• Time to do Business
    By Joel on October 30, 2011 | 14 Comments14 Comments  Comments

    When you need a storage unit, it should be game time. You should be ready to go. There should not be any playing around. You have your note pad out, your internet browser open, and you are ready to do business. There are to many times in which people are calling around but they do not need storage for months to come. That is great to plan ahead, but you will have to do the same thing around the time in which you need storage. By the time you need self storage, there are elements that could be different.

    It is best to shop around for storage as a serious customer. When you call in for prices, it should be time to do business. You should be ready to move in and you should have your plan of action in mind on how to get your belongings to the self storage facility. You are not calling around to get an idea on self storage, you are calling around to figure out who wants your business. Pick up the phone with that mindset.

    Specials come and go. Just because there was a special when you called a couple of months ago does not mean that it will still be available. For this reason you should not be solely dependant on the special to help you out. Maybe there is something else that you need from the self storage unit. Whether it is great security, location or what not. Ensure that you are not just relying on the special to tell you where you want to rent from.

    Pretty much anything that you could ever need as far as moving and storage supplies can just be picked up at the store you are renting from. Most storage facilities now pride their selves on being a one stop shop for self storage. So do not bother going to the hardware store looking for a lock or what ever else you need, just visit  your local storage facility to help you out.


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  • Businesses Benefit from Self Storage
    By jeff on March 17, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Bogart storage units in sunny Georgia are doing well these days.  People have always wanted to move to the southern parts of the United States of America.  In the beginning people moved up north for jobs.  Factories were making steel and Mo town was building cars.  All these jobs made a lot of people move to the north to get these jobs and make their families stronger than before.  When the factory jobs dried up and the steel was not flowing anymore, those same people moved back to the south, and back home.  Car companies started moving to the south too as those states became more business friendly with fewer taxes than say Chicago or New York.  Now you add the good weather and lower prices on houses, well, now we have something.  Cities like Houston in Texas and Atlanta in Georgia started booming.  Thousands of people a day were moving to these cities from the north, because now the jobs have shifted from the north to the south.  These cities had a hard time keeping up though at first with all the new people coming in.  Homes had to be built and record setting numbers to keep up with all the new people moving to these cities.  Houston, Texas had rows and rows of apartment building on their streets, and they were something to see. Atlanta became a hot bed for people moving and we are sure they had a building boom like Houston Texas had.  Homes were cheaper too compared to Chicago and New York.  The same house could be hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper down south compared to up north.  This was also enticing too.

    Bogart storage units in sunny Georgia were filled up during this boom time for the south.  Another reason business liked moving to the south so much too was sick days.  Yes, sick days.  It seemed that people took off from work for sick days in the cold climates of the north in the United States of America compared to the southern half.  Snow days too were a problem, as workers could not get to work when the temperature and snow of many inches hit the cities every winter.  There were more expenses too with snow like snow removal and people slipping on ice and getting hurt.  This all brought up costs and lowered profits.  States would also tax these companies more than let us say Texas, so why stay with all that hassle and hard ship.  Might as well pack up and leave Chicago.

    Bogart storage units benefited from all of these reasons to move down to sunny Georgia, and a lot of people did.  Atlanta is often called the new south, modern and exciting.  It is a city where young people flock to for the nightlife and all the wonderful things there are to do.  We think the south will keep on growing unless the north gets it together and makes it better for business to come.  As a matter of fact, the entire country of the United States of America could benefit from a lower tax rate on business and the private sector too like people like us.  We all need a little tax break to go with our corn flakes in the morning.  How about no food taxes at all?  Would not that be nice?

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  • Using Self Storage to Help Grow Your Business
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    When first starting your own business, the number goal is to survive.  Many small businesses don’t see their first anniversary.  If you reach that milestone on solid footing and continue to thrive, one question will eventually come to the forefront.  Where do we go from here?

    Hopefully the answer is forward and upward.  Once you’ve established yourself in your community the way to make that happen is to grow.  This means growth not just in terms of your market share, but also in the physical size of your business and your staff.  This growth process can be made easier and more affordable when you use Williamsburg, New York self storage.

    If you’re really successful, physical growth could mean opening additional locations or moving to one larger location.  If this is the case you can prepare for expansion by acquiring the building materials, fixtures and equipment you need and keeping them in your own warehouse Williamsburg self storage unit.  Planning your move or expansion over a period of time allows you to disperse the cost of these materials and take advantage of sales and discounts as they happen.  It’s this kind of proactive thinking, rather than reactive, thinking that probably put you in the position to expand your business to begin with.

