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  • Enjoy Austin More Fully with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    North Austin storage units are located in the great place of Texas and are doing good business.  For a while, the boom of Texas in the seventies filed up all the self storage buildings and business was good.  In a free enterprise system though, more competitors came in and the boom ended and sort of evened out.  North Austin is still growing though, boom or no boom.  Our family spent one great day in Austin recently and we had a great time.  When you only have one day to spend somewhere you do try to see or do some things worthwhile or maybe not so standard.  We have been in Texas before, so we did not have to go to all the best tourist spots, but go do something we thought would be fun for our young family of the wife and yours truly and our seven year old son.  We also have friends who live in Austin, Texas and we had to see them too.  So we woke up really early in the morning from our hotel bed and we planned to meet our friends at the fun Zilker Park downtown Austin.  Our hotel was very close to the park, but the entire park is very big and we still had to cab it to get to the main part of it. The park features canoes, which one can rent by the hour, and you can row through this real cool river under viaducts of busy streets downtown.  Our friends were right on time and they wanted to row too.  We rented two canoes and us two men took our two children, our son, and their daughter and rowed down the river.  It was great fun and there were a few turns and look out!  Do not steer right into the wall of a bridge.  It was windy too, and it was at times hard to steer exactly where you wanted to go.  Our young son loved it and in one hour, we were back on shore with the canoes in our hands.

    North Austin storage units are located in the sunny State of Texas and it is a good place to be.  We explored the park and the trails and just about stayed the whole afternoon.  Our next step was showers than dinner than a walk over a bridge to the bottom of the bridge.  It was the Congress Bridge and it was just a few steps from our hotel.  This is not any ordinary bridge.  This is a place where millions of bats fly from every night in the summer months of Austin, Texas.  It is some sight to see, and our young son just loved watching all the bats fly from the bridge.  He loves Batman and all the Batman movies, so it was twice as exciting for him to see all the bats.  This is a very unique event and we are sure thousands of people a year come to see the bats.  We have known about them for a very long time because we used to live in Texas, and we hope most Texans know about the bats.

    North Austin storage units in sunny Texas are busy.  We hope the bats do not reach them any time soon.  No one really wants bats in their belfry.

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  • Life in the Windy City is Easier If You Rent Storage
    By jeff on March 21, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Elgin storage units are located just outside of Chicago in Illinois.  Elgin is a fairly big suburb of Chicago, but this great big city has a lot of really big suburbs around it.  Chicago is a very big city, third in population behind New York and L.A.  It has so much to do, that it might take a person an entire lifetime to do all the things you can do.  Some times, we like to take a different path and go to nearby places for fun too.  Indiana is a very cool place to spend some time in too, as it is the home of Norte Dame and the Indy five hundred races.  This might be the most popular race in the United States of America.  People at work have even car pools to bet on which racer will win the race.  Everybody in the office puts five dollars into a big pool and bets on the winner of the race.  We have done this a few times too, but never won.  If you like to bet on things though, Chicago offers much in that field too.  There are horse races and other kinds of races too.  We have been to Maywood, another suburb of Chicago to watch harness racing.  We liked it very much because if you want to, you can bet two dollars on every race and there are twenty races so for forty dollars you can stay for three hours and enjoy yourself.  You also meet a lot of interesting people at the horse races.  We like watching the gamblers going over the time sheets and racing forms to see what kind of edge they can get betting on a race.  We have bet ten dollars before on favorites, but some times when a favorite wins, you do not win much.  One time we spent two dollars on a horse bet and we won.  It was the favorite, though and when we went up to the gate to collect our money well, we only won fifty cents.  The man gave us two quarters.  We actually lost money on a horse that won.  It seems everyone else also bet on this horse to win, so no money was won by anybody.

    Elgin storage units in Chicago, Illinois or at least near Chicago are successful.  Most people who live in a suburb in Chicago mostly say they are from Chicago.  We are from a small suburb of Chicago too, and we tell people all the time we are from Chicago.  It is easier than trying to explain exactly where we are from so saying we are from Chicago is easy for us compared to saying we are from Sauk Village of Elgin.  Some people might catch us on that, but for the most part, they do not.  We are not trying to lie about that, we are from Chicago, but it is still easy for us to do it that way.  We consider ourselves South Siders from Chicago and that is it.  Do not mess with us because we are tough.  Chicago is a tough city to live in.  At least for most of us anyway.  Oprah is OK we think.

