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  • Move on Your Terms When You Use Self Storage
    By jeff on January 24, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Helping your friends move is always an iffy proposition to undertake.  Jim called me up last week and said he was moving and needed help.  He chose a Briarwood storage company to move to and store his things with until he was settled.  He said he would buy all the beer we could drink, which is a typical thing to do, to supply your friends who help you move.  Especially in the summer, when beer tastes the best. I do not know how much beer we can drink while lifting heavy loads onto a truck than unloading them later.

    We had about five of us drinking and moving and laughing and talking and things went pretty well at first.  We had dollys, ramps, ropes, directions, bosses, ice coolers, and everything else.  We had a radio playing classic rock and we had too many songs that we knew too well.  Bob slipped once and fell on a table.  We do not know why it did not break but it did not break.  Bill tripped once and spilled two drops of beer.  We moved a lot of things one handed because we were macho men who could move things with a beer in one hand, and a lamp in the other hand.  The Briarwood storage manager must have seen people drinking before while moving because he waved to us and looked the other way from his perch in his office.  Yes, we were drinking and driving but it was not far, or it did not seem too far.  It should be farther if you are going to move somewhere.  We saw people move across the street once when we young.  The house looked about the same from the house they were leaving but who knows.  I have never moved across the street before.  That seems silly.

    We made two more beer runs and now that we made it to the Briarwood storage facility things were looking up.  We opened the truck door in the back and things stayed pretty much, where we put them.  I dreaded seeing them again though, so I knew I had not drank enough beer.  I carried a lamp and a dryer on a dolly and drank more beer.  It was hot that day and we all drank faster and faster as the day wore on.  The radio sounded better too as these songs brought me back to when I was just a kid.  I remember first hearing that Zeppelin song in a friend’s house somewhere in Chicago.  It was a revelation then, now you get tired of the same old songs over and over again.  We all agree if Free Bird comes on the radio, we will turn it off and sing ourselves.  We know the words we feel but I do not want to hear that song in anyway or fashion.  Can they ever play a song we have not heard a thousand times in our lives?  Oh no, here comes Smoke on the water.  We can all play the first riff on guitars.  Real guitars not air guitars or rock band guitars or fake stuff.  Are we out of beer again?  We are drinking too fast.  It must be my turn to go on a beer run so let me leave this Briarwood storage facility.

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  • Stop Dreading Moving Day. Use Self Storage.
    By jeff on January 18, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    When we got the news we were moving to New York I nearly jumped out of my chair.  Here we are in this tiny town of a few thousand and now we were heading to New York.  The company I work for made the change, and we agreed beforehand wherever they said to go, we would go.  We thought about where it might be for months now.  We had our favorite choices.  Some were not going to happen like Hawaii or Italy or California.  My daughter wanted a beach.  She would settle for Florida, South Beach or Los Angeles or Mexico or anything with a beach.  Even the Jersey shore would be all right.  She might meet the Situation whoever he is.  Is that his real name?  My son wanted no part of that even though he mentioned some strange names he might want to meet.  I guess they looked good.  He is of that age where girls are starting to look good.  My wife likes beaches and water too, but it came down that we would be dropping off our truck and possessions in Bayridge storage in New York.

    Our company sent us professional movers and within a half a day, the truck was loaded.  We did not have too much, we thought, but box after box was filled up in our modest home.  We made three trips to get more boxes and more tape and some were better at packing than others were.  My wife packed the kitchen, I packed the tools and garage stuff, my son and daughter packed their rooms.  My wife supervised all packing as not to break anything.  We watched everything leave our house, beds and couches, my favorite chair and reading lamp and other things.  The movers were fast.  They were big and had muscles my daughter noticed.  My son was uninterested, preferring to play games on his DS or whatever it is called.  One can play these games in any situation it looks like.  I thought I saw him playing a game and filling a box up at the same time.  My young daughter can talk on her cell phone all day it seems.  She can also pack and talk on the phone at the same time.  I try to do one thing at a time.  They say multi tasking is now not good.  It used to be good.  Coffee was bad before too.  Sometimes you are forced to multi task but doing this at a Bayridge storage facility is not a forced activity.  My son is winning though and a short break to kill fifty more soldiers instead of lifting a sofa into the storage space is not multi-tasking in my mind.  Thank goodness, we have no sleeper sofa.  You ever try to move one of them.  Once a friend of mine and I tried to move a sleeper sofa into a second floor apartment for another, older, friend of ours.  We actually had to pick it high enough to lift it over a fence.  I will never do that again.  Going up the stairs too was a headache and that sofa can break your back.  I digress though.  I am in Bayridge storage in New York and I am happy to be here.

