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  • Storage Is Bigger in Texas
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 85 Comments85 Comments  Comments

    Helotes storage units are located in the great place of Texas.  If you have ever been to Texas, you know that Texans are an extremely proud people and they let you know it.  After all, they are the second largest State in the United States of America land wise, and they do have a lot of people in the State too.  Not many other States can boast so many big cities.  Texas has Houston, which is a city with a whole lot of people.  New York is number one population than comes L.A. in California, than comes Chicago.  Houston is number four and that may surprise a lot of people.  Dallas, Texas is another big city in Texas, and football is king there.  It is in Northern Texas but more like in the center really.  Dallas has many many lakes and many great big homes.  San Antonia is another big city in Texas and is rich in history as the Alamo resides there, and the famous battle of Mexico and Davey Crocket and David Bowie.  It also features one of the world’s most famous river walks and a world-class zoo.  Than we have El Paso which is in Western Texas.  They have Great Plains and mountains and are close to Mexico.  Austin is another city that has grown so big the roads could not keep up with the cars, and cars sit in traffic for a long time.  Houston and Dallas also have very bad rush hours and one may sit in traffic for a very long time.  Texans do not like public transportation very much, they love their cars and it shows.  Many times city and State officials have proposed mass transits systems to try to curb the traffic problems but with no avail.  It seems survey after survey shows that Texans do not want to ride in public mass transit systems.  What can you do?

    Helotes storage units are located in the great state of Texas and everything is big.  Texas toast is big and the people of this great State love to say everything is bigger in Texas.  Not everything, but the toast is bigger than other toast we have eaten in other states.  There are big fish and big whales in Sea World.  Sea World is in San Antonio.  The Dallas Cowboys play in one of the biggest stadiums in the United States of America and their nickname is America’s team.  The Gulf of Mexico is very big and big fish come from it.  The beaches are big and long in Galveston, Texas and Padre Island is a very popular spring break destination for young collage students.  Austin has a very big University there and Texas A&M is not far from it.  Texas has very fine universities and collages and should be very proud of that fact.  Baylor and Rice are great universities along with North Texas State for music, and the University of Texas Longhorns.

    Helotes storage units are located in the very big State of Texas.  Cars used to be big here too, with Cadillacs with longhorns on the front of them.  We saw that in a cartoon once.  How about the Dallas TV show?  It was big on TV for many years.  WE could not watch it, but what the heck, look at TV now.

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  • And This One Time, at Band Practice…in Our Storage Unit…
    By jeff on March 21, 2011 | 16 Comments16 Comments  Comments

    West Flagler, Miami storage units are located in sunny Florida.  Recently we found great joy going to our storage place.  A long time ago while we were in collage this author was a bass player in a rock in roll cover band.  We were not very good really, but we still did learn a lot of songs, and some of them sounded pretty good.  Yours truly was not really a bass player but a guitar player converted to a bass player.  This happens a lot to bad guitars like yours truly who probably was never going to be a very good guitar player, anyway, so when the situation arose where yours truly was offered a chance to play bass in a rock in roll cover band, well, the chance was taken.  So yours truly went to a local pawn shop and for ninety two dollars a bass was bought.  It was not in the best of shape and we actually had to tune one of the strings tuning keys with a monkey wrench.  It had no tuning key on it, but a straight bolt like device.  The monkey wrench would grab it and we could turn it to the right pitch and note.  When we were on stage though, it did look quite strange to see the bass player tune his bass with a monkey wrench.  That is rock in roll baby, so deal with it.  Of course, we jest, we missed all the good things about rock in roll and ended up with moving our own gear from show to show and setting it all up and playing a lot of card games during sound checks.  Sound checks are still pretty boring once you get your own sound.  We became quite good at hearts and spades.  We do not play many card games at all these days, but at the time, we were all pretty good.  Practice makes perfect.

    West Flagler Miami storage units in sunny Florida gave us back that memory.  We were looking for some weird part to something we seem to can not get to work and we came across this old Maxwell tape, it was a cassette.  It was labeled our band’s name and we were excited to hear it when we got home.  All the way on the way back, we wondered if it was good quality, where did it come from, and how did it come about.  We had no idea we even had the tape, so it was exciting to be able to hear it after all these years.  We do mean years.

    West Flagler Miami storage units in sunny Florida gave us this memory again.  We found an old cassette player in our basement and we put the tape in.  The quality was a little rough, but we did recognize it was us playing.  Wow, we never thought we would ever hear a song again by us at anytime in the future.  There it was though, right there in our little cassette player.  Later that night, we snuck the tape back in the tape player and listened to it again one more time.  It sounded better than we thought at the time, but we all get sappier as we get older you know.  We felt sappy to at the time.