    Elgin storage units in Illinois are near the great city of Chicago.  You should go sometimes, you will love it.

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  • Getting the Best Storage Value for Your Money
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    Shopping for storage in Missouri can be tough. There are many Downtown Kansas City self storage companies to choose from. It is hard to tell one company from the next. You could just look at the price of the monthly rent, but this will not help you find a good storage. You will probably just end up with a terrible space that you will be unhappy with. While there are many things that set one Downtown Kansas City self storage apart from the next, a free truck rental may be one of the most important to some shoppers.

    When customers need a storage unit, they will also benefit from a truck rental a good portion of the time. Many sites will offer truck rentals, but some Downtown Kansas City self storage locations will offer free truck rentals to customers who are getting a storage unit. The specials can vary quite a bit. It is helpful to look at the potential costs and stipulations that go along with a free truck rental.

    There may be a deposit when you sign up for a free truck rental with some Missouri storage companies. The deposit is usually one hundred dollars or less. The deposit is refundable with the safe return of the truck. Any normal truck rental will also have a deposit and you should be able to put the deposit down with cash or credit card. Some Downtown Kansas City self storage sites may only accept cash deposits or only credit card deposits and this is vital information to get upfront.

    Most sites will require the normal purchase of insurance. This should be around ten to fifteen dollars. You will also need to pay for the gas that when you are moving everything to the storage unit. Most Downtown Kansas City self storage sites will require that you present the receipt for gas when you return the truck so make sure that you hang on to that when you fill up. They may charge you a larger amount if you do not bring the slip in.

    There is usually a limit on mileage when you get a free truck rental. The limit may be thirty to fifty miles and it is wise to know what the limit is before you leave the site with the truck. There are overage fees. If you think that you may go over the mileage limit, let the manager know so there is no confusion when you bring the truck back in after you are done. There is a time limit for having the truck, as well. Some sites do not add any stipulations to the truck rental, but that is pretty rare. If you find one, you may want to consider renting from them.

    Some sites will offer to drive the truck back and forth. This is usually called a free move-in service.  If this offer is available to you, remember that you are responsible for loading and unloading the truck so you will want to get help from friends and family if you need it. Make sure that you let them know what time the truck will be coming by because there is a time limit on this service and you do not want to pay extra fees for going over the time. This is a great option for some, but may not be advantageous for others.

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  • Use Self Storage to Help Support Your Favorite Team
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    They say nobody tailgates like Kansas City Chiefs fans in the very big parking lot outside of their stadium.  They have the best barbecue and sausage and everybody is wearing red, red and more red.  They bring giant barbecue pits and grills and start very early in the day getting everything ready.  Some of these giant grills are stored in the Country Club Plaza storage waiting for their Sunday home games to shine.  Some of these grills are so huge they need Country Club Plaza storage just to hold them.

    These are good cooks too.  They make their own sauces and cook their ribs all morning to a golden brown and the party begins.  Now we know most football games have their own fans that tailgate, yes, but even on football shows such as the ones on ESPN, Kansas City fans are usually rated as the best.  The city has always been known for great barbecue, and most people when they hear the words Kansas City, think of barbecue.  They think of the football team the Chiefs too, of course, but not everybody likes football or watches it.  We can see other things come out of Country Club Plaza storage besides giant grills.

    There are giant red helmets too.  Giant red vans with Chief logos all over them.  We are all glad the Chiefs are winning again here in Missouri.  The barbecue has always been great but winning helps all involved.  It is also called one of the loudest stadiums for football in the National Football league.  I think Seattle might be first as loudest, but their stadium was built to hold all the noise.  They cheated a little bit.

    Kansas City fans are good fans if winning or loosing.  They have a great history and a Super Bowl win too.  Many are too young to remember it, but they had great players on that team and upset a great team in the process.  Many Hall of Famers are from that team including a great quarterback and defensive players.  Some of us are old enough to remember but we will not go into that if you know what I mean.

