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  • Be Smart When Managing Your Storage Company
    By jeff on March 25, 2011 | 8 Comments8 Comments  Comments

    Fox Valley self storage places in Illinois have been around for a long time now.  The economy in the last two to three years has not been very good, and this will hurt most business.  The unemployment rate is still over nine percent even though the stock market has gone up.  It appears that the middle class takes most of these hits when things go bad.  There is the age-old discussion going on right now, taxes or no taxes.  Republicans always have the perception of the political party that is against new taxes and rather few taxes compared to more taxes.  They believe to stimulate the economy, taxes should be cut.  Corporate taxes should be cut too.  Other countries do not pay as much corporate taxes as we do.  Outsourcing specific jobs to other countries has, in some cases, hurt the American worker, and thus America itself.  Democrats believe big government can help balance the playing field between the rich and poor and making entitlements available to the people who need it.  It is big government verses smaller government.  It is less regulations compared to more regulations.  It affects all of us to see which way this political fight will go.

    It will affect Fox Valley self storage places in Illinois too.  In the past recessions and a downturn in the economy has not affected the self storage business as much.  Self storage is usually not a luxury but a have to use product.  People still move and with all the foreclosures going on, a lot of those people have needed self storage at this time.  The industry has not taken big hits but numbers are down in some self storage companies.  We all hope business goes up, and people go back to work.  People are willing to move for jobs as stats show.  A head of household must feed his or her’s family and moving should never be out of the question.  Food comes first.  Will the President want to lower taxes on people or raise them?  Will he spend more money or cut budgets?  It will be a political battle to say the least, with a very important outcome to the American people.  It will affect us all.

    Fox Valley self storage places in Illinois will have to be smarter business people.  Many self storage places have a lot of people or customers in them.  Some are ninety percent full and years ago stayed that full.  Now it might not be and must find ways to get revenue up and profit up.  Managers of self storage places have to be better sales people to do the best job they can.  They also have to do what is good for the company they work for, or if they own the self storage place themselves.  These are all issues and every business is thinking of these things too.  Companies are laying off people by the thousands and this is always bad news for America.  We want a robust economy with maybe some help from the government.  The government should never hinder the free enterprise system but help it grow or do not do anything at all.  A lot of people would like no government or a government so small as to only do the things needed like roads and streets, and bridges.

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  • Use Self Storage When Visiting Chicago
    By jeff on March 25, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    Elgin self storage places are not too far from Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago is one of those places you must see in your lifetime.  It is one of the biggest cities in the world and big buildings exist in the downtown area.  The Sears Tower is here and was once considered to be the tallest building in the world until another very tall building far away in another country took the title.  Chicago complained because they said the Sears tower was actually taller if you did not measure the antenna sticking out of both buildings.  The antenna was taller than the Sears Tower antenna, thus Sears loosing the title of world’s tallest building.   Oh well, Chicago has been in second place a whole lot.  New York called Chicago the second city, New York being number one.  There is still a great rivalry between the two cities and it is a lot of fun.  In sports, the Chicago teams do not like the New York teams and Michael Jordan had some epic battles with the New York teams in Madison Square Garden.  Jordan always played good in the Garden, and Knick fans did not like loosing all the time.  In hockey, the Rangers and Black Hawks have been battling too, for many years.  Baseball has the hated Yankees and the Mets, Chicago has the Cubs and White Sox.  Chicago never had a Babe Ruth, but a Walter Payton and Dick Butkus.

    Elgin self storage places are also close to many other sites and places to be in Chicago.  Navy Pier is a hot spot in Chicago, Illinois.  A few years back it was the tenth most visited place in the United States of America.  It is a long pier that jets out in Lake Michigan.  As you walk the long pier you see great things on it.  There are places to eat including Forest Gump’s.  They serve shrimp, as you might be able to guess and a whole lot of other things too.  Oh Yeah, the movies is played on TV sets around the place all the time.  The pier has Jazz clubs and a theatre, and even a carnival like area.  It has a great big and tall Ferris wheel that gives one great views of the Chicago skyline.  Chicago has a great one.  At night, the lights from the city are very beautiful and the pier is packed with tourists and visitors alike.  Many downtown residents come too, as the boats speed off the pier and into Lake Michigan.

    Elgin self storage places in Illinois are not too far from these great places to visit in Chicago.  The children’s museum is at Navy pier too.  It is a highly rated place to take the kids for a look.  Than you can eat shrimp and even watch fireworks over the lake.  Lake Michigan is so big it looks like an ocean.  It is vast and deep and you can not see to the other side.  The speedboats leave the pier almost every twenty minutes and the people thrill to the boat’s roar.  A stained glass window exhibit is here too and it is very interesting to walk through.  We never miss it when we go and it is free.  Parking is not free though, and Chicago is a hard city to park in sometimes.