    Now it could be that your already have plenty of space at your current location, but you’re not making the best possible use of it.  Storage is one of the primary wastes of space in a commercial environment.  Whether you own a retail business or operate an office environment, you can maximize the space you have by keeping on hand only those items you need.  Turn your storeroom into a new conference area, or maybe use the space for desks for your new employees, by keeping archived records, surplus supplies and backup computers and equipment in a climate controlled Williamsburg self storage unit, where they can sit safely and securely until you actually need them.  After all, why take up space at your place of business with items you won’t immediately need?  Any part of your store or office that isn’t being used to make you money is effectively costing your money.

    As a successful business owner, you can no doubt recognize other businesses that are operating the right (or wrong) way.  When looking for storage solution, seek out well-trained and knowledgeable location managers and staff willing to work with you to find the solution that best fits your company’s needs and budget.  Additionally, look for Williamsburg self storage facilities that can offer a level of security that meets, or exceeds, that of your own office.  Perimeter fencing surrounding grounds under 24-hour video surveillance that can only be accessed via secure keypad access ensure your valuable equipment and records will be well taken care of.  As a business owner, you will also appreciate the convenience of storage units accessible to you and your staff 24 hours a day.

    If you’re in a position where expanding your business is a legitimate endeavor, you likely don’t need much advice.  However, in case self storage didn’t occur to you, you might want to take the time to do some research.  You might find out we can help you grow your business even faster and more efficiently than you thought possible.

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  • Businesses Protect Important Files with Storage Units
    By jeff on January 28, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Life in Wyandotte County, Kansas was great for Kayla. She worked as a personal assistant for the president of a major company that was growing and expanding. She was helping her boss organize and structure the move of their office space into a brand new building. The office was getting cramped and personal work space was getting limited as the company continued to grow and expand and hire new employees to handle the work load but the building continued to stay the same.

    One of the jobs that Kayla was responsible for was helping the office transition run smoothly. She has so many to do lists running she felt like she needed a personal assistant to handle it all but she knew that the craziness was just a temporary problem. Soon the office would be completely moved and the business would return to a normal pace once again.

    Today Kayla was working on labeling the filing cabinets with a number that corresponded with a room in the new office space. They were being moved over today and if the cabinets could make it all into the correct room it would be one less hassle that she would have to oversee. As she was labeling the cabinets with the correct corresponding number she quickly realized that many of the filing cabinets contained files that they could not get rid of but that they did not need on a daily basis or on any type of regular basis. A few of them were old customer files that they kept to reference and the majority of the cabinets were old employee files that had to be kept for a certain number of years. They took up a considerable amount of office space and it would be great if they could find a place to store them off site.

    Kayla began to research Wyandotte County, Kansas storage options and found that located just a few miles form their new office building was a self storage location. Further research of the Wyandotte County storage facility and she was able to see that they had great rates, safety and security measures in place to insure that their customers belongings were safe.

    Kayla made a small presentation up about how the Wyandotte County storage would benefit their company by allowing them to have off site storage for the files that they had to hold on to but did not need to keep and how by storing them in a self storage unit they would have more office space for the employees and be able to open up more spaces for the companies continued success. She pitched her presentation to her boss and he loved the idea.

    When the office relocation was finally over and everyone was settled into their spaces life in the office returned to normal. Kayla went back to her normal duties and was happy to throw away all of her scratched out to do lists. Her boss was so happy with how she had handled all of the responsibilities that he had given her during the move and even going above and beyond to find them a storage solution for their files that he was adding a bonus to her next check as a way to say thank you. Kayla already had great plans for that extra money including this great pair of shoes that she had been eyeing in the shoe store window.

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  • City Life is Made Easier When You Rent a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    Downtown Kansas City storage is in a very good location indeed.  Downtown living usually has little storage space and Kansas City is no different.  Lofts and apartments are convenient but small.  A young population has made lofts and these small digs very popular now, but if one has a lot of things, space is hard to come by.

    Downtown Kansas City storage is needed by the city dwellers who like to buy stuff too, and need a place to put it.  Some lofts may be only six hundred to eight hundred square feet total and that is with very little space to store things.  Some people store their winter things in the storage space, than drag it out and replace it with summer clothes and summer activities things like boats, swimming gear, and inner tubes and floats, and everything else.  Hobbies are stored in spaces too and some people have their storage spaces as workshops with tools and workbenches in them.  Some have electricity in them or the customers bring generators.  Downtown Kansas City storage has climate-controlled units that keep things from not getting too hot or too cold.  Items can contract and expand and things like computers can be ruined in very hot small spaces.

