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  • The Chicagoland Area Can Rely on Self Storage Units
    By jeff on March 22, 2011 | 8 Comments8 Comments  Comments

    Fox Valley storage units are located in the great State of Illinois.  It is not far from Chicago, which is one of the best cities in the world to live in.  Chicago has everything to see and do, but it is the people who make this great city tick.  They are from all over the world and there is even a Polish population that is second to only a city in Poland.  Warsaw, Poland has the biggish Polish population in the world, city wise, and Chicago is second.  Some estimates put the Polish population at a million people.  So if you like great Polish food you do not have to go all the way to Poland to get it.  Chicago already has it.  The Polish people are also great to hang around with.  We had a few Polish friends while we were living in Chicago, and they were always fun to mess with and hang out with.  There are Polish areas of town, which serve the great food.  There is also great food in Chicago from everybody.  In the Mexican areas of town, a great taco can be eaten by all.  Some of these places to eat also have dancing and live music to entertain you while you snuff out a taco or a burrito.  You will gain weight in Chicago so be prepared.  We lived there for five years and both of us gained weight.  Both of us are the wife and yours truly.  We have been trying to loose weight ever since, but we will not give up until we are good looking or dead.  We might die soon though, because we have not lost much weight since we left Chicago.  We miss the food and all those great places to eat like downtown pizza places and the great Italian places to eat to. A lot of famous people open up places to eat here like Mike Ditka and Michael Jordan.  Harry Carey too has had a place to eat downtown Chicago for many years.  We all miss him dearly as the announcer for many years of White Sox and Cubs games.  He also did St. Louis Cardinals games too before he came to Chicago.  We are so glad he did.

    Fox Valley storage units in Illinois are busy.  It is not far from Chicago, Illinois and the city is always hopping.  We used to take trains and buses downtown because it is so hard to park sometimes in the city.  We once went to a concert and had to park so far from the place we were going to, we had to take a cab to it.  Crazy huh?  Well, that is Chicago.  We would do it again though, because watching live music in Chicago is always special.  Bands play their hearts out in this city.  We have great fans.

    Fox Valley storage units in Illinois are busy.  Because they are so close to Chicago, they have a lot of built in business.  Millions of people live in the city and its suburbs so hop aboard and go see Chicago and all that it has to offer.  We are going again soon, we probably will wait for summer though.  We have had our share of cold weather, thank you.  Good luck to all and Chicago.

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  • Have Fun in the Sun with Self Storage
    By jeff on March 17, 2011 | 14 Comments14 Comments  Comments

    Miami storage units in sunny Florida are full.  People are always moving to Florida for a host of reasons, and this keeps most of the storage units in this state pretty full.  Miami is especially a destination for many people to come to the beaches and the sunny weather.  People from all over the world come to Miami to live and work and some to get away from their oppressive governments.  Cuba of course comes to mind as a government that is not too kind to its people, if those people do or say anything the government does not like.  Freedom is not easy there, and most people feel poor and not taken care of.  In the past, many people from Cuba would try to make it to the Keys first, than make their way to Miami, to blend in with the rest of the city.  It is easy to do because this city is very large with a very large Cuban population, so mixing in is not as hard as one would think.  This shift of people gives Miami a great Latin, island feel, which most people, who come here, just love it.  We love the reggae music too and all the Latin and island sounds make for a very festive and fun city to go out in and look around.  We also love looking at all the water in this lovely city.  It has bays and oceans and beaches and rivers and pools in large expensive houses and pool cleaners too.  We rented a house once in this State and we had a pool cleaner that came to clean our pool as part of the deal for renting the house.  Not a bad deal hey?