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  • Self Storage is Big Business in Texas
    By jeff on March 25, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    West San Antonio storage units in the great sunny place of Texas are busy.  This area is packed with folks and this part of Texas is full of people too.  San Antonio is a very big city with a lot of people in it and so is Austin, Texas, which is right down the road from it.  Now when Texans say something is right down the road it may be farther than you perceived.  Texas is a very big place.  It can take a long time to drive across it and the ride is kind of boring to boot.  Down the road in this situation, means Austin is an hour away, which is a short drive in Texas.  Close to these two cities is a world famous and world class water park.  It has a German name because the town it is very close to was founded by Germans, and many German people still live there.  We are talking about New Bransful and the water park is the Slitterbahm.  We are sure we spelled the name wrong, but we are sure a lot of people spell the name wrong, but the thousands of people who come to this great water park, probably can not spell the name either.  Who cares though because the rides at this park are thrilling and great fun.  The water is cold though, so you might be shocked when your big toe first hits the water.  This is one cold river the park was built on, but the hot Texas sun helps.  The river is cold springs fed and you can feel it.  The rides twist and turn and go through tunnels and no lights and some of the slides they have are just out of sight.  This water park has been featured many times in all kinds of TV programs like on the travel station, or discovery channel and others.  We like watching those shows so our young seven year old can jump up and yell we have been there!  It is funny.

    West San Antonio storage units in the great State of Texas are busy.  Texas has been growing for so long now; it is hard to ever think storage units are empty here.  We see on the news thousands of collage graduates leaving high tax low job opportunity States to come to sunny Texas.  There are no state income taxes here too, which is another great way to get people to move to Texas.  In addition, there is lots of water.  The ocean is not far from West San Antonio.  There are also huge deep lakes in Texas that bring anglers from all over the world to fish.  Professional bass anglers and women of course come to Texas for bass tournaments every summer.  Folks also love the ocean and yours truly read once is that human beings love the ocean so much because we are ourselves our over ninety percent water.  Go figure, but hey, who knows?  They could be right.

    West San Antonio storage units are located in the great sunny place of Texas.  Water is everywhere and Texans love the water.  Water parks and oceans and great big lakes are all around so go ahead and jump in to one of them.  You will love it.

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  • The Storage at Night is Secure and Bright…Deep in the Heart of Texas
    By jeff on March 25, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Wells Branch storage units are located in the great sunny State of Texas.  Texas is a place that is so big it is hard to plan for, if you only have a week or two to spend there.  Some folks have never seen the ocean so they should go to ocean either in Galveston or Corpus Christi or of course Padre Island.  It is hard though because Texas is so big to see Houston or El Paso, than try to make it all the way down to the border of Mexico or Brownsville.  Planning is needed for this State and whatever your interests are; you can probably see it here.  Now, if you have woman and girls in the family, a trip to the beach is where you should go.  A lot of people do not like the beaches in Galveston because they are perceived to be dirty, but one can see Dallas and Fort Worth, drive four hours to Houston and see Houston and Galveston.  From there, one can go to Austin and San Antonio than Corpus Christi.  That would be a great trip and let us see all the things to do on that trip.  Forth Worth has the famous Stockyards with an old cowboy feeling to it, with old time bars and old time drug stores.  There is a steam train to ride on, and good barbecue too.  In Dallas you can see a baseball game in the summer, but do not count on a football game.  The Dallas Cowboys sell out every game.  There is also a six flags here and some really cool racing theme parks where one can drive an actual dragster, or what we used to call them, a rail.  That was a lot fun.  The go carts are there too, and the cool thing about this park in Dallas is that they have all different go carts.  Some are for kids only and some can go real fast.  The dragster even tells you how fast you went.  It is hard to shift them perfectly though, so few folks driving them ever even hit one hundred miles an hour.  After a few times we hit around eighty, which is pretty cool.  Dallas also has a whole bunch of lakes everywhere if you like fishing and swimming.

    Wells Branch storage units in the great sunny State of Texas stay busy all year round.  We will be there too for a very short while.  We will continue our trip and things to do in Houston and Galveston now.  We prefer the beach, so our time in Houston was short.  One of our favorite things about these beaches is there are way fewer rules than other beaches like the ones in Florida.  At night, we let our dogs run free and that was a blast.  You can also go on the beach late at night, whereas in Florida, there are curfews and closing times.  Galveston also has great places to eat and an IMAX, and other fun things to do too.  Deep sea fishing is a favorite too, but we like getting into the ocean and playing on the beach.  The sand castle building contests are great fun too.  Boy, are they good!