    Storage units come in all different price ranges and sizes, from tiny two by two feet to large ten by forty feet units.  Some are inside where people wheel provided carts around, and some, one can drive right up to their unit to get things out or put things in.  People store cars, boats, tools, clothes, and furniture.  Some things can not be stored like hazards and chemicals and of course animals.  Do not put your animals in storage.  Not a good idea.

    Most storage spaces are tall enough for large items.  Small businesses use storage units to save money and warehouse expenses.  Very smart.  Why spend a ton of money to start a business when it might fail or struggle for a few years.  The times to get in your storage space can vary, but some have twenty-four hour access that can really help small business.  Downtown locations are great and Downtown Kansas City storage will appease we believe.  Storage has become so popular in recent years one can see them in a lot of different places.  It makes sense for a lot of people who are trying to get rid of clutter, but do not want to throw items away that are sentimental or valuable.  Baseball cards and antiques and old toys or old beds or anything else that matters can be stored safely and well.  There are millions of square feet of storage in America and if you need one there should be one nearby.  So go out, buy things, help the economy, and put people back to work.  Get storage and fill it up.  Visit flea markets, garage sales, and swap meets and fill up your storage space.  Who cares?  Be a hoarder if you want.  Maybe you will be on that TV show for hoarders.  You might get famous.

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  • Building Businesses With Storage Solutions
    By jeff on October 4, 2010 | 95 Comments95 Comments  Comments

    Today’s business world is different than it was twenty years ago and is moving towards people depending on themselves to make and create their dream jobs. More people are becoming an entrepreneur and instead of working to make money and success for someone else they are making their own successes.  One way that people are saving money in starting their own business is by starting and running their business from their own home. Many people who start their own business rely on a self storage facility to help them run their home. Here are some of the ways that home based businesses are helped by utilizing a self storage unit:

    • In order to begin the business you have to have a dedicated place to work. Many people look to turn a guest room or a basement space into a dedicated home office. Whatever space they choose to turn into their dedicated work space having a self storage unit to clear out the beds, clutter, or stuff can provide a work space that is well organized and clean to work in. with a storage solution you can create a work space and still be able to hold on your belongings that you move out in creating your work spaces.
    • Working from your home you will have to have everything that you would expect from an office. Even though technology has come along way to making business less reliant on paper there still is a considerable amount of paperwork that needs to be kept and filed and organized in a way that is easy to access. Having a storage unit can offer you the perfect space to keep the older files or files that you wouldn’t need on a daily basis. With a self storage unit you can maintain your work space and keep it clean and organized so that you can work more efficiently.
    • Having a self storage unit can help outside of the home office as well. Since you are running your business out of your home there may come a time when you need to entertain clients or suppliers or support personnel to run your business in your home. You not only want to have your office space looking organized and professional but you want to be able to maintain the rest of your house to be able to be organized as it is an extension of your home office space.
    • If you have any type of inventory or product for your business you will realize that it can quickly overtake your home storage spaces. To be able to run your business better and more effectively it can help a great deal if you utilize a self storage unit to help with maintaining inventory. Having a dedicated self storage space for inventory will keep you from storing it in different locals in your home.

    As you can see having a self storage unit can greatly increase your ability to run your home based business in a more efficient and effective manor. You will be able to have an organized office space in which to work and your home can become your office. What a short commute that would be. Self storage solutions offer you the opportunity to become your own boss and build up your own success.

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  • Steel Self Storage Buildings
    By admin on August 21, 2008 | 102 Comments102 Comments  Comments

    When it comes to storing items it is best to go for sturdy self storage buildings . The ones made of steel are a good option. Steel buildings are a matter of choice for storing valuable items by many renters of storing facilities. There are many companies that have a reputation for offering top quality storing steel systems. Some of these companies operate on a global basis. These companies have units of various sizes. They supply small units for storing as well as medium sized and large ones like sports arenas. Most of them can design storing units to suit the specific requirements of the renter.

    There are different types of storing units made of steel. The first type that can be considered are the self storage buildings for agricultural purposes. These metallic storing units give superior quality protection from pests and have longevity. If one has to store agricultural products then nothing can be better than the steel storing units offered by reliable companies. Steel storing units are also used as aircraft hangers. Of course there are number types of aircrafts and hence their storing requirements are different. They vary in sizes and designs and there is a steel unit for each and every aircraft. If you think about different aircrafts, there is a hanger for every type of aircraft.