    Kansas City is also known for jazz and blues and steaks and museums like the jazz museum and the Negro Leagues baseball museum too.  Some call the city the City of Fountains because they are supposed to have more fountains in the city than any other in America.  Have you counted them?  Homes are still reasonably priced and the location is good too.  In the middle of the country with a quaint efficient airport, Kansas City is easy to get to and leave from.  Recently the best martial artists in the country gathered for a tournament.  There was a lot of fighting going on there.  There will be a lot of hitting too at the next Kansas City football game, and a lot of eating too.

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  • Renting Cheap Self Storage
    By admin on May 1, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    If you are looking to rent a warehouse facility for a long time, you should search for a cheap self storage . This will keep your monthly rent expenditure low. Nowadays, finding an economical and safe storehouse is not difficult. Many players are present in this field, and in order to attract more customers, they offer store units at affordable prices. Some offer discounts, while others offer additional facilities free of costs.

    To make your search for an economical storehouse simpler, here are few tips

    Off Season Discounts

    To get a storeroom at really low prices, you should look forward to the off season discounts. The demand for storehouse facilities is seasonal and each town or city has peak and low seasons. The storehouses prefer to give their store units on discounts rather than keeping them vacant during off season. Hence, by hiring a store unit during such times you can save on the monthly rents.

    Inaugural Discounts

    The new storehouses generally market their store units by offering them at discounts. Their aim is to attract maximum customers instead of making huge profits. This is to make their safekeeping facility popular. If your aim is to get a cheap rental unit, you should not miss having a look at any such facility near you.

    Free Facilities

    You have to be very careful while hiring a safekeeping facility. Many storehouses offer store units at low prices but charge exorbitant amounts for the small additional facilities like carts. Hence while hiring a cheap self storage , you should also inquire about the deposits, the late fees, the charges for using carts, if any etc.

    Space Management

    Proper packing and storing of the objects can really save the amount of the space required to store them. By applying the principles of effective space management, you can store your items in comparatively smaller unit, which in turn, reduces your rent.

    Special Long Term Contracts

    There are some companies that have differential rates for the short term and long term contracts. They offer store units at lower prices to people renting them for a long time. So by opting for a long term contract, you can save money on the monthly rentals.


    Many people actually do not realize that they could save a lot more by renting a safekeeping facility near their home than renting a comparatively cheaper store unit at some remote location. It is not only the monthly fee that matters. You will also be traveling to the storehouse to access your goods, and the farther it is from your home, the more you will have to spend on the fuel. Also, the moving costs of the goods increase with the distance. Hence, you should take into account such factors before renting a cheap space.


    You should not just compare the costs of the store units while hiring it. You have to compare the costs of hiring the safekeeping facility with respect to the facilities offered and your requirements. For e.g. a warehouse company may offer you a store unit at cheaper price than the other warehouse, but the security arrangements of the facility may not be that good.

    In short, it is possible to find a cheap location if you follow some simple tips given above. Some of these tips can not only help you in finding an economical storehouse for your long term requirements but can also help in meeting your short term needs.

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  • Determining Factors of Cheap Self Storage
    By admin on February 2, 2009 | 9 Comments9 Comments  Comments

    Cheap self storage is something that every tenant desires when shifting his items into one. But one should remember that the price or the hiring charges of a storehouse depend to a great extent on the choice of the facilities that come with it. Moreover, it also depends upon the tenant making the most appropriate choice for his storing needs. There are many factors that influence the cost of a storehouse. They are as follows.