    Wells Branch storage units are located in the great sunny State of Texas.  Go there.  You will love it.

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  • Move to the Lone Star State with the Help of a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Round Rock storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  Round Rock is a suburb of Austin, Texas, which is the capital city of Texas.  Most people do not know this, they think maybe Dallas or Houston is the capital but they are not.  Austin is somewhat in the middle of this giant State land wise, and is in a great location for Texans.  You are six to seven hours away from Mexico, you are about three hours away from Houston, and another four hours to Dallas from Houston and Dallas is not far from Oklahoma.  San Antonio is only a little more than an hour from Austin, so you can see how many things there are to do in this State.  Corpus Christi is a great beach town too and is very easy to get to from San Antonio or Austin.  The beaches are cleaner than Galveston, which is by Houston.  Millions of people have moved to Texas within the last thirty years or so and in the nineteen seventies when our families first moved to Texas, Houston to be exact, over five thousand people a day were moving to Houston.  You could see it on the highways, freeways as more and more cars plugged up the roads, and Houston now is one of the most polluted cities in the world, mostly from cars.  Texans do not like mass transit, so you really do not see it in the State.  Austin was famous for a long time for having city busses only charge one dime to ride them.  We think it has gone up since then.  Galveston had a major hurricane bury it in the sixties and Austin can flood too.  Houston can flood very fast.  In minutes, the water can rise on the streets all the way up to your tires.  That is no fun when you are trying to get home from work in a safe way.  In the half-full or half-empty glass line of thinking, Texas has great weather.  We used to joke that there is two seasons in Texas, hot and very hot, but it can hit into the twenties or thirties on occasion.

    Round Rock storage units are located in the great State of Texas near Austin.  Austin is often in the top places to live in the United States of America, and has made even the number one best place to live on some occasions and some surveys and polls.  It is the weather, the parks, the location and the health of its citizens.  However, do not be fooled by all the hype because we hear drugs are way too available to kids in schools.  Texas is close to Mexico, and a lot of drugs come through this State.  The border towns of Texas have become more dangerous too, and problems like these do hurt Texas a little bit.  Texas is still growing though, as a lot of warm weather States are growing too.  No State income tax is great here too, because it draws a lot of rich people who come here and add jobs to the economy.

    Round Rock storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  It is very close to Austin which makes it a very desirable place to live and visit.

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  • Climate Controlled Units Repel Vermin
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 137 Comments137 Comments  Comments

    Olmos storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  Texas is such a big place, that it is hard to figure out where places are inside of it.  Texas has thousands of small towns and suburbs and one would be hard pressed to know where most of them are.  Our family has lived in Texas before and yours truly went to collage in Texas.  It is funny how life works though, because when going to collage as a marketing student this author never thought he would be a teacher later in his career.  We have traveled a lot though, and have lived in a lot of places, so if one thinks this is a good life, than we have had a good life.  We enjoyed being in Texas, and we also enjoyed our time as self storage managers.  Texas is hot and the storage units were very hot too.  A non-climate self storage space or unit in Texas could hit one hundred and ten degrees inside them.  When a hundred customers move out all within a short span of about three days at the end of a month, and the manager must get out there and clean all those units, it is a very hot experience.  We also managed self storage places in Florida, and sometimes we had to take two or three showers a day just to cool off and look presentable to our customers.  We had a medium sized fan in our bedroom of our trailer in Key West where we would go to just to breathe in the fan air once in a while.  These States pose different problems for managers that cold weather States.  Bugs can be a battle in Texas and Florida but we think Key West beats them all.  Key West has a whole lot of ants.  It was so bad we had to wear gloves sometimes just to pick up things off the ground.  We never saw so many ants so it did freak us out for a while.  Key West is very low, inches above sea level.  Flooding happens, water rises up in the storage units, and this is a bad thing.

    Olmos storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  They too have their share of bugs in Texas.  It is always a revelation when one first moves to Texas and sees their first cockroach.  Texans call them roaches and they are very ugly bugs that multiply very fast and can make your life miserable very fast.  There is a saying in Texas that if you see one roach there are thousands.  Kind of creepy is it not?  Bugs can be a problem for self storage managers because sometimes customers bring roaches with them to the storage unit, and guess what?  You have a bug problem.  Most self storage places of course spray and try to keep all bugs away but when a customer has a box with twenty roaches in it and brings it on your self storage property, well, that is very hard to stop.