    Steel can also be used to construct a church edifice. These self storage buildings can be used to build extensions of existing buildings or construct entirely new structures. There are companies that have the expertise to offer the best steel structural solutions in constructing new churches or modifying or repairing existing ones. The church construction group can take the advice of these experts to get an idea of the type of steel structural units that they should select for building a church of the desired size and type. The church constructions can be built at very cost effective rates. 

    Commercial steel structures are also very much in demand by many business houses today. These self storage buildings can be used to build a new retail outlet or a fast food chamber. One can get buildings of desired sizes and shapes designed by the companies selling these steel structures. Steel structures can be used to build gymnasiums. The conventional methods of building gymnasiums might prove to be quite expensive. For building a gymnasium the structure that one chooses should be strong, flexible, durable, efficient and of a reasonable rate. Institutional edifices are also constructed using steel. They should be made of highest commercial grade steel and should conform to the most sophisticated and precision-oriented technical specifications.

    The self storage buildings made of steel can be used as manufacturing units. The units made of steel can be so designed that the space in the units can be arranged well to accommodate the highest number of items possible without compromising with the quality of the manufacturing process. An efficient structure will lead to efficiency in production and increase in output. Steel structures can be used to build recreational facilities which require some good designs. The steel structures can be used to build economical and flexible recreational facilities. Sometimes pre-engineered steel building systems are used to construct recreational facilities. Steel can be used for building riding arenas. It saves upon the traditional methods of building riding arenas. 

    Car Storage in Lenexa

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  • Varieties of Self Storage Jobs
    By admin on August 15, 2008 | 109 Comments109 Comments  Comments

    Self storage jobs in self storing facilities can vary from management to IT jobs and there is sufficient vacancies as more and more companies are getting into the self storing business. There are some chains that operate not through the whole country but have ventured abroad. The places where the concept was new till yesterday are proving to be the fastest growing market. With every expansion the need for human resources is growing and opening a new avenue of job opportunities. The lookout is for trained professionals than novices. So those who have the proper training have a whole new dimension of job waiting for them.

    The self storage jobs can be roughly categorized into four types. They are different management jobs, call center jobs, delivery driver jobs and finally the IT related and the corporate jobs. Make sure that you are a dedicated person because the industry depends on its human resources than anything else and your performance is crucial for the well being of the company and in turn will ensure your prosperity. You can visit the website of any self storing company to search for available for different jobs and apply as per your qualification. The expanding industry will surely throw up something for you.

    Of the self storage jobs , the job of the property manager is to manage sales, work with the customers, supervise the operations and maintain the facility. All these jobs are very important in the well being of the company as you will be directly involved in the operations that the company is for. It is ideal for those who prefer customer contact or retailing. A manager of properties does not always need to be from the same or related background to be in this job. He can be from the retail industry or even hotel and restaurant management. Most of the companies have an initial training period for their managers and he gets regular pay for the period. The training takes one through the requirements in the self storing industry and he needs to take to the ways very soon as he would often act as the advisor to the customers who seek suggestions on moving, packing or truck rental.

    The other self storage jobs are the call centre jobs, IT and corporate jobs. The companies operate call centers to take incoming calls from the customers as well as answer questions of the interested people. The corporate jobs related to self storing are many and varied. They range from accounting, finance and tax management, human resources management, IT, legal and marketing management. People trained in all these faculties are also in demand in the industry.

    Self storing industry is diversifying into mobile storing facility and this has generated a new type of self storage jobs . It requires a team of professionals who can take the self storing facility to the customer. The team comprises of the client service representative, the delivery drivers and the warehouse maintenance experts. The team needs to look after the customer interaction over the phone as well as on the ground and resolve the situation in a very amicable manner. Since the whole system is computer operated these days the team also needs to be efficient in computer related matters. Then is the matter of actual storing which includes receiving the materials, inspection and billing and also handling the cash.

    RV Storage in Overland Park

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  • Legal Matters and Self Storage Companies
    By admin on August 11, 2008 | No Comments  Comments

    Self storage companies are doing great business these days as more and more people are opting for storing their articles at facilities outside their houses. The industry has grown at such a pace that more and more people are trying to cash in on the business. You too might be thinking of investing in such a business if you have the money. But in that case you need to worry, among the other things, about the legal implications involved in it. It has been found that riding on the wave of new opportunities, few people find time to get themselves clear on the legal matters before getting on with the business.