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  • Use Self Storage When Moving to Texas
    By jeff on January 26, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Round Rock storage is located near Austin, the capital of Texas.  It is a great community that has seen a lot of growth in the past years.  Austin is a great place to live and Round Rock is a great suburb of Austin.  Austin is known for a lot of things but Music with a capital M is what it is best known for.  Often called the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas is a city that has been on the rise since the nineteen seventies.  It used to be sort of a secret, as people flocked to Texas for jobs.  They moved to Houston and Dallas but somehow Austin was forgotten.  It was not though, forgotten by tech people.  Austin became a huge tech city over the last decade or so and young people with computer degrees from all over the world, moved to Austin Texas.  It became the Silicon Valley West and is still that today.  The city grew by great numbers and construction and business starts were everywhere.  Traffic rose by a whole lot and the roads could not keep up.  Homes were built fast and Austin’s population grew and grew.  The little hippie town of the seventies is now a huge city and world known.  People flock here for the South by Southwest music conferences, which bring hundreds of bands here to play all night to the music groupies of the world.

    Round Rock storage places have benefited immensely by all this growth, and the entire self-storage industry has grown too because of it.  We believe Texas will always grow because of low taxes and good weather and unique places to visit and live.  Sea World is here, and a great water park is here too.  The Dallas Cowboys are here and so is Willie Nelson.  Texas has mountains in the west and an ocean in the east.  Mexico is hours away from people in Round Rock and road trips are popular amongst the many collage kids in Texas.  We enjoy all the good and spicy food here too.  Tacos with a Texas slant are very good and a food called Tex Mex is a blend of, well, you guessed it, Texas cooking and Mexican cooking.  Austin is also home to the University of Texas, a very good university in the heart of Texas.  Famous teachers teach here and the sports teams of this fine university are very good indeed.

    Round Rock storage companies have made a lot of money watching all these people move to Texas, and Austin specifically.  Rent has gone up in the storage industry in Texas, but compared to other cities like New York, costs are not too bad.  This also makes Texas a very nice place to live.  Corpus Christi is a place with a great beach and San Antonio welcomes visitors around the world to come and see them.  The river walk and the San Antonio zoo are just two places to see here in the heart of Texas.  The hill country is also very close to Round Rock and the drive is fun going up and down and up and down all those great hills.

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  • Help the Transition to Civilian Life with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 6, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Allen had been stationed at Andrews Air Force Base for the past ten years of his military career. Working on base had been one of the options that was available to him after he blew out his knee in a training exercise years before. Still wanted to serve his country even if he could not fight any longer was still a part of his dream so he took a position on base and held several positions there in service. His military career had prepared him well for any obstacle that life had for him, and he was not prepared to conquer the civilian business world with the training that he had received.

    Civilian life lead him to a job and a relocation to St. Charles, Maryland. It was the perfect spot for Allen because it was close enough to still visit his friends at the base. When he was sure that the job was his he began to look for an apartment in the St. Charles area. He found a great complex that was close to where he was going to work that had nice single units available but had no openings for another three weeks.

    Allen decided to put a deposit down on the apartment that was opening up and he was more than willing to wait for it. He would figure out a plan of attack for the interim time. The location price and amenities of the apartment complex were just too great to pass up. It might be hectic for the few weeks he had to wait but once he got into the apartment he knew that he would be glad that he had waited.

    In the end Allen’s plan of attack turned out to be a very successful mission. One of his friends had a spare room that he let Allen crash in while he was waiting to get into his apartment, and Allen found a nearby St. Charles, Maryland self storage facility that had great rates and the space that he needed to store all of his belongings until he moved into his apartment. What was even better was his friend that was letting his crash had a sister who visited her brother, and had agreed to have coffee with him later this week.

    Allen made it through the three week waiting time for the apartment and had moved most of his stuff over from his St. Charles storage unit yesterday. He was working on unpacking and arranging his new apartment. He had to be mostly moved in by the end of the weekend because he was starting his new job on Monday and wanted to be completely unpacked before then.

    Monday morning came and Allen was putting on his tie to head to work. He had spent all weekend moving everything over from his St. Charles storage unit and everything was unpacked and cleaned up. It was maybe not the smoothest of transitions moving to St. Charles and it might have been easier had he found a different apartment to rent right away, but he was glad that he had waited for the space that he wanted. Not only did he have a great apartment but had made some great friends in the area by hanging out with his roommate for those three weeks.

