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  • Finding Space In The Boroughs
    By Joel on August 17, 2012 | 96 Comments96 Comments  Comments

    The largest of New York City’s five boroughs, Brooklyn is teaming with movement. Occupying only seventy one square miles of land space yet holding the record for largest population size of the New York boroughs you can see quite easily how space can quickly become an issue for the residents residing there. Living space and storage space can be hard to come be in such a compacted area.

    While space can be an obstacle to overcome, there are so many great aspects of the city that most residents learn to adapt their lives to the space that they can find in the city. The Brooklyn borough seems to take on a life of its own as it is a scene full of diverse cultures, art forms of all types and expressions, well known world-class institutions, thirty miles of waterfront scenes, and is home to some of the best attractions in New York including Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge.

    With so many benefits to living in the city residents learn to deal with the issue of space as best they can. To expand their usable living space and find a space for all of their belongings the residents count on Brooklyn storage to help them find more space in the boroughs.

    The added benefits of having a Brooklyn storage unit can vary by situation and personal circumstance. Each renter of a self storage unit has their own story and journey to tell about why they rented a space, but in general having a safe, clean, and secure place to keep personal belongings can be applied no matter the situation.

    A few specific reasons for needing Brooklyn storage include a gap between leases, downsizing your living situation, marriage and trying to consolidate two lives, seasonal items, growing families who just need more space, or finding a separate space for your hobbies. Whatever the reason is for self storage, the outcome is that more space can be freed up in the home for living and in the most populous borough that can be a hard thing to come by. What would you do with extra space in your home, or a place that you can claim as your own personal space for just your belongings?

    As you read this you may think that Brooklyn self storage would be great for you and your family but it seems like it would be just one more thing on your already full “to do” list. The great thing about self storage though is that it can be an easy process to find the space that you need. With the option to book your space online it can be a quick and easy task to complete.

    Once your home is organized, space is cleared up and you can once again see the all of the beauty that Brooklyn has to offer now that your home is less cluttered you may find yourself wondering why you had not solved your space issues with self storage long before now.

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    By Joel on August 16, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    For the second year in a row, SpareFoot has been awarded “Best Online Directory” in the Inside Self-Storage Best of Business reader-choice poll. Launched in 2011, the poll solicits online votes from industry professionals, who elect their favorite vendors in about 30 categories. SpareFoot will be honored with a profile page in ISS magazine as well as during a special ceremony at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas in April

    “It is awesome to be chosen for Best Online Directory for the second year in a row. Our clients and friends in the industry made it happen, so we thank them for their vote and ongoing support,” SpareFoot CEO Chuck Gordon said.

    About SpareFoot
    SpareFoot is the world’s largest online marketplace for consumers to find and reserve self-storage units, with comparison shopping tools that show real-time availability and exclusive deals. We also offer web marketing solutions for storage facility owners and operators. Our AdNetwork tool helps facilities modernize their marketing and win new tenants online. SpareFoot AdNetwork listings get more traffic than any comparable directory, featuring software integration and ROI-proving analytics. This fun and cool tech startup is headquartered in Austin, TX.


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  • How Long Will They Store
    By Joel on May 25, 2012 | 238 Comments238 Comments  Comments

    Does the caller always know how long they will need storage? Are people really that organized when it comes to self storage? I believe that most customers start out knowing how long they will need storage, but then end up staying later or leaving early based on their situation. Most customers want to only store for the minimum time they are able to store because they do not want to come out of pocket for more than they need to. Also, the customer feels that whatever the reason they need storage for will be taken care of or come eventually so they feel they will move out. For some that is not the case.

    They say that the average storage customer stores at least eight months. If the manager of the facility told the customer that most would laugh in their faces. The funny thing is that the people that laugh or the people that are still there for years. There of course are people that only store for a month and there are people that end up storing for ten years. With all the people coming and going in the self storage industry, the average seems to be right around eight months for someone to want to store. Why do they store so long? Good question.

    Not many people would raise their hand and say they love to move. In fact many detest the idea that they have to move at all. Life events happen and they eventually have to move. When they put their belongings into self storage, they do intent on getting their belongings out eventually, but they are not always sure. If they have a plan to get it out something else might come up and then their belongings get left in the storage unit. Then it comes time to pay the monthly fee again then they are faced with the same scenario each month, to pay the fee to store my belongings there another month or go ahead and find a way to get your belongings out. Many people end up just paying the monthly fee, if they can afford it and then try to get their belongings out when they can. The customer could end up waiting several months in order to get their belongings out of storage.

