things like boats, swimming gear, and inner tubes and floats, and everything else.  Hobbies are stored in spaces too and some people have their storage spaces as workshops with tools and workbenches in them.  Some have electricity in them or the customers bring generators.  Downtown Kansas City storage has climate-controlled units that keep things from not getting too hot or too cold.  Items can contract and expand and things like computers can be ruined in very hot small spaces.

    Storage units come in all different price ranges and sizes, from tiny two by two feet to large ten by forty feet units.  Some are inside where people wheel provided carts around, and some, one can drive right up to their unit to get things out or put things in.  People store cars, boats, tools, clothes, and furniture.  Some things can not be stored like hazards and chemicals and of course animals.  Do not put your animals in storage.  Not a good idea.

    Most storage spaces are tall enough for large items.  Small businesses use storage units to save money and warehouse expenses.  Very smart.  Why spend a ton of money to start a business when it might fail or struggle for a few years.  The times to get in your storage space can vary, but some have twenty-four hour access that can really help small business.  Downtown locations are great and Downtown Kansas City storage will appease we believe.  Storage has become so popular in recent years one can see them in a lot of different places.  It makes sense for a lot of people who are trying to get rid of clutter, but do not want to throw items away that are sentimental or valuable.  Baseball cards and antiques and old toys or old beds or anything else that matters can be stored safely and well.  There are millions of square feet of storage in America and if you need one there should be one nearby.  So go out, buy things, help the economy, and put people back to work.  Get storage and fill it up.  Visit flea markets, garage sales, and swap meets and fill up your storage space.  Who cares?  Be a hoarder if you want.  Maybe you will be on that TV show for hoarders.  You might get famous.

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  • Making Friends with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | 7 Comments7 Comments  Comments

    How big is New York anyway?  Where am I?  I know I am at a Crown Heights storage facility waiting for others to come so we can move all this stuff into her storage space.  She was so pretty and without a boyfriend, so many of us, strapping young men wanted to help her to get close to her.  I had competition though.  Three other young men were helping her too.

    I got lost a few times trying to find this place.  I do not venture out in New York much but this lovely young girl needed help moving.  I followed directions, used the street finder on my computer and GPS and everything else.  It was a Saturday and I was sacrificing my time to be close to her.  There she is.  I was excited.  Even in her old clothes and no makeup, she sure looked good.  Crown Heights storage could be a lasting memory for us.  It could be our place, the place we fell in love and we will tell our children and all of that.  She came close to me, thanked me, and said hello.  She smelled good.  I looked good too, maybe too good for someone moving things.  Well, the others arrived.  They were more handsome and in better shape and taller than I.  They knew her better than I and could talk about things they had in common while I just smiled a lot and tried to look macho in my moving endeavors.  I did not know the other guys and they did not care to know me really.  We all felt the same thing.  We wanted to be with her, to get to know her, so we are all giving up our Saturdays.

    I tried to lift the heavy stuff, the other guys were stronger.  We took a break halfway and drank beer and Cokes.  I had better drink a beer to keep up the macho image you know.  She sat by all of us and I waited to say something once in awhile.  We downed our beer and started moving again.  Pizza came later, a few others drove into the Crown Heights storage lot, and I watched them do their thing too.  We were almost done and one of the guys left.  Good, one less competitor to deal with.  My odds are better now.  I could talk more now and I did.  She smiled.  She knew what was going on too even though I tried to disguise my real motives.  I was mellow and tried to be funny.  Will Crown Heights storage be our place for all time?  The place we first met.  Why not?  Why should it be a bar or a store or at school or at a bus stop or anything like that.  Tell our kids we met while Mommy was moving and the gentleman I am, I helped.  Good story.  Will it be that way?  Will we end up together or just say goodbye to each other over a beer and a coke.  We were on the last item to move and I slowly put it in the truck.  She thanked us all and at the last moment, she asked me for my phone and punched in her number.  She smiled.  There you go.  Still have a chance.