    Olmos storage units in the great State of Texas has to fight bugs too.  Everybody in Texas fights bugs.  It rains heavy in Texas too.  Big raindrops hit your window on your car and almost cover the entire windshield.

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  • Enjoy Austin More Fully with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    North Austin storage units are located in the great place of Texas and are doing good business.  For a while, the boom of Texas in the seventies filed up all the self storage buildings and business was good.  In a free enterprise system though, more competitors came in and the boom ended and sort of evened out.  North Austin is still growing though, boom or no boom.  Our family spent one great day in Austin recently and we had a great time.  When you only have one day to spend somewhere you do try to see or do some things worthwhile or maybe not so standard.  We have been in Texas before, so we did not have to go to all the best tourist spots, but go do something we thought would be fun for our young family of the wife and yours truly and our seven year old son.  We also have friends who live in Austin, Texas and we had to see them too.  So we woke up really early in the morning from our hotel bed and we planned to meet our friends at the fun Zilker Park downtown Austin.  Our hotel was very close to the park, but the entire park is very big and we still had to cab it to get to the main part of it. The park features canoes, which one can rent by the hour, and you can row through this real cool river under viaducts of busy streets downtown.  Our friends were right on time and they wanted to row too.  We rented two canoes and us two men took our two children, our son, and their daughter and rowed down the river.  It was great fun and there were a few turns and look out!  Do not steer right into the wall of a bridge.  It was windy too, and it was at times hard to steer exactly where you wanted to go.  Our young son loved it and in one hour, we were back on shore with the canoes in our hands.

    North Austin storage units are located in the sunny State of Texas and it is a good place to be.  We explored the park and the trails and just about stayed the whole afternoon.  Our next step was showers than dinner than a walk over a bridge to the bottom of the bridge.  It was the Congress Bridge and it was just a few steps from our hotel.  This is not any ordinary bridge.  This is a place where millions of bats fly from every night in the summer months of Austin, Texas.  It is some sight to see, and our young son just loved watching all the bats fly from the bridge.  He loves Batman and all the Batman movies, so it was twice as exciting for him to see all the bats.  This is a very unique event and we are sure thousands of people a year come to see the bats.  We have known about them for a very long time because we used to live in Texas, and we hope most Texans know about the bats.

    North Austin storage units in sunny Texas are busy.  We hope the bats do not reach them any time soon.  No one really wants bats in their belfry.

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  • Growing Communities Need Storage Facilities
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Hollywood Park storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  We have a lot of history with Texas and yours truly spent many years in the State.  Texas is vast and deep and there are many things we like about the place.  We like Galveston.  Our family enjoyed every trip we ever took to this beach side city and the more we went there, the more we found.  You will hear two different stories about this Southern city, one good, and one bad.  People here and especially in Houston, which on a good day is a little over an hour away, say a bad story.  Texas has built great wealth with the drilling of oil.  This oil has made Texas a very rich State and it boomed in the nineteen seventies.  The oil makes the ocean dirty.  The beaches in this city do not have big blue great and inviting water to swim in.  It is brown at times, and some say it is brown all the time.  Thousands of people still swim in it, and we have too.  The ocean water is warm here and it is very shallow for a very long time.  One can walk and walk in the ocean towards the horizon before you actually get a little deep.  This is great because even little children can go in the ocean and walk a little ways, and the water is still shallow enough for their parents to let them in the water.  It is also good for people learning how to swim or even surf.  The waves are small, maybe three feet and under most of the time.  So, if your glass is half full, the waves are a perfect size for one to learn how to surf.  On the other hand, good surfers or world famous surfers would not choose to ever surf here.  So there you go.  We liked the waves but once in a while you may get a taste of salt in your mouth and it does not taste very good.  People still fish here too and catch fish.  So how dirty is the water really if these good looking fish live in the water?  The hotels are great too.  We liked the swim up bar in one of the hotels we stayed in on a convention trip.

    Hollywood Park storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  Storage units were full during the boom of Texas and many companies came in to build.  Soon enough the industry was saturated and many companies stopped building in Texas because of that.  They could also get higher rent prices in New York and other cities.  It was pretty cheap to rent a self storage space in Houston, Texas in the nineteen nineties.  Many companies and self owned storage places were not very full either back than so it was a double whammy.  Prices were cheap, and still no one was renting units.  A lot of them fell under sixty percent.

    Hollywood Park storage units are located in the great State of Texas.  Austin has always been a growing city, boom or no boom.  It did not rely only on oil but on music scenes, computer and software business and electronics too.  They were more diversified and benefited from this.

