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  • Spare Furniture Is Kept Safe in Storage Units
    By jeff on March 15, 2011 | 128 Comments128 Comments  Comments

    A group of friends in the Kansas City community decided that it would be great if they would go to the same school. Naturally they wanted to all live together and be together so why wouldn’t they decide to get their own apartment? This way they could still hang out and share the costs of going to school. Of course, living on campus and being a freshman is hard. With this idea of living together it was a smart idea. Now the group of friends had to really decide on where they wanted to live and not hurt what each other wanted to do with their college lives.

    Just like most colleges, the freshman class has to live on campus until their sophomore year.  So even though the boys were at the same school they did not have the opportunity to live with one another. It was definitely a year that was tougher than expected. They go through this difficult year of not being with each other all the time and they were looking forward to the time in which they could all live together. Since the first year was tough, they wanted to lean on each other in the future for support. As sophomores, they will have the opportunity to do so. They can now start looking for an apartment.

    It was now moving day and all the boys brought things from home that they recently bought because they wanted their apartment to be like home. Well everyone seemed to think they would be able to bring their own things with them. This couldn’t happen of course. They were all friends and had similar interests but they were still different in terms of their tastes.  They did not want to haul all of their stuff back home so they thought they could get into Kansas City storage units. They found that the Kansas City storage units facility was close to the area in which they wanted to move and their new apartment would be. Since all the friends were going to have storage in the facility, they were going to split the costs of renting there.

    Sophomore year was hard on the guys and they made it through their classes. Naturally they wanted to go back to their apartment and crash. They didn’t want too much except sleep. It was good for them since their apartment was very close to school. Every now and then they found their selves throwing parties for the other friends that they made at school. Sometimes they ran out of room at their apartment and there was not anywhere to sit. So they made a quick run over to the Kansas City storage units and brought back some additional places to sit for their friends. With the Kansas City storage units facility that is close they saved a lot of time getting what they need and then getting back to what they needed.

    The friends knew that this would be the beginning of a great adventure of fun and difficulties. They were just very happy that they were there for each other. Also they found that their bond is strong and they cannot see ever being apart. They also felt good about their Kansas City storage units facility helping them out when they really needed them to. They continued to use their storing space for quite a while, even after they left college.

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  • Self Storage Along the Jersey Shore
    By jeff on January 25, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    New Jersey is very popular these days.  They have popular TV shows about the people who live there; they have music and musicians all over the TV too.  Good or bad, negative or positive, New Jersey is taking over the airwaves.  Now some of the people we see on TV take grief you know.  The Jersey Shore people are not looked very kindly upon in some circles.  I saw one dance on TV, one wrote a book, and they seem not to get along in their reality based TV show.  If you believe reality shows are reflect any sort o reality.  We all have an opinion on that one.  It is just good fun though if those people make one laugh.

    We all could use a laugh or two once in awhile.  Speaking of which, as a former storage facility manager I have met a few famous people in my life that came in to store things.  Hoboken storage might have a few famous people drop by to store things too you know.  Wasn’t Frank Sinatra, old blues eyes, from Hoboken?  Can you imagine what things he might store in a Hoboken storage unit?  Of course, his houses should have been big enough to hold anything he ever wanted to buy anyway.  How about the Situation or Snooky though?  Did I spell her name correctly?  By now, they may have made enough money to put all their things in a house too, but they all live together.  I bet you they have storage.  Maybe before the show ever started, and these were the people picked for the show, they all had to put their things in storage units somewhere in Jersey.  Maybe not Hoboken storage, but somewhere in Jersey.  That is also a line to remember from another New Jersey person, the Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  See, New Jersey is everywhere in our minds these days.  I saw Bon Jovi on TV the other day too.  He sang what sounded like a country song so we all change sometimes.  Imagining what famous people would store in storage units is really not that weird is it.

    We all relate our jobs to other things.  How about cab drivers in New Jersey?  How about the Sopranos?  They revolutionized cable TV in some ways.  In addition, just to let you know Bruce Springsteen’s guitar player in his band starred in the Sopranos.  He is from New Jersey as well.  Can you believe it?  The garden state, hey wait a minute; we saw a movie called the garden state on cable not long ago.  It was funny and about some guy who needed help with a girl and wait a minute.  The Sopranos was better wasn’t it?  A lot of people watched that show.  What would Tony Soprano store in storage units?  Wow.  One could say a whole bunch of things about that.  There are rules though, on what one can store in a storage unit.  No people, dead or alive, no animals, no bombs.  Tony, you can not store people in a storage unit.  Besides, we think you do it other ways anyway.  There were episodes involving storage units in that show were there not?  Do you remember?  Something illegal in them, but that is also against the rules of most storage places, at least in this country.

