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  • Finding Space In The Boroughs
    By Joel on August 17, 2012 | 96 Comments96 Comments  Comments

    The largest of New York City’s five boroughs, Brooklyn is teaming with movement. Occupying only seventy one square miles of land space yet holding the record for largest population size of the New York boroughs you can see quite easily how space can quickly become an issue for the residents residing there. Living space and storage space can be hard to come be in such a compacted area.

    While space can be an obstacle to overcome, there are so many great aspects of the city that most residents learn to adapt their lives to the space that they can find in the city. The Brooklyn borough seems to take on a life of its own as it is a scene full of diverse cultures, art forms of all types and expressions, well known world-class institutions, thirty miles of waterfront scenes, and is home to some of the best attractions in New York including Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge.

    With so many benefits to living in the city residents learn to deal with the issue of space as best they can. To expand their usable living space and find a space for all of their belongings the residents count on Brooklyn storage to help them find more space in the boroughs.

    The added benefits of having a Brooklyn storage unit can vary by situation and personal circumstance. Each renter of a self storage unit has their own story and journey to tell about why they rented a space, but in general having a safe, clean, and secure place to keep personal belongings can be applied no matter the situation.

    A few specific reasons for needing Brooklyn storage include a gap between leases, downsizing your living situation, marriage and trying to consolidate two lives, seasonal items, growing families who just need more space, or finding a separate space for your hobbies. Whatever the reason is for self storage, the outcome is that more space can be freed up in the home for living and in the most populous borough that can be a hard thing to come by. What would you do with extra space in your home, or a place that you can claim as your own personal space for just your belongings?

    As you read this you may think that Brooklyn self storage would be great for you and your family but it seems like it would be just one more thing on your already full “to do” list. The great thing about self storage though is that it can be an easy process to find the space that you need. With the option to book your space online it can be a quick and easy task to complete.

    Once your home is organized, space is cleared up and you can once again see the all of the beauty that Brooklyn has to offer now that your home is less cluttered you may find yourself wondering why you had not solved your space issues with self storage long before now.

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  • Takeoffs and Landings Are a Breeze with Self Storage
    By jeff on March 16, 2011 | 18 Comments18 Comments  Comments

    While traveling around the O’Hare Airport area, you could not miss this massive airport. You could miss other things in the area if you blinked while riding down the highway. This area is home to other things than just the airport.  This area is no stranger to people coming in an out of the city in order to find somewhere larger to live or give someone more options in order to find employment.  The true and loyal residents will stay in the O’Hare International Airport area because it is their home and will be their home until they get tired of the all the noise.

    This are has been called O’Hare International Airport area for quite a while. Many people have come to this area in order to travel in state or internationally. There is no doubt that the older residents love the fact that they have grown old with the area, and have seen many people come and go. They can also find comfort in the fact that their local O’Hare International Airport storage units have been there for quite some time as well. This O’Hare International Airport storage units facility has become part of the community and does not see itself going anywhere anytime soon. The storage facilities do what it can in order to help the community.

    This small area in Illinois has done a good job of establishing itself as a destination for many walks of life. They do not want to have people who just come through the city get what they need and then leave. They do not also want to deter the people away that have only come for the fun in the summertime. The great thing about this area is that you can go to visit many other places from this one location. There are many locations that are near that a person can visit from the O’Hare area.  If people come into town with their RVs they can always find O’Hare International Airport storage units to use and then decide to stay a while. Coming into Chicago via O’Hare International Airport will not disappoint.

    From the highway you can see the area fine and the signs will direct you to where you need to go. You can drive down the highway, visit your O’Hare International Airport storage units, go to the local bank, get everything off your grocery list and then sit down at the local café for a cup of coffee. It is great not to spend too much time on the necessary distractions in life when you live in this area. It would seem as though everything in this area is a small walk, drive or bike ride away.

    Most people that talk about self storage they will tell you that they absolutely care about how close a facility is to where they are going to be the most. Many people are not too sure though on the fact that they are paying for the convenience of location. There will be other things that they are will know that they are paying for like security and such, but most people will say the biggest thing is that people do not want to travel miles in order to get to their O’Hare International Airport storage units.

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  • Tough Circumstances Made Easier with Self Storage
    By jeff on March 14, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    It is definitely hard being a single mom in any city. Being in a large city as Lenexa can be even more difficult because there is so much going on. Jill had two boys and she would do anything for those boys to succeed. She wants to ensure that they grow up with everything they can possibly have and not want for anything. Now she did not want to spoil them but she wanted them not to struggle.