    Miami storage units stay full too.  Sunny Florida is a great place to live and work because of all the tax benefits too.  There is no State income tax, so people have a little extra money than other States.  It is a very friendly business state too and the sunny weather makes it desirable for all the sun worshipers out there.  They flock to Florida and comb the beaches just swimming or watching other people.  Florida is a great people-watching place as you see them in every color, every age, and every body size.  We love the beach too, but this man’s body is not as toned as it once was, so our trips to the beach are a little more conservative than some of the bathing suits we see that we will not wear.  We will probably never wear bathing suits like the ones you may see in Miami Beach or South Beach especially.  We are not some of the beautiful people, well maybe on the inside.

    Miami storage units are full of bathing suits and surfboards too.  All things beaches are here in storage, including boats and jet skies.  Jet skies are great fun and we have seen a lot of those in storage on our journey through life being part of the storage industry.  Florida was a great place to be in, but all good things must end.  We left Florida and found snow again, all though it can and will snow in Florida once in a blue moon.  It snowed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida once, we were not there though.

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  • Storage Can Relieve Stress During Hard Times
    By jeff on March 15, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    For different people in Shawnee they are falling on hard times. They have not been able to make ends meet so they have to sell their homes. They want to be able to do whatever they can to save their homes, but that does not seem like it is possible. They have end up selling everything that off in order to keep their home and it is still has not worked. They had to sell their homes and move into smaller ones are apartments. This unfortunately is not just happening in Shawnee.

    No matter where you live there will be a handful of people that will lose their homes for different reasons. Karla and her family had the unfortunate situation to have to move out of their home that they built from the ground up. They had to really focus on what they had to do next. Karla and her husband both lost their job since the job was no longer in the same town. They knew that they could not dwell on that fact too long that they should not have worked for the same company, they had to find some Shawnee storage units space. They wish they were able to bring all of their belongings with them where they were moving, but they knew that idea was farfetched.

    Naturally they did everything they could do in order to save some money and not dig too much into their savings. Unfortunately they did not have any family that was close that they could stay with nor did they really like that idea. They told some family what was going on and most people were in the same situation they were in and have some things in their local Shawnee storage units facility as well. The idea even cross their mind when they wanted to see about getting a large space and share the cost. When you are on hard times, you try everything.

    They ended up finding an apartment that will be good for now and put a roof over their head which was important. They really narrowed down what they could and couldn’t live without until they built up their income again. They had to almost put a garage full of their belongings inside a Shawnee storage units facility.  In the area the Shawnee storage units facility had some great pricing for them and they made her feel her belongings were safe.

    For the longest time Karla could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her and her family was starting to run out of money and the job hunt was going so well. She was a thoroughly qualified woman but many places thought that she was over qualified for many of the positions that were open. So she was very distraught about that. But the great thing for her is that she found out that one of her friends had an opening at one of the businesses they were running. She was very leery to work for a friend, but what else could she do.  The good thing is that her husband found a job as well. They were happy they wouldn’t have to work at the same job and make the same mistake again. They started working, the money rolled in and they did no longer need to keep their belongings in Shawnee storage units.

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  • Getting the Best Storage Value for Your Money
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    Shopping for storage in Missouri can be tough. There are many Downtown Kansas City self storage companies to choose from. It is hard to tell one company from the next. You could just look at the price of the monthly rent, but this will not help you find a good storage. You will probably just end up with a terrible space that you will be unhappy with. While there are many things that set one Downtown Kansas City self storage apart from the next, a free truck rental may be one of the most important to some shoppers.

    When customers need a storage unit, they will also benefit from a truck rental a good portion of the time. Many sites will offer truck rentals, but some Downtown Kansas City self storage locations will offer free truck rentals to customers who are getting a storage unit. The specials can vary quite a bit. It is helpful to look at the potential costs and stipulations that go along with a free truck rental.

    There may be a deposit when you sign up for a free truck rental with some Missouri storage companies. The deposit is usually one hundred dollars or less. The deposit is refundable with the safe return of the truck. Any normal truck rental will also have a deposit and you should be able to put the deposit down with cash or credit card. Some Downtown Kansas City self storage sites may only accept cash deposits or only credit card deposits and this is vital information to get upfront.