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  • Why Is American Self Storage Useful
    By admin on July 20, 2009 | 96 Comments96 Comments  Comments

    Many people choose services such as American self storage to store their surplus goods. This ensures the safety and good condition of their items.

    Units Should Be Well Maintained

    Household items such as seasonal decorations, unused furniture, surplus electronic items, antique articles etc are not required on a regular basis. Instead of stacking such things inside the house and wasting a lot of useful space, it is wiser to store them with a company which provides safekeeping facilities. Similarly business people who have surplus files, papers and official items can rent a space for storing extra goods.

    Consider certain aspects while searching a company. The most important factor is the size of the articles as that will determine the size of the cargo space unit.

    If the customer wants long term place for safekeeping, he or she might get a discount which is generally not available for short term use. Ideally the American storehouse location should be close to the home so that the goods can be readily accessed and much time is not wasted in traveling. Also the place should be well connected by wide roads so that big vehicles can easily ply on them.

    Most customers prefer to check out the place for cleanliness and hygiene before they select it. For this the authorities must ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of the premises. Also adequate steps like regular pest control should be taken to prevent the breeding of cockroaches, termites and rats. The floor, walls and ceilings of the units should be free of water seepage and dampness as that can spoil the items. Also such conditions are conducive for the growth of mold and fungus which can cause stains on the goods.

    For safety of the items, companies offing American self storage should use high standard locking systems so that no one can tamper with the locks. Most companies use modern electronic locking systems as they are difficult to operate and open. In case of an attempted theft, there should be burglar alarms to alert the authorities immediately.

    Insurance Of Goods Is Essential

    There should be adequate precautions against fire. For this every company should have sufficient fire extinguishers to control a fire emergency. The wiring should always be in good condition to prevent electrical fires. Also the authorities should not allow keeping inflammable items. The authorities should tie up with fire fighting agencies so that they can immediately respond if there is a major fire breakout.

    It is essential to insure the belongings before opting for American self storage as that will help to cover the losses in case there is an accident or an incident at the facility.

    One can search for good companies on the internet as most of them have their contact details at their website. One can search for a facility near his home by giving the location and zip code in the search. After short listing the companies, the customer should contact the authorities and ask for details like cost of the cargo space unit and for what time period, whether goods can be accessed anytime or only during work hours.

    Some companies provide packing and transportation facilities at a slightly extra cost. These are especially useful when one shifts his home or transits from one place to another as the company stores the items temporarily and delivers them at the new place when it is ready. 

    Some also have special facilities like controlled temperatures for sensitive electronic items. Depending on ones needs, one can search for good American storehouses for the safekeeping of his goods.

    Storage :

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  • Who Needs American Self Storage
    By admin on April 25, 2009 | 121 Comments121 Comments  Comments

    The use of safekeeping facilities is on rise as it is a more economically viable option than renovating the homes or offices to create more storing space or shifting to bigger homes or offices. Individuals and companies use storehouses for different reasons. The purpose varies from de-cluttering the home to accommodate an extra person to storing a newly acquired vintage car. To take care of the different needs of people, different kinds of American self storage are available. Some of the popular ones are.

    Car Storehouses

    People, who own multiple cars or those moving away from their homes for long time, prefer to use car storehouses for storing their cars. American storing for cars has three types of car parking. The first one is an open car parking in which the cars are parked in an open space in storehouse premises. The second one is shed car parking, where you can park your car under the shed. The third type is the climate controlled car garage. This is an air conditioned enclosed space to store cars. If you want to give good protection to your car irrespective of the cost, then climate controlled garage is good for you. But if you are looking for space to dump your old car for few days, you should hire an open parking space, which is the cheapest.

    Boat Storehouses

    People living near rivers, lakes or sea, generally prefer to have their own boats. But storing and maintaining a boat is difficult and time consuming. To overcome this problem, different American self storage for boats has emerged. There are different kinds of boat storehouses. Some are located in the water bodies, some near them and some in remote locations. Depending upon your budget and how often you intend to use your boat, you can choose the right safekeeping facility for your boat.

    Wine Storehouses

    Wine connoisseurs and collectors often use this American storing for keeping their wines in the best condition. Wines require special environment for preservation and these storehouses have state of the art facilities for keeping them at the optimum temperatures and humidity. Safety arrangements at these storehouses are stringent with some even using biometrics safety system. They not only provide you with personal safekeeping vault for wines but also ship your wines to you whenever required.