    Managers sometimes do their part to get the customers to stay in their storage units because they do not want vacancies. Sometimes the customer wants to leave their storage space but the manager lets the customer know that if they stay they can lower their monthly payments by so much. Other times the customer will say that they just cannot afford their storage space and need to move and the manager does the same sort of deal where everyone is happy and the customer stays. Some people have stored so long that they forgot even what they have in storage, but they still do not want to get rid of it. That is very interesting. So there is never a certainty on how long the customer will decide to store. As a storage manager, just go with what they say and when it comes time to move, thank them for storing with you.


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  • Penske Truck Rental and SpareFoot Team Together for Moving Season
    By Joel on May 24, 2012 | 197 Comments197 Comments  Comments

    READING, Pa. (May 23, 2012)— Just in time for the busiest moving weekend of the year and the start of moving season, Penske Truck Rental and self-storage startup SpareFoot are teaming up to bring do-it-yourself moving and storage into the 21st century.

    The collaboration launches ahead of Crazy Tuesday, the self-storage industry’s unofficial biggest day of the year, which falls right after Memorial Day. Through this relationship, customers of either company can now easily find and reserve a storage unit and moving truck together, in just a few clicks or via one phone call.

    “This collaboration with SpareFoot will make for a more convenient moving experience for our customers,” said Don Mikes, Senior Vice President of Rental for Penske Truck Leasing. “We’re looking forward to beginning work with this innovative company.”

    DIY movers regularly rent both moving trucks and self-storage space to facilitate their moves. But until now, there was no way to book both services in one simple place online. Penske is now able to cross-promote storage at more than 6,000 properties across the U.S.— more locations than all of the largest storage operators combined. SpareFoot’s self-storage comparison shopping platform now makes this possible.

    “Penske’s tradition of offering the best trucks and the best service combined with SpareFoot’s exclusive deals and intuitive online user experience will add value to both brands, for our storage facility partners and for customers,” SpareFoot CEO Chuck Gordon said.

    SpareFoot is the world’s largest online marketplace for consumers to find and reserve self-storage units, with comparison shopping tools that show real-time availability and exclusive deals. Customers can easily make reservations online or over the phone. SpareFoot also provides web marketing solutions for storage facility owners and operators; the AdNetwork tool helps self-storage businesses modernize their marketing and win new tenants online. SpareFoot AdNetwork listings get more traffic than any comparable directory, featuring software integration and ROI-proving analytics for storage facilities. This fun tech startup is headquartered in Austin, TX. Visit to learn more.

    With one of the newest fleets, Penske Truck Rental provides do-it-yourself movers with clean, well-maintained and reliable trucks as well as moving equipment, packing supplies and accessories. Penske also offers military members discounted truck rentals.

    Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P., headquartered in Reading, Pa., is a joint venture of Penske Corporation, Penske Automotive Group and General Electric Capital Corporation. A leading global transportation services provider, Penske operates more than 200,000 vehicles and serves customers from more than 1,000 locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Product lines include full-service truck leasing, contract maintenance, commercial and consumer truck rentals, used truck sales, transportation and warehousing management and supply chain management solutions. To learn more about Penske’s products and services please visit and our “Move Ahead” blog.


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  • Helpful Friends Finding Storage
    By Joel on May 23, 2012 | 228 Comments228 Comments  Comments

    It would seem these days in the self storage world that people are very helpful. What I mean by that is many people are taking the time to call around for their friends storage needs. Many friends and family members are trying to help out their friends who are in need of storage and can’t call for their selves. It is very interesting that some are calling around looking for prices but they really do not know anything about what their friend or family member is storing. If they do not know what they are storing, they are not able to really help them, which of course defeats the purpose of their phone call.

    It is assured that people are very appreciative of the effort they are putting into during the dirty work of gathering information, but without much information giving on your part, their search could be in vain. When a person is calling around for you, the facility they are calling will ask them a bunch of question that the caller might not be able to answer. Many times the person calling just tries to get a price list that they can just give to their friend. That does not really help because if there is a long list of prices with many different storage units on them, which one does the customer choose? How can they budget or know how much they need to spend?

    If you are going to have someone call around looking for storage for you, do a couple of things to help them, help you. Be specific with them and have them jot down a couple of things. First let them know when you need the space. The manager will ask when your friend or family member will need self storage so they check on availability. Also let the person calling for you know what you are storing so they can tell the manager. The manager or storage sales agent will look at what sizes could fit the belongings of the person who needs storage. Then based on what is being stored, the manager can tell them the price which is what the person needing storage needs.

