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    Your storing business is open. You now need to find the right self storage software package to run the business. Compare packages to find the software program that has the features you need. Look out for hidden costs on any purchase.

    The computer is a trusted asset in most businesses. Having the right package allows the operator to accomplish any management or accounting function. Deposit tickets can be printed along with copies of lease agreements. The software keeps track of inventory, and locks out tenants who are delinquent on their rent. The right package allows managers more time to devote to other tasks and that profit to the bottom line.

    These programs simplify most financial functions and management tasks. Paperwork can be generated as needed. Bills, late notices, sales and transactions, payments and collections reports are routinely printed from the software program. They can integrate with most account software programs as well.

    Software vendors often have hidden costs in their programs. When comparing packages be sure to find out what is included and what features are an extra fee.

    One charge many vendors add is for updating the software with future releases. The updates often have fixes for problems in the original software. Some will have new features loaded into the program. It is standard for many companies to charge for these upgrades.

    Technical support should be included free in any software program. Many vendors are now including a manual with the software and offering free or low cost technical support for quick questions. Sometimes this support can be found online in the form of forums or email support. Any software will have an error once in a while. Software vendors should offer some kind of support through customer service phone calls. Sometimes this service is reflected in the cost of the program since the company will need to pay their representatives.

    Some self storage software programs might not include necessary features that will cost extra. Try to find the software that includes everything you need without additional costs. Compare prices including any additional costs for extra features when looking for software.

    Keeping up with reservations, quotes and tracking delivery requires a good management program. A good program is essential for management to keep organized and to track changes. Software is used to operate units in many different locations. Real time access lets users manage the units from anywhere. They have access to financials, reports, customer reservations and quotes all in one centralized location. The business call center gets real time status of all the units. A good software program allows for automating billing and accepting online payments.

    Web based self storage software systems allow the owner or manager to view the most current information. They can raise rents quickly as the market demands, streamline collections of past due rents and review online reports instantly. You can edit letters, adjust your accounts, schedule rents and audit stores from anywhere.

    Self storage software should automate manual tasks and minimize liabilities. Employees can use the software to print labels and mail certified letters without going to the post office.

    Operating a facility using self storage software allows the manager the freedom to print and track records of payments, costs and delinquencies. Whether you have 10 units or 500 units, using a good software program helps you manage you business for the most profit.

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