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  • Make The Most Of Lexington Storage
    By admin on November 6, 2009 | No Comments  Comments

    It is very important to do your homework well before you choose a storing company to take care of your furniture while you do not need it. There are a lot of options that you will need to consider before you finally pick a service. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the furniture storing service that you choose.

    Climate Control – Changes in climate can damage your furniture in a big way. To stop that from happening, look for a company that promises adequate climate control.

    Is There a Catch – Make sure you know the company terms and conditions of Lexington furniture storage before finalizing the deal. This will avoid unwanted surprises later in the transaction.

    Location of The Facility – The Lexington furniture storage company that you choose should be at a convenient location. After all, it is your furniture. You must have easy access to it whenever you need it.

    The Hours of Operation – The hours during which the facility operates are also very important. If a company is open during hours that do not suit you, you better look for a better one

    Storing Space Available – Check the storing size offered by the Lexington furniture storage facility that you consider. See whether it meets your requirements of the storing space or not. You might face problems later if the space being offered is too small for your furniture.

    Moisture Is a Strict No – Ensure that the place where your furniture will be stored is free of moisture. Moisture can spoil expensive pieces of furniture in no time and can cost you lots of extra bucks.

    Things That You Need To Pay Attention To

    Before you choose to use the services of a Lexington furniture storage company, you need to know about things you can manage on your own. Leaving everything to the company may seem a convenient option, but it is advisable to take care of certain things yourself. Here are some of the precautions you need to take before using a storing facility.

    Packing Tips – To be on the safe side, use plastic sheets to cover your furniture properly before moving it. This will save it from moisture. It will also reduce the chances of your furniture being ruined while moving. However, remember that using plastic is just a temporary option. Using plastic for a very long time can itself cause damage to your furniture. The furniture should be well-packed before it is moved so that it remains in good condition for as long as possible. Bubble-wrap and towels are handy alternatives to plastic sheets, especially for delicate pieces of furniture. Since they are easily available, they will not even cause you any additional hassle.

    Insurance – Insure your furniture beforehand as a precaution against possible damage. Although the facility you choose will take care of your furniture, you should be prepared for any unexpected damage well in advance.

    Protecting Glass Furniture – Take extra care with items made of glass. Using a masking tape to protect them from damage is a good idea. Also, use thick pieces of cardboard or other such material to shield them from getting chipped or broken. Do not leave any empty spaces in the box. Do not put additional weight on boxes containing such items.

    Lock It Up – Lock your Lexington furniture storage space properly. Keep a regular check on your furniture. In case of theft of some piece of furniture, inform the company at once.

    Most importantly, weigh your options well. Look at more than one company before making the final choice. And, needless to say, look for a Lexington furniture storage company that goes light on your pocket.

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  • Guide To West New York Storage
    By admin on July 11, 2009 | 163 Comments163 Comments  Comments

    If you think that ordinary people are the only ones that need storage spaces, think again. Although W. New York household storage is popular because many individuals need to store their extra linen, old clothes, trophies, awards, and many other essential items, businesses are now starting to realize the importance of storage spaces. For example, nowadays, not only ordinary folks look for W. New York RV storage spaces. RV rental companies that might need to store their extra RVs during the winter months will rent storage spaces for other recreational vehicles in their inventory.

    There are actually countless of reasons why a business or company may need a storage facility. For one, it may be more affordable and cost efficient for enterprises to rent storage units for their old equipment, office furniture, product samples, extra office supplies, electronics, seasonal decorations, excess inventory, and important documents. Since office space rental is more expensive, it will be more practical for businesses to rent a smaller office and use a storage facility to keep other less important items. Another reason for renting storage units is when companies are moving from one warehouse, factory, or office to another. Self storage can really provide a more convenient and affordable extra storage space compared to warehouse and commercial spaces.

    It is also a common misconception that companies only hire storage spaces for long-term contracts. Well, there are companies that rent W. New York self storage spaces for very short periods of time. Some of the reasons behind short term company rentals include extra inventory during peak or holiday seasons, preparation for conventions and trade shows, and renovation of office spaces. Some companies even look at W. New York boat storage as special perks to officers, board members or chief executives.

    So, in order to make sure that your company would not waste money in renting spaces that are not really important, you should consider the following guidelines

    First, you ought to decide the size of storage space that you need. It is essential that you have a list of things that you need to store. Having an inventory can help you compute the square footage that you will require. Always be sure to put some extra square footage so that you will not end up renting a space that is smaller than what you need.

    The next thing to do is consider the costs. As you know, expenses can affect the profits of your company. So, it is important that even in self storage, you ought to keep costs down. In case your company has a lot of vehicles for sale, you may want to consider renting W. New York car storage instead of parking such vehicles, equipment and machinery in the office garage. However, before you sign up a storage contract agreement, you have to compare whether the rent of several storage spaces for your inventory is much cheaper and cost effective than renting a warehouse or commercial space in New Jersey.

