Avoid Small Print with Your Storage Customers

  • Spring is almost here. Your Country Club Plaza Kansas City self storage company is about to get very busy. The spring time brings a lot of sales calls and this time of year will make or break your entire year. You will either be ahead of the Country Club Plaza Kansas City self storage competition or you will be playing catch up the rest of the year. This is the time to make sure that you are doing everything properly. Presenting your total cost of storage is vital. Every storage company in Missouri has move in costs and some are better than others at presenting this information. Here is an example of how to present the move in costs for your Country Club Plaza Kansas City self storage company to callers looking for storage. This is after you have done the intro part and needs evaluating portion of the call.

    The unit goes for only ninety dollars a month, which is a great rate compared to other locations in the area. You will get the first month at half price so it will only cost about forty five dollars for the first month. The initial move in will also have an admin fee of twenty dollars. This will get your paperwork set up and cover the basic costs of getting set up with storage. You will obviously need a lock with your storage for security. We sell high security locks at the site for great prices. You can just pick one up when you come in to rent your space. Insurance to cover your valuables while in storage is also available at the site and the manager will go over some options when you come in. There is no deposit and everything is just month to month. Does Thursday sound good or would you rather come in on Friday.

    This seems pretty simple, but there are a few things that are truly great here. First of all, you are presenting this information at the right time in the call. If you wait until after you get the reservation, it may be seen as tacking on cost at the end of the call. The special really helps a lot here. It shows that the total of the first month and move in cost is actually lower than a normal month. Some Country Club Plaza Kansas City self storage companies will wait to announce some of the move in costs until the customer comes by to rent. This will hurt your company image because some customers will leave without renting a space and will have only bad things to say about their dealings with your company. Present the move in costs at the proper time and get them out of the way so you can get the commitment to come in.

    Giving the customer everything they need to know to rent will help establish a rapport with the Country Club Plaza Kansas City self storage customer so you will be able to get information from them later in the call. They will be more likely to rent with you and stop calling around for prices. You will be seen as an honest storage dealer and will give you the upper hand against most facilities in Missouri and Kansas. The upfront, honest approach is the always the best strategy.

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