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  • Compare Self Storage Facilities In Your Neighbourhood
    By admin on July 9, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Shopping around for a self storage unit can really be kind of tough.  I mean, if you have never shopped around for a self storage unit before, then you are not going to know how to save yourself money, how to size up your belongings, or how to evaluate the quality of your potential property manager.  Of course, if you are ready and willing to do a little bit of research on the internet, then you are going to find that these are but small obstacles to overcome.  If you are truly determined to get your hand on the right self storage unit, then you are going to be able to find it before it ever becomes an issue for you.

    Of course, you are going to want to be sure that you are not wasting your money on your self storage unit.  Thus, you are going to want to keep your eyes open for all of the moving specials that you can find.  These are not going to be all that hard to find.  They are going to be offered to you as you are calling around, typically without your provocation.  Of course, if you are not hearing the sorts of specials that you want to hear as you are calling around, then you are going to want to be sure that you have all of your notes handy.  If one self storage facility, for example, says that it is not going to be able to offer any moving specials, then you are going to want to let them know what you have received from other properties in the area.  If they are really looking to secure your business, then they are going to change their tune.

    If you are having trouble when it comes to sizing up your belongings, there are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind.  Be sure that your belonging are fully packed before you try to determine how much space they are going to occupy.  Really, you are going to surprise yourself with all of the space that you save by packing up your belongings.  Second of all, be sure that you are getting rid of the items that you are not going to keep.  Even if you know that you are not going to be keeping them, they are still going to throw off your estimates as you are sizing up your belongings.

    Finally, reader, you have to be sure that you are making a few quick judgment calls when it comes to your potential property manager.  While you may think that good security features are all that you are going to need when it comes to keeping your property safe, you are also going to need some great people watching over your belongings.  If your property manager does not actually care about keeping your belongings safe, then you are not going to be able to rest assured that everything is going to stay safe when you leave the facility behind for the night.

    As you can see, reader, there is not a whole heck of a lot that goes into keeping your property as safe as possible.  You can save all of the money that you need, rent the right size, and get a good property manager without ever breaking a sweat.

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  • Transitions Into Self Storage
    By admin on June 23, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    When you set out to improve your life, there are many different paths that you can adopt.  You can change your diet and begin eating healthier if you would like to give your body that extra boost.  You can adopt an exercise routine if you do not think that you are in shape, which will release endorphins and make you feel really great when your head hits the pillow at night.  Or, if you would like to do something a bit more banal, you can clean up your home and feel better about where you live.  Whether you like it or not, the condition of your home is going to have a profound effect upon your overall mood.  Why not get out there and rent a self storage unit, then?  You will be happier, and thereby healthier, before you even know it.

    First thing is first, reader.  When you live in a cluttered home, there is no way for you to feel confident about yourself.  I mean, that embarrassment that you feel when you have your friends over, that feeling of guilt that you get when your home begins to develop a smell, these are feelings that are only going to get worse over time.  If you truly care about keeping your self confidence up, then, you are going to be sure that you are renting a self storage unit for all of that clutter.  It is not going to take you all that long to clear the clutter out of your way and feel better about yourself.

    Once you have all of your stuff in your self storage unit, you can begin to develop some better habits.  Now that your home is nice and clean, you can begin to work on keeping it that way.  I mean, when you feel the desire to create a pile of trash on the table or in the corner, simply keep yourself from doing it.  Sure, it is a big step to start living in a clean environment, but if you put your mind to it, then you are not going to run into any problems, here.  It may feel like a bit of a pain in the butt at first, but when you start to get the hang of it, you are going to thank yourself for learning to live in a more responsible fashion.  Your friends and family are going to thank you, too.

    Renting a self storage unit is a great way to get your life back on track.  I mean, you can only live in complete filth for so long before you begin to feel really, really bad about yourself.  You are not going to be able to entertain friends, make new friends, or bring any intimate partners home with you.  Your life just will not be as good when you are living in a completely filthy environment,  no matter how strongly you deny it.

    At the end of the day, you are going to be happy that you decided to pick up the phone and call around to your local self storage facilities.  Keep your eyes peeled for those move in specials, and be sure that you actually follow through with renting your unit when you find one that you can afford.  You should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel by now, reader.

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