Businesses Protect Important Files with Storage Units

  • Life in Wyandotte County, Kansas was great for Kayla. She worked as a personal assistant for the president of a major company that was growing and expanding. She was helping her boss organize and structure the move of their office space into a brand new building. The office was getting cramped and personal work space was getting limited as the company continued to grow and expand and hire new employees to handle the work load but the building continued to stay the same.

    One of the jobs that Kayla was responsible for was helping the office transition run smoothly. She has so many to do lists running she felt like she needed a personal assistant to handle it all but she knew that the craziness was just a temporary problem. Soon the office would be completely moved and the business would return to a normal pace once again.

    Today Kayla was working on labeling the filing cabinets with a number that corresponded with a room in the new office space. They were being moved over today and if the cabinets could make it all into the correct room it would be one less hassle that she would have to oversee. As she was labeling the cabinets with the correct corresponding number she quickly realized that many of the filing cabinets contained files that they could not get rid of but that they did not need on a daily basis or on any type of regular basis. A few of them were old customer files that they kept to reference and the majority of the cabinets were old employee files that had to be kept for a certain number of years. They took up a considerable amount of office space and it would be great if they could find a place to store them off site.

    Kayla began to research Wyandotte County, Kansas storage options and found that located just a few miles form their new office building was a self storage location. Further research of the Wyandotte County storage facility and she was able to see that they had great rates, safety and security measures in place to insure that their customers belongings were safe.

    Kayla made a small presentation up about how the Wyandotte County storage would benefit their company by allowing them to have off site storage for the files that they had to hold on to but did not need to keep and how by storing them in a self storage unit they would have more office space for the employees and be able to open up more spaces for the companies continued success. She pitched her presentation to her boss and he loved the idea.

    When the office relocation was finally over and everyone was settled into their spaces life in the office returned to normal. Kayla went back to her normal duties and was happy to throw away all of her scratched out to do lists. Her boss was so happy with how she had handled all of the responsibilities that he had given her during the move and even going above and beyond to find them a storage solution for their files that he was adding a bonus to her next check as a way to say thank you. Kayla already had great plans for that extra money including this great pair of shoes that she had been eyeing in the shoe store window.

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