    If you are going to set up one of those self storage companies , you must be very clear about the legal definition of such a facility. On the overall it states that a real property that has fifty or more enclosed space which are rented out to individuals or businesses or to both for the purpose of warehousing is called a self storing facility. This definition holds good for all the states but the other minor rules may differ from state to state. Fifty units is a standard that is safe across all states but some states allow lesser number of units to start with. So it is your duty to get it clear what is your state law regarding self storing facilities. Also it must be made sure whether your start warehousing facilities or facilities for storing vehicles can be termed self storing facilities.

    As one of the self storage companies the first criteria to qualify as such should be to let out or lease out your property which is designed and used for storing purpose only. These units are rented out individually to the occupants who have access to such units for the purpose of storing or removing there personal properties. You must make it clear that the self storing properties are not warehouses as per law. So you should not issue any warehouse receipt, bill of lading or any document of title for any personal property that is stored in your facility. However, some states need a proper written agreement for renting out. Renting covered parking space and open lots has no clear definition as self storing facilities.

    The occupant is a person who hires an individual space in the facilities provided by the self storage companies . This does not include the rent of space that is not particularly defined or the services like container rents for storing which are stored in the warehouses of the storing companies. If the space where a person stores his vehicle is covered and defined clearly then it has a remote chance of getting termed as a self storing facility.

    When you are going in for a business of self storage companies you must make sure that you are insured against any default on the part of the hirer and make sure that you can recover your dues in case a customer does not pay his rent. If you fall within the purview of self storing facilities you can then have the legal support of lien on the properties of the defaulter and his storing unit. In any case you will be doing business on stored property of someone else and there are a number of legal matters that are beyond the scope of vision of an ordinary person. So it is best to consult an attorney before starting any business involving self storing.

    Furniture Storage in Waldorf

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  • Tips to Getting Started in Mini Storage Business
    By admin on August 8, 2008 | 144 Comments144 Comments  Comments

    In America, consumers are feeling the pinch. With rising fuel costs, food prices increasing and the value of the U.S. dollar on the decline, our spending habits are changing. However, Americans are still a materialistic bunch, and though the state of the economy has some effect on the spending habits in this country, we still enjoy purchasing things when we can afford to do so. We continue to accumulate, despite the rising costs associated with it.

    For this reason, people looking to start a company of their own might choose to invest in a mini storage business. It is no secret that people are running out of room in their basements, closets and garages. Many families are just looking to simplify their lives by cleaning out their space. In addition, families that are downsizing in order to meet their bills often find that storing some of their belongings and moving to a more affordable home or apartment is more cost effective than living at their current residence.

    If you are a savvy entrepreneur who is considering starting your own mini storage business, there are several things that you can do beforehand, to determine if it will be a viable opportunity for you. Researching the industry itself, learning all that you can about it, and finding out what the industry standards are as well as the typical rate of investment and return, is the first step that you will likely take before you jump right in.

    Once all of the preliminary research has been conducted, your next consideration in beginning a mini storage business will likely be determining just how much money you have to invest in it. If you are operating on a shoestring budget, you will want to search for less expensive ways to build, market and run your business before you commit to it. You will need to make allowances for a dormant period from the inception of your company before you will begin seeing financial gain.

    When considering the type of buildings to use, you will want to choose whether or not you will acquire an existing building to convert into units, or build new ones. Steel is the material of choice for many of these facilities. It is more economically viable, and you can often purchase prefabricated buildings that will serve you and your tenants well for many years to come.

    Another aspect of the mini storage business that you will want to consider is the location where you intend to build as well as the market for your services in that area. Check out the competition. What kind of turnover rate do they have? How do they advertise? Do they seem to be flourishing? What kinds of services do they offer that you could compete with? How many others are there in the area? Choosing the right location is important. If your services are not needed, or if competition is fierce, then your company may not make it.

    Yet another consideration that you will need to take into account is insurance. The laws vary by city and state. You will need to purchase insurance for your company, and many of these facilities offer their tenants the opportunity to purchase insurance through the facility itself. See if you can make this happen in your area.

    Starting any new business takes time, dedication and money. A mini storage business is no different. Conducting adequate research before you go full throttle is a good way to evaluate the potential success of your company.

    RV Storage in Hopkins

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