    Most sites will require the normal purchase of insurance. This should be around ten to fifteen dollars. You will also need to pay for the gas that when you are moving everything to the storage unit. Most Downtown Kansas City self storage sites will require that you present the receipt for gas when you return the truck so make sure that you hang on to that when you fill up. They may charge you a larger amount if you do not bring the slip in.

    There is usually a limit on mileage when you get a free truck rental. The limit may be thirty to fifty miles and it is wise to know what the limit is before you leave the site with the truck. There are overage fees. If you think that you may go over the mileage limit, let the manager know so there is no confusion when you bring the truck back in after you are done. There is a time limit for having the truck, as well. Some sites do not add any stipulations to the truck rental, but that is pretty rare. If you find one, you may want to consider renting from them.

    Some sites will offer to drive the truck back and forth. This is usually called a free move-in service.  If this offer is available to you, remember that you are responsible for loading and unloading the truck so you will want to get help from friends and family if you need it. Make sure that you let them know what time the truck will be coming by because there is a time limit on this service and you do not want to pay extra fees for going over the time. This is a great option for some, but may not be advantageous for others.

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  • Self Storage a Handy Option in a Pinch
    By jeff on January 27, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    It was perhaps the worst weekend for Ray to try to move into his Gardner, Kansas self storage unit. Perhaps moving in the middle of December in Kansas is not the best time to pack up and move residents but it could not be helped. If there was someway to wait until winter was over to move Ray would have gladly picked that way but it could not be helped. Sometimes in life you don’t get to choose the time that situations arise.

    Ray had met with some difficult financial times. Going from having a full time job with good benefits to being downsized and working a job that pays just barely enough for Ray to make the minimum payments on his bills left him struggling financially and in the end he was left with the foreclosure of his home. He was hoping to get some kind of miracle and avoid loosing his home but the last day to make the house payment came and went and that was simply the end of it.

    Ray had to be out of the house by the end of December and so he found himself packing up all of his belongings and moving them into a Gardner storage unit. In order to save up some money and keep working on finding a full time job again he was going to stay with his sister who was letting him crash on the downstairs couch for a few months. There was no room for him and all of his stuff but he was just grateful to be staying there on her couch while he got his feet back under him.

    The weather man had been calling for snow all week and the morning that Ray was to move into his Gardner storage unit the first flakes began to fall lightly. The wind was relentless and soon Ray and his friends who were helping him move his stuff into his storage unit were frozen. The snow had to pick today to come of course and it made moving a downright terrible time.

    The snow kept coming steadily down the whole afternoon that Ray and his friends spent moving his stuff into the Gardner storage unit. It fell as they were moving some of his clothes into his sisters basement and it continued to snow for the remainder of the weekend.

    As Ray drove to his minimum wage job that weekend through the snow he was thinking how quickly life had changed for him. Just last year he had been enjoying his life. He had a decent job a place to call home and a plan for his future. With one change he lost his job, his home, and now had to replan his future. He was sleeping on his sister’s couch and the contents of his life were in boxes inside of his Gardner storage unit. If life could change so drastically for the worse in such a short amount of time he was hoping that it would also turn good in such a short amount of time as well. If a lucky break was going to come along he could really use one now. Until things got better he would keep trying to pull himself out of debt and keep looking for a better job.

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  • Sailors Can Rely on Self Storage During Deployment
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Brooklyn Navy yard storage brought back a lot of memories for me the day I waited there for a truck to come to put things in my storage space.  The truck was late so I started taking things from the back of my car.  In my trunk was a bunch of photo albums and I glanced through them while waiting.  Being at the Brooklyn Navy Yard storage made me turn to my Dad’s photo albums I received after his passing on because he served in the Navy.  He lied about his age, he was seventeen, to get away from an abusive mother, and went to the Navy.

