• Commercial and Private Wine Storage
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    Sometimes it is great for you and your significant other to go out and enjoy a lovely night together. You can take the opportunity to drop off the kids at the babysitter and get all dressed up for your night out. Where do you go to but to a restaurant you have not been to before or a place in which you have not been to in a while? This night out together is what you have been waiting for a long time now.

    You get to the restaurant where you plan to have your wonderful night and you find your seat. You have the opportunity to look over the menu and your mouth waters over the different entrees and deserts that could soon be in front of you. Finally, the server comes to your table and asks you if you would like to have a drink along with your dinner. Naturally, most people decline, but might decided to partake of some later.

    Have you ever wondered how most restaurants like the example above have some place to store their alcoholic beverages? Some restaurants have wine storage in an area of their place or in the basement. They have a special place for it so that they are able to serve it to the public. But where do they get their back up supply?

    When you are trying to create the perfect wine storage area, you have to understand the way some people or businesses have their alcoholic beverages stored now. Some people use storing facilities that have an area, which is dark, and have a constant temperature. Wine is a natural, perishable food product. Left exposed to heat, light, vibration or fluctuations in temperature and humidity, all types of wine, including red, white, and sparkling can spoil. When properly stored, wines not only maintain their quality but many actually improve in aroma, flavor, and complexity as they get older.

    A great wine storage area should be kept at a temperature between 7 and 18 degrees Celsius which is 45 and 65 degrees Faherenhiet. Temperatures kept around 13 degrees Celsius or 55 degrees Fahernhiet, much like some natural cave environments, are ideal for both short term and long term aging for all type of this alcholic beverage. Understand that it generally matures differently and more slowly at the lower temperatures than it does at the hight temperatures. Between 10 to 14 degrees Celsius, or 50 to 57 degrees Farenheit, this alcoholic beverage will age normally.

    Many people take their storing of this somewhat expensive beverage very seriously. Some use rental facilities that have their high dollar belongings under high servelance. Depending on how large your collection is, you woiuld have one facilitiy house your precious bottles stored underground. Only you know how important and how much you want to pay for wine storage .

    From restaurants to private owners, wine storage is important to many people. It has to be stored in the most ideal locations in order to mature, add flavor and aroma. Some say the older this bevarage is, the better the taste. Also, the larger and older you collection, the higher your social status. Some make fortunes off of their collection. Some people, as most americans, just have a humble collect that they partake of daily. There are many options for you depending on who large you want your collection to be.

    Brooklyn Car Storage

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  • A Collectors Guide To Self Storage Insurance
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    You started collecting antique books years ago. Now you have discovered online auctions and wow, your collection is taking over your home. You decide to store some of the books to sell later. You have listed several on the auction sites already but need a safe place to store all of the ones you will not be keeping. You packed them up and thought they were safe. Then disaster struck. The units were vandalized. Now many of the books are damaged. You bought self storage insurance but was it enough?

    Most good warehouse owners will offer you insurance coverage for your goods stored at their facility. They can offer you short term insurance for 1 or 2 months. If the facility does not offer the amount of coverage you need or you do not feel comfortable with their coverage shop around for your own coverage. Often you home owners insurance policy will cover your items when they are placed in a warehouse storing facility. Check with your agent before purchasing the warehouse policy. Find out if the policy covers natural disasters such as floods, fire and theft.

    Consider purchasing a separate tenants policy to cover expensive items like furniture, heirloom china and collectibles. You want your goods to be adequately covered from a disaster or unfortunate event.

    Normally a self storage insurance policy will cover damages or lost property due to burglary, wind or hailstorms, fire or smoke damage, lightning, vandalism, water damage or building collapse.

    Read your policy carefully. Some policies do not cover losses due to floods especially after the huge losses claimed after hurricane Katrina. You may have to shop around to find a policy that covers floods.

    Make sure you get enough coverage to replace the cost of your goods. If the value of your collections is 10,000 dollars and your insurance coverage is just 40 percent of the value, you will only receive 4,000 dollars. Of course the more coverage you want, the higher the premium. The normal household contents is valued at the replacement cost while antiques, boats and collectibles will most likely be valued at their market value.

    Most self storage insurance policies will cover the contents such as personal items. Sports equipment, trailers, motorcycles and boats are often included. A separate policy will be needed to cover any business or commercial property. Documents and digital data will be valued at their new stationary costs.