    She often worked two jobs but also ensured that her boys stayed on their homework. The great thing for her was that her boys did do their homework well.  Sometimes it was a wonder when Jill got a chance to rest and has some time for herself. If you ask her she would never tell you that she minds at all. Naturally anyone who has such responsibility you is humble enough to put others before their selves. It is very hard for Jill to do that, but for her boys she would do anything for them.

    After the sudden death of her husband, Jill has been in charge of doing everything from taking care of their belongings in their storing unit at the Lenexa storage units facility to getting all the groceries and such they would need. Luckily for Jill her grocery store of choice is very close to the Lenexa storage units facility. It was such a blessing for Jill to have these places that she visits everyday to be close to her Lenexa storage units facility. Many times it would only take her an hour or so in order to get everything done and her errands ran. That is a good thing for her because it keeps her stress level down and she is able to maintain a calm mentality in order to keep herself together.

    It would seem as the day never stopped for Jill. She got the boys up and ready, feed them, got them off to school etc. It is good that there is a Lenexa storage units facility that can help her when she needs it. Not every facility that is out there can assist many customers and their many needs like the facility on Johns Street in Aylmer. When Jill and her husband chose this facility, years ago, they were the only facility that had many of the amenities they were looking for.

    They moved from a home that was large into a house that was smaller and not everything could fit in their current home. That is why they had to use Lenexa storage units in the first place. Just like most people, they were not intending to use storage that long in the first place, but that is how it seems to work out. Jill kept everything that could not fit in their smaller home in the storage facility because she was not yet ready to get rid of that stuff. She wishes she could have a garage sale from the storage facility, but naturally that is not allowed. When she has a moment in time, which is not often, she will go to local facility and have some time to remember her husband. She misses him so much, but knows that she has to keep going because she has two little men to raise.

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  • Getting the Best Storage Value for Your Money
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 17 Comments17 Comments  Comments

    Shopping for storage in Missouri can be tough. There are many Downtown Kansas City self storage companies to choose from. It is hard to tell one company from the next. You could just look at the price of the monthly rent, but this will not help you find a good storage. You will probably just end up with a terrible space that you will be unhappy with. While there are many things that set one Downtown Kansas City self storage apart from the next, a free truck rental may be one of the most important to some shoppers.

    When customers need a storage unit, they will also benefit from a truck rental a good portion of the time. Many sites will offer truck rentals, but some Downtown Kansas City self storage locations will offer free truck rentals to customers who are getting a storage unit. The specials can vary quite a bit. It is helpful to look at the potential costs and stipulations that go along with a free truck rental.

    There may be a deposit when you sign up for a free truck rental with some Missouri storage companies. The deposit is usually one hundred dollars or less. The deposit is refundable with the safe return of the truck. Any normal truck rental will also have a deposit and you should be able to put the deposit down with cash or credit card. Some Downtown Kansas City self storage sites may only accept cash deposits or only credit card deposits and this is vital information to get upfront.

    Most sites will require the normal purchase of insurance. This should be around ten to fifteen dollars. You will also need to pay for the gas that when you are moving everything to the storage unit. Most Downtown Kansas City self storage sites will require that you present the receipt for gas when you return the truck so make sure that you hang on to that when you fill up. They may charge you a larger amount if you do not bring the slip in.

    There is usually a limit on mileage when you get a free truck rental. The limit may be thirty to fifty miles and it is wise to know what the limit is before you leave the site with the truck. There are overage fees. If you think that you may go over the mileage limit, let the manager know so there is no confusion when you bring the truck back in after you are done. There is a time limit for having the truck, as well. Some sites do not add any stipulations to the truck rental, but that is pretty rare. If you find one, you may want to consider renting from them.

    Some sites will offer to drive the truck back and forth. This is usually called a free move-in service.  If this offer is available to you, remember that you are responsible for loading and unloading the truck so you will want to get help from friends and family if you need it. Make sure that you let them know what time the truck will be coming by because there is a time limit on this service and you do not want to pay extra fees for going over the time. This is a great option for some, but may not be advantageous for others.