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  • Storage Is Bigger in Texas
    By jeff on March 24, 2011 | 85 Comments85 Comments  Comments

    Helotes storage units are located in the great place of Texas.  If you have ever been to Texas, you know that Texans are an extremely proud people and they let you know it.  After all, they are the second largest State in the United States of America land wise, and they do have a lot of people in the State too.  Not many other States can boast so many big cities.  Texas has Houston, which is a city with a whole lot of people.  New York is number one population than comes L.A. in California, than comes Chicago.  Houston is number four and that may surprise a lot of people.  Dallas, Texas is another big city in Texas, and football is king there.  It is in Northern Texas but more like in the center really.  Dallas has many many lakes and many great big homes.  San Antonia is another big city in Texas and is rich in history as the Alamo resides there, and the famous battle of Mexico and Davey Crocket and David Bowie.  It also features one of the world’s most famous river walks and a world-class zoo.  Than we have El Paso which is in Western Texas.  They have Great Plains and mountains and are close to Mexico.  Austin is another city that has grown so big the roads could not keep up with the cars, and cars sit in traffic for a long time.  Houston and Dallas also have very bad rush hours and one may sit in traffic for a very long time.  Texans do not like public transportation very much, they love their cars and it shows.  Many times city and State officials have proposed mass transits systems to try to curb the traffic problems but with no avail.  It seems survey after survey shows that Texans do not want to ride in public mass transit systems.  What can you do?

    Helotes storage units are located in the great state of Texas and everything is big.  Texas toast is big and the people of this great State love to say everything is bigger in Texas.  Not everything, but the toast is bigger than other toast we have eaten in other states.  There are big fish and big whales in Sea World.  Sea World is in San Antonio.  The Dallas Cowboys play in one of the biggest stadiums in the United States of America and their nickname is America’s team.  The Gulf of Mexico is very big and big fish come from it.  The beaches are big and long in Galveston, Texas and Padre Island is a very popular spring break destination for young collage students.  Austin has a very big University there and Texas A&M is not far from it.  Texas has very fine universities and collages and should be very proud of that fact.  Baylor and Rice are great universities along with North Texas State for music, and the University of Texas Longhorns.

    Helotes storage units are located in the very big State of Texas.  Cars used to be big here too, with Cadillacs with longhorns on the front of them.  We saw that in a cartoon once.  How about the Dallas TV show?  It was big on TV for many years.  WE could not watch it, but what the heck, look at TV now.

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  • Plan Vacations with the Help of a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 23, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Fairfax storage units are located in the great State of Virginia.  We have been planning our next vacation and going east won over going west.  We try to take a democratic vote in our family, which has three children, and yours truly and the lovely wife.  We have a lot of fun with this as the adults too, except the part behind the scenes in which we adults figure out where we can afford to go and the type of trip it could be.  Vacations can be quite expensive these days so planning even with this method, is important.  We were surprised how the vote with though.  Our choices were Texas, Houston and Dallas, and the beach.  We could have gone north, to Minnesota and the Mall of America and the island way up there where no cars are allowed just horses and carriages.   Arizona and the Grand Canyon would have been exciting but nope, it did not win. We are in the storage business and we have been to Fairfax before, but not the kids.  We thought our girls would choose Florida, but they did not.  The final winner was a trip to our capital of the United States of America, Washington D.C. and Virginia; we called it the history vacation.  Even the name we thought would turn off our kids, kids do not like history.  What, no Disneyland or Mickey Mouse?  They want to learn something about our country?  There must be a catch or a reason we have not discovered yet.  The Grand Canyon sounded so great with a donkey ride and things like that, but the east won out.  Well, maybe we are putting too much into all of this and maybe the kids know enough about the cities out east to visit and go to on a vacation.  The museum will be great and we heard that the great State of Virginia has also great beaches.  So maybe it is a beach thing after all, but we are all excited by the trip and a Mom and a Dad can be proud of the choice.

    Fairfax storage units in the great State of Virginia will be on our radar.  We might pass right through it, we do not know as of yet, because the details will be worked out later and the money counted.  Some tourist attractions can be so expensive, it boggles the mind.  Vacations these days may cost as much as five thousand dollars where back in my day, our family always thought a thousand dollar vacation was a very good vacation and we only took one of those.  We were not the richest people in our town, we were firmly middle class.  We still are, but salaries have risen and just about everything is more money to buy today.   We will probably spend four to five thousand ourselves and we have budgeted something in that range.  Nothing beats a great family vacation though.

    Fairfax storage units are located in the great State of Virginia.  We will see you soon.  We will see the war memorials too and the White House and the giant Abraham Lincoln.  We will spend at least two days in the Smithsonian Museum.  That is all pretty exciting to us as we move toward the dates.  Buckle up everybody, here we come.

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