    Some self storage insurance policies might exclude important documents such as deeds, bills, securities, notes, money, jewelry and precious stones, watches, boats, furs, and some vehicles. Many of the items that could be excluded like deeds and money, jewelry and precious stones should be stored in a safe deposit box instead of a public facility to store them. Other items that might be excluded in a normal policy are stamps, lottery tickets and anything living like plants or animals. Before you decide on a particular company or policy, read the policy carefully to be aware of what types of property it covers. Having all your collectible books destroyed only to find out they are excluded from your policy can make for a very bad day.

    When you decide to store your excess books in a facility, get all the facts on if and how much self storage insurance the facility offers. You were thorough in your research before you signed the policy and your agent has issued the replacement cost of the books for their market value.
    Springfield Storage

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  • Spring Cleaning For A Storage Unit
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    Ah, it is that great time of year again. When the sun sets, the colors displayed are beyond description as you are captivated by its beauty. You can not look away because you fear you would miss all its glory.

    The clouds hover around waiting for the exact moment to open up their fury on the land below it nourishing it back to health. No one can predict when the rain will come and it might ruin the plans you have already had established. When this happens you have plenty of time to go around your house and do some cleaning.

    No one likes to think about the areas of the house which have gotten little no attention during your day to day life. Sometimes you realize that you are about to get into areas of the house that are going to need a lot of your time to make it look good again. This could be an area that you have stored boxes, pictures, toys and other household items that you were not using at the time. Most of the time, the area in which we are speaking of is the garage.

    This time of year people decide whether or not, the things in their garage are worth keeping or selling. You will see as you drive around your neighborhood all kinds of signs alerting you to their attempt to get rid of the stuff they longer want. Of course the other option is putting all their items in personal mini storage for safe keeping until they want to use again.

    How great is it to sit in your front lawn and take money from people who want the items you no longer want? As you are collecting rays from the sunshine you are negotiating the price of how much your old college sweater should be sold for. The more you sell at your garage sale, the smaller your personal mini storage space will be if you decide to use one.

    Do not let the name fool you. Most personal mini storage spaces have larger rooms available. Some people believe them to only focus on mini or small spaces. They do have those spaces available, but they are trying to emphasize the personal part of personal mini storage not the mini part.

    If you decide to put the things into a storing unit that you are unable to sell or give away, you are getting ready to make a choice. You know your budget, and you know how much you are willing to pay based on the value you see. Many different facilities will throw a lot at you to get you to use their services instead of going down the street to their competitors. 

    Many personal mini storage spaces have great amenities and security features that can take care of what you hold near and dear to your heart. If you can get over the fact that you are storing junk in there, you can really focus on finding the right space to suit your needs. Most spaces have an eight to ten foot ceiling inside, so you can go with a smaller square footage space and stack it as high as possible. Take the time and understand what is going into the storing unit and that will help you realize which size and facility is the ones for you.

    Kansas City Boat Storage

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  • Mini Storage Is Ideal For Newlyweds
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    We are so proud of you,  says a proud mother to her newlywed son. Graduating college, getting your masters and now you are marrying a beautiful young woman, she continued.  Thanks mom, John responds.

    So, how long will it be before you move into your new home together, his mom asks. It will be right after our honeymoon, however it will be a little crowded considering we both are moving from apartments of our own with all of our items. The wedding costs so much, we barely have enough for the deposit on our new home, but we did take out a loan, he continued. You should see it mom, it is immaculate. I am so excited. 

    After the honeymoon, the two newlyweds, John and Stacey rent two large trucks and begin packing their items. On the second day, the two drive the trucks 400 miles to their new home in the city and begin moving all of their furniture to the 3 bedroom, 1 and a half bath home.  Although the home was much larger than their two smaller apartments there was not enough room for all of their furniture.  As they figure out how much they could fit into the apartment Stacey mentions budget mini storage .

    What is budget mini storage , John asks.  Budget mini storage is a company that will store our access items in a secure place so we do not have to get rid of the access furniture. There are many items that we do not want to get rid of, but want to make sure they are safe and secure, she says.

