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  • People invest a lot on buying a car because it has become an indispensable item today. It also has become a status symbol. Buying luxurious car has become one of the hobbies of modern generation. Naturally this indispensable and luxurious thing needs a good amount of money and care to be maintained. Keeping them in garage only, does not finish your job. For car storage what you need are experienced people or a firm that will provide you the proper care in return of their fees.

    The main enemy of a car is weather. The too hot or too cold weather has a bad effect on both inner and outer side of a car. When a car is kept out in the open, unattended, for a long time the wind and heat of the weather ruins its color and destroys the rubber and plastic portions of the body. On the other hand excessive cold breaks the oil pipe of the car. So the car loses its mobility if you do not take proper care. To avoid these unwanted incidents you have to search for the help of the car storage people when going away short term or long term for holiday or for any other reason.

    There are lots of car storage organizations who are ready to take care of your car. Among them there are a few big companies who takes care of all the types of car whether it is big or small, whether it is luxurious or not. Big companies always have indoor car storing facility and a good maintenance team. Naturally the charge will be high. But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your ordinary car, there are companies that may not provide you with state-of-the-art facilities but provide enough to take good care of your car. Moreover, they are more approachable compared to the larger companies. These days the car sellers are even coming into this business.

    In case of car storage the companies, irrespective of their sizes, will be willing to provide you services for a long time. But the minimum hiring period is for three months. Their employee will pick your car from your home gladly wherever it is situated. They pick up even from remote areas but the charge will be little more than ordinary. In the same way they will return your car.

    The main deciding factors for the charges are distance and types of car. A three day notice is necessary for the company to do its job.  

    But if you are willing for a very short-time car storage use the storing bag or car-pocket and keep your car in your own garage. These will provide you double protection. But before storing it see that the bag is moisture proof. Do not put a dirty car inside the bag. Before storing it wash it and dry it properly. Allow your car to dry for a day in a warm weather. Do not use water, polishes, cleaning fluids, solvent, detergents or any other chemical cleaners to clean the inside portion specially the leathery portion of the car. Tires of the car should not touch the ground in the time of storing. So keep the car on a lifter. Keep a written reminder about what you will need when you will withdraw the storing in a place where you will find it easily.

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