    Archive Safekeeping Facility

    These document storing facilities are hired mainly by companies and organizations for the safe storing of their valuable documents. The volume of files and documents in offices are huge and managing them requires time as well as space. In order to offload this task and to get proper document storing space, offices hire archive storing and safekeeping facilities. These storehouses have special climate controlled rooms that are well equipped with racks and shelves to store the files properly. The files and documents are stored in such a manner that they can be retrieved at anytime easily. The storerooms for documents are fire proof. Few storehouses also have the facility of faxing the documents to their clients whenever they need them. 

    Simple Store Units

    This is one of the most widely used storing facilities. American self storage gives store units on rent to individuals and companies to store their belongings. People can store anything in these store units except forbidden items like combustible substances. These store units are generally hired by people to keep items that they cannot accommodate at their homes or for storing their entire household goods temporarily before shifting to a new home.

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  • Rising Popularity of American Self Storage
    By admin on February 12, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    American self storage amenities are on the rise throughout the continent. There are many reasons for such a trend that has been observed in the recent times. Small urban accommodations with insufficient place for extra items, relocation and renovations etc. are the main reasons for people resorting to paid storehouses to store their non essential articles. Most of the real estate storehouses in the country are designed for providing high security to the articles placed in them. The tenants can operate them whenever they want to and these storehouses are pretty affordable too. Many of the firms that have set up their establishments in recent times are witnessing high success rates. Of course, the current crunch in economy did adversely affect the industry on the whole, but still the industry is doing well.

    American self storage organizations are dedicated to provide their best to their clients and they are ready to stretch out that extra bit to make the paid storehouse experience a pleasant, or rather, a good one for their tenants. Superior grade performance and infrastructure delivery is their main concern and they have significantly worked towards this goal with encouraging results. They strive to work further on this purpose and make their storehouse amenities one of the best in the world. They are very flexible with their rules and regulations and they are willing to bend them a bit if required for the convenience of their tenants. People can hire these storehouses for as long or as short a duration that they want to.

    The American self storage organizations are one of the first and oldest ones of the world. Most of them have been set up by some noteworthy industry experts. The storehouses are located at different places for the convenience of the people and transportation of their goods. Their staff is ever eager to help and one will not have any difficulty in selecting a storehouse, storing his articles in it and using it. The staff is well experienced and one can always consult the staff members if there is a need of advice for deciding upon the storehouse that best fits the requirements. They know exactly whatever the tenant requires and are committed to provide their tenants just that.

    A typical American self storage offers a variety of physical and performance oriented features. The tenants should choose the options wisely. They should choose only those options that are actually required by them and not waste their money on sophisticated features that are not useful at all.

    There are many good reasons for the tenants to rely on the storehouse industry of America for their storing problems. These storehouses meet the storing needs of the tenants in several ways. Firstly, most of the storehouses are open on all the seven days of the week. Now, this is a very advantageous feature because there many people who are busy throughout the week and get time to access the storehouses only during the weekends. Secondly, the American self storage organizations offer free parking amenities to the tenants in their premises. Next, they accept the payments through all major credit cards and one can pay through a number of available options. Coming to the infrastructural amenities, each storehouse is an independent chamber with complete security. There are alarm systems and each chamber is monitored separately. There are security personnel who extend round the clock surveillance.

    Cincinnati Self Storage

    Columbus Self Storage

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  • What’s PhoneSmart Up To
    By admin on October 3, 2006 | No Comments  Comments

    Written by Robin turner PhoneSmart call center manager, and business blog writer.
    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s self storage blog, the ins and outs of the self storage industry.

    Even though summer is our busiest time of the year when reps can’t eat their lunch or hardly take a break, because the phones are ringing off of the hook… we’re now starting to enter into the end of the year, when things in the self storage industry tend to slow a bit. Not too much around here though. We always have something in the works. Most of the time, you’ll find Tron(Director of Operations) seeing what he can get our hands into next.
    We’re also still adding on new clients – it seems like we’re doing this weekly now a days. And there’s always something new to learn. We now have time to view all of the good reads that we have stashed all around the office, such as the SSA and ISS magazines and other corporate America business magazines. They help keep us up to date on all of the new trends with the self storage industry as well as the consumer trends.
    Listening to CD’s of our own calls helps us to improve our sales techniques just like athletes who watch videos of their own matches, or games do. It’s also a great time for more frequent contact with the store managers to see how things are going and if they need help with anything. It gives them a chance too, as the business in the store slows, they can give us any new amenities or specials that they have.
    During the slower seasons, you may want to catch up on all of PhoneSmart blogs to stay in the thick of things.

    Here is our other blog site to visit:

    Your local self storage unit provider in 400 Olmos Dr. San Antonio, TX. 78212

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