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  • Make Beautiful Music with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 12, 2011 | 126 Comments126 Comments  Comments

    Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world.  In the 70’s it was a secret mid town city where hippies and music lovers could go to have a lot of fun.  As the secret came out, and more people kept moving in, well the need for Austin storage places grew and business moved in.  The secret was out, and Austin, Texas became one of the most desirable cities in the United States of America to live.  There is less pollution here in Austin, it is one of the greenest cities in the country to live in, and it still has a small town feel in some places.  Traffic had gotten pretty bad though, because the highways and byways could not grow as fact as the city did.

    The music did not suffer though, and Austin storage places filled up with guitars and drums and organs.  People, who play music and are looking for their first big break, still flock to Austin storage places and the city to follow their dreams.  It has so many venues to hear live music in that it deserves the name of the greatest live music city in the world.  We could name the many great bands to come from Austin, Texas, but you can look that up yourselves.  The famous TV show Austin City Limits, has been on TV for many years now, and it has highlighted bands of every style to hear.  It is an education in music as country bands, rock and roll bands, and folk band appear all frequently on the show.  The show has been on PBS and it is one of their most highly rated shows.  Friday nights at nine o clock is where to be for the music lover in us.

    Austin storage places of course, loved all the new people moving in, because all the storage spaces in this town filled up.  What happened though is that more storage spaces were built until the city became saturated in self-storage places, and business had to stop building.  Even the city of Austin had to stop some these buildings from being built by not giving permission through licenses and things of that nature.  Many companies will not build in Austin anymore because they can not fill up their buildings like in the past.  Austin is a great city to spend outside with great parks, huge lakes, many trees and a climate to die for, if you like hot weather.  Many do.

    Austin, Texas is also home to the University of Texas and many other collages and schools that make Austin a very big collage town too.  San Antonio is close and one of the best water parks in the world is close by to with thousands of people visiting it every year.  Sixth Street is a place to visit too, with live music places all up and down the street.  On weekends, the street is packed with collage students and music lovers bouncing from one club to the next.  Tattoo parlors are everywhere and small shops selling everything from buttons to vintage clothes abound.  Texas is a very desirable city to visit, and the capital is one of the very best to visit.

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  • Help the Transition to Civilian Life with Self Storage
    By jeff on January 6, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Allen had been stationed at Andrews Air Force Base for the past ten years of his military career. Working on base had been one of the options that was available to him after he blew out his knee in a training exercise years before. Still wanted to serve his country even if he could not fight any longer was still a part of his dream so he took a position on base and held several positions there in service. His military career had prepared him well for any obstacle that life had for him, and he was not prepared to conquer the civilian business world with the training that he had received.

    Civilian life lead him to a job and a relocation to St. Charles, Maryland. It was the perfect spot for Allen because it was close enough to still visit his friends at the base. When he was sure that the job was his he began to look for an apartment in the St. Charles area. He found a great complex that was close to where he was going to work that had nice single units available but had no openings for another three weeks.

    Allen decided to put a deposit down on the apartment that was opening up and he was more than willing to wait for it. He would figure out a plan of attack for the interim time. The location price and amenities of the apartment complex were just too great to pass up. It might be hectic for the few weeks he had to wait but once he got into the apartment he knew that he would be glad that he had waited.

    In the end Allen’s plan of attack turned out to be a very successful mission. One of his friends had a spare room that he let Allen crash in while he was waiting to get into his apartment, and Allen found a nearby St. Charles, Maryland self storage facility that had great rates and the space that he needed to store all of his belongings until he moved into his apartment. What was even better was his friend that was letting his crash had a sister who visited her brother, and had agreed to have coffee with him later this week.

    Allen made it through the three week waiting time for the apartment and had moved most of his stuff over from his St. Charles storage unit yesterday. He was working on unpacking and arranging his new apartment. He had to be mostly moved in by the end of the weekend because he was starting his new job on Monday and wanted to be completely unpacked before then.

    Monday morning came and Allen was putting on his tie to head to work. He had spent all weekend moving everything over from his St. Charles storage unit and everything was unpacked and cleaned up. It was maybe not the smoothest of transitions moving to St. Charles and it might have been easier had he found a different apartment to rent right away, but he was glad that he had waited for the space that he wanted. Not only did he have a great apartment but had made some great friends in the area by hanging out with his roommate for those three weeks.