    We have never stored anything in a storing facility before what do we need, he questions.  My mother stored there, let us go and take a look online to see if there is a budget mini storage in the area, Stacey suggests.  They both maneuver carefully through the cluttered house and up the stairs to their master bedroom where boxes pilled from the floor to the ceiling. John opens his laptop and searches the internet for budget mini storage .

    Wow, he says. There is one about 2 miles from our house. Lets request a site visit for today, because we need to move all this furniture in today. We only have the truck until the morning, he says.

    They jump into the 14 foot truck and head over to the storing facility to look at the different size units. When they enter the store they were greeted by a very friendly associate by the name of Rose.

    How may I help you too today?  Are you in search for a storing unit for moving and storing supplies, because we are a one stop shop, she says.

    We really just need a storing unit for our access furniture, Stacey explains. We can help you with that.  They look at four different sizes and conclude the 10×10 unit would work well for them. They take the keys to their unit and a business card with their gate code and proceed to their house to pack up the items that are going into the store room. Around 10 oclock PM they head over to the local storing facility to find that the gate code no longer works.

    What is going on, says John. After attempting the gate code several times Stacey has an epiphany. The code only worked until 9 oclock tonight honey, she tells John.  They leave for the night and go to budget mini storage the next morning to find the gate opening and 6 am, just in enough time to drop the truck.

    Jefferson City Storage

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  • Storage Keeps Our Memories Alive
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    Chaos and disorder are abound in life. Changes in relationships, job security and living situations are inevitable, even if you feel that your life is stable and secure. How a person deals with all of the variations and changes that life throws at them is key to just how comfortable they are with themselves. When faced with something sudden such as an unexpected move or relocation, many people will spend so much time emotionally rejecting the idea of all of the choices that lie before them that they will work themselves up into a big old ball of worry. They complain, fret over and cry about the uncertainty, the unwillingness to change. These individuals are comfortable in their present situation, and reluctant to leave it. They are afraid. There are others who will embrace the dawn, as it were, and open to the world of possibilities even though they may be sad and scared as well. At the heart of life, however comfortable we are with what is going on, is change. We are constantly moving forward, constantly growing. No matter how we try, staying the same is not an option.

    When faced with a move, people may be unable or unwilling to let go of some of the possessions that have followed them throughout the course of their lives. This is perfectly understandable. People can be emotionally attached to objects such as furniture and family heirlooms. This attachment binds them to their past, providing stability in who they believe themselves to be. And while people are not their past, each person chooses specific things that anchor their personality and form the basis for who they choose to be. Possessions help them do that. When you are moving, if you can not take it with you, find the best self storage possible. You can keep your attachments to things while still embracing the newness of the situation.

    The best self storage will allow you easy, 24 hour access to your belongings while simultaneously keeping your valuables safe from those with ill intent. The best self storage will be convenient to your new location and affordable to your budget. If you have delicate items that are temperature sensitive, the best self storage will be climate controlled, offering an even room temperature that, unlike your personal life, will stay more or less consistent. If your items are large, such as boats and appliances, the best self storage will offer roomy entry doors and parking that is truck accessible.

    Chaos and disorder do not necessarily have to mean destruction of the old way of doing things. Moving to a new location opens up new doors, expands your options and truly blesses you with a shift in perspective unique to your new location. Wherever you are asked to go in life, whether it is across the street or across the country, go there with grace, open mindedness and a willingness to let life show you the way. To embrace the new requires that you not cling to the old. Rather, let the new choose you, and move with it like a piece of driftwood winding down a beautiful river. You will come to rest many times, eventually pulled back into the current once again on your way to the next beautiful stop along your journey.

    Columbia Storage

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  • Storage Systems To Organize A Photography Business
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    Visiting a friends house for the summer, Sarah was fascinated by the pictures that were stacked on the piano, and the stairs, and the mantle, and the end tables, the top of the refrigerator, the coffee table, the corner of the countertops, stuffed in closets, hidden in boxes under the couch, poking out from under the guest bed and toppling off the computer desk. Who on earth took so many pictures and how did they know so many people?

    Her friends mom was a photographer. She took pictures for the local University and was a favorite for senior portraits. She also loved photographing weddings. She absolutely adored taking pictures of new babies in all the cutest places and poses. She had fun with the family pets. There was nothing she would not take a picture of.