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  • The Cheapest Storage Unit isn’t Always the Best Value
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    You were thinking about calling around to all of the Waldorf self storage properties, getting prices, and then choosing the cheapest. Luckily, you are now reading this article so you will no longer be at risk of making this terrible, but common mistake. Sure, a low price sounds great, but at what cost. You should remember that not all Waldorf self storage units are created equal. There is a huge difference from one site to the next. The economy is not the best and customers in Maryland do not have a lot of extra money right now. That is obvious. You do not have to spend too much more on storage to get quality. In fact, if you find a good enough special, it may even end up being cheaper over the long run.

    Cheap storage units are bad for a variety of reasons. Just to name a few, they are susceptible to theft, they can leak, and they can have infestations. These are all bad outcomes, obviously and you want to find a Waldorf self storage that takes the necessary precautions to stay away from this. Call around to facilities in Maryland but do not just get the prices, ask a few other questions while you have them on the phone.

    Find out about their security. There are some basic features to look for like a gate and fence, but the quality is really where it is at. You will most likely need to visit the site to see what level of quality features the site has in place. The manager should be more than happy to schedule a time for you to come in right away.

    Location is usually the most important thing. A lot of people call the closest location to them and go with it unless something sounds bad about the property. It is nice to have a unit at a Waldorf self storage property close to home so you can visit anytime you need to. You do not need to clear your schedule to get to your unit if you have one close to home. Location can also impact security so get one in a good area.

    If high end storage is not for you, and it is not the best choice for most, that is ok. You still want to make sure you get the most for your money. Storage is a parallel of the economy. A few high end places, a few cheap places, and a lot in the middle. The middle of the road storage will usually be your best Waldorf self storage choice. This will help you get a quality storage unit without breaking the bank.

    There are some things that may cost more, but are worth it. Climate controlled storage probably is necessary for actual leather furniture or newer electronics that are subject to damage due to extreme temperatures. A lot of facilities in Maryland have climate controlled spaces so it should not be that hard to find as you are calling around. At the end of the day, it is up to you. You can also save a lot of money by getting a unit inside the building; and even more so if you get one on an upper level. It will cost less than a drive up space and you will have to sacrifice a little convenience, but it is an option.

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  • Know All the Costs when You Rent a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 7 Comments7 Comments  Comments

    When you shop for Johnson County self storage units, you will want to get the price and location. Security is important, too. You will not forget to get the basics. However, there are some minor details that could be major. Comparing prices may not be the best strategy. You may find that one site has a better monthly rate, but the move in costs will make it more expensive than other Johnson County self storage properties.

    There are a number of move in costs that may be associated with your storage unit. Admin fees will be found at about ninety percent of all Johnson County self storage properties. If you find a property that does not have it, consider it a nice bonus because most places in Kansas do. However, there may be a pretty big difference between sites. The average admin fee is twenty dollars. It is added to the initial move in and gets the basic costs of paperwork taken care of. Some sites may charge only five or ten. Some sites charge as much as thirty dollars. As you can see, it could make a big difference when figuring cost as opposed to just price.

    Deposits are becoming hard to find. There was a time when most sites in Kansas had a deposit. With more Johnson County self storage properties came more competition. With more competition many deposits were pulled from the initial move in. About ten percent of the properties will still have deposits so it is worth going over. The deposit may not be that much. Some sites have cleaning deposits that are very low, maybe ten or twenty dollars. Some sites will require a deposit equal to one month of rent. With units costing three hundred dollars or more, this could be a deal breaker. All deposits will be refundable at move out.

    When you get a Johnson County self storage unit, you will need to get a lock for the door for the space. This is just a very basic security measure. If you are just looking to fulfill the requirement for a lock, you should just get a basic padlock. They will be very low cost at about five to ten dollars depending on the lock. If someone wants to break into your unit, it will probably not even slow them down, though. They could just cut the lock in about one second. If you are looking for a better lock, you should get a disc lock. They will frustrate criminals because they are harder to break. In fact, most criminals will simply not be able to break the lock.

    Another move in cost may be insurance. Some sites offer coverage for your belongings while they are in storage. Some companies will not. Basic coverage usually starts at about eight dollars a month. It is a good way to give you peace of mind without breaking the bank. A lot of companies will require insurance on your belongings. You must take the insurance offered at the site or you can provide proof of insurance when you go in. it is up to you. If you are looking to get more than the basic coverage offered for eight dollars, just ask the manager what else would be available and they can show you some other options.