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  • Self Storage Protects Your Most Prized Possessions
    By jeff on December 29, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Since she was five years old and learned how to read Tina loved books. She loved how she could imagine being the characters, or how she could transport herself to far away places or even to places that don’t exist. Her child hood home life was not the best environment to grow up in so she would use her books to help her escape and hide in her room with her books. In her books she could find the life that she wished she had or the parents that she wished her parents could be.

    Everyone knew her as the book girl in school, and she didn’t really mind it. Her friends would make fun of her because she never went anywhere without having a book in her purse or backpack. Every year for her birthday and Christmas her family would get her books from her list or gift cards to her favorite book stores. She never got tired of reading and learning and exploring the literary world.

    After graduating from high school Tina registered for college and was set to move into a dorm room on campus. Her dorm room left her with little personal space and she was having a hard time deciding what books to take with her and which boxes of books she was going to have to leave behind. Plus there was no way that she was going to be able to avoid buying more books while she spent the next five years in school. Tina was having a hard time thinking of how she was going to live without her books.

    Her favorite aunt had been helping her with her college preparations and helped her find the solution she needed when she found an Odenton, Maryland storage unit that had a great self storage unit for Tina to use while she was in school. She could store her books there and any other personal stuff that she couldn’t fit into her dorm room. Tina was excited about having the Odenton self storage unit because she would not have to leave her books behind and could keep them all with her.

    The weekend before Tina was moving off to college she started packing up her books. She got some boxes and began to place her books in horizontally so that there would be less damage to the pages and the covers. She labeled all of the boxes that were heading for her Odenton storage unit with a bight pink sticker on the top and also labeled the boxes with a number. Tina made a mastery list by genera of the box number and what books were in each box so that she could find any book that she wanted easily when it was stored in her Odenton storage unit.

    With her books nearby in storage and making new friends in college Tina was having a great first year away at college. Her college studies left her with less time than she had in high school for her books but she still managed to fit some personal reading time in after she finished her homework for school. Tina was looking forward to her first winter break at school and getting to spend the majority of her time reading because she wanted to and not because she had to read for an assignment.

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  • An Organized Storage Unit is a More Efficient Storage Unit
    By jeff on December 20, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Moving into a Gambrills, Maryland storage unit? There are many reasons why people turn to self storage for their need for additional space. Perhaps your new apartment lacks closet space, staging your home for sale, kids growing up, and many other reasons leave people searching for additional space to add to their lives. When looking for a self storage facility you should not only consider the price, but you should also consider the location, safety, and security that are a part of the amenities of the location. For whatever reason you are renting a Gambrills storage unit here are a few tips to make your storage unit work best for you.

    • When deciding what is going to go into your self storage unit you should insure that the stuff that you want to move in there is going to be safe while stored away. Some things like paintings or leather may need to have a climate controlled environment for their storage unit. Other things like breakables and valuables need to be wrapped up or boxed up in a way that insures they are not broken in the transportation or the storage of the boxes.
    • When looking for boxes to pack up your stuff headed for your Gambrills storage unit it can be helpful if you get the same size boxes to make it easier to stack into storage. Also on the outside of the box you will want to label them with the contents of the box. This can be extremely important if you find that you need an item out of storage. You will not have to spend hours searching through boxes to find the item you seek. It can also help you keep the boxes that do contain the breakables and fragile items from being stuck on the bottom of a stack of boxes. If something should shift or a box not hold up you don’t want your grandma’s class lamp to be on the bottom of the stack.
    • When moving boxes into storage it can also help you to keep it organized as you place the boxes into your Gambrills storage unit. For example many people use their storage item for those seasonal items that you use once a year. The boxes of Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree should all be stored in the same area or stacked together. You don’t want to spend a day moving around boxes and searching for the boxes of decorations. If they are all in the same place you can easily find them all.
    • Depending on how many boxes you have and how big your self storage unit actually is you may have to stack boxes in from of other boxes to fit them all in the unit. You want to make sure that the boxes that are being placed in the back are boxes that you will not need to get to on any kind of regular basis. You don’t want to have to move entire rows of boxes out every time you need to get to a box in the back of the storage unit.

    These are just a few of the helpful tips that can make having a Gambrills storage unit easier to maintain and keep organized. The more organized you keep your unit the easier it will be for you to find what you are looking for from your self storage space.