    It was the fifties, and the Korean War was in full swing.  I remember stories he told us about his Navy career which didn’t actually last very long.  He went for four years and worked on a ship as a medic’s aide, which was probably not the official title of his position.  He handed out aspirins and first aid kits, wrapped arms, and took out stitches.  He once took out stitches out of my knee when I was very young in order to save some money.  I watched in awe as he used a needle to take them out.  I do not remember if it hurt or not, but I do vividly remember the visual.  It’s odd what we can and cannot remember.

    The Brooklyn Navy Yard storage facility reminded me of all this.  I guess just the word Navy made me go to the photo album I knew had those Navy photos in it.  He was in Vietnam before the war and the ship docked there for a few days.  He was so skinny in his Navy uniform and so young looking too.  He died too early.  He was in his late fifties.  I miss him still as I look at the photos.  My own son is young now but there have been wars all my life and so far all his life.  Will he fight?  I was in the Army myself and liked it for the most part, but I did not fight.  It was the Gulf War and many soldiers went.  I was not chosen, they had enough soldiers already.  Combat pay was a moving point for the soldiers who wanted to go.  Some just wanted to fight or savor the experience for the rest of their lives.  I was indifferent.  My friends who came back called it a boring war.  They sat around most of the time doing nothing.  They did push ups and sit ups and ran.  They were hot in the day and cold at night.  That is the desert for you I guess.  Korea was different though.  That was a war but never really called a war was it?  It was a conflict.  Soldiers died though.  My Dad could have died at seventeen years old.  Instead, he was married and had three kids.  I of course was one of them with a son of my own.  I could have died to in the Army.  Many young kids die in wars.  Wars are fought by young kids.  Brooklyn Navy Yard brought back a lot of memories and thoughts.  I closed the photo book and closed the trunk of my car.  I heard a loud noise and I saw the moving truck pull up.

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  • Make Beautiful Music with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 12, 2011 | 126 Comments126 Comments  Comments

    Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world.  In the 70’s it was a secret mid town city where hippies and music lovers could go to have a lot of fun.  As the secret came out, and more people kept moving in, well the need for Austin storage places grew and business moved in.  The secret was out, and Austin, Texas became one of the most desirable cities in the United States of America to live.  There is less pollution here in Austin, it is one of the greenest cities in the country to live in, and it still has a small town feel in some places.  Traffic had gotten pretty bad though, because the highways and byways could not grow as fact as the city did.

    The music did not suffer though, and Austin storage places filled up with guitars and drums and organs.  People, who play music and are looking for their first big break, still flock to Austin storage places and the city to follow their dreams.  It has so many venues to hear live music in that it deserves the name of the greatest live music city in the world.  We could name the many great bands to come from Austin, Texas, but you can look that up yourselves.  The famous TV show Austin City Limits, has been on TV for many years now, and it has highlighted bands of every style to hear.  It is an education in music as country bands, rock and roll bands, and folk band appear all frequently on the show.  The show has been on PBS and it is one of their most highly rated shows.  Friday nights at nine o clock is where to be for the music lover in us.

    Austin storage places of course, loved all the new people moving in, because all the storage spaces in this town filled up.  What happened though is that more storage spaces were built until the city became saturated in self-storage places, and business had to stop building.  Even the city of Austin had to stop some these buildings from being built by not giving permission through licenses and things of that nature.  Many companies will not build in Austin anymore because they can not fill up their buildings like in the past.  Austin is a great city to spend outside with great parks, huge lakes, many trees and a climate to die for, if you like hot weather.  Many do.

    Austin, Texas is also home to the University of Texas and many other collages and schools that make Austin a very big collage town too.  San Antonio is close and one of the best water parks in the world is close by to with thousands of people visiting it every year.  Sixth Street is a place to visit too, with live music places all up and down the street.  On weekends, the street is packed with collage students and music lovers bouncing from one club to the next.  Tattoo parlors are everywhere and small shops selling everything from buttons to vintage clothes abound.  Texas is a very desirable city to visit, and the capital is one of the very best to visit.