    • The cost of a storehouse depends greatly upon the firm that is providing it. Firms that offer good quality storehouses and amenities will definitely charge more than their counterparts who provide infrastructure and performance of a lower quality. Cheap self storage is generally provided by such firms with several facilities. But this is not to say that all firms that offer storehouses at a cheaper rate than others are inferior to them. Sometimes even good firms have a quota of storehouses that are low in rates. These firms cater to people belonging to different economic strata and preferences. Generally the reputation of the firm, the demand for its storehouses in the market, the amenities that it offers and the quality of its performance determine the rate of its storehouses. The hiring fee of storehouses depends to a large extent on the features that a tenant opts for. The storehouses that come with a lot of sophisticated features are the ones that will be rated more. A cheap self storage is one that will offer only place for storing items. It will not have any additional features, such as, sophisticated security equipment or environmental regulation. It will be a very ordinary chamber.
    • While selecting a storehouse one should opt for only those features that are really necessary for storing his articles in a good condition. For example, if one wants to store some ordinary belongings like casual clothes or other sundry articles, he need not go for a storehouse that has high security features. But if he wants to store some valuable piece of furniture or some expensive antiques or jewelry, a cheap self storage will not do for him. He will have to opt for a high rated storehouse with the latest and sophisticated security features.
    • The same logic applies to storehouses with the environmental regulation features. Environmental regulation is essential for storing articles that are vulnerable to temperature and humidity extremes. Wooden and metallic articles are usually found to be adversely affected by temperature and humidity extremes. Moreover, in places where the temperatures and humidity are moderate it is not necessary to store items in environmentally regulated chambers. One can opt for a cheap self storage with no special features to moderate the temperature and humidity levels in such places. 
    • The size of the storehouse also affects its rate. One should be able to estimate the correct amount of place he would need to store his articles in a well organized manner. This will help him in shopping for a storehouse with the most appropriate dimensions. Otherwise the tenant will have to end up paying for unused extra storing area or cramp up his articles in a smaller area. One can also take the advice of storehouse experts to know the exact dimensions of the storing area that will serve his purpose the best.


    Self Storage Building

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  • Self Storage Indsider
    By admin on November 27, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog, where we explore self storage trends in the self storage business.
    Written by Ann Sheehan, PhoneSmart call center seasoned professional and business blog writer.

    Complacency is not the answer!

    In order to remain competitive, change is a must! This is true in every industry, especially with self storage. The facilities have come a long way since the days of “chicken wire around a box” which is how one long-time manager described self storage of yesteryear. Companies are no longer able to stay competitive by sitting around and waiting for people to knock on the door wanting to rent a unit hoard their treasures. Today self storage competition is very intense; it is all about the high tech security, clean conditions, friendly people, etc., etc.

    A perfect example of a business getting too complacent is the Ford Motor Company. For twenty years their Taurus was a top selling mid sized sedan. In fact, it was the bestselling car in the United States from 1992 to 1996, prompting other auto manufacturers to make adjustments to their own line of cars. (It seems at one time or another everyone has either owned a Ford Taurus, or at least known someone else who has!) But as Ford sat back and enjoyed these accolades the competition moved forward. In 1997, a foreign automaker took over the Top Spot. Sadly, October 27, 2006 Ford seized production of the Taurus.

    Have you recently updated your property, or are you content with how things are now? Do you have the video cameras, the pest-control, the computerized gate, etc.? Do you have a top notch call center to turn your missed calls into profit? Do you have the amenities that today’s storage customer is demanding, or are you willing to just sit back and watch the competition pass you by?

    Yes, I too, drive a Taurus – which I really like. I am sure hoping that I have not jinxed my mode of transportation!

    Your local self storage unit provider in 7536 Wornall Rd. Kansas City, MO. 64114

    Quality Management Services at Total Quality Assurance Services

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  • Self Storage Packing
    By admin on November 13, 2006 | 135 Comments135 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart self storage blog, where we explore self storage trends in the self storage industry.
    Written by Laurie Cox PhoneSmart call center outbound projects manager and business blog writer.

    It’s an amazing thing when you consider packing up and storing certain items in your home. Many people nowadays have chosen to use self storage for various reasons. Some choose storage for their “Seasonal” items such as Christmas Decorations and winter or summer clothing. Packing up these types of items should always be done properly.
    Suppose that you’ve decided to store all of your Christmas Decorations as a lot of people do. Most Christmas Decorations are delicate and therefore easily breakable. Almost anyone storing these would want to take great care in the packing of these precious items.
    Clothing is also sensitive to moisture and would need to be packed well in order to avoid musty smells, mildew stains, or even moths. Considering the cost of the wardrobe itself, it is wise to be concerned about moisture damage if using self storage.Many companies in the self storage business offer boxes and packing supplies. The more varieties of boxes available, the better the chance of sales increases from the purchase of packing supplies. If someone wants to take good care of their seasonal items like clothing or Christmas Decorations, then they are probably quite willing to spend the money to properly prepare for storage. The cost of items lost is always greater than the cost of the box you put them in.
    Remember, no matter what the season, it always pays to properly pack your box.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 251 Collins Industrial Blvd. Athens, GA. 30601

    Quality Management Services at Total Quality Assurance Services

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  • Callers Say The Strangest Things
    By admin on September 7, 2006 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog an insider diary of the self storage industry.