    If you are planning to store delicate equipment, such as servers and unused electronic devices, you also need to consider renting units like West New York furniture storage , which has climate control. In these rooms or units, the storage company will provide an air conditioning system to make the room colder in order to maintain the proper humidity levels and temperature inside the storage space. Even if you will be paying more for this type of storage space, at the very least, you are storing your important equipment and electronic devices safely or as prescribed. You can be comfortable that they will be in good working order when the time comes to retrieve them and put them back in service.

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  • Tips To Use Furniture Self Storage Efficiently
    By admin on March 26, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    There are times when you may not have enough space in your home to keep those heavy furniture sets. In that case, it is always wise to rent some extra space in a furniture self storage place. These facilities provide you storing units of different sizes with different features. You can choose a unit based on your specific needs. The best storeroom for you is obviously the one that can accommodate all your furniture items in a secure manner. It is very important for you to make sure that the unit you have chosen is equipped with climate control features because furniture products tend to get damaged in humid conditions.

    Following are some valuable tips on how to store your furniture items in a convenient way

    A Unit On The Ground Floor

    The best furniture self storage is probably the one that is located on the ground floor, as furniture items are usually very heavy and it will be very difficult for you to shift them to a unit on the first or second floor. Besides that, you are also recommended to choose a drive up unit, as it will make things much easier for you. Look for a facility that also provide dollies and cart services.

    Temperature Control

    Regardless of the type of furniture you are storing, it is very important for you to make sure that the unit you have chosen has temperature control features. Therefore, while you are doing the comparison-shopping for the right furniture self storage room, do not forget to ask the facility owner whether climate control is available in their storerooms. As per this feature, there is a central air and heat system installed in the building. The temperature is usually maintained within the unit of 50-80 degrees. The humidity level is also kept at a very low level in order to provide optimum protection to your furniture items. If you are using the units on the first floor or subterranean levels, you should choose a facility with a dehumidifier system.


    Furniture items are usually expensive products. Therefore, if you think that they are worth storing, they are probably worth insuring, as well. In fact, most furniture store place owners will require you to show a proof of insurance. Many others also offer affordable insurance policies that you can include in your rental agreement.

    Other Valuable Tips

    Following are some other tips that you may find very useful while storing your furniture items in a storehouse.

    • In order to prevent overloading and maximize space, you should try to stand mattresses and sofas in the corners. However, you will have to be a bit careful here. Make sure that you are not storing newspapers or other such things near the mattresses and sofas, as that may transfer color or prints.
    • You are also advisable to purchase some packing materials. For example, there are bags that are specifically designed to provide protection to chairs, sofas, and mattresses.
    • In order to allow airflow and keep dust off, you are also recommended to cover furniture with canvas tarps or cotton drop cloths.


    You may also like to use stretch wrap in order to keep dresser drawers or cabinet doors closed while moving. Likewise, the use of bubble wrap can be a good solution to protect corners and edges while they are stored in a furniture storing unit.

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  • Moms need storage too!
    By admin on June 6, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Sarah Little, a young mother and Secret Shop Specialist relates the need for a marketing plan to present self-storage to moms.

    Welcome to the Phone Smart call center blog, and insider diary of the self-storage industry.

    Ok, so I can’t resist sharing the Mother’s Day gift I received from my 13-month-old baby boy, Isaiah. I must warn you it’s full of lovey mush and if you don’t like warm fuzzy feelings then don’t read the rest of my blog entry.
    I had been in St. Louis all day visiting my grandma and family. My husband Joel had to work that day, so he was home by the time I got home around 8pm. I got the baby out of the car and when I got into the living room there was a small gift bag sitting on the coffee table. There was a single long-stemmed red rose standing in the bag next to a card. I opened the card and Isaiah aka Joel said that the single red rose signified the one year of life I have given him, and then went on to say he loved his mommy. There was also a candle and a gift certificate to the spa! But my favorite was the card and rose. It made me cry; I am even tearing up a bit now. I do believe that card and rose was the best gift I’ve ever received and I’ll keep it forever!
    As you can see, I am a sentimental mess. I’m a romantic and I think there are a lot of us out there- especially Mommies. I can already see that as I have more children and they make more things and write more cards I am going to need a bigger box to hold all my keepsakes. There’s no way these memories are going into storage, so I may have to put other, more trivial, things like the kitchen table or couch in storage to make room for my keepsakes.
    If I owned a storage facility I’d market to Moms who have a lot of memories or keepsakes in boxes. I’d let them know that if they put their furniture into storage, they’d have more room for boxes of memories!

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