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  • No Need To Be Reckless
    By admin on August 29, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    If you are shopping around for budget self storage , then there are certainly a few things that you are going to need to know. Indeed, before you find yourself making any premature agreements, you are going to have to make sure that a lower price is not going to correspond to any sort of drop in security or cleanliness. Indeed, there is very little cause to rent a unit that is not going to keep your belongings safe, secure, and clean. If you do this, you are surely throwing your money away.

    If you care about your belongings enough to pay for a unit, then you care about them enough to guarantee that they are going to be kept safe. This, of course, is why you are going to have to make sure that your budget self storage does not come lacking any security features that you are going to need. What you should look for in your budget self storage , of course, is great video surveillance. If you do not have an ample number of video surveillance cameras watching your unit at all times, then you are going to find, rather quickly indeed, that you are beckoning criminals in your direction. When criminals come across a facility that has not bought into a modern security system, they are almost going to feel invited onto the grounds. They know that they are probably going to be able to make their way into one of the units and make off with a small fortune, so they are, in all likelihood, going to give it a try. Of course, if criminals see that the property is covered by video surveillance cameras, they are going to think twice before they attempt to break into anything at all. They are not going to want to get caught, and they are certainly not going to want to have their image captured on film. Catching sight of these cameras, they are most likely going to shrug off their malevolent ideas and move on to another pursuit.

    Of course, you are also going to have to make sure that you are not making any concessions regarding cleanliness when you choose to rent some budget self storage . Indeed, nine times out of ten, the cheaper units are not going to be as new or as clean as some of their slightly more expensive competition. This, of course, is rather intuitive. When a company knows that it is not going to be able to match the quality of one of its competitors, it is going to be forced to lower its prices. Of course, these budget self storage places might attract you at first, but if they are not clean, they are not going to be worth your money. Why risk ruining a leather sofa simply to save a few dollars per month?

    At the end of the day, budget self storage might make you pay. Before you make any irreversible commitments, be sure that you have taken a tour of the site and seen things with your own two eyes. Make a judgment call, here, as to whether or not you think the site is going to match up with its newer, cleaner, safer competitors. If you decide that the risk is worth the savings, then go right ahead and rent. If, however, you want more out of your unit, then you may want to look elsewhere.

    If you like this entry, take a look at our
    Portable Self Storage category :

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  • Checklist For Budget Self Storage
    By admin on February 24, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Budget self storage might be quite a reasonable solution to your storing problem. However, sometimes these types of storing places do not offer even minimum essential services to the customer. As you pay less and less for this storing system, you cannot expect a whole lot of service. Storing places are not responsible for damage at the fault of the tenants. So it is important to find a place you are comfortable with. The storing center at least should give you certain minimum amenities, so that you can feel safe and secured to store your items there. Just to be on the safe side with these storing systems, you must check following points prior to selecting the storing center.

    1. You must remember to make a check list of all the items you are going to store at budget self storage . First, this list will help you to estimate the size of your storing unit and you can avoid paying more for unused rental space in your large sized storing unit. Secondly, this list will be evidence for the items stored in the storing unit. Especially, at the time of termination, you can check with this list to find out, whether any item is missing or not.
    2. Check the security arrangement of the storing place. Many storing companies have sufficient security arrangements like computerized gate entry only for authorized persons, properly lightened corridors, infrared motion detectors and proper fencing around the boundary, whereas many facilities do not provide these arrangements.
    3. Make sure that you receive a copy of the agreement from the budget self storage place. It is very much important to go through the agreement carefully before putting sign on the document. Many storing facilities take this advantage to rip you with between the lines clauses in the lease document. If you do not feel confident enough, then you might take the help of a legal advisor. Normally, these types of storing facilities do not accept security deposits and you do not have the obligation to sign the lease for at least few months of time. Generally, the lease document is renewed in a monthly basis.
    4. Even though the budget self storage place you are booking might be quite secured with latest security arrangements, you should take more precautions by putting a high security padlock. Try to get the best quality of lock like a disc lock, from the local hardware shop. This is going to double the protection and you can ensure total safety for your stored items.
    5. While booking check with the budget self storage place, whether they provide insurance to your stored articles or not. Many facilities offer renters insurance for an extra monthly fee. Also, if you already have homeowners insurance or renters insurance, then it might cover your personal property while they are at store. But, you must confirm it from your insurance provider. If the coverage is not there, then you have to ask the insurance company to arrange for that. Without a proper insurance, you should not shift your items to the storing facility.
    6. Finally, do not forget to take pictures of your storing unit, after filling it up. These pictures are going to be important evidence for your insurance provider, if you have a claim in future. So just click as many before you leave.