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  • You’ll Sell More Storage if the Price is Right
    By jeff on January 25, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Fairfax storage companies in the great state of Virginia share some of the same problems as other storage facilities.  We have discussed the four P’s of marketing up to the price of the product.  We talked about the promotion, placement and product, and now it is time to end this conversation with price.  Price is not as easy as it looks.  To price a product can be very tricky because of the perception of the consumer.  If the consumer feels the price is to low for the product they are getting, they may think why the price is too low, there must be something wrong about it, or less quality than the consumer expects.  On the other hand, if the price is too high for the product, the consumer may feel he or she is being ripped off.  The price and the way it is perceived is part of the science of consumer behavior.  Therefore, companies must be careful.  In addition, the price must cover costs and bring in profits.

    Fairfax storage businesses have many things to consider when pricing their storage spaces.  Sometimes the area competition will play a part in this pricing.  Why is another company cheaper than you are if you both offer the same product?  This is a question customers will ask if they perceive your prices are too high and your storage places look like those down the road.  If the facility manager does not have a good answer it’s unlikely he/she will get a sale.

    Price depends on how many of a certain unit or storage space you have compared to the other sizes.  Fairfax storage companies should price this way too.  Virginia is an expensive place to live so be careful with again pricing too high or too low.  If a manager has one hundred vacant storage spaces and only twenty are rented he or she may need to discount them in order to rent them out.  Vacant storage spaces are losers and are not making money.  One dollar is better than zero dollars and you have to make a profit and survive in a free enterprise system of economics.  No profit equals no business.  We are in business to make money so all the wheels turn in a free enterprise system such as ours in the United States of America.  It is a great system and gives people the most freedom of any other system in the world.  Adam Smith was a brilliant man who helped shape the system.  Storage places that are earning money are pricing their products the right way because people perceive those prices to be fair.  There is a benefit gained for the consumer and the value is worth the price of the product.  This is economics one oh one and it works in reality and in theory too, a great thing to have happen to a company.  We rent storage spaces because of price and benefit to us, and we trust the manager and the company we rent from.  Simple yes?

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  • Help the Transition to Civilian Life with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 6, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Allen had been stationed at Andrews Air Force Base for the past ten years of his military career. Working on base had been one of the options that was available to him after he blew out his knee in a training exercise years before. Still wanted to serve his country even if he could not fight any longer was still a part of his dream so he took a position on base and held several positions there in service. His military career had prepared him well for any obstacle that life had for him, and he was not prepared to conquer the civilian business world with the training that he had received.

    Civilian life lead him to a job and a relocation to St. Charles, Maryland. It was the perfect spot for Allen because it was close enough to still visit his friends at the base. When he was sure that the job was his he began to look for an apartment in the St. Charles area. He found a great complex that was close to where he was going to work that had nice single units available but had no openings for another three weeks.

    Allen decided to put a deposit down on the apartment that was opening up and he was more than willing to wait for it. He would figure out a plan of attack for the interim time. The location price and amenities of the apartment complex were just too great to pass up. It might be hectic for the few weeks he had to wait but once he got into the apartment he knew that he would be glad that he had waited.

    In the end Allen’s plan of attack turned out to be a very successful mission. One of his friends had a spare room that he let Allen crash in while he was waiting to get into his apartment, and Allen found a nearby St. Charles, Maryland self storage facility that had great rates and the space that he needed to store all of his belongings until he moved into his apartment. What was even better was his friend that was letting his crash had a sister who visited her brother, and had agreed to have coffee with him later this week.

    Allen made it through the three week waiting time for the apartment and had moved most of his stuff over from his St. Charles storage unit yesterday. He was working on unpacking and arranging his new apartment. He had to be mostly moved in by the end of the weekend because he was starting his new job on Monday and wanted to be completely unpacked before then.

    Monday morning came and Allen was putting on his tie to head to work. He had spent all weekend moving everything over from his St. Charles storage unit and everything was unpacked and cleaned up. It was maybe not the smoothest of transitions moving to St. Charles and it might have been easier had he found a different apartment to rent right away, but he was glad that he had waited for the space that he wanted. Not only did he have a great apartment but had made some great friends in the area by hanging out with his roommate for those three weeks.