    The thing of it was, her hobby was consuming the entire house. The family could not enjoy the beautiful pictures of their own loved ones because of all the clutter of other memorable moments lying around the house, and they did not even know most of the faces in the photos.

    While Sarah was staying there, her friends Mom had an appointment to photograph a Saturday wedding in the park. While Mom was out, she and her friend were watching a movie. The doorbell rang and it was a customer who had photos of her daughter taken last week. She was there to pick up the finished photos.

    As Sarahs friend scrambled through the organized chaos, she was stunned to see that her friend new exactly where to look. It seemed that the previous weeks photos get stacked on the china cabinet. Whatever is left unclaimed or leftover gets moved elsewhere to make room for the next week of photos.

    Sarah could see the honest attempt to keep the photos organized, but there was little room to work with in a house full of antiques. But one would not even notice the lovely furniture hidden under puppies and babies and weddings.

    Inspiration hit Sarah and her friend! They called their local self service storage place and inquired about a climate controlled unit. It was peanuts compared to the fee for taking the photos and the climate controlled environment was perfect for storing photos. They rented the self service storage place and had organized the photos by name. 

    When her friends mom returned, she was nearly brought to tears by the feat they had accomplished. She had put the task of renting a self service storage in the back of her mind, but the thought of organizing all those photos overwhelmed her. If she had known how easy and inexpensive it would have been, she would have done it years ago.

    The team worked together organizing by year and then name. They placed shelves in the self service storage space and stacked the oldest photos on top. Her friends mom promised to remove photos older than 5 years to the recycle bin, after sending out one last reminder to the family that they could still get more copies.

    In no time at all, the impromptu self service storage adventure was over and the photography business was organized and much more prepared to take on new appointments.

    And the family was able to enjoy their space and more importantly, the pictures of their own vacations, graduations and moments together.

    Columbia Storage

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  • Moving Storage – Do It Right The First Time
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    You started your business on your kitchen table. When that became too crowded you moved to the den. Now your business is booming and your space has become too small. It is time to move to a separate building. You have furniture, office fixtures and inventory that need to be packed and moved. You worry about how you will pack these things in boxes or suitcases and keep the contents safe. A broken DVD with all your business contacts will not do you any good. Do not stress. Consider purchasing sturdy packing boxes and specialty boxes from moving companies for moving storage .

    Your ordinary corrugated box will not hold up well under the stress of moving your belongings. Moving boxes are sturdier and designed to protect your belongings from damages by fitting together in the moving truck. You should get the boxes in the sizes you need. Book boxes for all your business books. Medium and large boxes for equipment and office supplies. There are specialty boxes for your CDs, DVDs, and computer equipment. Your wardrobe, lamp and mirror cartons are also available for specialty needs.

    So what types and sizes of boxes are available?

    A wide variety of boxes and containers are available to help with your moving storage needs. Each box is designed for a specific type of item. The boxes come in your basic small, medium, and large as well as specialty boxes. There are wardrobe boxes, dish boxes or china barrels, file boxes, computer boxes, picture boxes and gun boxes.

    You can store your files and important documents in a document box designed for moving storage . These containers help you keep relevant files in the same box. Along the same lines are the smaller boxes made for packing your DVD and CD and books. They will keep your items from being crushed while being transported by moving storage company.

    When packing your books, do not put more than 30 pounds of books in a box. Alternate the bindings with every three or four books to keep the stacks level. For your CD and DVD collections, pad a book box with crumpled packing paper. Wrap a stack of CDs in paper and put in the middle of the box. Fill in around the stack with paper or packing peanuts and mark the box on the label as CDs.

    You are better off in the long run to purchase the correct moving storage materials for packing. Choose the right container and bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Use the peanuts and wrap for breakables. Fill the extra space with blankets or crumpled paper to keep the items from shifting while moving. Other supplies you need for a smooth move include felt tip markers, labels, furniture pads and packing tape.

    If you have large inventory of products, such as bedding supplies, jumbo boxes are available for your moving storage needs. Your inventory of ornaments or glass items need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a standard size carton. Be sure not to overstuff the boxes with items. A heavy box is more likely to get dropped.

    Use common sense when packing. Heavy items like books or canned food need to be in smaller boxes. Heavier items should also be put into smaller boxes to make them easier to carry. The cartons should have tops that can be closed and sealed with packing tape to prevent damage. Completely fill the carton before sealing. Use generous amounts of peanuts, paper or towels for cushioning.