    Austin Self Storage

    Baytown Self Storage

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  • When Call Center Employees Collide
    By admin on November 10, 2006 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    Working in the PhoneSmart call center we have a friend. Our friend is the recording system that records our inbound calls. We take calls from a lot of very nice people who are grateful for our information and assistance and well mannered and decent enough to treat us with respect and dignity. Then there are the others.
    I found myself on a chilly Saturday evening in a happy mood and nearly at the end of my shift. I had helped some folks reserve self storage units and had worked on my blog editing project. I was feeling pretty good about seeing my gentleman friend and getting ready to teach my Sunday school lesson the next morning. I was caught off balance by the vehemence of my next caller.
    Mr. X had rented a storage unit that morning and had not made certain that his personal lock was on the unit door. He was trying to put things in storage but could not get into the unit he had rented. He was demanding that I get the store manager or some manager rousted out at 9PM CST to come and let him in. When I explained in my calmest and most professional manner that I had no way to reach the store manager (it is a facility that does not provide even a non emergency number for us) he exploded into an unseemly and ungentlemanly outburst. He hung up in a fury.
    When I am working with a caller and confirming a reservation I try to remember to make the point that they should make sure their gate code is working and that the company lock has been taken off the unit door and their lock is on it. I am, quite frankly, surprised that people do not do this. Perhaps I am an uptight “worrywart” looking for that Murphy’s Law connection (whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible moment) but it seems to me that if you are renting storage in a gated facility and need a lock on your door that logically you would check that out before you left to load your moving truck.
    When Mr. X called again and asked for me and began the same tirade. I asked him if he had his lock before he left earlier in the day and if he had checked to make sure his lock was on the door. His response was that he “shouldn’t have to do that” he went on to tell me that he was a manager and had 28 people answering phones and that they could all solve problems then he took a few minutes to berate and belittle me. I remained silent during this and he hung up again.
    He called back a few minutes later and asked to speak with a supervisor. As I was the senior person available at that time the rep he was shouting at transferred him to me. He was not happy to be speaking with me again. He then told me that he was going to complain to corporate headquarters and that my name would be featured in his complaint. I spelled my name for him and then advised him that 100% of our inbound calls are recorded and that my manager could pull the record of his calls and see that I followed procedures and conducted myself exactly as instructed. I added “and everyone will be able to hear how you have conducted yourself”. He hung up again.
    Twenty minutes later he called again and asked for me. He was happy to report that a store manager had pulled onto the lot and helped him get into his unit. He did not bother to apologize for his bad manners and bad temper. I was happy that he got into his unit and even happier that I would not be speaking with him again. I am really happy that I am not HIS employee.
    Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to send a copy of the recordings of such calls to a spouse or to the caller’s mother. How would it impact their lives if they could hear themselves? Oh well, it is a new day with new opportunities.
    Written by Kay Johnson PhoneSmart call center blog editor.
    Thank you for visiting the PhoneSmart call center blog and insider view of the self storage industry.

    Your local self storage unit provider in 7460 Frontage Rd. Merriam, KS. 66203

    Total Quality Assurance Services Quality Assurance Testing

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