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  • Maryland Moves Made Easier with Self Storage
    By jeff on December 15, 2010 | 19 Comments19 Comments  Comments

    Planning on a move to Crofton, Maryland? Already live there but are planning on a change of location around the city? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you will be in need of a packing and moving check list. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help your move go smoothly and how having a Crofton, Maryland storage unit can help you while you are in this time of transition.

    • Your next home is awaiting you and you are preparing for the move. The first thing that you will be working towards is organizing, cleaning, and packing up the contents of your life into bins, boxes, bags, crates or anything that will help you get your possessions from point A to point B. Before you get started packing you want to get enough supplies to at least get you through the majority of your stuff. Boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, permanent marker, and newspapers are the usual staples of packing. When looking for these supplies check with your local Crofton storage facility for competitive prices on all of your packing needs. Make sure that your boxes are taped well from the bottom so that nothing falls out. It also helps the unpacking process if you label the outsides of the boxes with either the contents of the box or what room it belongs in to help know where all of the boxes need to be unloaded to. Books containing your breakables or valuables that have been wrapped up in bubble wrap or newspaper should get a label of fragile so they can be handled more carefully. Similar to that is labeling boxes with books or weighty items as heavy to insure that no one gets hurt trying to unexpectedly pick it up.
    • When moving to Crofton or changing locations within the city sometimes there can be a lack of storage space at the new locations. Not enough closet space or no storage space can leave you unable to find a place to put away all of your belongings. A quick call, click, or visit to a Crofton storage unit and you can find a safe and secure off site storage unit for those extra boxes or pieces of furniture that no longer fit in your spaces.
    • Sometimes when moving to a new location you find that there is a gap between when you have to vacate your current premises and when you can move into your new apartment or home. for those times when your leases don’t match up with each other then having a Crofton storage unit can help you survive the few weeks that you need to wait to move into your new location. With a prorated unit you only have to pay for the days that you need the unit. While it is not possible for you to live inside your self storage unit, having a space to store all of your belongings will leave you with one less worry about what to do in the in-between times.

    These are just a few of the things that you have to consider when planning your move to Crofton or around town. Making a written check list will help to insure that you get everything done for the move. Consider these ways of adding self storage to help you in your move.

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  • Preparing for Life After College with Self Storage
    By jeff on December 7, 2010 | 9 Comments9 Comments  Comments

    Kate had been working on getting her teaching degree for the past five years. Since she was a little girl playing in her room lining up her dolls to show them how to read she had wanted to be a teacher. When she graduated high school she entered into one of the top teaching programs in Maryland and began working on getting her degree in child education and getting her teaching certificate. Kate studied hard in college, and was graduating at the top of her class. She already had been on a few interviews and was excited about the prospects that she had for teaching.

    A month after she graduated, and after several more rounds of resumes and interviews, Kate got a job teaching in a school in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. She would start out teaching first grade and she could not have been happier. Kate was introduced to some of the other teachers in her building, and had made a few friends already. The future for Kate was looking bright.

    Kate had been staying with her parents during college so she had saved up some money from summer jobs that she held and she used that money to get an apartment in Anne Arundel County close to the school. With student loans starting to be in repayment and having a teacher’s salary Kate decided that for now she would get a fairly smaller apartment to save on money. The one bedroom space that she was renting was definitely on the small side, but it allowed her to save money each month on her budget. She was having a hard time thinking of life with one closet but she knew that she would find a solution to her lack of space.

    The solution that she found to offset the lack of space that her tiny apartment afforded her she rented a nearby Anne Arundel County self storage unit. With the extra space that she was able to get by having the rental unit at an Anne Arundel County storage facility she could store everything that she was unable to get into her apartment and even begin to store those items that she would find on great sales now and then for a bigger space in the future. Her plan was to live in the smaller apartment until she could pay off some of her student loans and maybe even save some money for a down payment on a house. It would take a few years but it would be worth it in the end.

    The school year was quickly approaching and Kate felt that she was ready. She was a little nervous about teaching her first class on the first day, but this is what she had been working for her whole life. She had spent that last weeks looking through her college books and notes that she still had stored away in her Anne Arundel County, Maryland storage unit. It helped her reinforce her confidence that she was prepared and it even refreshed some of the ideas that she had had over the years about fun things to do with the students.

    Kate’s first day of teaching had its rough patches, just like any first day on the job. Getting to know the students and how best to help each child learn and reach their potential can take time but overall Kate had a great first day.