    Plan your pack ahead of time. Set aside one room or area to do all your boxing. Keep all your packing supplies together. Pack items you do not use often first. Start to pack as soon as you know you will be moving. Keep track of your items with an inventory list. Make a list of everything you put in each box. A computer printed list with numbers and space or a spiral notebook works well for this job. Label all boxes with the number from the list, the general contents, room it should go in and if the item is fragile.

    There is a wide variety of moving storage boxes available to help you move your business safely and securely. Your inventory list will help you keep track of items that might get damaged or lost during the move. Moving your business should be less stressful with a little planning and using the right containers.

    Columbia Boat Storage

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  • Why Self Storage Managers Ask So Many Questions
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    Hello! My name is (blank) How can I help you today?

    Self storage management agrees that this simple way of answering the phone is the most common. It is important for consumers to listen for the enthusiastic tone of the managers voice because this will show that the manager is happy and ready to help you despite the fact that they have never met you. This is a great quality in a manager because it shows that they do not let anything that may be bothering them affect how they handle business at the store. This phrase starts the call off on a good or bad note depending upon how the manager answers and their tone of voice and how the consumer perceives them. If the manager answers in a great way then the door of communication between self storage management and consumer will be open. The first impression has been established and the manager will then be at the ready to determine what it is you may need help with.

    Let me ask you some questions to save you time and money.

    Self storage management may use this statement in order to determine a number of things about the consumers needs. Making sure that you are calling a location that is the most convenient is the first qualifier. It is important to save time and gas when traveling to the facility. The second concern addressed by this statement is size. Ensuring that you are getting the right size appropriate for you is the second qualifier and the most important. Since size is linked directly to price, a good manager makes sure that you are not paying for a unit that is simply bigger than what you actually need. These statements are used to qualify your needs in order to save time during the call and site visit, and to save money through location and sizing. The manager is then at the ready to talk more in depth about the facility so that you understand its features and their benefits.

    When you store with us, we provide.

    Self storage management is good at giving the main highlights of their facility because they know what sets them apart from the rest. Some offer great security, great access hours, a different quality of units, and specials that closely rival their competitors. In largely populated areas with many facilities specializing in customers needing to store, these aspects can be determining factors for many customers. Some require a climate controlled atmosphere for their belongings. Others need a wide range of access hours and security to back up those hours. Many are just looking for a clean, secure, convenient, and easy to use place to store for a little while. Regardless of the type unit the consumers need, it is up to the manager to build value in the assets of the facility. Self storage management gives the very first visual of the facility to you so that when you come in to see the site, you are more prepared to look for those benefits.

    We have a gated perimeter so that only tenants may enter.

    The ultimate goal of self storage management is to get an agreement about certain features and expectations between the self storage management and consumer. This aspect is fundamental because you must know what to expect from the facility and you should understand how you will directly benefit from the features offered. As mentioned before, access hours, the use of elevators versus stairs only, the level of security provided, and move in information are all aspects that you should understand before jumping in the car for a site visit. Once the manager has gotten an agreement from you about your need for storing and your desire to do so at their facility, it is common for management to invite you in for a site visit or to offer to reserve the unit until you can come in. These two options show that the facility cares about your needs and are willing to help you as best they can.

    As a consumer who may be calling around, you can now appreciate the simple statements of a manager. They may seem small and unimportant. However, they open the door to truly saving you time and money. Listen to the next manager you call when inquiring about storing. Are they happy to be there? Do they determine your needs or just give you some prices? Do they help to build value in their facility through explaining the features and benefits you will enjoy with them? A good, caring manager will attend to all of your needs as best as they can, even if it is by telephone. In closing, self storage management has a lot of responsibilities. Despite this, they are never too busy to help an inquiring consumer.

    Hopkins Furniture Storage

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  • Self Storage For Your Closet Or Entire House
    By admin on June 11, 2008 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Anyone who has ever looked into the prospect of renting a temporary housing facility for some of their unused furniture, boxed items, vehicles, ATVs, boats and the like has undoubtedly walked into a self storage building to check out the prices, terms of service and the units themselves. It is possible that you may have experienced this, yourself, at one time or another. If you happen to be the type of person who prefers to visit multiple companies to gather as much information as you can before you commit, then you have seen more than one facility. No doubt you have already concurred that there are many differences in style, size, price and features among the industry.