    By Robin Turner PhoneSmart call center manager, and business blog writer.

    I was reviewing some calls that our reps had taken over the last couple of days and I came across one call that was different from the rest. The rep offered a special stating that he’d match the competitor’s price. The caller had an odd response. I guess he was just in a bad mood that day. The caller stated…

    “What do you mean? That’s the special?”

    As the rep stated that that was the special that was currently being offered and he couldn’t beat that, the caller asked…”So I need to do all of the leg work? I need to call around and find the cheapest price? Why can’t you just give me the best deal you can? This is like that commercial that was seen on TV where the customer goes to one store and needs to purchase a racket and it was priced at $7.95. The sign stated that they would match any competitor’s price. The man told the salesman that he had seen the exact same racket at another store for $4.95 and the salesman asked him why he didn’t buy it and the customer had told the salesman because they were sold out.”
    A bit frustrated, a bit sarcastic… The caller ended the call stating that he was going to shop around. Never the less, our rep handled the call just as he should stating that the special was the best he could do and it was a PRETTY GOOD ONE at that.
    You’d think we wouldn’t have heard back from the caller, but about 20 minutes later the caller called back and said he decided to go with them as they had the best deal. So, remember to stick to your guns and keep your head up, be confident in what you have to offer and even with difficult callers you could get the deal by using superior sales techniques.

    Self Storage in Louisiana Lake Charles location, call Evelyn and Rickie for all your storage and moving supplies. 337-436-8751

    Total Quality Assurance Services has Quality Management Services.

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  • interesting needs…
    By admin on September 21, 2005 | No Comments  Comments

    Welcome to the self storage blog, where we share our insider view of the self storage business.

    Helping people with their storage needs can be very interesting…! Ann

    The majority of people rent storage units for similar reasons. Each
    Individual feels as if they are the only ones to ever have their situation, but we hear the same kind of circumstances all day long.

    We talk to a lot of people at PhoneSmart.

    Families are moving, couples are getting divorced, business people need a place to store their wares, etc. However, every once in a while, a rather odd situation arises. Here are a few wacky reasons for callers needing storage.

    A woman in California bought a yacht to live on. She is going to store her furniture until she knows for sure if she likes living on a boat…

    A mother rented a 5x5x8 unit from August until December to keep her two- year-old daughter from getting into the Christmas presents…
    Parents in Kansas rented a climate control unit to store their married daughter’s dining room table. She is away at law school – for three years…

    A man in Arizona has been storing his non-working, non-licensed 1960 Oldsmobile since 1991…

    A young guy in California rented a unit for $159 a month just to store his surfboard. His parents wanted it out of the garage…

    A man wanted to store a car. He was giving the new BMW to his wife as an anniversary gift, and it arrived at the car dealership three weeks early…

    A woman in California wanted an 11×35 unit to store just a few pieces of furniture. I explained she could use a smaller unit that would cost her less. She explained that her soon-to-be ex-husband was ordered to pay for it. The unit cost $945.00 per month…

    An ex-army officer in Washington was told by his wife that he had to get a storage unit. He collected figurines representing past infantrymen, some “dolls” being as tall as three and four feet high. But he collected two of each; one that he could display, and one to keep in a box that would “increase in value”. His wife could deal with one of each in the house, but he was told he must store the duplicates…

    A man in New Jersey claimed to work for a cemetery. He said they had to do some work to the property and wanted to store several coffins that would have to be dug up. I thought the call was a hoax, but had to remain professional, just in case. I explained we do not allow any bodies, living or dead…

    A woman in Philadelphia called with an odd dilemma. Her ex-husband was found in his apartment several days after he had died. He was actually found because of the stench coming from his apartment. The ex wanted to know if we would mind if she stored items with a strong odor. …
    And a prime example that people only hear what they want to hear…A woman went through the entire process to reserve a storage unit. Prices, access hours, the need for a lock, etc. She called back the next day wanting to know about the rental car she had reserved!


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