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  • Self Storage Helps Decorate for the Holidays
    By jeff on December 1, 2010 | 161 Comments161 Comments  Comments

    What is your favorite holiday? Is it Valentines Day and all of the hearts and pink decorations? Is it St. Patrick’s Day and the green drinks and leprechauns? Is it Christmas or Hanukkah and all of the decorations that go with celebrating? Whatever your favorite holiday is it probably comes with boxes of decorations, bags of ribbons, or totes full of tinsel.

    With all of the celebrating going on and the enjoyment to be had giving up your storage space in your home is often a sacrifice that is acceptable to you because you love to celebrate the holiday with decorations. However, what if you could celebrate your favorite holiday in the style you love and be able to keep your home free of the boxes and bags that you store all your decorations in. It sound like it is the best of both worlds doesn’t it?

    With a self storage unit you can decorate when the holidays come around, and when they are over your décor can be cleared out of your home so you have a clean and organized space. With the boxes kept out of your house you can even add decorations to your festive arsenal to increase the celebration of your favorite holidays. With your boxes and bags in storage you can do the holidays bigger better and brighter than ever.

    Often the boxes of ribbons, garland, streamers, cut outs, trees, and other decorations are kept in the garage, closets, or basements. These are all spaces that already have a purpose or are used as living spaces. With a self storage unit you can keep all of the glitz and glamor of the holidays out of your living space until you decorate with them. That way you can have your decorations and your living spaces too.

    With the garage cleared out of the boxes you can park in there again, or the closet can once again hold your clothes and shoes and not a pile of boxes. If you are using your basement as a storage space just think of all of the possibilities that could perhaps be done with your basement space. Do you see it as a game room, a family room, or a library home office space? What do you envision in the space once it is no longer being used as a storage space and is once again reclaimed as living space?

    With a self storage unit you can decorate to your hears content and then put it all away until next year and not have it take up  living space. With it in storage you can stop being afraid to open the closet door for fear that boxes will fall on you. With all of your decorations safely stored away in a self storage unit you can increase the amount of decorations and you can throw the greatest holiday parties for all of your friends.

    So what holidays would you celebrate if you could keep your decorations in a storage unit? What decorations would you add to your celebration if you could store them in your own storage unit? Think of all the benefits that having a self storage unit can add to the holidays. With a storage unit you can keep your holidays organized and your home clean all year long.

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  • The Solution is Adding Self Storage
    By jeff on November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Sometimes it seems that life is as simple as addition and subtraction if you think of it in terms of numbers. Both instances can have their good and their bad points. Here are some ways that subtraction can be both good and bad for our lives.

    • We bring out children into this world and it seems that in no time at all they are crawling, walking, driving, graduating and then moving off to college in just a short period of time. Having one less child in your home can be a big adjustment for most parents. Whether it is their first or last child moving out of the nest it is something that parents have to adjust their lives and sometimes their home around. When you find yourself facing a subtraction of a child from the home after they move out there are some ways that having a self storage unit can help you adjust to the change. When your child moves out you are left with an unused room. What better way of getting over the sad feelings of having your child move out than making a space out of the room that you can enjoy. Depending on where your kid moves when they leave the nest they may or may not take their bedroom furniture with them. If they do leave their furniture behind your vision for the room may not include the lime green walls or the furniture with stickers attached everywhere. To help you turn the space into your dream renovated space utilizing a self storage unit can help you to clear out the space and still hold on to their furniture for them when they have their own apartment. With the self storage unit keeping the room clear for you, you have the opportunity to make the space into what you envisioned it to be.
    • Sometimes a subtraction from the family is not as happy as your child taking an important step in growing up. Sometimes the subtraction from your family comes from the passing of a loved one. During this time you may find yourself with the belongings of your loved one or things that you want to hold on to for sentimental value, but no where to store them in your home. to be able to hold on to your family heirlooms or important possessions to you a self storage unit can help you keep the links to your past in a safe and secure location when you do not have room for these items in your home. Each person grieves in their own way. If you find yourself unable to face going through these possessions you can store them for when your emotions are better under control and you have reached the stage of healing that you need in order to be able to decide what to keep.

    As you can see sometimes the need for storage is a matter of subtraction. When you find yourself in these types of situations where you need space remember that a self storage solution may be the answer that you seek.  Whether you find yourself needing short term or long term storage solutions the answer to your need for space may be as simple as adding a self storage unit.

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