    Please make sure that the person who is doing the calling asks good questions as well. They are being helpful in finding the best value for you, but they also have be able to make decisions for you as well. If they hear of a special rate or value that just can’t be passed up, they can reserve the space for you. That would be very nice of your friend. You sent them on a journey to find you storage so why not reserve a space for them if they find one? Give them all the information you need them to know so you can get the space you need for your move. If a friend or family member is nice enough to help you out, then help them out by giving them what they need to help you.


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  • SpareFoot Releases Free Tenant Value Calculator For Self-Storage Businesses
    By Joel on May 10, 2012 | 183 Comments183 Comments  Comments

    AUSTIN, TX., May 8, 2012— SpareFoot, the online self-storage marketplace, announced the release of a free Tenant Value Calculator. The new interactive tool empowers storage facility owners and operators to understand the lifetime value of a new tenant, giving them an idea of how much prospective tenants are worth. For the first time, storage businesses can instantly compute this analytic using their real numbers around rental rate, length of tenancy, and acquisition cost.

    Brainchild of SpareFoot Account Manager Sara Richardson and built by Developer Evan Huston, the Tenant Value Calculator was created as a solution to a common problem for storage businesses— determining how much they should spend on marketing to earn ROI from every new tenant. It’s a notoriously tricky metric to determine, but essential to making informed marketing decisions.

    “They’re exact calculations, down to the penny. You can use it to calculate the ROI for one specific person, or your average,” Huston explained.

    The calculator adjusts in real-time based on user-entered data to reveal the date on which a storage facility can expect to profit from a new tenant. Two graphs illustrate revenue from a tenant over time. The calculator can also be used to compare the value of different marketing platforms, such as fliers or online efforts.

    “I’m excited anyone can use it, even without being a client,” Richardson said. “It gives facilities an idea of what our company is about.”

    The calculator was devised in one of SpareFoot’s company-wide, think-tank style Hack-A-Thons. At these monthly-ish events, any employee can pitch unique ideas for the development team to create outside of regular business operations.

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  • What is in a Name?
    By Joel on April 23, 2012 | 291 Comments291 Comments  Comments

    Do you like your name? What is in a name? Do you as a self storage company put a lot of stock in making sure you have the right name for your company? Would you change your name in order to be more competitive? It is sure that self storage companies go through some sort of thinking process to try to figure out if the name of their self storage company is good and will attract customers. Most companies try to think of something clever that will stay in the minds of customers.


    I don’t believe that I have heard anyone say they decided to store with a company because of their name, but I have also heard of customers turning away from a company because of their name. So a name is important in one sense but in the long term you still have to have a good company to back up your name. Customers will associate your name with the quality of service they got from you. So in short, what is in a name, the ability for you to gain the respect of those needing storage.


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  • Take Pride in Your Job
    By Joel on March 11, 2012 | 629 Comments629 Comments  Comments

    We all should hold ourselves accountable for our actions and need to ensure that we are doing the best job we can do. That is not always the case though. We like to blame others sometimes for our short comings and also for our faults. It is easier to blame someone else than it is to accept responsibility. When someone tells you to take some pride in your job what do you immediately think? Are you taken off guard? Do you feel you have to be defensive? What goes through your mind? Hopefully the person that tells you that, if you hear it at all is the person that your report to.


    What does that mean, take pride in your job or work? That means just as it is stated to take pride in your work. When you come to work you should be focused on doing your best job that you can do. When you are in the office you should always put your best foot forward. Don’t be lazy and take advantage of every good situation you can while you are there. Taking pride in your job is not just coming in there and doing enough to make it through the day. If you just come in and do that, then your day will be long and boring. Make something out of your day.


    If you are not sure how to take pride in your job, think of something that you love to do and that makes you happy. Why do you like that thing so much? What would do you if you could always do that instead of anything else? You would probably be very happy and you will do your best with that. What would happen if you applied the same thoughts and happiness that you do for that to your job? I believe you will find a whole new world and new thought process.


    Not everyone loves their jobs completely, that is an extreme understatement. What get’s people through is that they know what this job means to them. They know that if they do a great job with it they could possibly move up or in some professions help out other people who are in need of their help. It really depends. Just find something that you can depend on that can drive you to do a great job. It does not have to be something big. In fact it could be something like the idea that you can come into work early and get off early before the day really starts. You could choose something like you and your boss get along great and they are making working there bearable. Whatever it is just hold on to that and use that to catapult you into wanting to do all your job duties to the best of your ability.


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  • Storage Experts
    By Joel on March 9, 2012 | 623 Comments623 Comments  Comments

    Ok. I am going to say it right here and now. Customers do not always know what they are talking about when they are looking for self storage. Ok the truth is out. I am making light of this topic, but the truth is that self storage customers seem to call with some outrageous, preconceived idea that they know more about storage than any storage agent or property manager. That is just like telling me that I do not know more than a rocket scientist. Ok, well that is a bad comparison, but you know what I mean. There are millions of different professions out there and the person that is actually doing the work will be the one who knows the most about it.