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  • Shopping For Self Storage Discounts
    By admin on June 12, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

    Nowadays, people are a lot less willing to toss their money out of the proverbial window.  In the 90s, people were are bit more prone to impulse shopping and that sort of the thing.  If they saw something that they wanted in the store window, they would go right on in and buy it.  If they knew that they were going to need some kind of service, then they would simply call the nearest provider and set up an appointment.  Nowadays, though, people are starting to get a bit more serious about how they spend their money.  If you find that you are in this boat, yourself, then you are going to want to be sure that you are using ALL of the tools that are at your disposal as you are shopping around.  For your benefit, I will run through a few of these tools in this article.

    Of course, you have to be sure that you are paying careful attention to the mailers that you get from time to time.  Even if you do not think that you are going to need the product or service in question, you are still going to want to be sure that you save the coupon just in case.  IF you should discover that you actually do need the service somewhere down the road, then you are going to be able to pull that coupon out of storage and put it to good use.  Just be sure that you filed them in a way that makes sense so that you do not lose track of them when you actually need them.

    Moving on, here, you are going to want to be sure that you are checking around on the internet for special offers.  Many of the larger companies are going to use their websites to disperse coupons and special offers, so you have to be sure that you are not forgetting to check in every once in a while.  Airlines are known for this kind of behavior.  They are going to post crazy low prices on their websites from time to time, hoping that not too many people are going to find them.  If you know that you are going to be traveling, never forget to check in on these sites.

    Of course, if you know that you are going to need a self storage unit in the near future, then you are going to want to call around to all of your local facilities and make sure that they are offering some great specials.  Self storage facilities are particularly good about making sure that you save some money when you rent your first unit.  Sometimes, they are going to offer you a month or two for free.  Other times, they are going to make sure that you get some free moving supplies or a free moving truck.  Just call around to all of your local self storage facilities and get a feel for what they are going to be able to offer you when you move into your unit.

    Shopping around for coupons is a skill, but it is one that you can learn rather quickly if you make sure that you are doing it when you need a product or service.  Just keep at it, and before you know it you are going to be a master of your craft.

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  • Un-Clutter Your Life With Self Storage
    By admin on March 22, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    When you live in one place for long enough, you can really manage to collect a massive pile of stuff. In just a few years of time, your closet can be packed from the floor to the ceiling, and your basement and garage can end up looking like junk heaps. Of course, if you are looking to clean out your house and keep it from getting this bad, then you are going to want to be sure that you are looking into your local self storage facilities. If you rent yourself a nice self storage room, then you are going to be able to keep your house clean without getting rid of too many of your belongings. And if you have never rented this kind of room before, then you are going to want to be sure that you are paying very close attention to this article. Here, the author will endeavor to explain which sizes you should rent for particular belongings.

    If you are just trying to clear a few boxes and random items out of your closet, then you are going to want to rent yourself something like a five by five. A five by five room, we say, is roughly the size of a standard closet, meaning that you are going to be able to clear out one entire closet of belongings from your home. And do not forget, here, that units are never going to be shorter than seven or eight feet tall, so you are going to be able to do quite a bit of stacking if you need to.

    If you know that you are going to have some furniture to store, then you are going to want to be sure that you are looking into slightly different units. Typically speaking, here, you can expect to move up in increments of twenty five square feet, making the next available size a five by ten. Typically speaking, this size is going to hold roughly one room of furniture and belongings. Thus, if you are trying to clear out a guest bedroom, then this size is going to be completely perfect for you.

    If you are going to be storing an entire one bedroom apartment, then you are going to want to look for even bigger sizes. Typically speaking, you are not going to need anything bigger than a ten by ten for your one bedroom apartment, unless, of course, you have tons of really bulky furniture and appliances. This size, reader, is the most commonly rented, so you are going to have to be sure that you are not waiting until the very last minute to make your phone calls and conduct your shopping.

    Finally, reader, if you are going to be storing something very large, such as a vehicle, then you are going to want to look into the ten by twenty size. This unit, we say, is roughly the size of a one car garage, meaning that it is going to work out perfectly if you are storing a standard vehicle. It will also hold the contents of a two bedroom home, meaning that you can really cram quite a bit of furniture into it if you want to.

    As you can see, reader, there are many units at your disposal. If you find that you are having trouble with visualizing these sizes, then you are going to want to make sure that you head on out to your local properties to take a look at their sizes in person. Once you are there, looking at the units in person, you will know whether or not they are going to work out well for your items.

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