    A self storage building can range in size from just a few 5×5 foot units to hundreds of rooms to be filled. These buildings can be made of wood, concrete, metal or brick. They can be old warehouses, converted grocery stores and supermarkets, or specially designed structures that are perfectly suited to the task for which they are constructed. A self storage building can be a single level structure, or built in multiple levels, with the individual units being accessible by large elevators.

    Each self storage building will vary in size depending upon where you go and what your needs are. Some individual units are as small as a coat closet and others are as large as a 3 car garage, with every size in between. The possibilities are virtually endless as to the enormous range of items that these rooms are able to contain. Many facilities are expressly designed to be weather proof as well as fire proof. Many buildings even has climate controlled units for rent, which is to say that the units remain a comfortable room temperature at all times, so as not to expose your belongings to extreme heat or cold. This makes it more conducive to storing things like paper files, old records that would warp in the heat, precious works of art, clothing and antiques, without having a fear that they will be damaged by moisture, mold or insects.

    Most facilities have paved parking lots that feature ample room to maneuver large moving trucks on and off of the property. The owners of these businesses understand that its patrons require easy access. At the same time, many of these businesses have opted for security gates to be installed around the entire perimeter of the property. The computerized gates require pin codes to be entered on a keypad or specific cards to be swiped in order for the gate to open and allow access to the site. The owners of such a self storage building want access to be easy for you, but not for would be thieves. Many of these facilities have surveillance cameras posted at various locations throughout the premises, as an extra measure of protection for your belongings. The parking lots are well lighted, making night time moving easier. Some facilities even have individual unit alarms available, for added security and peace of mind. The days of a simple pad lock and a corrugated metal door are not yet entirely gone or forgotten, but they are rapidly being replaced by high tech solutions in our fast paced world. It has never been safer or easier to store your belongings in a worry free environment than it is right now, in todays storing buildings.

    Waldorf Storage

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  • Self Storage Jobs – Build A New Career
    By admin on June 9, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Finding a job is on the mind over 8.5 million Americans. Many of them would settle for an average paying job, let alone hold out for a career building position. But there are career making positions available that some job hunters may have passed over. One great example is are self storage jobs .

    Here is an industry that has seen a burst of growth over the past decades and is developing into a proper real estate management industry. One of the best self storage jobs to have are as the property managers. The manager of a property is likely to live on the site. You may consider that the downside at first, but once you think about it, your employer is paying your rent. So the compromise is that you may have an unconventional backyard, but the benefit is that you do not have to pay rent. These positions are not given up very often, so if you are lucky enough to find one open, put your best foot forward and apply.

    Once you have some years of experience as a property manager under your belt, you can transfer among facilities within your company or even get hired on by the competition. Using your experience to your benefit will allow you to seek better pay and more benefits as you progress in your career.

    However, if you want to be successful and experienced in self storage jobs such as the property manager, you should be somewhat relocatable. This is because the company you work for will likely have stores spread across many states. And you may find another position open within your company or another that is hundreds of miles away.

    Like most careers, the more seniority you hold, the more pull you have. If your company has a facility in Florida that has an open position, you are more likely to get first dibs if you are a loyal manager.

    Unfortunately, to get self storage jobs like this one, you do need some real estate or property management experience. Perhaps you were once a real estate agent or worked for a management company. Even those with apartment management experience would easily transition into one of these self storage jobs .

    If you do not feel qualified to be the property manager, do not give up yet. Apply for the assistant manager position and learn the ropes of all the duties of a property manager. Soon enough a position will open up within your company. Most storing companies prefer to promote from within.

    To get a promotion, you should do your best and make an impact in the sales and customer service of your store when you are still the assistant manager. Going above and beyond your call of duty will show your owners just how valuable an employee you are.

    Not only will going the extra mile get you promoted faster, but it will protect you in the case of downsizing. Think about it, not just in the storing industry, but at any job, if your boss has to lay off either you or your coworker and you are always excelling at your duties, then you have more job security. And job security is certainly something Americans can appreciate to in times like these.

    The important thing about having a successful job hunt is to use a critical eye on every advertisement, but to keep an open mind to new industries you may not have considered before.

    Lexington Boat Storage

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