    It is just silly to think that if you have never rented storage before that you could walk into a self storage facility and tell the manager what you want. That manager will do their best not to laugh in your face and to take over the conversation. They have had many people walk into their office and let them know what the deal is. There are actually customers who get mad when the manager does not give them the answer they want to hear. I am sorry, you are naïve to think that you can get a one hundred square foot unit in New York for only fifty dollars. Unfortunately people will freak out when hear they are not going to find what they are looking for, but the manager is prepared. They just have to make sure they do not laugh at the customer. That will make the customer mad.


    Self storage customers are a different breed of shoppers. The reality of it is that they believe that they can assign a value to an empty space, they are always way off of their mark. Now if a customer has done their due diligence and done some shopping around then they will find that maybe their idea of storage prices are not where they thought they should be. Sometimes it is not just the price the self storage customer has not thought about when they are calling. They sometimes want the self storage managers to be mind readers. They want the managers to figure out what the customer is storing then recommend the right size for them. This is magic act that I love to see.


    Customers call looking for self storage and they are not sure what they are storing at this point. They just do not think about the idea that they just do not understand that the price is completely reliant on the space you choose. The space you choose is the is dependant on the amount of things you are storing. So as you see, if you do not know what you are storing then you can’t be given an accurate price. This is where it gets tricky. When a customer hears that, they just want to know all the prices and then choose which one they will store in later. Well that is not how it works. Self storage managers do not just want to give out a bunch of prices. They want to give a price and then have the customer rent. Customers do not always realize this. They feel they are entitled to the price and the manager should honor this.


    To wrap this up, the people that are working in storage are the storage experts. Customer should stop arguing with them and let them be of service. The manager wants to help these customers if they are allowed to do so. There are many times in which the manager and the customer will not agree on something. Most managers will do their best job to assist a customer with any situation they are involved in. As a customer, whatever you do for a living, you will be the expert in that. No matter how much research you do, there will always be the person at the store, that is more of an expert than you are.


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  • The Myth About Auctions
    By Joel on March 8, 2012 | 445 Comments445 Comments  Comments

    There is a common misconception that self storage locations love to have auctions and sell the belongings of others. That can not be further from the truth. When self storage customers sign their lease, the manager on site feels that the customer will honor that lease. The manager is looking to have a good relationship and a tenant that will store for a fair number of years. When this does not happen, it does not make the manager excited because they can auction off the belongings of the tenant. That is another thing that is on the manager’s plate to do.

    On television Hollywood has hyped up this myth about auctions to the point that many people have decided to make bidding on storage units a career. Yes there are some facilities that have units on their property that could have some hidden gems. That is far and few between. People usually put things into storage that they do not want at their home. They do not put their crown jewels or high dollar items in there with the intention of leaving them behind. If there is something of huge value in the self storage unit, then it might be a miscommunication between the storage facility and the customer. No one in their right mind would leave behind treasures for someone to bid on and get no profit out of it, when they could sell their items on their own.

    Now on the other hand, people do just move things into self storage in order to leave it behind. A lot of people believe that it is cheaper to do that than it is to take it to the dump. That is some crazy thinking but unfortunately it is true in some cases. Self storage facilities offer some of their customers a free move in month. Well you can not beat free to move something in and not plan on picking it back up. Then someone else has to deal with it. Imagine the eyes of the prospective auctionees when the self storage unit door is opened to reveal a bunch of things that were just dumped. A lot of times, customers do not store their things all nice and neat. It is just thrown in there.
    There is a hope in the eyes of every person that is at an auction that they will make the big find. They think the these managers are excited to get money for the things that are in these different facilities. The managers rather deal with the customers directly who owned these self storage units. They rather not deal with the attention they get from these different auctions and the bad publicity that comes from selling the belongings of an individual. Do you really think they want to get credit for selling property that was very near and dear to someone? Do you think they want to be the ones to tell someone’s family their loved one’s belongings were sold for $50? To some family members, those belongings are priceless.

    So do not believe this myth about auctions. Self storage facilities want no part of auctions. They just want customers to honor the lease agreement. The manager will try to contact the customer several times before they have to auction off their belongings. Customers can come and try to claim their belongings at the last minute or even at the auction if they desire. They want a person to be able to keep their belongings that they stored. They love it when a customer is storing with their facility for years upon years. That is the kind of things that people do not realized about self storage facilities.

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